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Old Friends 2

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The wife wants to play, too...
Three weeks passed without me hearing a single thing from Bobby. I went through all manner of feelings. Horror, because we’d done it again. Pleasure, because we’d done it again. But mostly I was disappointed. Three weeks without contact? I wasn’t that bad.

So when my cell phone rang Friday afternoon and I saw it was Bobby’s number I felt a vast sense of relief. We spoke briefly. He was inviting me over to his house again, and was I interested in stopping by? I agreed that I would, and we hung up. Although the questions between us were obviously not addressed, I figured that an invite was the start of a good thing.

I dropped by with beer. They pulled me inside quickly and we got to talking. But I noted, unlike the last time the three of us were together, that sex was being avoided. But the beer was consumed slowly, and the good food was grilled and eaten, and after supper we sat with sated bellies and cold beers. You can’t ask for much better in my opinion.

“Say, Dan,” Heather breaks the heavy silence that had fallen over the three of us. We hadn’t been talking about taboo subjects, but with the beer working on our and our inhibitions, and the falling of night aiding the lapse into silence, we were just sitting there doing nothing.


“Bobby said that you two did it again.”

I wished that I could see my friend’s face. If I answered wrong and he lied to her… “Yeah, we did.”

“Did he tell you why he hasn’t contacted you before this afternoon?”

“I was wondering about that, but no, he didn’t.”

“It’s cause we were fighting pretty good over it.”

“Oh, why?” I asked.

“Because she wasn’t there,” Bobby said from his seat. “She’s made it known to me that if it happens again, she wants to be involved.”

“Oh.” The buzzing in my head was getting in the way of thinking clearly. “Okay, that’s fine. Whatever,” I concluded.

“Guess what, Dan?” Heather asked next.

“What, Heather?” I asked.

“I have Bobby’s cock out. It’s hard. See?” she said and that got me to move, and to look, and sure enough her hand was over slowly and lightly stroking Bobby’s penis. It was erect all right. She looked over at me. “Show me yours.” I smiled and slowly wiggled out of my shorts and underwear. Heather studied it, and then waved me in. With her other hand she reached up and began stroking me slowly. The only noises on that porch were our breathing and the crickets. “Mmmmm,” Heather said quietly. “Nice hard cocks.” She sounded very satisfied.

“You should take your pants off,” Bobby suggested.

“Okay,” Heather said, but stood up. “But inside. Besides, I just got bit by a skeeter, and the last thing I want is a goddamn bug bite on my ass!”

She walked inside, and I studied her pert, cute ass. Bobby’s a lucky man I thought to myself. He put his hand on my shoulder as he passed, and put his mouth up to my ear. “You okay with what we did?”

“Yeah,” I said instantly and raggedly. “You?”

“Yeah.” He actually reached down and gave my erect cock a squeeze. “She’s going to get fucked by both of us tonight,” he told me.

“Okay by me,” I said.

“Sure it is!”

He went past me and I followed, my erection poking out in the air in front of my body. A man can’t walk with an erection for long, and it died down to half-mast. We got into the bedroom, where Heather had stripped out of her clothing and was lying on the bed. Her legs were bent and slightly parted, giving anyone interested a perfect view of her neatly shaven crotch. I climbed onto the bed, and Bobby got on the other side. Bobby pulled her head to his and kissed her passionately. She snaked her spare hand around until she found my boner. She began to play with it and stroke it as she continued to kiss her husband.

She broke the kiss. Whispered harshly and urgently to us. “I want both of you to lick my pussy. Now!” she commanded. I saw Bobby moving and in the semi-darkness of his bedroom saw him nod at me. I climbed down and moved a leg; Heather now had her legs split apart as wide as they could go. Bobby and I got next to one another. He did it first, snaking his hand back between my legs and finding my erection. He stroked me slowly as his head dipped down to taste his wife’s gorgeous pussy. She had one of those parted-lip pussies that just screamed to be licked then fucked. Heather was moaning now, her hips writhing as the pleasure of the oral sex settled upon her. Bobby nudged me, and I dropped down to give it a go.

Having your cock slowly stroked while licking a woman’s pussy was quite a sensation. I found my ass clenching to try and stem the rising tide of pure arousal. Heather’s cunt was delicious, that hot, tangy, slippery, intoxicating taste that just had me digging and digging for more. I wanted to fondle Bobby’s cock but I wasn’t in a position to do it without blowing a shoulder or something. I was just going to have to wait. Bobby nudged me and I moved aside for him. Bobby kept stroking me slowly during this, but it wasn’t a regular thing. It was a ‘when he could’ thing.

“Oh god Heather he’s stroking my cock!” I moaned. I wanted to see what she’d do.

The reaction was instant. “Oh my god!” she moaned and her hips flew up hard into Bobby’s mouth. He pressed down, driving her back down into the bed. Bobby squeezed me hard; I took that to say that I should keep going. “His hand is big and strong and stroking me perfectly. Your husband’s stroking me, Heather, he’s running his hand up and down the length of my shaft!”

“Ggggggoooooooodddddd unh unh unh unh unh!” was her reply. Her hips bucked and rocked wildly.

Bobby lifted off and pushed me down to Heather's searing kitty. “Make her come, Dan, make her come!” he said, and Heather’s hips rose up wildly off the bed and pressed into my waiting mouth. I drank greedily from her, tongue slithering on heated, slick flesh while delicious cream filled her. Her breath was hitching in her throat, and she had a hand on my head and was pressing me into her while she jammed her hips up into my head. Bobby was behind me, now doing something to my cock like pulling it back behind me and stroking me. Since I was up on my knees, he was also playing around with my asshole, and it was making me shiver with lust. Finally, Heather screamed loudly, gasping for air as she did. A moment later she pushed me away, and closed her legs.

