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One Night on the Space Coast - Part 1

A gay man meets two women while camping in Florida.
The Saturday morning of the Memorial Day weekend was warm and muggy, as I got up with the sun to walk the dog along the coastline of the campground. I was working my way south pulling my RV along the I95 and heading for Key West eventually, but found myself this morning in a small campground in Titusville, pausing for a couple of days to take a break and visit NASA.

I’m 51, retired military and currently a firefighter, and burning off three weeks of vacation time hauling my fifth-wheel south for a look at the sights. The campground was very quiet at this hour, as most people were still sleeping off their Friday night parties. My dog, a three year-old Dalmatian, was pulling me from tree to tree along the waterfront when we passed a young woman sitting along on a bench watching the sunrise.

“How beautiful,” she exclaimed, looking at the dog, of course. “Would he pose for a quick photo?”

Never one to turn down such a request, I said that would be no problem. I brought the little fella around into a seated position with the pier and sunrise over his shoulder, allowing her to frame the photo with her cell phone.

With that start, we settled in to a long and comfortable conversation with each other, chatting about our lives and the travels that had brought us here to this point together. Irene was a beautiful woman, with a curvy body and eyes to get lost in forever, somewhere in her late twenties, and here camping with a friend of hers from work leaving her boyfriend at home to take care of the cats and plants.

And myself, I’m happily married to a wonderful man of my own, about to celebrate our fifth anniversary, although traveling alone on this trip with the dog as I get twice the vacation time he does and couldn’t accumulate any more.

Conversation flowed easily as the sun rose further and children began coming out of the campground to play along the waterfront, many interested by the sight of a brown spotted Dalmatian and coming by to make friends with him. Eventually, Irene and I walked along the edge of the water together to allow the dog to explore as we traded stories and plans for the day.

She and her friend were planning to hit the nearby zoo and possibly the Cocoa Beach area today, while I would be touring Cape Canaveral and learning about the space program. We made loose plans to compare notes that evening, and traded numbers as we parted and made our way back to our campsites.

After a hot afternoon touring NASA, I returned to the campground to walk the dog and get our dinners ready, then showered and cleaned up, finishing just as Irene came by the RV to ask if I’d like to join the two of them for a picnic back by the waterfront.

Gathering the dog and a drink, I joined her on the walk to their picnic, finding her friend, Christa, munching away. Christa, just turned 21, was dressed in a short t-shirt and loose shorts, with a decent but surprisingly pale body on display. The three of us and the dog settled in to a cheesecake dessert, with the dog happily getting almost constant attention from one or both girls, and time quickly passed through fun conversation until the sun had set and the bugs started becoming annoying.

Irene suggested we all take the party back to their tent, but I insisted they come back to the RV where we would all be much more comfortable. That settled, they picked up their stuff and returned to their tent to clean up while I finished the walk with the dog and returned to the trailer.

A half hour later, the two showed up and came inside, expressing their surprise at just how roomy and well-equipped the RV was on the inside. We settled in to the living area, myself and Irene on the sofa while Christa sat on the floor to play with the dog, and began making a large dent in the bottle of duty-free rum I’d picked up crossing the border.

As the rum flowed and the night got longer, the conversation naturally turned to more risqué topics. Two straight women and a gay man together, we laughed and held nothing back, discussing the finer details of blow jobs and our boyfriend’s equipment. We all agreed that the cum of vegetarians tasted the worst, and that cock size didn’t matter so much as the skill of the owner. At one point, Christa pulled off her shirt and lowered her shorts to show off a magnificent tattoo that began on one shoulder, curving down over her breast and along her side until passing over her hip and down onto the upper part of her thigh. I admired the work and casually ran my fingertips over the artwork, getting a giggle in return as she discussed what it meant and her plans to continue the tattoo further down her leg.

With that, Irene bared her own breasts, showing off a considerably smaller tattoo of a butterfly on the outer edge next to her pierced nipples containing small, gold rings. We both studied her breasts closely, and I gladly offered that the piercings wonderfully highlighted the slightly upturned nipples. I unfortunately had neither tattoos nor piercings to show off for the girls. I sat there between two topless women and asked if this was meant to cure or fix me, then we laughed as the girls covered up, but the atmosphere was charged now as our discussion turned back to tales of former boyfriends.

