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Paint a Picture of Dominance

A man goes above and beyond to please his wife.
Painting a Picture of Dominance

By :Blmorticia

“I’m missing you honey. I can’t wait to get back and make love to you.”

“I know, baby, but it’s only been one night.”

“Yeah, one lonely night,” he said.

Distracted, I looked at our wedding photo on my desk. Here I was, at home because I had a deadline to meet while he was enjoying a trip to England to visit family.

As I listened to my loving husband and slave on the other end, I chuckled, “You’ll be back in our bed before you know it, besides I have so much writing to do. When you’re here I can’t get anything done.”

“You do when I’m knocked out after sex…”

“That’s very true hon, listen I really have to go. I’m in the middle of this story. I’ll call you after ten, ok?”

“Okay, sweetheart, I love you.”

“I love you too, babe. Bye.” I returned the phone to the cradle.

“Bye my love.”

After William smooched me through the phone, he hung up.

Still sitting there, I stared at the words on the screen.

“Damn it, Will, you’ve done it again.” Since I saw no point to making myself suffer from boredom, I decided to get up and talk a walk.

Once I left out my front door, my eyes squinted.

‘I thought it was supposed to be cloudy and cool today.’

Instead, I broke out in a sweat with no breeze to cool me off. When I went down the steps, I noticed a flyer was under the wiper of my car.


Intrigued, I grabbed and shoved it in my pocket. “I deserve a break, besides I need an excuse to buy a new painting.”

When I got downtown, traffic was a mess due to the crowds of people walking towards State Street. I thought the parking lot was full but just as I was about to turn around, the attendant approached my car. After I handed him my keys, I proceeded to the fair.

When I arrived, people gathered around a beautiful painting of a black woman with child. “Beauty at its Finest” was on the tag attached to the mat.

Still looking at the picture, I was startled by a voice. I turned around to the sound of a man with an African accent. “It is a beautiful painting is it not? For you my queen, I will sell for only one hundred fifty dollars.”

“Are you the artist,” I said, as I smiled and shook my head

The man hesitated, gulped hard, and just as he was about to speak…

“I’m the artist my lady.” I heard a smooth voice behind me. I shivered as a warm hand softly touched my shoulder.

Slowly, I turned around and peered into the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen.

Mesmerized, I could not stop looking at this gorgeous specimen before me. Dazed, I could hear the other man walk away. As I undressed him with my eyes, I struggled for words while extending my hand.

“You’re very talented,” I said as my cheeks flushed.

“Thank you. My name is Matt Delaney.” Lightly, he shook it. Seemingly, as he touched my fingers, he searched for my wedding ring. When he found it, he sighed and let go. “Why is it all the lovely women are married? What’s your name, gorgeous?”

Flirting, I batted my eyes holding on to his hand a little longer. At that moment, I felt the warmth between my thighs. “LaDonna, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Confidently, I decided to make a comment he would not expect. “You have very pretty eyes, Matt.”

Returning the gesture, he chuckled. “Thanks. I appreciate that coming from someone as beautiful as you are. I was on my way to get a coffee, can I get you some?”

“Thanks, I don’t drink coffee, but if you don’t mind I’d love some cranberry juice.” Due to the heat from Matt and the temperature, the sweat formed on my back and cleavage.

“Juice it is, pretty lady. Have a seat till I get back.” He pulled up a chair for me to sit in. When I sat down, he left his hands on the back of the chair to touch my back. That moment I felt my nipples harden. “I’ll be back in a few.”

Just as I was settling in, the African man made his way back over here. As he knelt down in front of me, I leaned back.

“Matt will paint your portrait,” he said with a smile.

“Umm no, he just went to grab some coffee.”

“You would be gorgeous on canvas. Matt is a terrific artist. He loves to paint Nubian queens and he seems to capture them better than anyone I know.” The man patted my knee and nodded.

“Well thanks for that information, I’ll think about it,” I responded while moving the curls from my face.

Just as he opened his mouth to speak again, Matt returned with the refreshments.

“Damn, Sengi, must you always try to steal the women from me,” he said jokingly.

While getting up, he responded snidely, “I only talk to queens, Matt. This one deserves an African king, not a white peasant.”

Matt’s hand brushed mine as he gave me the cold bottle of cranberry juice. I nodded and peered into those lovely blues again.

