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Our First Party

We decided to try an adult only party, and left our inhibitions at home!
We had been looking online for a bisexual guy for a threesome. We’d tried a couple of times but it really hadn't worked out well. One evening we got an email from a woman inviting us to join an internet sex group. We were intrigued! As we sent notes back and forth we found it was a group of people who met, usually monthly, for an adults only party. We decided to try it out and made plans to attend the next party in February.

We arrived at the party and nervously made introductions around the living room and kitchen table. There were bedrooms off the living room, a furnished party room in the basement with another bed separated by a curtain and best of all, a hot tub in the back yard!

While most weren't going to brave the cold, Rhea and I looked at each other and both smiled. Naked in a hot tub? God YES! We undressed in the bathroom, wrapped ourselves in towels and headed out the back door.

No sooner were we in the water than we were joined by another couple, Terri and Jay, and a single guy named Scott. Rhea sat between the two men and things started getting sexual quickly. Rhea has always attracted men and her curvaceous body naked in that hot water with her full pale breasts floating up in front of her was like honey to bees. I watched her reach each hand under the water to grasp both cocks while Scott’s hands massaged her breasts.

Terri’s feet were following my legs up to my crotch and she was smiling at me. I moved closer and began stroking her pussy beneath the water. She lowered her head to my cock, still underwater, and started sucking me. I stood up into the winter air to let her breathe.

The water cooled quickly on my body as I stood in the cold air. While Terri sucked me, I looked over at her husband Jay. Jay was paying no attention at all to us but was instead fondling Rhea’s breasts. Scott had pulled her onto his lap and was bouncing her up and down on his cock. Jay’s hands steadied her bouncing breasts and played with her cold air hardened nipples.

The water was freezing on me and I could take no more. I sank back into the warmth, settling between Terri’s legs. I looked up into her eyes, reached my arms under her legs and lifted them onto my shoulders. She leaned back, thrusting her hips forward and bringing her shaved pussy right in front of my face.

No woman ever had to ask me twice! I dove into her and began tonguing the sweet slit before me. I licked and sucked but then stopped to let Terri warm her body in the water. Again I lifted her hips and continued.

Behind me, I could tell Scott and Rhea were getting out and heading inside. I think everyone had realized by now it was just too cold outside for such activities. We all grabbed towels and headed inside.

When we got inside, Scott and Rhea were gone. Someone said they’d gone downstairs.

I decided to go get dressed, at least sort of dressed. I went and slipped on some black satin pants and met Rhea as I returned to the kitchen.

She and Scott had gone to the bed downstairs. After the taste of her in the hot tub, he had taken her inside to have the rest. He led her to the bed, closed the curtain and fucked her hard and hot! She was on her way to the bathroom to clean up. After unloading into her, his cum was starting to drip out of her and down her leg.

I thought a minute while she was in the bathroom. There was an empty bedroom across from the bathroom. I smiled to myself and waited outside the door.

When Rhea opened the door, I took her hand and led her across the hall to the bedroom. She sat down on the bed. I spread open her legs and knelt between them. The house rules were that a closed door meant privacy, an open door meant anyone could watch or even join in. I left the door open! I wanted anyone … everyone … to see the two of us.

“Are you sure?” she asked as I moved towards her pussy. “I might still taste of cum.”

“I know,” I smiled. “It won’t be the first time I've tasted a man’s cum.”

She laughed a little and I settled into her fragrant pussy and began slowly pushing my tongue against the wet insides of her labia. She began to moan until a presence behind us distracted us. Scott had joined us, closing the door behind him.

“Do you mind?” He was already undressed, holding his semi rigid cock in his hand. It was about eight inches but thicker than mine. I sat up and reached for it.

“Do you mind?” I asked. “I would love to suck that.”

“I love my cock sucked,” Scott replied.

Rhea and I looked at each other. Wasn't this why we came?

Scott got onto the bed and fed me his beautiful cock. Rhea turned towards him, watching me suck this cock, this cock that had just creamed her pussy. She fondled his balls while he reached one hand to her breast and another to finger her wet pussy.

We all moved further onto the bed, changing positions and trading partners. Scott lay down and he and I 69’d, Rhea sucked him while I went down on her, whatever combinations we could come up with, we tried with complete abandon.

Finally, Scott lay on his back with Rhea between his legs. As she bent to take his cock in her mouth once more, I moved behind her shapely rear and spread her legs. She bent her waist to thrust her ass up and expose wet, swollen pussy lips. My cock was rock hard and slid in with ease. In one thrust I was in her, holding her hips to get every inch into her. God I loved her hot slick pussy. I thrust again and she met me with her own. I began slamming my cock hard and fast into that sweet wetness. Our hips slapped together as we came together hard.

Rhea was trying to maintain her grasp on Scott’s cock as I slammed my cock into her but each thrust pushed her mouth past its mark so all she could do is lick the head and hold the base with one hand. I watched her trying to suck this stranger’s cock, watched her large breasts rubbing against his thighs and balls. It was too much. She could tell I was near cumming.

“Come on, Baby! Give it all to me!” she cried out as I started to stiffen. Letting go of Scott she pushed her ass into my last thrusts and I screamed as I emptied every drop into her.

“Oh God Rhea! I love to fill you up!” I finally gasped when my lungs could finally get enough air. “You are hot beyond compare!”

As I recovered, Scott pulled Rhea forward. She knew what he wanted … again. She straddled his hips and reached for his cock. I watched from behind as her shapely round ass hovered over his hard thick cock. I could see her hand on his shaft and her pussy wet and dripping my cum and then watched that hard thick meat slip easily into her.

She placed her hands on Scott’s chest and began moving up and down. He held one of her breasts in each hand as she moved faster and faster. From behind her I watched his cock plunge in and out of her, disappearing deep within her and then reemerging as she rose up again. His shaft glistened with her juices and I could see trails of white cum down its length each time it slid out of her. I knew this was the position she loved. It was the easiest for her to orgasm. I could tell Scott was getting near too.

I reached my hand between her legs and cupped Scott’s balls. He was very close. I massaged and fondled his balls and could feel them tighten. Rhea began to buck and scream as the waves of pleasure took her. She cried out, throwing her hair back and forth and grinding herself into the hard cock impaling her.

Scott was not going to stop, though. His orgasm was so close. She collapsed onto his chest, her butt still high over him. He grasped her hips and continued to thrust into her. Weak from her orgasm, Rhea lay on top of Scott and received his thrusting hips. A minute later I felt his balls tighten and he let out a muffled cry. His pelvis pounded his cock into Rhea to shoot another load into her.

After he emptied himself, he let go of her and Rhea rolled over onto the bed, sweating and exhausted.

I looked at Scott’s cock. It was quickly softening and covered with cum, both mine and his. I moved up next to him and with Rhea watching, loving licked the cream from him. When I finished, she lifted herself up and we leaned over Scott and kissed a deep cum flavored kiss.

We got up and began to dress. We walked out into the living room with all eyes upon us. Closed door or not, we had every envious eye on us. We just smiled at each other!

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