“St-stop that’s t-too sensitive now!” she moaned. She rolled back over. “What’s he doing to you Dan?” Heather managed to ask through gulping breaths.

“If he’s not careful he’s going to make me come!” I moaned.

“Shit, not yet, Bobby!” Heather barked at her husband. He released me quickly as she scrambled up to see what was going on. I was throbbing hard but not caught in the throes of uncontrollable lust yet. But I was feeling damn good.

I turned so that the three of us were on our knees, facing each other. His prick was stiff, and sticking up in the air. Heather bent and began to suck him slowly, drawing him into her mouth was what had to be glorious slowness. Since he’d already been playing with me, I returned the favor, pushing my hand around the base of his cock and stroking him as Heather’s head bobbed up and down on him. He began breathing heavily right away and in a moment or two was moaning aloud from the pleasure of it. His cock was pulsing with need and lust. Touching me must really turn him on, I thought, but then I gauged my own erection. It was rock hard. So obviously me touching him was turning me on at the same time. Heather reached out and found my erection, and began to stroke me as I stroked him and she sucked him. It was all very hedonistic but damn was it awesome. She came up for air, and panted rapidly to catch her breath. She sat up and began stroking us both together.

“Get next to each other,” she said. “Bobby, show me how you stroke his cock!” she said, and her mouth fell open as Bobby’s hand expertly gripped my boner at the base and slid upward. It was soft yet supple, and was as erotic a pleasure as I’ve felt. I gasped and I wanted to thrust my hips into his hand and fuck the hand until my cock exploded in semen. I was getting there, to that point of no return. “Dan, your turn,” Heather ordered. Bobby’s hand fell away. Mine went to work. The silkiness of the skin over that diamond hardness struck me again. His cock and its slight angle made me turn my hand, but slowly I did him until he was panting.

“Dan, make him cum, suck his cock with me!” she moaned. She held him hard at the base and engulfed him in her mouth. She went up and down with vigor and complete abandon. This wasn’t any prissy love-making session any longer. This was pure sex. She released him with a popping noise. “Dan, suck!” she cried. My mouth once more tasted my best friend’s erection. As before the overpowering surge of arousal struck me. I was as stunned by it now as I was three weeks ago. The cock was delicious and silky and oh so hard. Then out of my mouth as Heather pushed me away to go back to work. I reached a hand back until I felt her butt and moved more until I found her steaming pussy. I began to tease her pussy lips and clit with my fingers as she and I alternated sucking Bobby’s big cock. Finally, Bobby groaned and pushed us away. “No,” he moaned, “I want to fuck your pussy, Heather!”

“Yeah, do it!” Heather moaned wildly. She got up on her hands and knees, facing me. She sucked me hard into her mouth as I watched Bobby position himself behind her, holding and aiming his cock, and then slamming himself into her. He hit bottom and she grunted and squealed despite the fact my cock was tickling the back of her throat. Bobby began savagely fucking, his hips thrusting her at manic speeds. He was panting and gasping for air and fucking hard as he could when finally Heather released my cock. “Slow down Bobby, you’re hurting me!” she cried.

“Sorry,” he muttered not sounding sorry at all.

“Suck Dan off, Bobby. Suck Dan off and make him come in your mouth and you swallow Dan’s come, c’mon Bobby suck his cock! Suck him! Suck!” she was moaning as he took me without much in the way of urging and began sucking. He was sucking my cock like he’d just fucked Heather – wildly. But it was effective. I felt the orgasm surge in me, and then like a held back train it rumbled and took off and then I was issuing my own wild cry as my cock exploded into his mouth. My semen just blew into his mouth and he jerked back but not off and swallowed harder, faster, and Heather was moaning something or other I have no idea what. Finally, it calmed. I fell onto the bed, panting, spent and exhausted.

Heather climbed over me, positioning herself so that I was looking right up at her pussy. “Bobby! Fuck me until you come. Fill me with your come!” she moaned. I was mesmerized by the sight of Bobby’s prick sliding into Heather’s pussy. God it was hot, I thought, and I reached up to begin kissing and licking Heather’s clit. She jerked sideways and howled shrilly but I didn’t move. I didn’t move when Bobby’s balls hit me in the face. Nothing mattered except making her come, and Bobby was pounding her now, thrusting with tremendous force, so much that I had to move my head and she was giving way and then he uttered a loud cry. I saw his body react and pump, and Heather moaned long and low as Bobby’s come filled her pussy. After a long orgasm, he pulled out. I pulled my head up and began sucking the mixture of her cream and his come from her pussy. She shuddered and began moving her hips in a wild circular motion but I held on. She got more desperate until finally, she had to push me away. “No! No more! Please!”

Later, after we had cleaned up, we were lying in Bobby and Heather’s bed together. She was still between us, spooning with Bobby. She had her hands out and was lightly tickling my chest and abdomen. “That was hot sex,” she said, “and you two seem to really like sucking cock!”

I made the admission first. “I can’t speak for Bobby but I think I’m bi-sexual,” I said. “When his dick is in my mouth I get this surge of lust that is just primal in its intensity.”

Heather’s eyes opened widely in admiration for my words. Then they turned fey as something began poking her in the butt. “Bobby?” she said. “Does the fact that your cock suddenly got hard and poked into my butt mean that you’re bi-sexual, too?”

“I think so,” Bobby reported with a chuckle. “I think so.”

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