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My Wild Anal Exam, Part 3

The final description of the most awkward exam ever!
I couldn't believe this was happening. I was simultaneously scared and embarrassed and kind of turned on. I'm not gay or anything, it just turns out that anal insertion feels pretty good. If you can get passed the painful and uncomfortable parts. A lot of straight guys like anal play.

And again, let me just state for the record that, although it was at times very awkward and uncomfortable, I could have just said no and walked out whenever I wanted. I knew he was asking me to consent to either a medical exam, or to plain old sex with another man, and, embarrassingly enough, either way I said yes.

Anyway, I stuttered, "O...OK," and he began slowly pulling his long cock out of my ass.

Sorry to be gross, but it really kind of felt like I was pooping. When only the head of his dick was inside he paused, because my ass was a little too tight to allow it to come out. He told me to try to relax and to "bear down" like I was pushing out a bowel movement. I tried, but it was really tight, and apparently the head of his dick had really swollen. He pulled, and I could feel the head struggling to stretch my ass enough to allow it to come out. Suddenly it exploded out as it stretched my asshole to a new limit. It hurt a little, but mostly it felt really good. I was surprised at how pleasurable it was for the nerves in my ass to feel that stretching sensation.

The doctor said, "Hm, we don't want it to be that tight, it could cause some damage. I'm going to slowly do just that part again a few times until we loosen you up a bit."

I heard him spit and presumably lube up his dick a little, then he spat again and slid his fingers around my hole and into my ass. Then I felt the tip of his cock touching my asshole. I involuntarily let go of one of my butt cheeks that I was supposed to be spreading and clutched the edge of the exam table that I was bent over, as the head of his dick slowly started entering me.

My ass stretched wider and wider and I yelled, "AAH!" as it forcefully popped all the way in.

He held my other cheek open as he pulled the head of his dick out and pushed it in over and over again, while I squirmed all over the table. It was somehow excruciatingly pleasurable, if that makes any sense. It was one of the best sensations I've ever felt. For a while it felt like he had it where the bottom part of the rim on the head of his dick was in, but the top part of the rim wasn't, so the widest part of the head was kind of half in and half out, and he just rocked back and forth like that, shoving the widest part in and out, my asshole expanding over it again and again. It was so intense.

After several minutes of that, he pulled out and told me to climb up onto the table and get into the fetal position again. As I did, he went over to the sink, washed his dick off, and came back saying, "We need to relubricate. Scoot around to where your face is on the edge of the table."

I did and he put his dick into my mouth. I knew the drill, so I sucked him deeply with as much saliva as I could muster. With my face on the table, I really couldn't move my head very much, so he had to control the insertion. He thrust is cock in and out of my mouth. Like he had said before, he had to lubricate as much of it as he could, so every now and then he would really shove it in deep, and a lot of times I'd gag on it a little. It was so degrading. He had me helplessly curled up on my side, as he basically face fucked me.

After a while he pulled it out and told me to go ahead and rotate until my butt was just off the edge of the table. I did as I was told. I groaned as he slowly pushed his dick into my ass. It felt like he was moving around and entering me from a bunch of different angles, as he fucked me for several minutes. Eventually he pulled it out and told me to flip over onto my other side. I did, and he shoved his dick right back in.

Again, he alternated between sliding it all the way in and out and just inches in and out. At one point, I swear he had it shoved all the way in as far as it could possibly go, but then he said he needed to try to get it in a little deeper. He put his leg up on the table, kind of pushing it in between my legs. He forced his hips hard in between my ass cheeks. He was holding onto my upper cheek and I could feel his warm balls pushed up against my lower cheek.

He said, "I can't tell if I've got something here," and he started pulling it out just a couple of inches then plunging it back in as deep as it would go, over and over again.

I yelled, "OH!" every time he forced it in. It was so embarrassing.

After that he had me get into a bunch of different positions, often pausing in between to wash his dick off and have me "relubricate" it by sucking on it. First he had me get on my hands and knees on the table, and he got on his knees behind me and basically did me doggy style. Then he had me stay in that position, but with my face and shoulders flat on the table, my back arched and my ass up in the air, while he held onto my ass and thrust in his cock. Then I had to lay down flat on my stomach and hold my ass open while he straddled me and shoved his long dick in and out.

Next he had me stand up against the wall and spread my legs a little. That one felt really awkward as he stood behind me and fucked me while I was pinned to the wall, my face pushed up against it. I was really moaning and grunting loudly, and he asked if it was too painful. I was too embarrassed to tell him that it was mostly out of pleasure, so I just said yes. He said we better switch to where I controlled the entry.

He went over and sat in his chair, and told me to come over to him and slowly lower myself onto him. That way I could adjust the speed and the angle if it started getting too painful. I tried, but there were no arm rests on his chair for me to hold onto, so my muscles were clenched so tightly trying to hold myself in a half-squat that I couldn't get his dick in. He said we needed more lubricant. I said I didn't think that was the problem, but he just went and washed off his dick, then came back and sat in his chair. He didn't say anything about what I was supposed to do. I guess he just figured I knew by now. I started to try to suck his cock by standing in front of him and bending over, but I couldn't really bend down that far comfortably, so I had to get on my knees in front of his chair. He spread his legs open and I scooted up in between them. I couldn't believe he was making me do this. It was so humiliating, I felt like I was just his whore or something. I didn't have any other place to put my hands, so I held onto his thighs as I slowly lowered my mouth onto him and sucked his cock. My head was bouncing up and down in his lap as I felt his long dick fill up my mouth over and over again, going deeper and deeper into my throat.

