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Pan's Labyrinth Pt. 1

Aiden meets Damien at the bisexual sex club and lives out her fantasy with him.

It was all the rage and Aiden couldn’t ignore it any longer. Pan’s Labyrinth had opened up in the Meatpacking District and it was receiving rave reviews from the bisexual community; a club dedicated to bisexuals and pansexuals alike. If you went there, it was assumed that you liked men, women and anyone lovely in between. Despite its cute logo and demure entrance, the venue was really a sex club.

Aiden loved sex but she hesitated on going to the club because of her incessant shyness and rampant social anxiety. But on this particular night, she forced herself to go to the club. She felt more masculine today, so she decided to wear her black custom tailored suit, white collared long sleeve dress shirt and black Aldo menswear-inspired shoes to Pan’s Labyrinth. With her slick backed dapper dyed blonde hair that was buzzed on the sides and her Acqua di Parma cologne on, she felt and looked amazing, which was rare for her.

Any ounce of insecurity or fear faded away the moment she stepped into the club, which was illuminated by an ample amount of candles carefully designated on the tables, bar and sconces on the walls. The smell of nagchampa was thick in the air and infiltrated Aiden’s lungs, reinvigorating her with a deep sense of calm. Instead of the shy, awkward girl that the rest of the world had known previously as Alyssa, she was now the sexy, handsome and dapper Aiden. A man that was turning heads left and right the further she moved toward the bar.

I can’t believe that this is happening, she thought to herself as she carefully chose a barstool in the middle of the bar and ordered a whiskey sour. She scanned the room as she patiently waited for her drink and sure enough, a few people were still staring at her, clearly intrigued. Both handsome men and beautiful women were gazing at her, drinking in her masculine, dapper image and sensual, erotic aura. Her intention at this club was to not participate in any sexual play; instead, she had come as a voyeur, to enjoy the succulent image of two or more people lavishing each other in sweet, erotic bliss. There was nothing sexier to Aiden than watching a group of people fuck deliriously and connect in such a raw, visceral way, completely letting go of any trace of inhibition or shame, only to replace it with coalescing shimmering lust.

She felt his presence before she even saw him. His aura was beautiful, intense and otherworldly. Instead of feeling intimidated and scared by his ethereal, sensually dominant presence, she felt calm and reassured. He was wearing a black face mask that covered the top half of his face; with his slick-backed raven hair, luxurious three-piece blue suit and sexy brown double monk dress shoes, he looked like Aiden’s wet dream come true. His mere presence next to her at the bar was making her so fucking wet from imminent desire.

“How does it feel being the most coveted creature in this room right now?” The rich, deep voice whispered huskily to Aiden. “My name is Damien. It’s not every day that someone demands my attention in this place. I suspect it’s your first time here?”

Aiden nodded and gulped. “I’m a little intimidated, I won’t lie.”

“I can sense it.” Damien nodded. “Well, good thing I just wanted to make out tonight. Nothing more. I feel like most people just rush into sex now. You know? It’s very off-putting.”

Aiden relaxed and smiled. “I completely agree. I have the same issue, too.”

Damien grinned, highlighting his sexy, dimpled smile. “Excellent. Shall we find a couch? Or would you rather request a room?”

Aiden felt her heart accelerate and a fresh wave of adrenaline burst throughout her tightly coiled system. Should she be trusting a male so quickly? What had propelled her to visit this sex club in the first place? She was starting to doubt all of this when Damien suddenly placed his large, lovely hand on her knee and gently caressed it, sending a wave of comfort through Aiden’s disconcerted body.

“It’s okay,” Damien demurely whispered. “If you don’t want to do anything, I completely understand. I will let you go. No means no. I will not force myself on anyone.”

Aiden felt her throat constrict as she thought of how she had been living her life in replete fear. Fear of fulfilling her dreams, goals and in this case, her sexual fantasies. Propelled by this sudden self-directed anger, she was about to reply to Aiden’s proposal when the bartender set down her whiskey sour. After quickly chugging it in less than one minute, Aiden placed her small hand on his firm, toned thigh and gazed deeply into his intoxicating hazel eyes.

“I want to fuck you with our clothes on,” she whispered lowly. “For as long as you want.”

Damien shivered and quickly stood up. “Very well. Shall we go to the couch in the corner?”

Aiden smiled. “Yes, sir.”