Annoyed, he snapped, “Please don’t start with that black and white bullshit, Sengi,” Matt said. “I have this beautiful woman sitting here and I’m going to talk to her whether you like it or not. Besides, Queen Ladonna is married.”

I did not like the smile that appeared on Sengi’s face as he looked at me. “I’m married to a white peasant,” I said with a smirk.

When I took a sip of my juice, I glared at him. Angry, Sengi frowned walking away.

Amused, Matt chuckled, pulled a chair directly in front of me, and sat down. When he put his cup on the table, he angled closer to meet my gaze. The humidity rose as he took off his long sleeve shirt, revealing a lean, hard body under a black wife beater. Covered with tattoos were his arms from his shoulders to his wrists. Knowing that he had my undivided attention, he shook his hair out the ponytail letting it fall over his muscles.

Aroused, I sipped again putting my bottle down. I touched my wedding ring to remind me of my wedding vows. I promised Will I would not get into any “adventures” while he was away.

“So, Ladonna, what brought you to the art fair today?” he said after taking another drink of his java.

Still fixated on him, I said, “I saw a flyer on my car and decided to come down to look at some works of art. Obviously, I found what I was searching for.”

I winked, grabbing my juice again.

As he nodded in approval, he took another sip. “I’m glad you did, only I wish I was the white peasant. Your husband is a very lucky man.”

Again, we exchanged smiles and laughter.

“And since you’re sitting in my chair, I must paint your picture,” he said while using his fingers to “frame” me. “God, LaDonna, I’m not sure I can paint a picture as pretty as you are.”

Accepting his comment, I crossed my legs while tousling my hair. I really do not have time to allow Matt to paint my portrait but I am so attracted to him I do not want to leave. Even though the novel awaits my return, my curiosity is getting the best of me. Mesmerized, all I could do was nod my head yes as I adjusted myself in the chair.

“I need to study your features so it turns out perfect,” he said while undressing me with his eyes and licking his lips.

Reasoning with myself, I thought the picture would make a nice gift for Will. Furthermore, it would give me an excuse to stay here and let him stare at me.

Matt walked to his paint cart, bringing it closer to the chair. People assembled around us to watch. During an erotic moment, I love an audience and for right now this might be the most erotic moment I will have with Matt.

Caught up in it, I unbuttoned two buttons on my blouse. As I sat up a little more, I crossed my legs. I knew the skirt I wore would reveal the curves in my thighs. To tempt him more I loosened the bun in my hair.

“Oh baby,” he said as he began to sketch

I smiled while letting my eyes roam from his face to the front of his jeans. At that time, I noticed his dick straining against the fabric. Interested, I licked my lips while my gaze met his. Seemingly, he knew I saw his stiff one and I blushed at the exchange.

As Matt began his work, I heard whispers and gasps from the crowd. Sitting there, I pictured him in bed, naked, lying down on his stomach. My eyes wandered as I glanced at his lovely backside.

Drops of sweat collected on his back as I lightly outlined his thighs with my fingertips. When I climbed on top of him, I kissed his biceps running my fingers through his hair.

Stimulated, he turned a little and I slid off. When his lips invited me to kiss them, I obliged.

With one hand, he untied my negligee and the other toyed with my nipples. I rose up a little so he could take one into his mouth. The folds of my pussy were moist; I did not want to wait any longer.

“Oh Matt…Yes…” I moaned.

“Ladonna, Ladonna, can you unbutton one more?” Bringing me out of my haze was his voice.

“Sure Matt.” My dream had been so real I still felt his mouth on my chest. I sighed wishing I could kiss him now just to fulfill one tiny piece of my desire.

When Sengi came back, I calmed down a little. As he stood behind Matthew, he nodded his head in approval.

“I knew she couldn’t resist you Matt. You are indeed a fine artist,” he said.

“Does this mean I’m no longer a peasant?” Matt asked as he continued drawing.

“You are still a peasant. I’m glad she’s married so you cannot run your tricks on her,” he growled.

“I don’t know, Sengi; I got her in my chair. Once that happens they usually want to sleep with me,” he said confidently.

“But she’s married,” he snapped.

“So! If she were really into her marriage, she would not be trying to tempt me right now. I mean look at her. She unbuttoned her blouse, crossed her legs just so I can see those lovely chocolate thighs, that I’d like to get in between…I can’t lose,” Matt retorted.