After what seemed like twenty minutes of this, he finally said, "Alright, go ahead and lower yourself onto my penis."

I quietly stood up, turned around and straddled him as he put his legs together. I held onto his knees and he held my ass in his hands, spreading it open and guiding it onto his cock. I pushed myself down onto him, but when the huge head of his dick stretched out my hole, my legs buckled and gave out. I fell all the way down onto his lap, his cock plunging inside of me, my ass slamming onto his hips. His dick rammed up into my ass so hard and so fast that I yelled really loudly. I heard him make a loud noise too, but I couldn't tell what it was over the sounds I was making. I couldn't even move for a minute, I just sat there in his lap, with his dick up my ass, panting really hard and groaning with every breath. I kept twitching involuntarily, and every time I did I could feel his dick being yanked around inside of me. Finally, I slowly lifted myself up off of him, feeling his long dick pull out of my ass.

He asked if I was OK, then said that we needed a more stable position. He got up onto the table and laid down on his back, his rock hard cock sticking straight up in the air. He told me to climb up and get on my knees straddling him, facing down towards his legs. I obeyed. I backed up until I could feel his cock pressed up against my crack. I held onto his legs and raised my ass up higher and higher, feeling his cock sliding between my cheeks until I finally found the tip. I reached back with one hand, held onto his dick and pushed the tip into my ass. Then I let go of his dick and moved my hand back around to hold on tight to his thighs.

He said "Just take it nice and slow. Take as long as you need to lower yourself all the way down. Then raise all the way up, then push all the way back down. Do that several times, then I will direct you as to how deeply I need you to insert it and how to position yourself to achieve the angles I need."

I mumbled that I'd try, then I very slowly pushed my hips further and further down onto him. This was by far the most humiliating. The rest of the time I was just laying or standing there, having it done to me, but this time I was the one doing all the fucking. I know it was just an exam and all, but at this point it really just felt like I was flat out fucking him. I felt my ass push hard against his hips as I shoved myself all the way down onto his long dick. He was so far inside of me, I swear I felt like if I looked at my stomach I'd see his dick bulging out. I pushed my ass all the way down and up several times, then he started telling me how far down to go, when to just pump up and down a little bit, and then he had me start moving around to different angles.

First he had me kind of lay down forward onto his legs a little bit. My back was kind of arched, with my butt sticking up as I smacked it down onto his hips over and over. I felt like such a girl, it was so embarrassing! Then I had to lean back and hold onto his waist while I fucked him. It didn't really work, because it pushed my cheeks together too tightly, so he had me put my feet flat on the table and squat onto his dick, leaning back with my hands on the table on either side of him. That was fucking amazing, as I'd feel his dick massaging my prostate. I was moaning so loud during that part. Then he had me get back on my knees and use my hips to move my ass all around his dick. I had to shove my ass back toward his face, then rock it forward toward his legs. After doing that repeatedly he had me sit straight down on it and rotate my hips around in a circle. Then I had to keep moving my ass around and around as I raised and lowered it on his dick. Like a fucking cowgirl riding his cock.

Then he made me turn around and face him and go through every bit of it again! He had to be able to see that my dick was mostly erect. And I know he could feel my erection when my dick and balls were rubbing all over his stomach at one point. When I was leaned back in the prostate-poking position, I kind of lost track of what I was supposed to be doing and I started going faster and faster. I was so mortified when I realized what I was doing. He never even said anything. I slowed down again, but it felt so fucking good, I realized I was in danger of cumming. It felt like my dick was somehow being stimulated when my prostate was getting massaged like that.

I stopped moving for a minute and just held his dick up in there for a bit, but as soon as I started moving again it all came rushing back. This time I just couldn't stop. I kept sliding his cock in and out slowly, and I heard myself moaning loudly. All of a sudden the intense pleasure escalated into a wild orgasm, and I just couldn't stop it.

I yelled, "OHHH! OOOHHH!!" over and over as I came all over the fucking place! My stomach, his stomach and chest, the exam table, the wall. I have never been so humiliated in my life.

I just sat there shocked for a moment, with his dick up my ass and my cum all over the place. He said, "That's OK, it's perfectly normal. It doesn't mean anything, it's just a physiological reaction that you have no control over. Like your leg jumping when I strike your knee with the mallet."

I still couldn't even speak I was so embarrassed. Eventually I managed to squeak out something, but all I could say was, "I'm not gay." I felt so stupid.

As we wiped ourselves off with wet paper towels, he told me he couldn't find anything in my colon, and that if I had any fissures they probably would have presented themselves within that range, or something like that. He said everything should be OK, but we should keep a close eye on things. I don't know if he was hoping I'd schedule a follow up appointment or what, but I've never been back to see him since. I'm way too embarrassed to ever show my face in that office again. I still don't know if it was a legitimate exam or if I was just tricked into fucking a man, or a mixture of both or what. And honestly, I really don't want to know. But it really did make perfect sense the way he explained it. So I choose to believe that it was just an unorthodox exam that helped me discover some new kinds of pleasurable stimulation. You can think whatever you want.

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