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Oceans Apart

My wife watches on Skype as I get fucked for the first time
I remember the day as clearly as if it was yesterday. I had been living in Florida with my wife and son on what was meant to be a year long sabbatical. We had enjoyed a wonderful, restful 4 months in the sunshine, swimming, fishing and sunbathing.

On this particular night my phone rang and woke me from yet another erotic dream at 4 in the morning. The graphic detail of the dream was intense. I was in a seedy nightclub toilets, with my trousers around my ankles and the tall, muscly German guy I had just met in the bar was gently teasing my arse cheeks apart with his 8" firm cock. In my dream I remember the feeling of pain mixed with anticipation and the real disappointment of hearing the shrill ringing of my cell phone bringing me back to reality and waking me with a start. 

My wife reacted first and leant accross me to grab the phone, immediately noticing my own huge erection forming a mini tent in the bed covers. She took the call and handed the phone to me with one hand, whilst giving my cock a gentle squeeze, with the other. 'Nice', she said, 'I hope I was involved in whatever dirty dream you were having'. I really couldn't tell her, could I?

I said hi to the early caller and immediately recognised the tones of my old school friend and former work colleague, Clive. 'How are you old man' he said, 'I need you to come back to the UK and help me in a new business venture'. My heart raced, I certainly needed to start working again and the thought of spending some time with Clive, who was incredibly successful in all he entered into, was extremely tempting. 'No time to think about it', he said, 'I need you here yesterday'. With that he propmptly wished me a good nights sleep and hung up the phone.

My wife, Claire, could tell I was about to make an important announcement and she did what she does better than anyone else I know.

She promptly took my slightly soft cock in her mouth and worked it for 10 minutes in her lovely soft, warm mouth until the pleasure was too great and my hot sticky cum hit the back of her throat at a rate of knots.

'Now you will be able to think clearly and tell me whats on your mind' she said whilst wiping the remaining drops of cum from her chin. 

If only she knew how desperate I was to taste that cum in her mouth and to experience exactly what she has just experienced. The thought of a hard cock in my mouth and hot salty semen on my tongue instanly made me hard again. I had to put the thought to the back of my mind and discuss the matter of leaving my wife temporarily to return to the UK.

Claire took the news remarkably well and before I knew it I was on an American Airlines flight into Heathrow, having had a magnificent sexual send off in the airport toilets.

Claire had told me to 'go for it' as she knew we could use the extra money and she would ' find something to occupy her lonely days and even lonelier nights'! We had an excellent relationship, Claire and I and although I don't think she had ever strayed, we had often talked about my yearning to see her with another guy. what she didn't know was that I was keen to suck the other guy and maybe even get fucked by him whilst she worked on the two of us.

The moment I arrived back home, I headed to the office that was to be my place of work for the next chapter of my life. Clive was there to greet me and we started the way we wanted to go on, by heading for the nearest wine bar.

The usual chat and catching up, followed and Clive was surprised to hear that I had no immediate plans for Claire to join me over the coming weeks. 'Haven't you heard of Skype?' I said. 'It's amazing how clearly you can see and speak, given the distance that separates you' I continued.

'It's not the real thing though is it?' Clive said. 'I mean what about sex' he followed. 'Surely you will miss the physical side of things?'

I was shocked that he had mentioned this but pleased to be discussing anything sexual with him.

Clive was a tall good looking 45 year old. He was single but had a string of failed relationships behind him. All of his relationships were with women but I was sure he had the same tendencies as I had.

He always looked at me with more than a look of a friend and I clearly remember a few years ago, while we were holidaying with our respective partners, seeing him watch me from outside the dressing room, as I towelled myself down. Nothing was said but my cock had stiffened at the time and he carried on looking.

I told him that Claire and I had planned to 'relieve' ourselves at home in front of the camera while we both watched and talked dirty to each other. This really excited Clive and the first thing he said was how much he would like to see that.

I wanted to say how much I would love him to watch me wank and then for him to suck my cock as I came but I guessed that he meant he would like to watch Claire bring herself off.

That thought was actually a real turn to me on as well and I said that I would mention it to Claire to judge her reaction. The wine was clearly acting as a tongue loosener now and he said 'that there was no time like the present'. 'Let's go to my office and Skype call Claire'.