“I’m almost finished, baby,” I heard him say.

Hearing their back and forth, I started feeling a tad guilty about leading Matt on. Not to mention, I was disappointed because it meant I would have to leave him. However, I really needed to get back home so I could meet that deadline.

Suddenly, I heard oohs and aahs then applause.

”I’m done babe, why don’t you come look at it?” He smiled and held his arm out.

Nervousness set in as I slowly rose from my chair to look at the picture. Amazed at the detail I saw he got the mole that sits on my chin as well as the one that is set low in between my breasts.

“It looks exactly like me,” sounding breathless.

People approached Matt asking how he would want for it. “This sketch is not for sale, however, I have others. Sengi will be happy to show you around.”

Right then, he put his hands around my waist while kissing my forehead. As I looked into his eyes, I rewarded him by pecking him softly on the lips. Without hesitation, he pulled me closer, engulfing my mouth, forcing his tongue inside.

Immediately, the moisture amassed between my thighs as I cupped his butt with my palms. I know I promised Will I wouldn’t get into anything while he was gone, but I couldn’t help myself; I had to satisfy my need for Matt.

“You have to come with me, are you done here?” I looked intently into his eyes, hoping he knew what I meant.

“I am now,” he whispered.

“Ok, I’ll go get my car. Did you drive down here or shall I pick you up?”

“No a friend gave me a ride. Sengi will take care of everything while I’m gone. Do you want to meet me at the corner over there?

“Ten minutes?” I pulled my keys from my purse.


Since it was hard to tear away from him, I kissed his lips again.

In a rush, I walked back to the parking lot where the attendant waited for me. Soon as I got in my car, I pulled away. When I turned the corner, I parked anticipating Matt to finish his conversation with Sengi.

Remorseful, I picked up my cell phone and dialed Will’s number. At that moment my hands felt balmy, I took a deep breath.

“Shit…” I exhaled softly.

“Hello sweetheart, I knew it wouldn’t be long before you missed me. How’s the story going?”

Listening to his voice, my mouth opened without saying a word. I could not find a way to tell him how irresponsible I really am. As knots formed in my stomach, I heard Matt knocking on my window.

“LaDonna, hello, are you there?”

Regretfully, I put the phone down pushing the button for Matt to get in.

Once he sat in the passenger seat, “I tell ya’ that Sengi cannot let anything go. He is so arrogant it amazes me.”

When I looked at Matt, I also glanced at my wedding ring. Will probably wondered why I did not speak to him.

“I can’t do this, Matt. My husband is away visiting family. I want you so bad but I cannot do it like this. We have an open marriage but, we only do it when were together.”

As his eyes widened, he rubbed his goatee. “You and your husband swing?” he asked.

Taking a deep breath again, “Yes we do. Most of the time he sleeps with someone else and I watch. It’s a beautiful relationship we have but I can’t do this while he’s thousands of miles away.”

Emotion set in as I sat back covering my face with my hands. Suddenly, I felt his peel mine away as he leaned over to kiss my lips. While he stroked my hair, he placed the other between my legs.

“Drive baby, let’s get away from these crowds.” The minute he spoke those words I felt all I could do was obey.

Quickly, I switched the car to drive and pulled off. In the meantime, Matt fingered me right through my panties while licking my earlobes. My phone was blowing up but I did not answer knowing Will was on the other end.

Gritting my teeth, I continued to maneuver the vehicle while Matt continued to pleasure me.


Once we stopped at a light, Matt kissed me again. Slowly, he removed his fingers from the insides of my thighs slurping the juice off the tips. The moment the light turned green, my conscience was at ease.

Upon our arrival, we hurried from the car to my doorstep. Inside the door, Matt took me into his arms immediately unbuttoning my top. He released my breasts from their harness taking one of my nipples between his lips.

Kneeling down in front of me, he lifted my skirt up, pulling down my bikinis. The juices flowed from me as I sensed his tongue tapping my clit.

“Ooh baby,” he whispered.

All sounds disappeared except the ones of him slurping. Forcefully, I grabbed a handful of his hair, yelled out his name, and pulled him up to me. I tasted my wine as I took his tongue into my mouth.

Just as it was in my marriage, I knew the ultimate turn-on for me was to take control. Doing just that, I turned him around pushing him against the wall. The vibration of his back hitting it caused my vase to fall and break.

