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Naughty Nurse Finale

Elaine spoke, Deana, you're a highly sexed woman and you need a lot of fucking.
Elaine held her close and kissed her on the eyes and nose and lips. When she felt the girl was back to normal; she got up. "I'll go and get us a drink," she said, returning quickly with two drinks and two cigarettes. Deana sat up and moved into Elaine's arms and they smoked and sipped their drinks.

They sat and kissed, Elaine playing over Deana's body with one hand. Soon Deana felt mellow and in the mood again. She pushed Elaine away and stared at her.

"It's my turn now, isn't it?" she said.

"If you want to," Elaine answered.

"I think I want to," Deana said. "Yes, I know I want to. Lay flat on your back. I read something in a fuck book about a week ago and it really excited me. I'm sure you know what it is, it's called Around the World and I want to do it to you."

Elaine shivered. Yes, she knew what it was.

Deana started on Elaine's forehead, kissing along her hairline. She moved all around her face, her kisses wet, her tongue going deep into Elaine's ears and then her mouth. She spent a long time on Elaine's face before moving on.

Each armpit was properly and wetly loved before Deana got to Elaine's tits and spent a full 15 minutes on each. She sucked and she kissed and licked until Elaine was writhing. She even used her teeth and none too gently. Elaine almost came each time Deana nipped at her rock-hard nipples.

"Oh darling, darling, wonderful," Elaine moaned. "Where did you learn to do it?"

"Instinct," Deana said. "Roll over on your belly."

Elaine rolled over and buried her face in her arms. Yes, it had to be instinct. She was too good to have learned it. She noticed the first time she saw Deana how her lips seemed to be puckered for a kiss and now she knew why. They were puckered for a kiss, for a sex kiss-she was a natural oral lover.

This time Deana started at Elaine's feet, kissing and licking, kissing and nipping, always kissing. She moved up the calves and then spent an endless time on her thighs, the backs, but most of all between them where the flesh was soft and sensitive.

She pushed Elaine's legs wide apart and moved up, almost to her cunt, so close that the soft blonde hair tickled her nose.

"Oh, baby, kiss it, kiss it," Elaine moaned, reaching back with her hands to catch Deana's head.

Deana brushed the annoying hands away and skipped all the way up to Elaine's shoulders. She started down, again, paying homage to her arm-pits, which were quite damp with sweat. Then she moved rapidly down to her smooth, round ass cheeks, raining them with wet kisses and sucking lightly on the lengths of the deep crack. Deana took her fingers and opened up Elaine's ass cleft and began kissing deep in the groove, starting at the top and moving down.

"Yes, oh yes, my darling!" Elaine gasped in anticipation.

Deana was drugged with sex. When she reached Elaine's puckered asshole, she closed over it with her lips, kissing it at first, and then pushing her tongue inside. Elaine lay panting, near an intense orgasm.

Deana sensed the woman's need and stopped. She raised up and said, "Turn over, bitch!"

"No, no, not yet," Elaine groaned, but obeyed Deana's command.

When Elaine was on her back again, Deana dropped to her pussy hair, kissing the strands on the insides of her thighs and along her cunt. She was as anxious as Elaine and she couldn't wait, her mouth finally closing over Elaine's cunt. The hair was soggy-wet and her pussy was slippery with dew.

Deana was surprised at how wet she was, but more so at how strong, and musky she smelled. Deana took a deep breath, drawing the intoxicating odor into her nostrils, and started sucking the copious juices from Elaine's cunt.

"God, God, I feel like I'm going to explode!" Elaine screamed. "Make me come, Deana, make me come!"

She finally succeeded in catching Deana's head and pulled her face tight against her nasty cunt.

Deana pushed her tongue deep into Elaine's pussy and the woman shrieked.

She pulled it out and pushed it in again and again Elaine cried out. She seemed to know when Elaine was about to come, stopped and did something else. Deana continued like that until Elaine was quivering with the need to come. When it was obvious that the woman couldn't help but come, Deana clamped first her lips around Elaine's clit and then touched it with her teeth. Elaine came with a scream, jerking as if she was convulsing. She chewed at Elaine's clit until the woman could stand no more and pushed her away.

"Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God," Elaine babbled, rolling and twisting on the bed.

When at last she regained her composure, Elaine sat up and said, "Are you sure you've never been with a woman before?"

"Never," Deana said.

"My God, darling, you're a natural! I've never been brought off like that before, never. It was heavenly, out of this world!"

"I'm hot again, Elaine. Do it to me again.

"Darling, 'darling, let me rest a moment. Be an angel and get us each another drink."

Deana went and got the drinks.

"How do you feel?" Elaine asked her when she had half-drained the glass.

"I feel wonderful."

"Me, too, I went right up tonight."

"God, I feel so good, so turned on. Oh, shit, I want it so bad. I want a fuck, Elaine. You can't fuck me, but you can suck me. Suck me, Elaine, suck me off."

Elaine giggled. "God what a horny girl. I'm beginning to feel horny again, too. Let's lie down and neck. You're a very beautiful young woman, Deana."

They stretched out on the bed and started kissing and rubbing their cunts together.

"This is nice, Elaine, but I want you to eat me. I want to come again with your mouth on my cunt," Deana said.

"You're a naughty girl, Deana. I didn't think you'd be this easy to seduce, or this aggressive. You're a highly sexed woman and you need a lot of fucking.

"I know it. I haven't known for long, but I know now."

"You discovered that tonight?"

