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Part Three - A New Twist

My new girlfriend meets my long time friend during a sexy night at the cottage.
When my marriage of 23 years finally fell apart most people were surprised, no, shocked. I was not. Nancy and I had appeared very happy, had appeared to be the perfect loving couple. Couple … yes. Perfect … perhaps. Loving? Get real! I am a very sexual, very sensual, and very bisexual man and why on earth I married a woman whose idea of sexual relations was a ten minute semi-annual event I will never know! After our son was born, the idea of sex was the furthest thing from her mind (sex was just for making babies she told me.) We disagreed, we argued, we went to counseling. I had long term affairs and many one night stands. From an insider’s viewpoint, by the time the marriage ended it had been on its deathbed for almost two decades. Surprised? No.

Rhea and I had known each other for almost ten years. Her marriage of, coincidentally, 23 years was not the sexual desert mine was but had been without love for as long as mine had been without sex. We had met casually and over the years become very close, although completely platonic, friends. It’s not that I hadn't noticed her. She was probably the sexiest woman in town, bar none! She would walk into my shop in high heels, a well fitting dress and big floppy hat looking like a 50s pin-up with flame red hair, a more than ample bust and toned legs that went up to her curvy hips and round derriere. My breath would stop short and, try as I might to be a proper married man, I couldn't help but see her as sexual!

She would come in for some minor problem with her bicycle and plop herself down on a stool while I worked. We began talking, first about mundane things but then more personal. As we found our trust, we talked about our lives, our kids and eventually our relationships including our sexual relationships, past and present. As friends we could be totally honest about everything and it was welcomed and refreshing. Our trust grew. We could talk about everything including my bisexuality (which she found very hot) cross dressing, affairs, fantasies … nothing was off limits. The more intimately we knew each other the more we felt the physical attraction. My wife could feel it too and it began causing frequent fights. During one of our fights she suggested we split up and I agreed.

Of course the rumors began immediately but I really didn't care. Rhea and I not only could have an honest conversation but we could fuck like animals! Her husband had moved out three years ago and she had been way too long without cock. She had a boyfriend for a while but his idea of fucking was lying on his back and letting her ride his cock. Foreplay? What’s that? Romance? Sensuality? No need. She’d gotten fed up with this human dildo and dumped him! When Rhea and I got into bed it was fireworks! We were on the same wavelength. Our bodies matched physically and our mutually unsatisfied sexual appetites exploded in a frenzy! We wanted it all the time and every way. She was especially intrigued by my bisexuality and wanted to see me with another man.

We started talking about the idea of a threesome with another bisexual man and an idea came to me. I had told her about some of the sex Terry and I had in the past and she thought it was pretty hot. We decided to take a trip to the cottage and see what happened.

The night at Terry’s started out as usual. Supper and drinks, conversation and drinks, a campfire and more drinks. Terry always delighted in getting people drunk and I had warned Rhea before we arrived not to drink everything he gives you. As the night grew late it was obvious Rhea had not heeded that advice and, not being used to drinking with Terry like I was, she was getting pretty toasted. We decided to go down to the lake to swim and stood up to undress. To Terry’s surprise (and delight) Rhea was not shy. She stripped naked in front of him, ran down to the dock and jumped in! We were right behind her. After swimming a while in the moonlight and some not-too-discreet underwater touching, we got out and headed back up to the cabin.

Sitting in just towels, Rhea asked Terry if he would participate in a little test. She told him she knew about me having sex with him but was curious to know which of us could suck his cock better. The conversation was having an effect on Terry and he agreed. Sitting on the edge of the bed he spread his legs and let her kneel between them. I watched her expert mouth play with his cock and saw it harden to its full size. I began fondling myself while Rhea’s head bobbed up and down on Terry’s cock. Kneeling in front of me, the pale skin of her round full ass and trim waist contrasting her red hair and her red hair flying as she devoured my friend’s cock, I was soon oozing precum.