He seemed to genuinely enjoy being addressed as sir because his sexy smile grew into a smirk. “Good boy. Let’s go.”

Aiden expected to feel primal fear as he took Damien’s outstretched hand and followed him to the large, plush red sofa that was conveniently tucked away in the corner next to the bar; instead, he felt nothing but sheer excitement and raw, visceral lust. It was so discreet and dark here that nobody was even glancing their way. They were one with the shadows, free to explore their delicious desires with no one to judge or castigate them. But the reality of the situation struck Aiden as soon as he sat on the plush couch; Damien desired him because he was a handsome, dapper male. Which meant that he was expecting Aiden to have a penis, which was something that he definitely didn’t have…

“I’ve been dying to kiss a sexy pair of lips like yours for months now,” Damien cooed as he sat down next to Aiden. “Get on top of me and kiss me as hard as you fucking want.”

Aiden hesitated at first, but he quickly did as he was told. He carefully straddled Damien and felt his heart palpitate as Damien slowly brought his beautiful, masculine hands down Damien’s thin body. When Damien’s hands reached his belt, though, she couldn’t sustain it any longer and she placed her hands on his own, preventing him from going any further.

“I’m sorry,” Aiden dismally whispered. “I’m…I’m not a man. I started life as a woman…I’ve been treated as such all my life, but I know that it isn’t me. I’m not a man, either. I’m a combination of both. Sometimes neither.”

Now it was his cue to run away. Aiden had found it impossible to find someone who was understanding of her complex gender. She didn’t blame them, though; her own gender confused the hell out of her, too. So she was legitimately shocked when this beautiful, otherworldly man framed her soft face with his sexy hands and brought his decadent lips to her right ear.

“That’s what I was hoping for,” he whispered huskily into her ear. “Now, I just need to know. What pronouns should I use and how do you refer downstairs as?”

Aiden shivered in pure excitement before she replied. “I don’t have a preference with pronouns. When I feel more masculine, you can address me as a guy. And vice versa when I feel more feminine. And I have no problem with you addressing her as my pussy, my cunt.”

“Mm. Perfect.” Damien growled into her ear. “Straddle me and kiss me to your heart’s content, my sweet.”

Aiden immediately did as she was told. She carefully straddled Damien and didn’t hesitate to sensually grind against him as she slowly brought her pink, soft lips to his own. Kissing him was divine; she felt every ounce of passion and lust contained in the urgent flickering of his warm, wet tongue and the way his beautiful hands roamed the small of her back, all the way down to her tight, perky ass. Aiden could feel his large, thick cock straining underneath his slacks and the sudden image of her kneeling before him with his firm, toned legs spread apart for her cock hungry mouth implanted itself in her mind and a visceral moan escaped her. She broke the sexy, passionate kiss with Damien to bring her mouth to his right ear to whisper exactly what she wanted from him.

“How would you like a sloppy, passionate blowjob right here?”

Damien shuddered. “Oh, God. I’d love that. That’s been one of my fantasies for the longest time.”

“With lots of warm spit that spills down to your heavy balls, all the way down to your asshole. I’ll worship every inch of you.”

“I think I just came a little hearing that. There is pre-cum dripping from my cock. You know me so well.”

“Make me your cock whore, sir. Your little gag slut that happily chokes on your cock and eagerly swallows every drop of your sweet cum.”

“Fuck, yes. Kneel down before me and I will feed you my cock.”

Aiden trembled in anticipation of wrapping her soft, pink lips around Damien’s throbbing, hard cock. It had been so long since she worshipped a man this way, and every cell in her body vibrated with primal lust. Damien quickly unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his slacks before he slipped his throbbing, huge cock that had a thick bead of pre-cum on the slit. His cock was so beautiful; he was completely shaved so Aiden could see the veins popping right underneath the smooth, pale white skin.

“Your cock is so beautiful, sir,” Aiden tautly whispered. “I’d love to worship you all night long if you permitted me to.”

“I would love that.”

Aiden moaned as she brought her soft, pink lips to the throbbing, velvety mushroom head. She eagerly licked up the thick drop of pre-cum on the slit of his cock and wrapped her lips around the pronounced head, lavishing the sensitive skin with her adoring tongue. Damien growled deliciously as he ran his long fingers through her short, styled hair and gently pulled on several of the strands. Aiden popped him out of her mouth and smiled up at him.

“You can pull my hair harder if you want,” she whispered. “I love pain.”