I had spent a life with both men and women and had many stories of both to tell. In particular, I still occasionally saw a woman some twenty-five years after we first got together sexually. While in her city for a month-long training course and meeting her in a bar after she had been dumped by her high school sweetheart setting out for greener pastures at college, the perfect combination of her sexual frustration and the fact I’d be leaving the country in a few weeks resulted in a month of incredible sex. I’d taken her virginity and taught her everything I knew in those few weeks, enough that she’d found me again twenty years later and we fell right back into the old habits.

The girls seemed very interested in the fact that I’d taught my girlfriend about anal sex and sucking her toes, areas she had not been familiar with in a sexual way but that drove her wild during our romps. Irene and Christa both claimed that their boyfriends would never consider indulging in such behavior in the bedroom. Irene’s boyfriend was black and, while highly adept at pleasing her with his larger than average cock, would seldom go down on her orally let alone try more unusual stimuli involving her feet or ass. Christa simply hadn’t yet had the opportunity to try either as she had not had boyfriends sufficiently long enough to develop the level of trust needed.

By now it was pushing midnight and, at my age, was well past my bedtime. We’d all enjoyed ourselves immensely and the rum was working it’s magic, but it was time to call it a night. We exchanged contact information and promises to keep in touch, and I brought the dog along to walk the girls back to their tent site. We parted with hugs and kisses, and I wandered around for a bit for the dog to do his business.

Back at the RV, I cleaned up the dishes and was turning out the lights when I heard a knock at the door, only to find Irene there holding a towel and a bag of toiletries.

“I wanted to take a shower before sleeping,” she said, “but the rednecks in the surrounding tents are still partying and I don’t feel safe using the campground shower. It’s too easy for someone to just walk in. Could I possibly use yours? I’ll only be a few minutes.”

“How could I even think of turning down such a beautiful woman?” I said, bringing her in and upstairs to the bedroom area which contained the shower stall. “There’s lots of hot water; I’ll get things started for you and leave you to clean up.”

With the shower running, I closed the sliding door to the bedroom and returned to the living area to read while waiting. It wasn’t long before I heard her ask something from behind the door, but couldn’t quite make out what she was saying. Opening the door a few inches, I asked her to repeat her question.

“Would you help me, please?” she asked. “I normally have my boyfriend to scrub my back and just can’t reach it by myself.”

I’m an old man, perhaps, but not a slow man, so I smiled and stepped up to help. She turned away from the open shower door and revealed the highly erotic vision of soapy water cascading down from her shoulders to that tapered waist and over her beautiful backside before sliding down her legs towards the drain. She looked at me over her shoulder with a smile, and passed me the sponge and soap before turning away once again.

I applied soap to the sponge, and began swirling small circles over her neck and shoulders, following every curve and contour of her upper back and moving downward ever so slowly. I made sure to scrub her sides thoroughly as she held her hands on the shower wall, getting close enough to the sides of her breasts to push the sponge against them without actually touching her with my hands.

Coming around to the bottom of her back and preparing to finish up, I noticed she had shifted her weight ever so slightly, leaning forward to project her round little ass up just a bit. Adding more soap to the sponge, I continued downward in tight spirals, over the top of her buttocks and halfway down the gorgeous curves of her backside, making sure I’d covered it thoroughly from side to side. I circled over the area again and again, straying to the sides then back in along the groove in the center. Gay men are nothing if not ass men, and this woman’s backside was a miracle!

I then stepped back to inspect my work, watching the trails of soap flowing over her soft skin, before reaching in with the sponge.

“There you go, all clean and smelling nice!” Still facing away from me, she took the sponge and thanked me with a smile before starting in on her front side. I lingered a bit over the beauty of the woman in front of me, then slowly closed the door and returned to the living area, leaving the bedroom door open this time.

A short while later Irene emerged from the shower with her towel wrapped around her from her breasts to her thighs. From my vantage point in the living area, I watched her use a second towel to dry her hair as she inspected herself in the full length mirror on the closet door.

“Could you help me again, please?” I shook myself out of my brief daydream and jumped up to do whatever she asked. “Would you apply moisturizer to my back? I know I got a bit too much sun on the beach today.”

