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Old Acquaintances

Bumping into some old acquaintances can be awkward, for me, it was a blessing in disguise.
I class pubs as exciting places to be, where you can experience everyday situations and the unexpected. The people you meet can be quirky or nice, good friends, acquaintances or someone new. Sometimes you end up meeting people you have met before in another life. This is one of those events.

I was visiting some friends in Warwickshire and I had cause to stay at a local pub on my way home. It was a friendly eating place, which is what most pubs have now become. I had parked my luggage for the night in my room and was just heading to the restaurant for a meal. It was seven thirty. As I walked into the room I noticed a couple at a table not that far from me. I stiffened. You know the times when you have met someone before, perhaps some time ago, and now, here they are in front of you. I suddenly found myself feeling awkward. I had noticed them and as the waitress came up to me and I saw that Brigitte had noticed me too.

She smiled, I smiled back, an awkward smile and I nodded as well. I was ushered away by the waitress to a table around the corner from them. I was glad of the separation as I did not want to intervene. I pulled my tablet out of its case and started to read my book while also looking at the menu.

A smile crept across my face.

I met Brigitte and Steve a long time ago when I was in a relationship with someone else. We were swingers, so were they. We had our first meeting at a pub and had a great time chatting, drinking and making sexy comments and innuendoes with each other. Later on in the evening we ended up in the car park where she wanted to feel my cock.

When we approached the car we started chatting like any ordinary couples do before they get in their respective cars and go home, except Brigitte had her hand down my trousers and was pumping my cock with a huge grin on her face. My partner at the time and Steve were just chatting and making sure we were not seen by anyone passing. It was a horny moment for me and for her.

I know I loved the attention for a change and I know she loved my cock as well. It was a fond memory but we never met up with them for sex. We actually ran into trouble a few weeks later and we split up soon afterwards. I always felt it was a great shame that we never ended up with Brigitte and Steve as I felt that we got on so well together, but that’s life I guess.

Perhaps now you can see why the smile crept across my face. I instantly wondered whether the couple they were with were swingers, a first meeting perhaps, or maybe they had known each other for some time. Were they family. Or good ‘ordinary’ friends. My mind entertained all manner of scenarios, but I came back to the ‘first meeting’ time and time again.

The waitress pulled me from my daydream and I ordered the steak, medium-rare with chips and side salad. I started to read my book. Restaurants can be very lonely for one, so I always took a book to read. Books these days were thin, electronic and a lot easier to handle.

My steak arrived and I ate. The food was absolutely lovely and by eight I was looking at the dessert menu. Crème Brulee my favourite. As I was about to order Brigitte appeared from around the corner presumably on her way to the loo. She stopped to say Hi and said that she would have a chat on the way back. It was nice that she remembered me I guess and I was flattered. I was also very nosey and wanted to know what was going on.

Soon afterwards she sat herself down and started to ask me about my life since the break up. We chatted like we were friends, finding out about Steve and her and what had happened over the last seven or more years.

“What?” she asked me suddenly.

“What do you mean…What?” I asked back.

“You‘re smiling a lot, what are you smiling about?” she asked.

“Oh…that,” I said. “Just wondering…you know!” I said as I pointed in the direction of their table.

Brigitte nodded, “First meeting,” she said, “but there‘s no spark, and certainly no lightning bolt,” she continued, “and yes, we‘re still playing around…as you do.”

I don‘t know why I said it but it just came out. “Has Steve had his cock sucked by a bloke yet?”

Brigitte nodded. “Oh yes…and he‘s reciprocated as well, we were horny as fuck that night!” she exclaimed.

I nodded and smiled again. “It was a shame we never got together,” I said. It was a rhetorical statement, not some attempt at doing anything about it.

“Well we are likely to be off soon,” she said, “I don‘t think we will be seeing them again.” She laughed a little at her words.

“Well, it‘s been nice talking to you, nice to see you‘re doing well. Take care,” she said as she got up to leave my table.

“Yeah, same to you, take care,” I replied. Then out of the blue I just said, “room 27, second floor.”

