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One Night on the Space Coast - Part 2

A gay man meets two women while camping in Florida.
After returning to my RV and cleaning myself and the bedroom, I was just getting a glass of water when there was another knock at the door. Way too late for anyone to be socializing, I figured it must be Irene who might have forgotten something in the RV. Opening the door, though, I found Christa instead.

“I saw the lights on and thought I’d take the chance that you were still up,” she said. “Irene just came back from the showers or someplace and woke me up, and I wasn’t able to get back to sleep thinking over our talk earlier.”

“Come on in, then,” I told her while opening the door further. “Is this something I’ll need the rum for?” I asked, getting a giggle in return. I reminded myself that this girl is only just 21, less than half my age.

I made drinks, though weaker than those we had earlier that evening, and we settled onto the sofa together before I asked her what she’d like to talk about.

“You’re gay, but you still have sex with women, right?” she asked.

“Well, technically, I suppose I’m bisexual, though I don’t refer myself as such. But other than my husband and the occasional young guy who comes my way, I mostly have sex with only ONE woman,” I told her. Notice the modifier “mostly” carefully placed there after recent events! “I’m getting up there in years and don’t feel the need to chase after sex as I once did, and particularly don’t care for all the work it takes to find a woman and get her into my bed.”

Mind you, I had to look away from her eyes and scratch the dog’s head a bit during that comment, seeing as I’d just had incredible sex with her best friend. I’m not sure if I blushed, given all the rum I’d had that night already, but the visuals in my head rushed a bit of blood to another area.

“But you still enjoy sex with her, right?” she asked, taking a gulp of her drink.

“Certainly, and she appears to enjoy it with me, but we have a history with each other going back quite a long ways and know what each other likes. There’s also a strong emotional bond between us, kind of like with best friends.”

After another sip of her drink and looking everywhere but at me, she asked in a quiet voice, “Would you have sex with me?”

Okay, I hadn’t seen that coming. I thought she was just being inquisitive about some of the things we’d talked about earlier and perhaps had some embarrassing questions, but this reeled me back into the sofa a bit.

“Um, I’m not really sure where that’s coming from,” I replied, rather weakly avoiding the question. “You undoubtedly have better opportunities with younger men, right?”

“No, not at all!” she shot back. “I’ve had a few guys try, but after some awful groping and pushing, I back out and run away! I get too nervous with the men I might have a chance at something long-term with, and have no trust at all for the ones I don’t see any future with.”

“But surely you’ve gone all the way with a man, right?” I asked, starting to form a question in my head I hadn’t asked a woman in decades. “You kept up with our stories quite well earlier.”

Now definitely blushing, she looked at her feet and said “The Internet is a great research tool, but not terribly satisfying in the end.”

“You’re still a virgin?” I asked slowly.

“No, no... not a virgin, I just haven’t gone all the way with a man,” she replied.

I sat back and sipped my own drink, trying to figure that out while watching her. She’s a sexy girl, a bit tall for my taste, but nicely curvy without being heavy. She’d shown me pretty much everything earlier in the evening with Irene there, as we checked out the extensive tattoo that began at her shoulder before curving down over one breast, her side, and her hip, before moving down along one thigh.

“I took care of the virginity thing myself, years ago,” she finally continued. “But I’ve never had a man get anything but a finger or two inside me.” She slowly looked up at me, took another drink, and went on to tell me how much she desperately wanted to have her first real time with a man, but couldn’t get over her revulsion or nervousness with the guys she’d been with.

I sat there, sipping my drink, as Christa told me stories of boys in high school assuming they’d get what they wanted by just jamming their hands down into her pants, then young men squeezing her tits roughly while grinding their hardons against her, all before even getting undressed. She had definitely had some poor experiences with the opposite sex, and I jokingly suggested she might be better off with women instead.

“Tried that, too, but still chickened out,” she said. “Had a girl come on to me at a party once and we went home together, but she was as bad as the men, all pushy and grabby.”

