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Parking Schwanzwald

What a phone call can lead to
The last couple of days had been a blast. The conference had had a great line-up, but especially the after-parties had been great. I’d met a lot of new folks and many old friends, some of who I’d never met offline before. But today it was time to head back home.

I left Nuremberg around three in the afternoon and hoped to cross the border at around nine and then be home at ten. It soon became clear that this was not going to happen though. Between Würzburg and Frankfurt I ran into a traffic jam. A truck had overturned and oil had spilled out all over the road. With no exits between me and the location of the accident I had to wait for a couple of hours until the road was cleaned up again.

It was already half past nine when I had only just passed Koblenz, so I decided to have a rest and call Eve to tell her I wouldn’t make it before midnight. I took the first parking exit, which led me to an empty parking area in the woods, about 50 meter off the road. I wondered whether my phone would have a signal here, but gladly it did.

“Hi sweetie, it’s me.”

“Hi, how are you?”

“I’m fine. You? Where are you now?”

I told her about the traffic jam and that she didn’t have to stay up for me. She asked about the conference and the people there and I told her about some of the highlights.

While we were chatting a van entered the lot and parked a few spots away from me. After a couple of minutes a guy came out. He stretched himself, opened the side of the van and took off his shirt. Leaning against the van he started drinking from a bottle. It made me laugh as it looked so cliche so I told Eve about it. The guy looked fit, but to tease her a bit I made him look even better.

“Damn! Why don’t these things ever happen to me? What else does he look like? Is he tall? Take a picture!”

“No, I’m not gonna take a picture!”

At that moment the guy put his bottle back and closed the van. But just as I expected him to leave he unbuttoned his pants.

“Oh no, he’s gonna pee right here, in plain sight! Haha.”

“What? While you are watching?”

“I guess he can’t see me. Maybe he thinks I’m in the woods. Or he just doesn’t care.”

“Oh dear. Perhaps I don’t mind those things not happening to me” Eve said.

We were both laughing now.

“Still wanna know what he looks li… oh my god!”


“He’s not peeing, he’s jerking off.”

“Yeah right. Haha.”

“No, really!”



There he stood, with his pants lowered a bit, his balls in one hand and his semi-erect cock in the other, stroking it.

“Is it big?” giggled Eve.

“I guess so.”

“How do you mean ‘I guess so’?”

“Well, he’s not fully there yet. But it looks big already.”

“Bigger than yours?” Again she giggled.


“And how big is yours now?”


“Oh c’mon, I can hear you rubbing your pants. Haha. Is it hard? Tell me, are you hard?”


My cock was hard indeed and I was rubbing it like she said. I felt embarrassed that she found out, but also quite excited that she did and even seemed to like it.


“Why don’t you get it out for me?”

I unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down, together with my boxers.

“Just did. How about you?”

“Don’t have anything on.”

“Oh, where are you then?”

“In bed, naked, waiting for you. Are you wanking?”

“Err yes.”

She giggled.

“Nice. Now tell me about his cock.”

“Well ehm, it’s quite big I guess. Long but slender, with a slight curve upwards.”

It felt weird but exciting to describe his cock to her.

“Sounds like a lovely cock. Is it?”

“Yes, it is.”

She laughed.

“Now tell me what he does.”

“Well, he’s jerking off.”

“Details please!”

“Oh okay. He has one hand at the base and with the other one he is stroking it. Up and down, up and down, making a little turn around its head on every stroke. And now he spits in his hand and on his cock and he smears it all over his cock. It’s all wet now and he’s stroking it again.”

The windows of the car started to get fogged at this moment. Both on my side as well as on the passenger’s side the windows were slightly opened, but it seemed to be not enough. So I decided to fully open the passenger’s window. But as soon as I did, the guy looked up. The sound of the window had triggered him.

“Fuck,” I whispered.


“He noticed me. Shit!”

The guy came up to my car as I tried to pull up my pants and cover my cock with my shirt. When I looked up he was standing right next to me, looking at me and then at my crotch. I looked down and saw that my hiding attempt had failed miserably. If it wasn’t for the bulge itself the growing wet spot in my shirt would have given it away. When I looked back up I saw him jerking off again.

“Zeig mir.”

“What?” I asked a bit confused.

“Dein Schwanz, zeig mir!”

“He wants me to show him my cock,” I said to Eve.

The guy knocked on the window.

As I opened the window he said “Wer redest du?”

“My girlfriend,” I replied.

“Give it to me,” he said, still with a heavy German accent, as he pointed to my phone, “I want to talk to her.”

With some hesitation I gave him my phone.


“You know your boyfriend is wanking off while looking at other men? You do? Ach so, ja… okay. Markus, and you? Okay, nice. Ehm, yes, me too, hehe. Yes, I’ll tell him.”

“Your girlfriend wants you to show me your cock too,” he said with a big grin on his face. “She sounds very nice.”