I took the bottle from her as she moved around to position herself away from the mirror, then opened her towel and held it loosely draped against her front side. Once again, this woman displayed her backside to me, nude from top to bottom, with her smooth skin and sensual curves. I filled my hand with gel, set the bottle down, and reached up to lift her long, wet hair up and over her shoulder. I began smoothing the lotion into her skin at the top of her neck, working my way over and around each shoulder. As I worked down each arm, taking my time and being far more thorough than necessary, she would stretch out the arm I was working on, using the other to hold the towel over her chest, then switching hands.

Moving over her shoulder blades, I again followed the contours of her body around to the sides and, with no sponge in my hands this time, nudged the sides of her breasts with my finger tips. Given my limited view from the back, they appeared to be nicely sized and shaped, and held themselves up on their own quite beautifully. I don’t pretend to have enough experience with women to know their bra sizes, but it was enough of a handful but not so large as to sag.

Using my finger tips and palms, I smoothed the lotion further downward towards that taper at the top of her ass, then down over the rounded globes of her backside. Not a word had been spoken between us, my breathing fast and shallow, until she spoke quietly, “Legs, too, please.”

Refilling my palm with lotion, I got down on my knees behind her and started on her left leg, pushing and pulling my hands around her thighs, over the backs of her knees, and wrapping around her calves as I moved to her ankles, before repeating on her right leg. Gay man or not, my cock was absolutely rigid by this time and making an almost obscene tent in my linen shorts.

Finally, and all too soon, I had completed my task, finishing up her right ankle before leaning back and bringing my gaze slowly upward along her glowing body, only to find her looking down at me with a serious look and hooded eyes.

“Would you like your feet done, too?” I asked, holding up the bottle of lotion. She paused for a moment, then nodded her head just once.

“Turn around, please, and lift your foot,” I directed, squirting lotion into my hand. Slowly, she turned around to face me, still holding the towel vertically from her chest to where it ended about mid-thigh. I could see her glistening skin on either side of the towel and it was turning me on something awful.

After a moment she lifted one foot and I set it on my knee, then began working the lotion into it from all sides. Caressing every aspect of that foot, I took great care to work it into the arch and heel, then between and around every toe. I could hear her holding her breath as I worked her toes over, then gasp as she resumed breathing when I moved on to the top of her foot.

After a while, I lifted her foot gently off my leg to set it on the floor, only to repeat the process on the other foot. I noticed that the hand holding the top of the towel had slipped downward during the experience, so that the top swell of her breasts was now showing and it hung more narrowly, showing more of her body along both edges.

Finishing the second foot with a gentle caress up and around the ankle, I set it back onto the floor and looked up into her eyes again, holding the lotion bottle up with a questioning look on my face and, I’m sure, a slight smile.

Her eyelids were heavy and pupils dilated as she looked into my soul for a bit, then she pulled the towel away from her and dropped it onto the bed next to us. Without a word, I again filled my hand with lotion and began working my way up her legs, one at a time, fondling and caressing every part of her multiple times as I gently spread the cream. Each calf, each knee, each thigh, then her hips, spreading and lightly kneading the skin to ensure the lotion got worked in well.

I stood and began working on her flat tummy with the little innie belly button. Using long strokes I spread the lotion downward, then reversed my hand and used the backs of my fingers to smooth it upward in long, slow strokes. I worked the lotion over the area around her tightly groomed landing strip, along the inner curves of her thighs. Her nipples were absolutely firm, tightened from the sexual charge and standing upward from the curved mounds of her breasts. I gathered lotion onto my first two fingers and gently began spreading it around her breasts, making large circles around and around, slowly spiralling inward toward the nipple, and repeating the process several times on each breast.

Eventually I moved up to the upper slope of her chest, pushing the lotion along the surface of her skin upward along her slightly shivering neckline and onto her face. I used just the tips of my fingers to brush lotion onto her cheeks and jawline, then moved in closer to work around her eyes and ears. I could feel the tips of her nipples pushing against my t-shirt and hear the slight gasp as she swallowed a gulp of air. Looking deep into her eyes, I finished up by spreading lotion along her hairline in short strokes.

My job completed, I stepped back a bit and looked at her face which carried an odd expression that I couldn’t place. “Will there be anything else?” I asked quietly, and capped the lotion bottle.