“Is that so?” He roughly grabbed her hair, making her gasp and her pussy clench in absolute surrender. “That’s good to know. So many possibilities with you. Now be a good boy and suck my cock.”

“Mm.” Aiden shuddered before she grabbed him by the thick base and slapped the cock head against her parted lips. “Please talk dirty to me. It encourages me to be dirtier and sexier with you.”

Damien thrust his hips upward before he hissed and said, “I want your sexy body hanging upside down on the couch while I feed you my cock and balls. Face fucking you so hard, making you my obedient little cock slut that can’t get enough of my cock and cum.”

“Oh, God.” Aiden shuddered in complete desire. “Please do that to me. I need it.”

She could feel his shimmering, potent lust vibrating from his aura. It was turning her on immensely to feed him raw, delicious and hedonistic pleasure.

“Then get on the couch and I will fuck your face just the way you want it.”

Aiden shivered from his delicious, succulent words. She carefully but swiftly positioned herself upside down on the plush, red leather couch. Instead of feeling embarrassed or intimidated, she felt so sexy and amazing, about to indulge in one of her favorite fantasies of pleasuring a sexy man while others eagerly watched. Sure enough, a handful of people were already gathered around her, ready to witness Damien dominating her.

“Is this okay?” She heard him whisper as he knelt before her. “Do you want privacy instead?”

“I’d love to have them watch.”

“Mm. Very well.”

Damien carefully positioned himself over her and guided his cock into her eagerly awaiting mouth. He gasped as she wrapped her small arms around his waist and pulled him further down her throat. She had been practicing with a seven-inch dildo with a wide girth; while Damien was a little bigger than her toy, she didn’t even gag as she slipped him completely down her throat until his large, swollen balls were resting against her nose. Her fingers trembled on his firm hips as he gasped and shuddered against her.

“Fuck! You take my cock so good.”

His primal words urged Aiden on. She savored the decadent sensation of his long, thick cock sliding up and down her tight throat and it was making her pussy throb in painful, ardent lust. If she were to slip her hand down her pants, she’d be met with her own damp, slick arousal that was flooding her boxers.

“You love my cock down your throat, don’t you?” he tautly whispered. “I’m going to keep fucking your perfect little mouth even after I’ve finished coming. I want to see that sexy face covered in my warm cum as well.”

His erotic, graphic words propelled Aiden to pop him out of her mouth so she could lavish his heavy, smooth shaven balls in her warm, slick saliva. His musky, divine, masculine scent brought even more arousal to flood her cunt. She eagerly suckled each testicle, lathering them in her warm saliva. Although her eyes were closed shut, she could feel the intent gazes of her captive audience and she could literally sense the collective surge of arousal emanating from them, which only turned her on even more. She moaned heartily before she eagerly slipped his fat, thick cock down her throat again and unconsciously thrust her hips upward as he rode her face.

“Yes, so fucking good,” Damien whispered as his thrusts became more insistent and greedy. “You take my cock so good. I want you lying down on the floor as I ride your face. Will you let me do that?”

“Of course,” Aiden said before she eagerly licked his heavy balls. “I would love that.”

Aiden quickly positioned herself flat on the porcelain floor and briefly wandered her gaze to her silent, adoring crowd. She noticed that a lot of the men were intently staring at her in ardent desire. They were all very handsome men in immaculate suits and some of them were wearing masks as well, which turned Aiden on even more. She imagined all of these men masturbating over her as she vigorously touched herself and the mere thought of it sent a primal shudder of lust to enshroud her. Damien smirked as he lowered himself to her face to kiss her deeply, tasting himself in the process. He flickered his tongue into her mouth and she wrapped her arms around his waist as she ground her crotch against his warm, wet and erect cock.

“I want to fuck this pussy in private,” he whispered into her ear. “I’ll fuck you in every position possible until I fill you up with all of my hot cum and it’s spilling out of you and onto my balls. I’ll have you riding my face so I can eat my own cum while I wait to swallow your own delicious cum. Do you like the sound of that?”

“Oh God,” Aiden muttered as her entire body shook. “That sounds so amazing.”

“Mm. Let me have that sweet, succulent mouth again.”

After placing both of his firm thighs on both sides of her head, he gently slid his long, wide cock down her throat again. Aiden lost herself in his primal thrusts that were more insistent and a little rougher. He had a lot more control in this position, and instead of feeling overwhelmed or intimidated, Aiden felt like a luscious sex god as Damien fucked her face and all of these beautiful strangers avidly watched. The erotic, wet sounds of his cock slipping in and out of her mouth and throat were turning her on immensely, and his intoxicating, masculine scent was embedding itself deep within her.