Brigitte was replaced with the waitress, I ate my Crème Brulee and put the meal on my room, I left to go upstairs. I didn’t know why I had said what I did, perhaps it was unfinished business with the pair of them perhaps it was just opportunistic. I wasn’t expecting that they came to my room and I have to admit I was hoping that they would not.

It was nine fifteen when I heard a knock on the door. I smiled and opened it.

Brigitte was in the doorway with Steve, both of them grinning. Steve held out his hand and I shook it.

“We have drinks,” he said as he held up a half empty bottle of wine. I nodded for them to come in and we sat and chatted. Steve eventually left for the loo and I leant over to chat to Brigitte.

“I want to suck his cock badly,” I said.

“I guessed that,” she replied, “We both decided it would be good. We sat downstairs and chatted after the couple left and we thought well…why not!” She winked at me and she had the most naughty grin on her face that I have ever seen.

I hatched a plan there and then. I leant over and told her all about it.

Steve finally got back from the loo, and I stood up to face him. Brigitte stood up too and after removing her shoes, sat back down on the sofa near the window. She was facing both of us.

“You‘re over dressed,” I said to Steve. He nodded and smiled.

I started to undo his belt and trousers and he helped with his shirt buttons. I let his trousers hit the floor and he sat on the bed to remove his shoes, socks and trousers completely. I also removed mine. With both us blokes down to our pants we stood up and faced Brigitte.

“Your turn…” I said as I looked at her.

As Brigitte stood up, my eyes wandered to Steve’s pants. I wanted to get my hand in there and jerk him off. It was all I could do to stop myself.

As we both watched Brigitte unbutton her top, I positioned myself side on to Steve. My left hand rested on his arse which I stroked and my right hand on his balls. I caressed his balls through his pants as we waited for Brigitte to reveal her beautifully large breasts.

The last button was undone and she opened her top to our gaze.

“Fucking gorgeous tits,” I said in Steve’s ear. Steve nodded, looking into Brigitte’s eyes.

“Are you getting hard looking at your wife‘s tits,” I said.

Steve nodded. “I always do,” he said eventually.

I pushed my hand down his pants and encircled his cock with my hand. My left hand had found its way inside his pants as well and I wondered if he wouldn‘t mind me sticking my finger up his arse, perhaps later I thought.

Brigitte had dropped her top on the floor and was now removing her bra. Every move she made was done with deliberation, sexiness, horniness and wantoness.

She was acting the total whore and she loved it.

As her breasts came into full view and her bra was flung behind her, I pulled Steve’s cock out of his pants. His circumcised cock was rigid. It was stiff as fuck and I couldn’t wait to take this further, but wait I had to.

I wanked his cock slowly, grabbing it at the base and pulling upwards on the skin. Then rubbing the palm of my hand over his knob and down its length.

“Look at those huge tits…they are fucking wonderful,” I said.

Brigitte cupped both her breasts and lifted them up for us. She wiggled them and then leant forward and shook them from side to side. My cock was rigid too. I could feel it strain my pants as my hand pumped Steve’s cock more firmly.

Brigitte then dropped her skirt to the floor in one swift move.

My eyes opened wide, true to her style as I remembered from that night so long ago, she was knickerless.

Brigitte stood there in just her stockings and suspenders, her fingers reached for her pussy and she stroked them over it, wetting her outer lips with her own juices. She sat back down on the sofa and started to finger fuck herself.

“She‘s a dirty bitch, isn‘t she,” I said to Steve, as I pulled his pants down all the way to the floor. He stepped out of them immediately.

“Fucking dirty,” he replied. I remember his breathing had increased. It was heavier, more laboured. My hand job was having an effect on him which is just what I wanted.

“She‘s as fucking dirty as me,” I said. He looked at me and gasped slightly.

“Because I am going to suck your cock, and you are going to cum all over my fucking face.” I nodded at him as I wanked his cock.

“You‘re going to watch your wife finger fuck herself as you spunk down my throat. Do you want that?” I asked.