By this time, I figured she was about to start crying, the result of too much rum and the embarrassment of telling her story. I set our drinks down on the table, swung her sideways on the sofa, and leaned her back onto my chest before wrapping my arms around her and just giving her a big hug.

Sure enough, out came one large sob, followed by heaving breaths and tears as she let go of the emotional baggage she had been collecting for years. I held her close and whispered softly into her ear to let it go.

Once the wailing had stopped, I loosened up a bit and freed up one hand to stroke her hair. Nothing needed to be said as she twisted toward the back of the sofa and laid the side of her head on my chest, wiping her eyes and still sniffling just a bit. Reaching back over my shoulder, I pulled some tissues from the box and handed them to her to clean up the tears.

She dried up a bit and held the wadded tissues in her hand over her chest. I reached around with my right hand to take them from her when she grabbed my hand in hers, and placed my palm directly onto her breast. She wouldn’t look at me, but held her breath to see what I’d do next.

So there I was with a warm puddle of a woman quietly sobbing in my lap, frustrated and horny beyond all description, and needing a gay man to help her experience her sexuality. I began running my fingertips over the tip of her breast, circling around the nipple slowly, around and around, watching it slowly enlarge through her t-shirt as her emotions caught up to the feelings.

My other hand was caught between her torso and the back of the sofa, but I managed to free it up enough to reach under her shirt and caress her belly and lower rib cage softly. Christa sighed softly with her eyes closed and stretched out her legs slowly, her whole body relaxing just a bit.

I looked down at this poor girl of an age when she could have been my own daughter, then leaned in to place a light kiss upon her forehead. She opened her eyes, looked up at me, and whispered “Please, teach me.”

Closing her eyes again, she stretched her neck up slightly towards my face, and I leaned in to place a gentle kiss upon her lips. She quickly pressed her lips against mine with more force, eventually reaching up around my own neck with both arms to pull me in tighter. There’s obviously a whole lot of repressed passion in this woman!

While engaged in a session of necking worthy of two teenagers, Christa twisted further around and presented me with both heaving breasts, which I began teasing with little pulls and gentle circling motions. It wasn’t long before we were both out of breath and definitely getting warmer in all senses of the word.

At the point where we became unstable in our position on the small sofa and about to roll onto the floor, I helped her to stand and began lifting her shirt up and over her head. She stood there in a dainty, racy little bra, her breasts covered with a light sheen of sweat as she rapidly gulped shallow breaths, her nervousness coming to the fore again.

Coming in close to kiss her on the lips again, I grazed along her cheek and down her neck to the soft skin along the tops of her breasts, licking and kissing their surfaces while running my hands over her back and along her sides. I could feel her body reacting as she was tickled in some places or teased in others. Bringing my hands to the center of her back, I used a skill I hadn’t needed in decades, quickly twisting the hooks on her bra strap to unhitch and then remove the bra, dropping it to the floor unceremoniously.

Looking directly into her eyes from just a short distance away, I let my hands wander up and down along her sides, moving inward along the sides of her breasts to eventually cup them and tease the nipples. She gasped and held her breath, her eyes closing and her head tilting backward slightly as she pushed them further into my grasp.

I stepped back and gazed upon her young body, still firm and delicate, with that wonderful tattoo coloring one breast and that side of her body. Leaning in, I tasted her sweat with the tip of my tongue, then closed my lips over her nipple and began licking it in little circles.

She stood there, eyes closed and arms by her side, now completely trusting me to do with her as I wished. I spent a long time tasting, licking, nibbling, and sucking on her body, moving around and around her as I did so. She stayed in position, making little moans of pleasure and occasional gasps when the feelings got too intense.

Eventually, having gone around to her back and placing little licks and kisses along her spine, I began moving further downward. I kneeled down behind her and gently placed my hands on the waistband of her shorts and panties on either hip.

“Oh!” she slipped out, quickly placing her hands over mine. I continued to trace my tongue along the skin at the top of her shorts, moving from one hip to the other, as I waiting for her to signal her acceptance. “Yesssssss,” she hissed out in a whisper, slowing relaxing her hands and dropping them once again to her sides.