“Damn, LaDonna…”

Falling to my knees, I unzipped his jeans. The tip of his cock waited for me to taste it. Gagging a bit, I deep throated his dick causing him to writhe uncontrollably.

“Aah, baby… yes, take it all in.”

After slurping all his pre-cum, I reached under his shirt to feel his soft torso. The pleasure showed on his face when I looked up at him. Noticeably out of breath, he pulled my arms up and kissed me deeply.

“Matt, now…”

In a hurry, we ran up the stairs to the guest bedroom. Like a barbarian, he pushed me on the bed snatching my skirt off. I wet my lips as he took off his shirt and jeans throwing them aside. Once he was naked, he collapsed on top of me covering my body with little kisses and nips.

“Oh Matt…God…ahhh!” Again, my fingers found his locks to twist. My breaths turned to pants when his lips met my labia. Close to climaxing, I pushed his head upwards. Confused, he looked up wondering why I stopped him.

“LaDonna, what’s wrong?”

“I need you inside me now, Matt,” I commanded.

A smile appeared on his face the minute I voiced my demand. Instantly, he moved towards his pants retrieving a condom from his wallet.

As soon as he slid it on, he joined me on top of the sheets. That moment, I stretched my arms around his neck while wrapping my legs around his waist.

“Matt…Yessss…” I cooed. The head of his cock pierced that sweet space eliciting gasps from us both. As he positioned himself inside, I moved upwards while clenching my thighs.

“LaDonna damn…” he breathed.

Plunging deeply, he rode me slowly while I rubbed his wet forehead. The drops of sweat that gathered there fell on my cheeks. Desiring him, I dragged him down to envelope his lips with mine. Accepting my kiss, his tongue invaded my mouth.

“Mmm…” he groaned as I dug my fingers into his back.

Feeling the explosion, I pushed myself into him at a faster pace. “Matt, I wanna come…”

“Go on, baby, but I’m gonna try to hold out a little longer. Your pussy feels so good I can’t stop.”

As he thrust into me, I smiled, bracing myself for my own dam to burst. That moment I yelled out feeling the sheets beneath us getting wet with every spurt. Slowly, he continued; I wanted to see him come as well.

“Go faster I want to see you come,” I whispered.

“Not yet baby, I gotta go a little longer,” he breathed.

Amazed, I stared into his lovely blues waiting for him to erupt. His hair was wet, his body hot and sweaty. As I held on to him, the latex expanded inside my cunt.

“Matt, ahhh…” Once he pulled out strands of cum coated my thighs.

“Ooh baby,” he mouthed. He rubbed his shaft on my stomach and leaned down enveloping my lips with his.

As we lay there, my remorse was setting back in. I could not stop thinking about Will and how disappointed he would be when I would tell him about Matt. Will is very understanding and I hope he can forgive me for breaking my promise.

Matt traced the outlines of my face and created a trail down my cleavage.

“LaDonna, why the long face?” he said planting light kisses on my jaw line.

“Matt, I need you to leave. As much as I want you inside me again I need to call my husband.”

“Not yet baby, I need to be inside you just one more time…”

Matt and I made love far into the night before I convinced him to leave. Will expected me to call him at ten my time. I figured the time change could be the excuse as to why I did not phone.

Nervous, I dialed the number and Will answered in a worried tone.

“Ladonna, I’m so happy to hear from you. I thought something was wrong. I almost called the neighbors to look in on you.”

“I’m sorry baby. I didn’t mean to make you worry. I…I have something to tell you.”

Hearing the concern in his voice, “What’s that sweetheart?”

The knots formed as I gulped hard. Again, I was at a loss for words, it was now or never. Tears streamed down my face as I spoke.

“Will, I broke the promise. I met this man at an art fair…I could not resist him. I brought him home to fuck him. I’m sorry baby, I know I was wrong, irresponsible, please forgive me!”

I let the phone rest on my shoulder as I put my face in my hands. Will was silent for a minute then spoke.

“Ladonna, we promised each other that there would be no adventures while I’m gone. This man could not have been that irresistible…” he paused and mumbled something I could not understand.

“Well, I’ll be home in a couple of days anyway. We’ll discuss this when I get back.”

“Will, please understand, I won’t see him again. Please don’t be upset.” The phone got harder to hold, I sniffed so my nose would not start running.

“LaDonna, I love you, always remember that.”

I could tell he was speechless and disappointed in me.