Steve never said a word, he just nodded.

I dropped to my knees and my hand cupped his balls, my tongue rested on the base of his cock and I licked all the way up to his knob. I had waited to do this for so many years. It was always my intention all those years ago to suck on Steve’s cock.

My head finally came level with his knob and I bent his hard stiff cock horizontally. I felt my mouth slip down over his cock. I was in heaven. At last his hot silky smooth cock was wrapped in my warm mouth. I sucked on his knob, and let it slip as far down my throat as it could. Steve was thick, but not so long that I couldn’t take his cock comfortably. I placed my hands on his arse and bobbed my head to and fro on his luscious cock.

Brigitte had hiked her legs onto the sofa, her pussy was openly displayed to Steve. She was rolling her fingers around her pussy and clit as they both stared at each other. I could hear slapping noises and guessed that she was smacking her pussy with her hands.

“Cum in his mouth hun…” since my mouth was full, Brigitte had decided to tell Steve exactly what to do. It was what I wanted as well.

“My pussy is so wet and juicy, I can‘t wait to get fucked,” she continued, “but not after you squirt all over him.”

That was the incentive Steve needed. I felt his hands clamp around the back of my head as he started to fuck his cock into me. Gutteral sounds of pleasure emanated from him as he pushed his cock into my mouth. I was sucking furiously on his knob and every now and then I would let his whole cock slide into my mouth.

Everyone was groaning. Brigitte was pleasuring herself on the sofa while watching her husband get sucked off by a bloke. Steve was watching Brigitte finger fuck herself and I was loving the stiffness of cock in my mouth. He was as rigid as they come.

I decided I wanted his spunk sooner than later as I had plans for Brigitte as well. I pulled my head back from his cock and just suckled on his knob. My hand came around the base of his cock and I wanked him. I started to pull his cock and wank him into my mouth.

“Oh! Fuck yes,” cried Steve.

“All over his face…don‘t forget,” added Brigitte.

“I’m going to cum, Brig,” Steve replied. “Oh, fuck I’m going to cum!”

I wanked his cock and kept my lips tightly over his slit. I felt the first squirt hit the back of my throat and it was all I could do to keep my composure with the sudden influx of hot sticky fluid in my mouth. I swallowed the first lot of cum and waited for the next. It too hit the back of my throat. The rest, I had decided, was going to be a display.

I pulled my mouth back from his cock and swallowed all the spunk that was in my mouth. I then wanked his cock furiously into my face.

“All over my face, come on, all over my fucking face!” I ordered.

In all honesty Steve had no choice in the matter. He spunked, and I directed the contents all over my face. Some spurts ended up on my chest with my frantic wanking of his cock but that was alright. As the quantity of liquid receded, I pulled my head back so that he could see my face covered in his milky spunk.

“Go sit on the bed.” I pointed behind him. “I have some pussy to lick,” I said.

I turned to Brigitte who was smiling and grinning at the sight of Steve unloading his spunk all over my face. She saw his cum on my face and beard as I moved towards her on my knees. I pushed her legs backward and opened her pussy even more. Her pussy jutted forward and was the most prominent part of her body in front of me. My tongue extended and dipped itself into her love pot. Her juices flowed over my tongue and mixed with the taste of Steve’s cum.

I flicked my tongue in her pussy and sucked on her pussy lips before I clamped my mouth down on her clit.

“Fucking get that cock hard Steve,” she ordered. I guess he was sitting on the edge of the bed wanking his cock some more.

“Oh! Fuck, suck it, go on suck it,” she ordered me. I felt her hand come to the back of my head as I clamped my mouth over her clit and sucked it into my mouth.

Brigitte rocked her hips into my face. It felt fucking sexy and I was not sure who was pleasuring who, whether it was me sucking her or her forcing my head into her cunt.

“You are so going to be covered in pussy juice,” she said.

She was breathing heavily, thrusting her hips and pussy into my face. I saw her breasts heave as she rocked her hips. All of a sudden both of her hands were on the back of my head. I could not move backwards or sideways. I was clamped over her pussy. I just sucked as hard as I could.