Irene looked downward at the bulge in my shorts then up at my eyes, seemingly wanting to say something but unsure. I didn’t want to put undue pressure on her to do anything she didn’t want, as I certainly had enough masturbation material already to play over and over in my head for weeks to come. A couple of times she started to say something, then looked away again, seemingly too shy, perhaps.

“Thanks for fulfilling an old man’s fantasy,” I told her gently while looking deep into her eyes. “You’re a beautiful woman and your boyfriend is incredibly lucky to be with you.”

I turned away, setting the bottle of lotion next to her bag and took a step toward the doorway when she found her voice.

“Please... I... I mean, my boyfriend, he won’t...”

I turned back to her to find her chewing on her bottom lip, still standing naked in front of me, breasts erect and heaving, her body shivering slightly.

“He wouldn’t... he’d never...”

I looked into her eyes and waited patiently. Gay men learn early on to wait for women to say what they really mean, a talent that’s served me well over the years.

“My toes!” she finally blurted out. “God, it felt so good when you handled them like that. Could... would you... you know, what you do with your friend?”

Now I knew what she meant. I looked right into her eyes and told her I’d be happy to give her a new experience. “Please lay down on the bed for me” I told her, pulling back the comforter to expose the sheets.

She glanced from me to the bed, then reached over to grab the towel she had thrown there earlier. Holding it in a ball to her chest again, she looked lost and tentative.

“Just lay on your tummy,” I directed, “and I’ll place the towel over you.”

She turned to the bed and passed the towel back to me before crawling up and laying down with her face turned sideways on the pillow. Her arms were down by her sides and legs together. I gently flicked the towel into the air and let it land over her back, covering her from the middle of her back down to mid-thigh. I suggested she fold her hands under the pillow under her head, as that would provide more support to the upper body and be more comfortable. One arm at a time, she did so until, taking a deep breath, she settled in looking a bit nervous.

I reached back to switch on a table lamp and turn off the overhead lights, then lifted off my t-shirt and tossed it onto the floor. I was seriously worked up at this point and beginning to sweat, needing to keep my cool.

Moving to the bottom of the bed, I lightly began stroking my fingertips from her ankles to her thighs, back and forth, almost tickling. She jerked and fidgeted slightly from the unexpected contact, then with a small sigh began to relax and enjoy the moment.

I leaned over from beside the bed to gently kiss and lick the backs of her knees, surprising her enough to elicit a small “Ooh!” from her. While doing so, my fingers traced lines down to the soles of her feet, drawing circles along the sides and bottom of each foot. Her feet flinched with the new feelings she was experiencing, and her legs relaxed a bit and separated at the thighs somewhat. Small moans began escaping her lips, as she closed her eyes and began enjoying the attention I was giving her.

Minutes passed slowly as I bent her leg at the knee to lift one foot to caress it, then the other, then back and forth repeatedly, before I finally placed my lips over her big toe and began to run my tongue around it.

“Oh, oh my god!” she exclaimed, her whole body jumping on the bed. These feelings were obviously new to her and she was enjoying them immensely. I sucked on each toe in turn, flicking my tongue around it and biting the pads gently, with Irene writhing on the bed and moaning almost non-stop. I switched feet and began the process all over again, as she rocked back and forth, hugging the pillow and alternately moaning and gasping.

I shifted my attention to each of her smaller toes, taking them in one at a time to lick, nibble, and caress. She was obviously getting more and more turned on, twisting and turning on the bed and making an increasing amount of moans and squeals of delight.

I moved along the bottom of her feet, allowing my teeth to graze the tougher skin on the bottoms, making little bites and licking the softer portions, with Irene now wantonly squirming around on my bed, her legs open wide and the folds of her shaved sex glistening in the dim light. Her scent became pronounced as she got more and more excited. Eventually she rolled completely over, the towel forgotten, her legs spread wide and her hands occasionally pinching her nipples or sliding down along her slit.

I continued to caress her legs as I took no mercy on her tender soles and toes. She couldn’t get enough as I licked, bit and sucked on every part of her feet. She continued to emit little squeals of pleasure, both hands pinching and pulling her nipples, as her legs tensed up and her body arched upwards. I swung around and around to follow the foot I was working on as her legs writhed back and forth. Finally, she let out a long, low growl and held the arch, her body shaking as she obviously came, the gushing from her pussy noticeable and glistening along the insides of her thighs.