“Your throat is milking my cock so good,” he hissed as he drove himself in and out of her mouth.

Aiden basked in his praise and responded by firmly grabbing his hips and keeping his cock in her throat for five seconds, which felt like much longer since she wasn’t used to his length and girth. Tears welled up in her eyes and she gagged on his cock a little but it was well worth it to hear his sexy gasp and feel his lithe body shudder in absolute surrender. She gasped as her body instinctively pulled away from him and she loved the line of warm, slick spit that connected her face to his beautiful cock.

“Fuck!” Damien growled and firmly grasped the sides of her head, forcing her to look up at him. “Get on your knees. Now.”

Aiden shivered upon hearing his scintillating, dominant voice address her so firmly. She quickly did as she was told and eagerly looked up at him as he furiously stroked his cock and gazed down at her with a smoldering, sexy gaze.

“I’m going to come all over that gorgeous face,” Damien whispered. “Are you ready for my cum?”

“Yes! Please feed me your hot cum.”

He hissed and bucked before he said, “Open your mouth.”

Aiden quickly opened her mouth wide as she eagerly awaited Damien’s warm, delicious cum on her soft, pale skin. She closed her eyes as his fingers trembled on her scalp and he groaned as his orgasm rattled his lithe, fit body. His thick jets of warm, sweet cum landed on her face and she moaned in contentment as a strand of his seed landed right on her tongue. His semen tasted so sweet and salty, the perfect combination. She didn’t expect him to kneel down and firmly grab her by her black necktie to kiss her deeply and passionately, tasting himself in the process. A moan escaped her as he broke the kiss and eagerly licked away his own cum on her face, forcing her to shiver. He made sure to kiss her again so that he could share his cum with her, flickering his sexy, long tongue into her mouth, feeding her his delicious semen.

“That was exquisite, my sweet Aiden,” he whispered against her lips.

“Thank you for letting me serve you, sir.” Damien kissed him tenderly before he pulled away. “That was amazing.”

Aiden stood up and tried not to become overwhelmed as she felt the unwavering, heated gazes of her silent, handsome admirers. She thought about these beautiful strangers bathing her in their warm, delectable cum and she shivered violently from the kinky, lustful image. Even though she felt such a visceral, intense connection with Damien, she knew that their relationship would cease here in the sex club. So after washing her face thoroughly in the men’s bathroom and adjusting her tie, she was about to head out of the club when she felt that unique, otherworldly presence directly behind her.

“Going to leave without saying goodbye?”

Damien’s sensual, masculine voice seeped into her soul and forced her to turn around to face him, smiling as he stretched his hand out and gently caressed her cheek. “My understanding is that what happens here stays here. It’s okay if you don’t want to see me again. I had an amazing time with you.”

Damien chuckled. “You think I’m one of those types, don’t you? Well, my dear, you are mistaken. Unless you never want to see me again, personally, I would be ecstatic to see you after tonight.”

Aiden’s eyes widened in complete surprise as she said, “Oh, wow. I wasn’t expecting that at all.” She paused as she felt herself blush profusely. “I’d…I’d love to see you again, too.”

Damien smiled and swiftly took out his wallet. “Here is my business card. Feel free to call or text my cell phone. Or if you’re feeling daring, call my work number. I’d much enjoy that.”

Aiden shivered at the thought of Damien’s succulent lips on her own as he cumswapped his own semen with her and the possibility of it occurring again. “Maybe…next time we play…”


Damien stared at her intently, eager to hear her next words as Aiden’s heart raced anxiously. “Maybe I can be Alyssa next time we play?”

“Mm. I would love that. I can’t wait to see you all dolled up for me.” Damien brought his mouth into her right ear and said, “And I cannot wait to fill up that little pussy with my hot cum.”

Aiden moaned at the delicious image. “You promise that you will eat me out afterward and feed me your delicious cum?”

“Of course,” Damien excitedly said. “I’m so happy that you liked when I did that. Most people think it’s unappealing. But I find it so sexy.”

“I love how kinky you are.”

He kissed her soft lips and tenderly caressed her cheek. “Same with you, dear. I look forward to seeing you soon. Ciao, bella.


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