I pulled one side of her shorts downward just a bit, then began to lick the exposed skin there before pulling down the opposite side and repeating the process. I kept doing this, slowly bringing the shorts downward, side by side, until they had bunched up below the curve of her backside. Still behind her, I started long licks up and down along the crack of her ass, each time moving inward with more force until, with a long sigh, she relaxed her legs and moved them apart slightly, allowing her shorts and panties to drop to the floor.

Grazing my fingers up and down along the full length of her legs while my tongue was darting ever closer to her asshole, I gently lifted each foot, removing the last of her clothing. I looked upward and could see her back expanding and contracting as she took deep breaths, her hands clenching and unclenching sporadically, her head still thrown back.

Standing, I gently pushed her forward a couple of steps to the sofa, then pressed downward and forward on her shoulders until she was bent over the cushions, her head laying on her hands on a large pillow there.

I went down on one knee again, and carefully spread her legs apart further until I had the room I needed to finally press my face fully into her ass. If a gay man my age knows anything, it’s how to treat an asshole properly, so I began assaulting it with my tongue and fingers using everything my almost forty years of sexual experience had taught me.

With the intensity building, her moans became louder and more forceful. As evident as it was that she had never been treated to a world-class rimming before, it was equally obvious that she was incredibly sensitive back there as she began thrashing around, her ass swaying to and fro with the feelings as she ground her pussy into the edge of the sofa.

Her legs were quivering from the tension and excitement and I could smell her vaginal fluids as they began running down her legs to the floor, and still I kept concentrating on molesting her ass with my hands and rimming that little hole at the center until it was winking back at me. She slowly collapsed downward until coming to rest on her knees, with me following her all the way down and keeping up my work on her ass.

Suddenly, right at the point my tongue was deep inside her, she came in a gush, her body arching forward to press her clit against the sofa and her ass muscles clenching my tongue in a vice-like grip. A long groan emitted from deep down in her throat as the feelings reached their peak, a series of spasms gripping her entire body. My tongue was all but locked in place as I gripped her cheeks with both hands to hold myself in position and follow her movements.

Eventually, her contractions stopped and she began to relax, her upper body collapsing onto the pillow and her ass relaxing enough for me to pull my tongue out. Her body kept flopping downward onto the carpet until she unceremoniously fell completely onto the floor. I leaned forward to lift her head up and turn it towards me, intending to kiss her and help her up when she opened her eyes and asked if I would fuck her in the ass now.

“Well, that’s quite a step for your first time, isn’t it?” I asked.

“Irene thought that ass fucking would be an incredible experience when we talked about it in the tent earlier,” she replied. “I could tell she was getting turned on just thinking about it.” Ah, little girl, if you only knew, I remembered thinking.

“I’m sure it can be, but your first time experiencing a cock inside you should be a little more as nature intended, don’t you think?”

She looked deep into my eyes and just said “Oh, god, I hope so!”

I helped the girl to stand and together walked up into my bedroom in the RV. Hard to believe that my second new experience with a woman was going to be so soon after the first! I would certainly have some hot stories to tell my old flame of many years when next we met.

Laying her on the thankfully fresh sheets, I looked all along her body while quickly shedding my own clothes, then leaned in to give long, slow licks along the tops of each foot from the toes to her ankles. She closed her eyes again, giving full attention to the feelings I was generating in her body as her hands settled onto her breasts, gently pinching both nipples.

I continued licking my way up her legs, with my fingers tracing long lines along her muscle groups upward, generally moving closer and closer to her pussy, now drenched and spread open before me. My viewing of her tattoo earlier that evening had been from the side, so only now was I noticing how smooth and clean her pussy was.

Gently pushing her legs open wider, I brought my face up close to her and blew soft drafts of air over her slit, causing her to twitch and twist slightly.

With a quick, tentative lick, I finally touched one of her lips, just grazing it slightly and soliciting from her a tiny squeal. A few puffs of air later, I placed my lips against the other lip and kissed it, sucking it between my lips and running my tongue along its edge.