I gently let go of her foot, and helped her stretch out on the bed again, her breathing heavy and her eyes closed. I lay beside her and stoked my fingertips lightly along her contours from thigh over hip and breast to shoulders, back and forth, while she regained her senses.

After some time, she looked over to me and leaned in for a brief kiss on the lips before backing away just slightly, looking deep into my eyes, and asking me to fuck her in the ass.

Now, my experiences with women may be limited and mostly much in my past, but I’ve got over thirty years practice in this particular field and won’t hesitate to put it to use. I pulled off my shorts and positioned myself between her spread out legs, leaning in to begin long, slow licks from her asshole to her clit.

Irene once again shuddered and shrieked out a little “Ooh!” as I settled into my task with all the enthusiasm of a teenage boy. I licked deep and shallow, long and short, along the sides and into the depths. I drew circles with my tongue around her prominent clit at the top, then worked my way downward until, holding her thighs up with my hands, I zeroed in on her little button. Making my tongue rigid, I pressed it into her little starfish until it gave way, then sucked on her with my mouth and retraced my tongue along the outline, around and around.

Pulling a heavy pillow under her backside, I kept rimming her ass while working my fingers along the folds of her pussy and playing with her clit. By now she was a dripping mess, her head flipped back and eyes closed, mouth open and her tongue hanging out slightly, moaning and screaming at the sensations. Her ass drenched in saliva and pussy juice, I inserted the tip of one finger, drawing out a brief yelp and moan from her, her body writhing and twisting. Moving up to work my tongue on her clit, I gradually increased pressure until my finger was inside her ass as far as it would go, twisting it and pulling/pushing in time with my attack on her pussy.

Drooling more saliva into her hole, I began working a second finger up inside her, stretching the sides of her asshole while tapping on her clit with my other hand and licking along her folds with my tongue. Once two fingers were sliding easily, I gently started probing with a third. It didn’t take long until all three fingers were going in and out of her to their lengths with her pussy juices flowing freely.

At this point I judged she was ready. Her head swinging back and forth, eyes closed and seemingly in a sexual frenzy from the unaccustomed feelings she was experiencing, I leaned back and took my own absolutely rigid and dripping cock into my other hand. Placing the tip between inside my three fingers going in and out of her ass, I pulled the fingers out as I pushed my cock in, replacing three with one and suddenly being inside her.

She noticed the difference immediately and gasped loudly, her eyes wide open now and looking up at me as I lifted her legs upward and slowly slid the full length of my cock as deep as I could go. As she felt my balls up against her ass, I stopped and looked down into her eyes. She smiled up at me and gave a little nod, so I began sliding out and in using long, slow strokes, loosening her muscle and building friction.

As my speed increased, her eyes closed again and her hands once again went to her nipples, squeezing, pinching, pulling. Her resistance totally gone, I released her legs and leaned down over her, sliding my hands under her shoulders to pull her onto my cock and push hard up against her at the end of each stoke. Nibbling on one ear and pulling her whole body onto my cock, I began hammering her poor little asshole.

And I was done! An hour or more of flirting and teasing culminated in my cock spewing forth every drop of cum I was capable of producing, and I’d been on the road and saving up for more than a week! I groaned as my balls clenched up and drove the cum deep into her ass, triggering another explosive orgasm in her at the same time. Her nails raked my back, her legs locking around my hips, and her ass gripping my cock with a powerful grasp and holding it deep inside her as she exhaled a long fading moan.

I collapsed on top of her, in no way sexy or gentle any longer, now just an old man covered in sweat and vaginal fluids. Eventually rolling off to the side and pulling out, I kept gasping to catch my breath, my wilted cock red and sore looking. Once breathing regularly, I looked over at Irene to gauge her reaction, only to find her watching me and smiling. She turned over to me, kissed me deeply, and laid her head on my chest while running her fingers along my belly and cock, as we slowly cooled down.

I got her back to her tent safely, though I didn’t get nearly as much sleep as I’d hoped for that night. I have her e-mail address we’re looking forward to my next visit to the Orlando area to get together again..

Not too shabby for an old queer, I guess.

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