“I...I’ll see you when I get back.”

The sound of the dial tone hit me like a brick. Will had never hung up on me when we talked. As I returned the phone back to the cradle, I fell on the bed. Like a baby, I curled up with the pillow and sobbed uncontrollably. Will’s tone was very disheartening. Furthermore, he did not seem very willing to forgive me for breaking my promise.

“Damn…what have I done?” My thoughts reverted to Will’s concern about having an open marriage.

"LaDonna, if we do this we need to be open and honest with each other. Not only that whomever we invite in our bed, we should enjoy them as a couple."

“Will…I betrayed your trust and I know it will take a lot to get it back but I’m willing to do whatever it takes to do it.”

Exhausted from the day's events, I laid down in the guest bed wet from cum and sweat. Instead of hopping in the shower, I succumbed to sleep.

When the morning broke, I woke to the sound of the phone. I searched for it under the covers then looked at the cradle. Hoping it was Will, I ran to pick it up. Matt’s voice rang out like an alarm.

“Good morning Queen, I was thinking of coming over and fixing you breakfast,” he said in a cheerful tone.

“No Matt, you can’t. I’m not sure we can see each other again.” My heart sunk as I spoke those words. Since I did not want to hear his reaction, I hung up the phone.

The phone rang again but I ignored it. That moment, I thought about my deadline and picked up my cell phone so I could call my publisher for an extension. There was no way I would be able to finish my last three chapters by tomorrow.

After drinking a cup of tea, I took the phone off the hook so I could finish my chapters. My publisher threatened that if my story was not finished by the set time my contract would be voided.

Very unhappy, I forced myself to sit in front of my desktop. Unfortunately, my mind wandered back to last night when I was underneath Matt. My clit tingled as I thought of him slurping my juices and fucking me into submission.

“Shit!” I threw a pen at the monitor and put my hands on my forehead.

For a second, I closed my eyes imagining him piercing me with his tongue. Wildly, I bucked back and forth while holding his head still. Excited, I felt my nipples straining against my t-shirt. I lifted my fingers from the keyboard sucking the tips.

The urge took over my body as I slipped a couple of them into my thong. I plunged them inside my pussy while lifting my legs on the sides of the desk. As I slid down in my chair, I raised my shirt; my nipples were rock hard. I took one of my breasts putting it up to my lips. As I licked my own nipple, I stretched my pussy to accommodate one more. Right then, warm liquids shot out of me like a water hose as I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Seemingly satisfied, I collected myself and walked into the restroom. Once I came out, I felt inspired to finish my book. I sat down at the computer and feverishly typed the last chapters.

Again, those same feelings took over me and I surrendered to them. This time, I retreated to the bedroom fully undressing myself. Thoughts of Matt and William crossed my mind as I plunged two fingers into my pussy and my favorite dildo in my ass.

“Mmm…God ahhh…” I fucked myself until I got tired and with the toy still in place I fell asleep.


Startled, I woke to the feeling of fingers caressing my body. The toy made its way further into my ass. Rubbing my eyes, I looked up at Will hovering over me. Just as I spoke, his mouth covered mine with a kiss.

As I sat up to look at him, he stopped to undress himself. His shaft was rock hard and glistening; I wanted it inside of me. Slowly, I pulled the dildo out tossing it aside. I leaned back on the bed putting my legs on his shoulders as he entered me. With longing, I pulled him closer to me. That moment, he grabbed the dildo slamming it into my pussy. He always knew that double penetration got me off faster.

“Oh God Will, yes, fuck me!” I yelled.

With reckless abandon, he rode me while pummeling my vagina with the plastic cock. The sheets were soaked with our juices and sweat.

“LaDonna, yess, ahhh…” He screamed out. Noticeably out of breath, he pulled the dildo out and replaced it with his rock hard vessel that I loved so dear.

Slightly hoarse he said, “Who’s your lover and husband, Ladonna!” His tone was gruff and it matched the expression on his face.

“You are!” I said whimpering. Usually, I was the one in control but I enjoyed his desire to command me.

He plunged into me again and yelled, “Who is in control, Ladonna!”

“You are!” I said in a submissive tone.

With that, he smiled wickedly engulfing my lips, invading my mouth with his tongue. Gently, I ran my fingers through his hair as he fucked me some more.