I kept up the teasing, moving around her pussy and the insides of her thighs, blowing here, kissing there, licking everything I could touch, until she was gaping open and her hips were twisting back and forth trying to deal with the sensations.

At this point, I moved upward along the front of her body until my face was even with hers and my cock lay parallel along her pussy lips and generously coated in her juices.

“I need to know that you really want this,” I whispered into her ear. “I won’t go any further until I know it for sure.”

She brought her hands up to both sides of my head and pulled my lips to hers, kissing me deeply and forcefully, before backing off and looking right into my soul to say “Yes, oh god, yes! Please do it now!”

Lifting my hips slightly to get the right angle, I slid just the head of my cock in between the walls of her vagina, feeling her raising her own hips to encourage me to go further. I’m no porn star with a cock of legendary proportions, but it’s got a nice upward curve that’s served me well with both men and women, and a distinctive cut head with a large ridge that gets noticed as it slides into my partners. As her lips closed past the head to constrict around the shaft, her mouth formed a round shape and she hissed out a long, sighing breath.

Slowly penetrating her to the extent of my manhood, the lack of a hymen making it easy going, I held myself deep inside and began kissing her again before leaning in to her ear and whispering softly “That’s it, Christa. You’re a woman now.”

Her arms flew around my back and began to pull me inwards at the same time her ass raised up to ensure I wasn’t going anywhere but as deep as possible into this woman. I was locked in place, listening to her little sobs of joy as she experienced a real cock inside her for the first time.

It was a while before she relaxed her grip on me enough that I could pull out a bit and begin the back-and-forth motion called for. I began to kiss and caress her breasts and face and my movements became quicker, with Christa lolling her head from side to side and gasping out in pleasure. God, but the passion inside this young woman was incredible!

Eventually, I slowed to a stop deep inside her and pulled my knees up outside her hips, forcing her own legs into the air and back towards her chest. Reaching my arms around her shoulders, I raised up into a sitting position and pulled her up with me until I could tip over backwards. And just like that she was in a kneeling position, sitting on my cock, and with a look of surprise on her face at how easily that was accomplished.

Looking up at her I told her to move back and forth, up and down, and along my cock, to find the position that would best put pressure from the head of my cock onto the forward wall of her pussy, while grinding her clit into my own mound.

She looked a bit lost at first, but began moving and sampling slightly different positions until she caught on, then began fucking me in earnest. With her hands on my chest, she ground back and forth to put my cock where it felt best, gaining speed and intensity until she began crying out in something between a shriek and a moan, once again gushing fluids over my cock and clenching her muscles around my shaft. She froze into place with my cock inside, feeling her muscles gripping the shaft with an incredible intensity.

As her spasms passed, she collapsed onto me, her head coming to rest beside my ear where I could hear her crying softly with the emotional release of it all. Fully charged up myself by now, I gripped her ass with both hands and pushed myself upwards deep into her still tight and clenching pussy several times until I found my own release, making an undignified guttural moan of my own as I forcefully shot my cum deep within this pretty, young woman for the first time.

We laid there for some time, our breathing slowly returning to normal and our bodies stuck together by drying sweat and cum. I stoked her hair with one hand, and grazed the fingers of the other along her thigh, backside and back as far as I could reach. I was about to think she had fallen asleep when she leaned back a bit and looked into my eyes. Nothing was said, but her smile told me that she felt good about what had happened and would have no regrets.

We disengaged and I invited her to shower in the RV, cleaning her gently and thoroughly before walking her back to her tent and gently kissing her on the cheek to say goodnight.

“You’ll be all right now,” I told her. “You’re a beautiful woman with much to give for a man that deserves you. You’ll find that man, I’m sure of it.”

She turned to her tent and I remained standing there for a bit, staring at the tent and slightly baffled by the way this night had gone. Turning back to the roadway, I was startled by the appearance of a young man sitting on a stump just across the road, shirtless in shorts and sandals and holding a can of beer in his hands.

“Well, you’ve had a very busy night, haven’t you?” he stated.

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