"No, I knew before tonight. Tonight just confirmed it. I love sex and can't seem to get enough. I never thought another woman would turn me on, but I'm so turned on now that I'm about to explode."

Elaine kissed her hard on the mouth. "Roll on to your back. I don't want you to explode."

Deana was surprised when she crawled on top of her head to toe. She had expected it like before.

"We can eat each other this way. I'm sure you've heard of sixty-nine."

"Yes," Deana said. She'd heard of it, but hadn't thought of two women doing it, but it made sense.

She felt Elaine's wet lips on her thighs and quivered. Looking up, she stared into Elaine's gaping cunt. Elaine was on her knees, a thigh on each side of Deana's head. She waited until she felt Elaine' lips compress against her burning pussy and then rose on to her elbows and pressed her mouth to Elaine.

Deana came first and fell back to the bed. She lay writhing in sexual pleasure. "Oh, my God, that's good, Elaine. Shit, shit, shit, I'm coming! Oh, goddamn, fuck, I'm coming, I'm coming!" Elaine kept sucking and Deana kept coming. It was the strongest orgasm Deana had ever experienced.

She wasn't positive, but she thought she had come twice, maybe three times. "God, God, I came three times!" Deana moaned.

Elaine turned back around and cuddled the shivering girl. "My little darling," she hummed, "so alive, so responsive." They kissed long and hard.

"You didn't come again," Deana said.

"It's all right, I don't need to. It was pleasure enough to make you so happy. I came very, very hard the first time, anyway."

Deana lay in Elaine's arms for a long time and dozed off when she awakened with a start. "Elaine, what time is it? I've got to get home."

"It's late, darling, almost two. You'd better stay the night."

"Oh God, I can't, I can't. My mother will kill me."

"We'll call her and tell her you're staying here."

"No, no. You don't understand. I just can't." Deana was up, waving her arms. "God, Elaine, how'll I get home? No buses are running this late.

Elaine looked disappointed. "If you must go, you may take my car and bring it to work in the morning. Myron can drive when he gets home in the morning."

"Why don't you drive me? You can stay at my house."

"No, darling, I'm much too tired."

It was settled. Deana got dressed, splashed cold water in her face, and left. She gunned the Mercedes out of the driveway and drove home quickly.

"Jeez, what a nifty car," she said when she pulled into her parents' driveway. Her enthusiasm oozed away when she saw there were lights on in the house.

Her worst fears were realized the instant she saw her mother's glowering face. Her father was sitting in a chair smoking his pipe.

"Where have you been?" her mother screamed.

"I went to a party with a friend from the hospital. I'm sorry I'm so late, I lost track of the time. I guess I should have called." She tried to keep her voice calm.

"It wouldn't have mattered because Barry called. He said you were working. You stood him up to go to a party."

"No, I worked first," she lied. "We went to the party after."

"Don't lie to me, young lady. And you're drunk!"

"I had a drink, but I'm not drunk."

"You are drunk!"

"All right, I'm drunk," Deana said defiantly. She felt guilty, even ashamed of what she had done with Elaine, but this made it all the more necessary to defend herself. "I had a few drinks and I'm drunk!"

Her mother put her hands to her face in mock despair. "Heaven help us, our daughter is a drunk." She looked back up quickly, venom in her stare. "And who's fancy car is that You brought home?"

"It belongs to a friend at the hospital. Another nurse."

"And what does she do to earn a fancy car like that? Other than nursing, I mean. You've got to get away from that hospital. I've heard about those nurses and what they do."

"God! And what do they do, Mother?"

"You know what they do and don't swear at me. I insist that you quit that job and take something decent."

Deana looked weakly at her father for help.

"Now Clara," he said, standing up. "I think Clara shot him an icy glance. He sat back down.

She turned back to her daughter. "Slut," she screamed. "Poor Barry, sitting at home waiting for you and you're out whoring around!"

Deana's face turned red with anger. "I don't have to stand here and take any more of your shit!" she yelled and slammed to her room.

She stripped off her clothing and got into bed naked. She lay in the darkness listening to her parents, her father's soft voice, her mother's ranting and raving. She finally got up, took a cigarette from her purse, and settled back for a smoke. It was the first time she had ever smoked at home. Her mother had sobered her up and she wished she had a drink. She mulled over the events of the evening, deciding she had learned several things. She had learned how highly sexed she was, that she liked to get drunk, it felt good. But most of all, she had learned that her instincts were for men, not women.

It had been good with Elaine and she was sure that those last orgasms had been the most intense she had ever had. But it still wasn't the same. It hadn't left her feeling good like a thick, hard cock did. It left her feeling incomplete, less a woman somehow.

What she wanted was something very hard and very big, much bigger than a tongue but every bit as alive. And she wanted it in her pussy. She wanted it pushed slowly in until it filled her, and then she wanted it moving, slow at first, and then faster. And she wanted a man's hard hands on her body and his hard lips on her lips, and...
"Oh, goddamn," she moaned, her hand already between her legs.

She realized the house was now quiet and continued to masturbate, one finger in her pussy, the others rubbing at her clit. She felt drowsy, her body warming to the motion of her fingers, and almost didn't hear the soft rap on her door.

"Go away,' she said.

"It's me, kitten," her father said softly.

"Go away, coward," she said and felt a delicious feeling filling her body.

Her ass came off the bed and pushed hard against her hand. "Oh God, that feels good," she moaned softly. "Coming, coming . . . goddamn, feels so good to come!"

Deana moved out the next morning. She packed two bags and, without speaking to her mother, took them out to Elaine's car and drove away.
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