I woke to the sun shining through the window hurting my eyes. Immediately, I turned over to look at the time. I had an hour to print my story and get it to my publisher. Panicking, I leapt out of bed and jumped into the shower.

“Ladonna, where are you rushing to,” he said in a confused and groggy voice.

“I have to run my story to my publisher. I promise we can talk and straighten things out when I come back ok?” I said in a hurried tone.

“Okay, baby.”

When I came out the bathroom, I opened the door seeing him still cuddling up to the pillow. I leaned down and kissed his forehead. Still horny, I turned him over so I could look at his dick. Once I kissed the mushroom head it immediately it rose to attention.

“Don’t do that Ladonna or you won’t see your publisher in time,” he said in a devilish tone.

I laughed and nodded my head in agreement.

When I walked over to my dresser, I started putting on my underwear. Just as I finished I noticed Will was staring at me. I smiled back at him and proceeded to my closet.

As soon as I got dressed, I ran out of the house to meet my publisher. Even though I knew I had time to get there, I drove like a mad woman. While in the car, my mind played last night’s hot romp with my husband.

“Maybe he has forgiven me.” I smiled. “I should let him take control more often.”


Four hours later, I returned to my house. I rushed so I could celebrate the good news with Will. On the way, I stopped at the local wine and spirits store to get a very expensive bottle for the occasion. My publisher said she loved the story and thought it would be my best seller.

“Will, sweetheart I’m home!”

Tired, I trotted over to the couch and plopped down. The house was eerily silent.

Confused, I put down the wine and looked at the mail.

“Hello baby.”

Startled, I turned around. There was Matt smiling with an apron on and no shirt. He looked as if he had just got out of the shower.

“Matt…wha… where is my husband?” I said stunned.

“Relax baby, Will is coming. I have this for you to change into for dinner.”

Bewildered, I smiled. How did he get in here? Will knows about him?

He handed me a black box with a red bow. I took it but set it down on the table.

“Matt what’s going o…” I paused as I heard something from up above. My focus turned to the stairs. Seconds later, Will appeared wearing only a towel. Smiling, he blew a kiss at me and slapped Matt on the ass.

Shocked, I took a deep breath and said, “What’s going on here?”

Will and Matt chuckled like two little girls.

“Ahem…” Will spoke, “Ladonna, I can’t hold the secret in any longer. Baby, you have always been the one to watch me getting pleasure and I was getting tired of that. I wanted to see you receive one of the best fucks in your life, but not from me.”

A bit of anger rose within me. I rolled my eyes while putting my hand on my hip. “So, you’re saying that the meeting between Matt and I was set up by you?”

“Yes, it was love.”

My mind raced as I thought about all the crying I did the other night. In a sarcastic tone, I asked, “Will, who put the flyer on my car?”

“Would you be mad if I said I never went to England,” he said.

Still annoyed, I had to laugh at the length my husband went through to please me. “I saw the ticket and everything.”

“Ah, the wonder of computers,” he said with a grin. “Matt and I met at an art fair about two weeks ago; I really enjoyed his work. I asked him would he like to paint a picture of my wife. After looking at your photo, he said he would do more than that. We set the whole thing up by phone. I stayed at a hotel, while he met and seduced you. I put a camera in the guest bedroom while you were at the fair that day. You are so beautiful on screen Ladonna. I have married not only a talented writer but a budding porn star,” he chuckled.

Surprised by the tale, I walked over to Will shoving him. “If I didn’t love you so much I’d kill you for the drama you put me through. You were so sure I would fall for the tall dirty blond man with tattoos; well you were right. He is irresistible.”

“You are too, Queen Ladonna,” Matt said.

Ardently, I hugged Matt, kissing him long and hard. I walked back to the table picking up the package. Once I opened it, there was a black teddy with a matching thong inside.

“Wow, it’s gorgeous,” I said holding it up.

“It would look better if it was on you,” William said while holding Matt around the waist.

As I began undressing, I could not help but watch my husband and our new partner. Will turned Matt around to devour his mouth.

“Mmm Will please…” Matt begged. Will dropped the towel and immediately Matt tugged at his dick until it stiffened.

“Wow…” escaped my lips as I stared achingly at my two men.

Horny, I undressed putting on my new outfit.

“How do I look, you two?”

Promptly, they stopped and glanced at me.

“Wow!” They said in unison.