She got up and I took her place while she stood next to me. I could see Terry fondling her breasts while I sucked him. Rhea climbed onto the bed next to Terry to watch me suck him. Terry had one hand on her breast and watched Rhea as she began playing with her pussy. She was getting very wet!

Terry stopped me and stood up. He took Rhea by the hips and stood her next to the bed, bending her waist so her breasts pressed into the bed and her very round, very curvy ass faced his ready cock. As I climbed onto the bed next to Rhea, I watched Terry rubbing the head of his cock against her pussy lips but then pull away. He applied some lube to her ass and began easing his cock into her. She moaned softly and took my cock into her mouth, playing my swollen head with her tongue while Terry’s driving cock made her head descend over my shaft.

I watched him fuck her. I watched her sucking me. I watched while Terry grabbed Rhea’s ass tightly and stiffen behind her, cumming hard inside her. She rocked herself against him to make his orgasm last while still keeping her lips around me. God she’s hot I thought! Terry finally pulled out and began cleaning himself up.

I pulled Rhea off my cock and up onto the bed. On her knees in front of me she bent herself down onto the bed letting her breasts push into the bed, spread her legs and offered herself to me. I could see her pink and swollen pussy lips dripping with her juices and the milky cum beginning to seep out of her ass. I got between her legs and brought my cock to the pool of cum between her ass cheeks. I spread it over the head of my cock and down between her legs to her pussy lips. I pressed against her pussy and began rubbing the head against her slit and up against her very hard clit. She started to moan and begged me to put it in her. I teased her a little more, covering my cock in her wetness and then slipped inside her.

Her pussy devoured my cock, holding it in the most wonderful, wet, hot grip. She was so wet I felt her juices run down my shaft and I fucked her HARD! The scent of Rhea’s pussy and Terry’s cum flooded my nostrils while I drove my cock into her. She began to tense up and then bucked against my thrusts as she came hard from my cock in her. The juice flowed out of her pussy making my cock so slick. While she moaned and cried from the first orgasm another started to build in her. I could feel my own cum rising into my cock and grabbed her hips to thrust hard into her. I threw back my head and gasped while my cock began spasming and jerking and filling her wet wanton cunt with the cum she deserved and desired. She rocked into me furiously and threw her hair around while another powerful orgasm gripped her. We gradually slowed and then collapsed onto the bed and only then realized the show we’d given Terry.

He smiled at us lying spent on the bed still dripping cum. Rhea got up and went to the bathroom to clean herself up while I took the tissue Terry offered from the night stand. We said good night and Rhea and I went off to sleep in one of the other bedrooms.

I woke the next morning thinking of the sex the night before. Rhea’s soft curvy body lay next to me, her large pale breasts and pink nipples so tempting in the morning light. I slipped down under the covers and, spreading her legs gently, began kissing her pussy. Her musky scent combined with the remnants of my own cum from the night before. She protested unconvincingly, reminding me of my cum still in her from last night. I told her it wouldn't be the first time I've tasted cum and slipped my tongue between her labia.

I explored her with my tongue while I listened to her moans become louder. I pressed my tongue against her clit and rubbed. It hardened beneath the pressure. She squirmed and I could feel her hips begin tensing while I held her legs with my arms. My tongue became more insistent, alternately pressing fully on her clit and extending deep within her. As she began to climax, her whole body tensed and pushed into my tongue. I held her firmly and kept my tongue pressed hard against her clit. She cried and squirmed and swore and finally laughed as the height of her orgasm passed. I kissed her labia gently and then lay my head in the soft hair on her mound enjoying her scent, her wonderful sexual scent.

We got out of bed and dressed. Emerging from the bedroom, Terry was putting breakfast on the table. After a quick joke about me already having eaten, we sat down to coffee and eggs. Our breakfast conversation was casual and not a word about the night before. Rhea finally asked who won the cock sucking contest. Terry just laughed it off, saying it was a tie but he’d be okay with a rematch and we all laughed.

Driving home Rhea said she was still tired and then slept most of the way home. I drove in silence, pondering, remembering and amazed that I had found such an incredible woman.

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