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Nurse Smythe-Jones Loses Her Undies On The Night Shift

It was already too late, so she pushed her ass up high and took all he had to give.

Ever since she had been a little girl, Hyacinth Smythe-Jones had wanted to be a nurse. She had originally wanted to be strictly a hospital nurse, but she realized her talents were better suited to private duty because she was a perfectionist at heart and wanted her charges to receive the best of care.

Her most recent assignment was a good example of her unusual lifestyle.

She was the nightshift nurse for a billionaire retiree that owned more golf courses that he could ever hope to visit in a single year. They were set up in a private residence inside a luxury course just outside of Sacramento, California that had green fairways all year round regardless of the temperature or the shortage of adequate water supplies.

The mostly Hispanic staff spoke little English and Hyacinth didn’t speak Spanish at all except for “Si” and “Gracias”. She had gotten into a bit of bother with the landscaping crew when she nodded her head and said “Si” once too often and they had shown her how much they liked American females with big round asses. It was so embarrassing that she was determined not to make a fuss about it because they probably thought she was onboard with such nonsense just because she was a nurse and the nurses in Mexico were notoriously favorable to close personal interaction whilst on private duty.

Poor Hyacinth was certainly not an expert in penis sizes, despite her attractive appeal in her sensuous all-white uniform, but it impressed her that the outdoor workers were each a little bit bigger than the other in that department and she barely had time to catch her breath before they introduced her to the next one in line. She later admitted to her best friend Nancy that the shock of being stretched continuously without respite was the reason why she submitted without a single word of protest.

After that incident with the heavily muscled yard workers, she choose to conveniently omit the memory from her data bank of sexual experiences because it was the closest she had come to being a complete slut without guilt or remorse of any nature whatsoever.

Not too many of Nurse Hyacinth’s co-workers were aware of the fact that she was extremely well-organized in the area of pubic area management.

For instance, she had two complete cycles of Monday thru Sunday undies that were clearly marked with her initials, “H.S.J.” and the day of the week in finely textured gold thread.

Her best friend Nancy knew because she was the one that spent tedious hours at the sewing machine to emboss the labels on Hyacinth’s undies. The beautiful older woman bent down after she finished each one and licked the designs and kissed the entire crotch area with her feverish tongue like some silly schoolgirl under a spell from a witch with a weird sense of humor. She would have been totally mortified if Hyacinth found out the extent of her shameful obsession with her private parts and she hoped none of the other nurses ever found out her submissive nature that she tried to keep hidden from the light of day.

Nurse Nancy kept a risqué photo of Hyacinth in a severely brief thong-style bikini on the desk next to her bed. She left a night-light on so she could see the juicy details of Hyacinth’s pubic geography. Then, she put her strategically placed Teddy between her dampened legs with his long hard nose in the exact spot that usually pushed her to the finish line in the orgasm derby. She liked to stuff her mouth with Hyacinth’s dirty undies to prevent her from making excessive noise at such times because it was so tedious to be caught out in such a disgusting maneuver.

If Nancy could have seen her idol at that moment, she would have been extremely upset because poor Hyacinth was learning the depths of sexual repression suffered by the new resident doctor from Pakistan, Doctor Patel.

Doctor Patel was quite young for a resident and his manhood was in an ever constant rampant stage of needing female comfort and unable to accomplish any conquest of a satisfactory nature.

His English was excellent and he asked Hyacinth with absolutely perfect pronunciation,

“Would you be up for a spot of slap and tickle, my dear?”

Unfortunately, it was so amusing to Nurse Hyacinth that she was reduced to fit of giggling that left her undefended against the horny doctor’s fumbling hands.

He had her uniform skirt up and her undies off so quickly that she was astonished at the cool breeze washing over her fanny.

Her undies disappeared into the doctor’s pocket and there was no doubt what he intended to do with them at a later time.

The next words that Hyacinth heard made her weaker with each passing moment as the laughter shook her entire torso.

“Please to put your pretty ankles on my shoulders, my dear sweet nurse, and allow me to show you the wonderful girth of my respectful member.”

The next thing she knew he was knocking on the door of her startled pussy and she could only ride his shoulders with her ankles like some foolish female with no concept of shame or guilt.

Hyacinth’s ass cheeks slammed down on the hospital bed and the demanding doctor screwed her submissive slit with his stiff shaft swiftly and skillfully pushing her to an immediate orgasm of startling satisfaction.

She started to squirt like a sin-riddled slut unable to show her disgrace in front of the handsome new doctor.

When she returned to her duties at the head desk, Hyacinth only knew her undies were missing and she hoped that nothing would happen to reveal that disturbing fact to any of the other staff on duty that night.