The journey back to the office was filled with anticipation. Clive was clearly hoping to see Claire naked and playing with herself and I was hoping to see Clive getting turned on by my wife.

Claire picked up the call immediately and not knowing that Clive was in the room with me, began to strip off hurriedly. She was saying how much she was missing my cock and the feeling of my tongue between her legs and she was getting herself into a fantastic state of arousal. Her fabulous tits, size 34 D, looked even firmer and larger on the screen and she let her hand slip down between her legs to rub her stiffening clit.

Clive stayed in the shadows as she moaned out loud and she told me to take my cock out of my pants. I said it was awkward because anyone could walk in to my office and I would have to be happy to just watch her bring herself off.

At this point, Clive walked into the light of the room with his own cock out and as stiff as a board, gently rubbing it as he looked at the screen. Claire looked shocked and tried to cover herself up but Clive reassured her not to hide those fantastic tits as he carried on wanking.

I saw this as an ideal opportunity to get my own even stiffer cock out and stand next to Clive in front of the screen. Claire was in a state of arousal I had never seen before. She was frantically probing her wet pussy with first two fingers and then three fingers, licking the juices from them each time. Clive liked this and told her so and she said something that I will be grateful for as long as I live.

She told Clive that she had always wanted to see me with another guy and she would carry on if Clive would take my cock in his mouth. He didn't need asking twice. My fantasies were all coming true in one day.

Clive bent down in front of me and softly started licking the end of my cock. He could clearly see the pre-cum around the end and lapped it up like an expert. On seeing this, Claire let out a huge moan and exploded into what was obviously a spectacular orgasm. Clive now began sucking more vehemantly and I was also ready to explode when he stopped.

I looked down at him as he ordered me to suck him. I was in heaven, the man I had fancied for 20 years, was asking me to suck his cock in front of my wife. She looked on expectantly as I bent down and for the first time ever, tasted the salty pre-cum of a cock. I loved the taste and the feeling of hardness in my expectant mouth.

I was in another world. Claire was making noises of pleasure and approving what she was watching as Clive was getting harder and harder in my mouth. I knew he was about to cum and I wanted to taste and feel the explosion in the back of my throat. Within a few seconds Clive let out a manly yelp and shot what seemed like gallons of hot salty cum inside me.

I almost gagged at the sheer power of the orgasm and I struggled to keep it in my mouth before I savoured it as it slid down my throat. the pumping action continued as I carried on sucking him dry and incredibly his cock immediately started to harden again.

This time I was clear as to what I wanted. The time to fulfil my ultimate fantasy was here. I looked at Claire, who had started to masturbate again and as I did, I bent over the office table exposing my arse to Clive. He approached me slowly with a smile on his face and gently began by working a finger into my virgin hole.

I had experimented with toys before but never had I imagined that my best friend would be the one to finally take my arse for the first time.

I moaned out loud at the probing finger but wanted more. Clive stuck a second finger and then a third and worked them slowly. He used some of his spit to lubricate me and then pulled both fingers out. I looked again at Claire and she was so turned on that she was about to cum again.

Clive pushed his hard cock against my hole and slowly, expertly, began to push it in. First about half an inch, then another inch and the feeling was fantastic. He reachjed around me to feel my cock and was expertly wanking me as he continued to probe my hole.

Finally he was all in and I stopped him to enjoy the moment.

I turned to show the full image to my wife on the screen who looked captivated by what she was seeing.

Clive now began to fuck me, slowly at first then quicker and quicker. I was so excited it was all I could do not to cum myself but I didn't have to wait long.

Clives body tensed up and he squeezed my cock one last time before exploding for a second time and filling my arse with his magnificent hot semen.

This feeling and the sight of my wife watching made me go into a fantastic orgasm and I sprayed the office floor with my load. Clive let out one final yell and then collapsed on to my back smiling at the computer at the same time.

Claire, by this time, had cum again and was thanking us both for what she described as the best sex ever! Not bad considering there were 3000 miles of ocean between us.

Clive and me? Well let's just say we have a fantastic working relationship and we are ordering new computers for the office with wider screens!!
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