In an instance Brigitte let out a loud guttural groan, She bucked her pussy into my face and with every forward motion she too squirted into my mouth and all over my face. Eventually she could not hold onto my head and I was released from her ministrations, but still she kept coming and like a dog, I found myself lunging in the direction of her squirts as her pussy juices left her.

Brigitte’s orgasm was loud and very wet. It was the first time with any couple that I had been covered in both spunk and pussy juice.

I rolled to one side of Brigitte and looked at Steve on the bed. He was hard again. His cock rigid in his hand as he pumped it to the sight of his wife cumming on my mouth.

“He needs another sucking Brigitte,” I said to her.

She left the sofa in a split second and walked over to the bed. She pushed Steve back onto the bed and started to lick his cock. She then crawled onto the bed herself. Her knees teetering on the edge of the bed and her hands and mouth caressing Steve’s cock and sucking on it.

I pulled my pants down and walked over to her. She was lucky I was there, if it had not been for me behind her, I swear she would have fallen off the edge of the bed. More to the point if it were not for my cock pinning her in place she would definitely have slipped back onto the floor.

The way her arse stuck in the air was a heavenly sight. I levelled my hard cock and positioned it at the entrance to her cunt. It was going up her. In one short sharp move, my cock buried itself into her cunt. Brigitte let out a long satisfying moan as she licked on the underside of Steve’s cock.

I started to fuck her. All evening it was me giving pleasure and now Brigitte was getting my cock to the hilt. She started to suck on Steve’s cock with enthusiasm and urgency. I could tell she wanted his spunk down her throat too and she was going to get it. I watched and gauged Steve’s response to her sucking, all the while fucking her pussy with deliberate strong strokes.

Brigitte lifted her head. “Fuck, he‘s in a long way hun,” she told Steve, “I‘m going to cum,” she continued.

“Steve’s hand shot down to his cock and he started pulling it off himself. Brigitte held it firm at the base and to her best ability, kept his knob end in her mouth while sucking on it. I started thrusting faster into her cunt from behind. My hands grabbed her love handles and I pulled her back towards me as I buried my cock in her.

Once or twice, Brigitte screamed with pleasure as my cock hit the deep recesses of her cunt. I moved my position and started to fuck my cock upwards into her rather than straight in.

“Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod…” shouted Brigitte. She was pushing her cunt back onto my cock more in subconscious movement than anything else. Steve was wanking his cock in her face which now rested at the base of his balls. Her eyes were closed as Brigitte felt the force of her orgasm.

I thrust into her with my own orgasm well on its way. I grabbed her hips and thrust as hard as I could. I knew she was getting maximum pleasure from the angle of my cock and so I just fucked her. I heard a wet slapping noise as I pumped into her, I felt fluids coat my legs and drip from my cock as it receded from her cunt and I saw Steve, for the second time that evening, spunk up into the air onto the side of Brigitte’s face.

Everyone was moaning as their orgasmic groans filled the room.

As soon as Brigitte felt spunk on her face she lifted her head to suck on Steve’s cock and take his milky liquid down her throat. I filled her pussy with all my spunk and as I my cock slipped from her, I saw her gushing fluids run down her thigh and onto the bed.

We rested for a while and Brigitte ended up kissing me rather affectionately, I thought.

“We are so glad we bumped into you again,” she said.

I nodded. “Me too, for sure,” I replied.

They eventually left at about midnight, we said our goodbyes. Brigitte brushed my face clean of the drying spunk on my short beard.

“You can‘t come to the door looking like that,” she said as she smiled at me.

Turning to Steve she said, “Come on you, we need to get home, I guess you‘ll be wanting a fuck before we get any sleep,” Steve grinned and nodded.

“Of course I will, you know me,” he replied.

As they left the room Brigitte slipped back inside to give me a quick peck on the cheek.

“Whenever you are in this area again, let us know, you can stay with us,” she said, “every time…”

She smiled, stroked the side of my face and left.

There would be a next time for sure, I thought.

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