I heard Eve giggle at the other side of the line. Oh boy, what was she up to? A little anxious I pulled down my pants again and lifted my shirt uncovering my cock for this guy, who apparently listened to the name Markus.

“Nice,” he said and started jerking off again, nodding to me to do the same.

I grabbed my cock and slowly started jerking off as well.

“Yes he has. It’s nice. Sure, he’s wanking off. We both are. Haha.”

While they were chit-chatting I couldn’t help looking at Markus’ cock. It was so close now and it looked gorgeous. I’d never been so close to another man’s cock before and watching his hand move up and down his veiny shaft was just so incredibly hot.

“Really? I’ll ask him.”

Markus opened the door and said, “Eva tells me you want to suck my cock. Do you?”

What the hell!? I never told her anything like that! But then again, she knows me so well. Too well perhaps. And his cock looked absolutely delicious.

I swung my legs outside the car, put my feet on the ground and looked at Markus and then at his cock. He came forward and stood between my legs, his cock now right in front of me.

“I too think you want to suck it.”

He was right. Eve was right. They were both right. I definitely wanted to suck it. I already wanted to sucked his cock when I was describing it to Eve. I grabbed his cock, opened my mouth and sucked it in. First just its head. Hmmm, it tasted good, with lots of precum. I wanted more! Slowly I started to move my mouth up and down his shaft.

“Oooh yeah. You were right girl, he sure wants it,” I heard him say to Eve.

I sucked his cock, licked it, sucked it again. I swallowed it as far as I could and tried to swallow it some more. I heard Markus taking pictures with my phone, of me sucking his cock, of me licking its head and of me sucking his balls. It really turned me on, knowing I’d be able to show them to Eve later.

After a couple of minutes Markus said “Eva tells me there are condoms and lube in the glove compartment. She wants you to give them to me.”

Holy fuck, now this was getting serious! I looked at him, somewhat shocked, with his cock still on my lips. He smiled and nodded towards the dashboard locker. I leaned back, opened it, grabbed the lube and one of the condoms and gave them to Markus. While Markus put on the condom, I pulled off my shirt and got out of the car. Markus led me to the front of the car and made me bend over the hood. He pulled down my pants and boxers, and I stepped out of them. By this time I had only my sandals still on.

Then he started lubing my ass. Oh god! I totally froze at first. The lube being cold was one thing, but this guy massaging my asshole was a whole new experience for me. Gladly he was a gentle masseur who knew what he was doing. The lube warmed up quickly and so did I.

Markus took off his shirt as well and told me to turn around and lay down on the hood of the car. As I did I pulled my legs up and put them on his shoulders. He lubed his cock and then rubbed it against my ass. I felt how he increased the pressure. I took a deep breath, and I pushed back a little. His cock slid in and slowly he started to fuck me.

I couldn’t really believe this was happening. Here I was, on a parking lot somewhere in the middle of Germany, laying on the hood of my car, wearing nothing but my sandals and having my ass fucked by some random German bloke named Markus. It felt a bit uncomfortable at first, but the more I tried to relax and surrender to the feeling the better it felt. I closed my eyes and laid my head back on the hood. It didn’t take long before his cock went all the way in and he started slamming his crotch into my ass. Deep long thrusts, in and out of my ass. Oh damn, it felt so good!

Markus slowly increased the speed. His breathing got heavier as well and when I opened my eyes I saw little droplets on his forehead and big grin.

“You better get used to this,” there was a little pause, “I’m sure Eva will have you get your ass fucked regularly from now on.”

The thought of it made me wanna cum right away. I grabbed my cock and started to jerk off. It wouldn’t take me very long.

By this time Markus’ breathing started to become irregular. He pulled out, ripped off the condom and shot his big loads of cum all over me while his abs were having major spasms. Seeing him cum like that and having my cock covered with his semen was all I needed to return the favour. My first load landed on his chest, the rest ended up mostly on my stomach, blending with his.

We were rubbing our cum covered cocks against each other, when all of a sudden the sounds of the Imperial March were coming from Markus’ van. It was the ringtone of his cell phone.

“Scheiße! I really need to answer this one,” he said and took off.

Not long after he answered his phone he started the engine and opened the window. “Sorry man, I have to go now. Please say ‘hi’ to Eva.” He waved and before I could say anything back he drove off, leaving me naked and alone on this empty parking lot where the twilight was now starting to dim rapidly.

A bit shocked by all that had happened, including Markus’ sudden departure, I grabbed a used towel from my luggage to clean myself up a bit. I got dressed and then back in the car when I noticed my phone, laying on its side on top of the dashboard, leaning against the wind-shield and filming the hood of my car. Oh my god!, it had recorded everything from the moment I got out of the car! I grabbed the phone, ended the recording and dialed Eve’s number. She would be thrilled, and so was I.
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