Like the dominatrix I am, I needed to take control of this situation. I pushed Matt away from Will leading him over to the couch. Brutally, I shoved him down and hopped on his lap. I tore the apron away from his body and bit his nipples. Will sat down next to Matt and observed the show.

“Ohhh LaDonna damn,” he grabbed my ass and slapped it.

I shook my finger and said, “Uh, uh don’t touch!”

Again, I bit his nipple but this time hard enough to make him squeal. Before he could attempt to hit my ass again, I put his hands together and bound them with the apron.

“You are a strong woman, I love being dominated.”

“Oh just you wait baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet,” I said devilishly

Without hesitation, I made a trail down the middle of his chest down to his navel. I climbed off kneeling down in front of him. After I unzipped his jeans, I took his cock out teasing him with one lick. Just as before, I looked up at him swallowing it whole. Like a wolf, he howled as I went up and down on his shaft.

“Oh God Ladonna, yes, you are sooooo good,” Matt said in a whisper.

Completely aroused, I could not go any longer without his dick inside of me.

“Lie down so I could feel all of it.” I said commanding him.

Obeying, he laid down still bound by the apron. I pulled my thong off sitting right on top of his dick. All inches filled me up as I rode him like my favorite pony. I loosened the strings of my negligee and threw it aside. As I pinched my nipples, I heard Will’s breaths quicken as he watched. The faster I rode Matt the sweatier he got. As I kissed Matt, Will tickled my ass with one of my many toys. I giggled as he caressed my thighs with the head of the plastic cock.

“Put it in baby…” I growled.

Slowly, he pushed the head inside of me. By the look on his face, Matt was ready to explode.

“Not yet baby, hold on a little longer.” I stopped and kissed his lips. Will stopped pushing the dildo in and massaged my shoulders. After whispering sweet nothings in my ear, he walked to the front of the couch and kissed Matt squarely on the lips.

Very aroused, I sat up fucking Matt some more. I was ready to come just looking at the two of them kissing. I untied Matt kissing him passionately. After I pulled the toy out, I realized I still was not satisfied. I had to continue what Will and I started last night as well as regain the sexual control I have enjoyed for so long.


The three of us retreated to the bedroom. Empowered, I pushed him on the bed and grabbed the handcuffs from the nightstand to bind him to the headboard.

“LaDonna…I am yours first, love.”

Approving his statement, I rewarded him by mounting him. That minute, my cunt held his cock prisoner. Clenching hard, I moved vertically on his dick. Not tired, I quickened the pace just like a jockey. Unwilling to be a spectator, Matt armed his cock and crawled behind me. I leaned over Will holding the headboard so he could get in my ass just the way I liked it.

“Fuck, yes...” I breathed.

With Will and Matt inside me, I knew I was ready to explode. Matt kissed my shoulders while licking the back of my neck. The passion between all of us was incredible, I could really get used to this.

Desiring to have my ego stroked, “Who’s your lover and wife, William?” I said in a dominating tone.

“You are,” he said submissively.

“And who is in control, William?”

“You are Queen Ladonna,” he said between pants.

“That will be all my whipping boy, you may come now!” I hissed.

I knew Will got off on being controlled. I threw my head back watching for Will’s explosion. Like a baby, he cried out my name telling me how much he loved me.

“Ohhh God, ahh…” Matt breathed into my ear.

Matt and I came together, a lot harder than when we did it on our own. When done, I unlocked the cuffs while kissing my husband. I got off Will and lay on the bed exhausted. Matt nestled himself between Will and I.

“Wow…” Matt said. “That was…”

“Sensational, huh, I told you she was incredible,” Will added. At that moment, he planted a kiss on Matt’s lips.

“It was, you two…” I said. Thinking of what they had come up with my mind told me to ask about something I really wanted.

“Now that I know our meeting was planned and the whole thing was a charade, can I have the painting now?”

“No, you can’t. I entered it into an art contest. While I wasn’t with you, I completed the painting and took it downtown to a gallery.”

“Oh so now I will be judged along with your other paintings?”

“Yes but, yours will win,” he nibbled on my nipple and kissed Will.

Looking at the both of them, I smiled. ‘Yeah I’m a winner alright; look at the prizes I have in my bed.’

This was truly a work of art, I thought. If I were blessed with artistic talent along with my writing, I would definitely paint this scene. The title would be “Every Woman’s Dream, as told by Ladonna.”

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