North Adelaide Toilet Block Suck

By paulonyou

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First public anon cock suckings
This happened in the summer of 2004.
I went to the toilet at the shopping centre in North Adelaide and while I was getting my cock out I heard a noise coming from one of the stalls. I'm ok with guys wanking off in toilets, no big deal, but this time I just felt a need to check it out.

There were 4 cubicles and I sat down in the one next to the guy making the noise, by now he quietened down a bit. Anyway I was a bit stiff myself leaned back and started playing with my cock getting it harder. After a few seconds I could hear him again. He was stroking away not too quick pausing every now and them probably to rub the precum or put some spit on his knob.

I was starting to enjoy my wank and going a bit faster and noisier myself when I hear the guy move around a bit. I put some spit on my knob and keep stroking it hard then notice the guys head above the stall. He's looking at me and I said "you want to suck this" while I put some more spit on it and stroke my cock some more. He nods and moves out of his stall and into mine, drops his pants to reveals a very fat hard as a bone cock and low hung balls.

He sits down and takes my cock in his mouth without a pause. It feels totally hot as he sucks on it and I'm holding his head as I begin to slowly fuck his mouth. He sucks and moves his tongue around and it feels so wet and hot and just then someone comes into the toilet.

I'm still fucking this guys mouth as we hear someone take a long piss against the urinal. He zips up, and walks over to the basins. I was enjoying this too much getting close to cuming and the guy lets out my cock and licks my balls. I'm bursting to blow my load by this stage but don’t want to make too much noise and get busted. I put my cock back in his mouth and straight away feel his throat as he plunges down to my balls then back out and nibbles my knob.

This guy is better than any woman I’ve had for a long while.
I start to fuck his throat and the other guy starts the hand dryer. What timing I am so close to cuming and a few more strokes later I'm leaning back on the door. arching my back having a wild orgasm and shoot five explosive loads in his mouth. I'm groaning and moaning with each spasm and I'm exhausted just as the hand dryer stops.
The toilet is empty again and I thank the guy for his excellent cock sucking, that he had a nice looking cock and I hoped to return the favour one day.

I returned the next day, free balling in my jeans horny again and sit for ages waiting for company. A guy comes into the next cubicle and I take a peek through the hole to see him wanking. I start pounding my own cock as I wait to see if he's getting into it, but before I can make a move someone comes in. They come straight to the cubicles and shuffle around obviously not here for a piss. This goes on for a minute and I figure to take a look. So with my pants down and cock in hand I open the door a bit to see a guy in his forties looking into the next booth. He takes a look my way and I give him a good look at a few strokes of my cock. He looks back to the other guy and sort of goes in, but then comes out again. I figure they must know each other but he winds up leaving anyway. The thought runs thru my mind 'was this guy security?'

A few moments pass and I'm standing there stroking my cock which all wet from precum and the spit I keep applying. I stand up on the toilet and look over the top to see a younger guy just sitting there, cock in hand and not doing anything. I ask "do you want to play" but he shakes his head, no. In a few moments he shuffles and leaves.

A few people come and go and another guy steps into the next cubicle. I can peek that he's started to wank and I'm feeling braver. Without pulling up my pants I open my door and make a move to next door. My belt buckle makes a racket on the floor and I become very self conscious but I keep going. I knock on the door and the guy whispers "yeh?"

"Do you want a hand" I reply and with that he lets me in as I squeeze past him with my cock still hanging out. He's probably in his late 50's but has a nice uncut cock. We face each other and as we grab each other cocks introduce each other. Chris wanks me softly and his cock is warm in my hand. Almost the same as mine.
Someone comes into the toilet and takes the cubicle next to us. Chris starts going a bit limp but I'm feeling hornier so I sit down and take his cock in my mouth. For a while it's not making much difference to his cock but as the occasional sounds from the guy next door finishing his pit stop create some excitement for him his cock starts to get nice and hard again.

I continue sucking and taking it deeper on each stroke. His cock is really comfortable to take in and before long I taste the salty pre cum and his cock starts to get very wet. The guy next door begins to wash his hands and Chris's cock starts to throb so I know he's going to come soon. I massage his large fury balls and suck harder, deeper and more quickly. I'm ready for it as his cock gets nice and hard and hot in my mouth.

Sure enough he arches his back and I bear down on his throbbing cock as it spasms and bursts a couple of loads in my mouth. I keep face fucking his cock as the cum dribbles out my mouth and splat's onto the floor. His cock is good for it and he obviously loves me sucking his knob and squeezing his balls.

Chris begins to sigh as quietly as he can and I loosen my mouth and circle his knob with my tongue. The hand dryer starts up and I go down deeply to finish of his cock and knob which is now beginning to disappear behind his foreskin. He pulls up his pants, says thanks and hesitatingly opens the door. The other guy must have been finishing and I hear them leave at the same time.

That wasn’t all too bad I say to myself as I take my own hard cock back in hand to finish myself off. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?