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New Boy in Prison

New guy learns what prison is about.
So, I found myself on the wrong side of the law. I had been convicted of a crime and would be spending 5 years in a maximum security prison. I got off the transport bus and was transported to a search room. I was told to take my clothes off completely. 

I noticed there were two inmates in the holding cell next to me. One was male and one was female. Both were in orange two-piece uniforms and barefoot.

As I started to strip, both came to the bars to get closer, when I got down to my underwear, the guard told me to take them off. I slowly undressed until I stood there completely naked. I was a small guy, not even reaching 5 foot 7 inches but I kept myself in extremely good shape. I was extremely toned but I had a major drawback, I had a pretty small dick, even for my size.

The girl laughed very hard. She was cute, no older than 19, brunette and about 5 foot tall. I blushed as she made fun of my dick.

The guard made me lift my sack, then he made me bend over and told me he had to check my ass. I bent over, he shoved his finger up my ass, it felt good but he found nothing. He took a few nude mugshots and handed me a prison uniform.

I put it on and I was locked up with the two inmates in the holding cell, until a permanent cell was found for us.

The girl continued to make fun of my dick but the male inmate told me how much he liked my ass. I blushed as the girl inmate said how much she would love to see us fuck. 

I was hesitant at first but she told me she would show us her tits if I got naked again. Of course I did and stood there naked. She revealed her cute boobs and told me to get on my knees.

She said that since I had such a small dick, the only thing I was good for was my ass and my mouth. The male inmate pulled out his cock and moved it near my mouth. I had never thought of being with a man, but I found myself very aroused and I started to stroke it with my hand. His cock grew bigger and bigger. I decided to go ahead and take it in my mouth. I had never done this before and was nervous, but I was very excited to try. My mouth went back and forth and he started to moan in pleasure. I could tell that he really liked it but that he wanted more. He told me it was time to take it up the ass.
I was excited and I got on the cot and bent over, I felt the male inmate's dick start to run around me ass.

The girl screamed, "Stick it in!"

He did, and he started to thrust back and forth. I could tell the girl enjoyed watching very much as she moved her hand inside her pants. 

I enjoyed being fucked by the other inmate and started to moan. The girl inmate started rubbing herself hard. I could tell how much she was enjoying watching the show. She was sitting against the bars, using one hand to support her as the other touched her pussy. He kept going until he was ready to cum. I took his cock in my mouth to finish him off. It didn't take long and he came in my mouth. There was a lot of cum, but I gladly swallowed it all. As soon as we were finished, the guard came to the cell. He yelled at me to get dressed. I did and he handcuffed me behind my back and shackled my bare feet.

It was time to go join the general prison population...

Please comment and tell me what should happen next!

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