She passed along her much-regretted transgressions to her best friend Nancy in an overheard telephone conversation that bemoaned the loss of her favorite undies to the impetuous new doctor. Nancy was upset but assured Hyacinth that she would do up a new pair of perfect “Monday’s” for her to wear with pride in any situation. The nurses listening in on the conversation were quick to spread the rumor of Nurse Hyacinth’s missing undies and they all laughed behind her back at her lack of morals on the night shift.

In fact, at the Christmas party, she received a surprise gift from a Secret Santa that was a seven day supply of French cut panties all marked “Monday” with the inside joke about Hyacinth’s loose ways. Of course, Hyacinth got the message right away but pretended she didn’t have the slightest idea about the reason for the strange gift from the Secret Santa. She was sitting with a new friend, a male nurse from Toronto that thought panties were an entirely inappropriate gift from a stranger, but he acted like it was perfectly natural because he didn’t want to embarrass his new friend. His name was Pierre and he had fond hopes of getting into the pretty nurse’s pants before the clock struck midnight.

As it turned out, he didn’t make the midnight cut-off, but was riding Hyacinth’s pretty flanks just before two in the morning after sweet-talking her for over two hours and striking when she was too exhausted to put up much of a defense. In retrospect, Pierre had to admit the wait was well worth it because she was the juiciest piece of ass he had mounted in quite some time. Symbolically, she had donned a pair of the Monday panties and he had eaten her sweet pussy right through them with his enthusiastic and over-active tongue making her completely cooperative in giving up her pubic secrets. She had gotten the tingle of orgasm from his busy tongue but failed to get the same satisfaction from his pencil dick that didn’t seem to hit her right spot to trigger a similar response.

She was surprised when the good-looking young male nurse flipped her over and spoke romantic words to her in French. Hyacinth had absolutely no idea what he was saying but the soft words put her in the right mood for loving and she didn’t object when he started to bounce his demanding cock on her back door like a long-lost lover looking to learn all her secrets in one quick lesson. His cock was so thin, that he slipped inside quite easily and she was not in the least bit uncomfortable with his cock in her ass. It was a unique experience, because usually a man’s cock all the way up her ass would make her on edge and she generally felt so stretched that she really couldn’t enjoy the reverse way of making love. In this case, she was able to absorb a series of orgasms because his dick was so frenzied in his movements; she had no idea where he was headed to next.

To make matters worse, he started to spank her hard with both hands and she lost all sense of logical dignity.

Then, the naughtiness of it hit her and she pushed her ass up for more without being asked anything at all.

The spanking did it again for her and she was trembling with the power of the orgasms that convulsed her entire body.

Pierre left at five AM in the morning and she rushed over to Nancy’s apartment to tell her exactly what he had done to her that make her have such joyful orgasms.

She was a little shocked to see Nancy strip off her nightshirt and perch right on top of her Teddy squeezing it between her petite and shapely legs. The sight of her friend’s perky ass cheeks bouncing up and down was too much for her because she delighted in her friend’s pretty form.

Without pausing for a single word, Hyacinth straddled Nancy’s pretty flanks and bent down to address her ass cheeks with her feverish lips. It didn’t take long to get her crack soaking wet with her saliva and some of the juices from Nancy’s over-sexed vagina.

Hyacinth’s tongue was pushing up deep inside Nancy’s happy sphincter before very long and both girls paused to savor the moment of sweet surrender.

“Please, Hyacinth, lick me nice back there. I promise to be a good girl for you.”

Hyacinth pushed a pair of her dirty panties into Nancy’s lipstick covered mouth and told her,

“Kiss my pussy taste, little Nancy and I will show you how deep my tongue can navigate up your deep dark hole of final privacy.”

She pressed her tongue inside the panting girl’s brown eye and before long listened to the young girl use every dirty word in the book to beg for more.

When Nancy turned over, Hyacinth sat on her pretty face and fed her both her clitoris and her vagina in a way that left no doubt about Nancy’s submissive adoration of Hyacinth’s female parts.

The usually shy girl buried her tongue inside Hyacinth’s secret garden and she reached around behind and worked her fingers into Hyacinth’s rear portal just to show her that it would be easy to open up her rear door for entry anytime she wanted.

The two girls lay face to face and they worked their tongues into each other’s mouths with devastating success. Hyacinth pressed Nancy’s lips open and drooled some of her sticky saliva into her best friend’s mouth and then spread it all around with her demanding tongue.

Nancy sighed and submitted to it all with that certain sense that she was there to serve Hyacinth in any way she desired and she was ready to offer up her last vestiges of dignity to her best friend’s carnal needs no matter how degrading or how distasteful. In a way, it was the fastest route to Nancy’s trigger of orgasmic release and she knew there was nothing she could do to change that fact and no way that she wanted to change anything because it all worked for her best of all.   

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