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Pilot: The 3 C's Get Ready to Party

These girls are wild!
The three of them were inseparable. Celia, Camaire and Crystal. They were known among the girls in school as the 3 C's because of their names. Among the guys, they were known as the 3 C's because of their C-cup breasts.

The sixteen year olds did everything together, and it was no different that spring night of the senior party. They loved to get ready together.

"How do you girls think I look tonight?" Crystal Stevens turned to face her best friends. She was a cute and athletic blond who was also Class President. Tonight, she wore a white blouse on top of a floral skirt. She looked clean. Her breasts were kept nicely in her shirt, without too much distraction.

Celia Tanapa, a fun and wild brunette, was quick to answer, "Cute as always!" Celia was slimmer than Crystal and was of distant Asian descent. She had slipped into a short, flowy, strapless red-dark purple dress that ended just two inches below her pussy. She glowed in her tan aura, her lengthy straight hair falling into place with every slight movement.

Crystal smiled, satisfied. Then she turned to the last girl, Camaire Madison. Camaire had her light brown hair straight around her perfect face. A few strands kept getting caught in her light-pink, pouty, puffy lips. This brown-eyed beauty had slightly rounder, bigger, and even perkier breasts than the other two. She wore a super-tight-ending-at-the-midriff soft-pink tube top on top of a white lacy bra that pushed her breasts up to unbelievable heights. She also had on a scandalous grey tube skirt, starting an inch below her belly button, tracing over her sassy hips and ended right under her pert butt. This scanty outfit showed off all her features: her luscious breasts, her slim midriff, and her attention-grabbing booty. The colors brought out her tan. To say the least, Camaire looked mesmerizing.

"I always like how you look...except..." Camaire Madison started to say. She stood up and unbuttoned the first four buttons of Crystal's blouse. "There. More cleavage is more fun!"

"Ew, I don't want to look slutty like you. I have a boyfriend, unlike you two." Crystal backed away and quickly rebuttoned her blouse. "I'm going to get some water downstairs and call Michael to pick us up." She turned and her blonde hair flowed after hair.

When she was gone, Camaire just shrugged at Celia. "I can't believe she is the one with a boyfriend."

"The hottest senior too! Don't you think Michael is super dreamy?" asked Celia.

"I think what he's packing inside his jeans is super dreamy. Or so I've heard."

Celia started laughing, "Thank goodness Crystal's not that prude to stay a virgin or it would be a waste of cock."

Camaire looked in the mirror, pushed her breasts up, and frowned. "Wow, Ceely. Can you believe we're the ones still with the V-card?"

"Nope, I wouldn't be able to tell. You look like the hottest slut around. How about me?"

"Ceely, you look pretty slutty yourself. Now let me help you feel slutty." Camaire sprinkled sparkly powder on Celia's breasts. Then, she reached for her perfume bottle. She dabbed perfume on Celia's wrists, behind her ears, and... "Trust me on this one. Lean back against that dresser and open your legs."

Celia gave Camaire an excited and curious look and did what she was told. "I'm not wearing any panties or thong tonight."

It was Camaire's turn to look amused. "Me neither...we really are slutty tonight!" They both started giggling as Camaire reached under Celia's dress and dabbed her perfumed finger around her crotch area. "I can't see so I'm going to put my head under. Spread wider."

With her finger, Camaire traced the outline of Celia's tiny pussy lips and fingered over her large clit. "Wow you have a hot pussy. I feel my own tingling now." This caused Celia to giggle even more. As Camaire traced Celia's slit, she felt her finger get even more damp, and it wasn't the perfume. Both girls started breathing a little bit more heavily.

Just then, the doorknob turned and Crystal's stepfather stepped in the room with two drinks. "Girls, want to try some of my Pina Colaaaa... What are you two doing?!"

Celia said huskily, "What do you think we're doing?" The girls giggled.

Camaire reached around and smacked Celia's butt jokingly. "Don't worry, John. I'm just making her pussy smell good!" She showed him her perfume bottle.

"Oh, is that right..." John shifted to get a better look. "Want me to get Crystal?"

"Sure. And you can leave our drinks on top of the dresser."

When John finally left the room, the girls grinned at each other and took a few sips from their drinks. Celia took the perfume bottle and said, "Man, I'm starting to feel a little buzzed. Here, let me return the favor."

Camaire turned around and bent herself over a chair. Celia looked at her quizzically, "You want me to perfume your ass? Ha ha, you think you are going to get your ass licked tonight?!"

Camaire laughed, "No! I'm just changing things up. Don't you like the view better?"

Celia squeezed Camaire's plentiful butt cheeks. "Yes I do. Let me change things up as well." Celia then lined her lips with perfume. She slid her hands under Cam's skirt to slid it up further. Then, she brought her lips to Cam's already moist pussy and kissed it gently. She stuck her tongue out and slowly licked at the slit, parting the pussy lips. She had her left hand massaging Cam's ass cheek and her right index finger softly flicking Cam's clit. Cam let out higher pitched moans in between each sharp intake of breath.

Crystal stepped in the room and said, "Michael's here to pick us up," but Celia continued tongue-fucking Cam's pussy. She looked at her two best friends with a disgusted expression on her face and crossed her arms, but she couldn't stop watching. Camaire cried out, "Crystal come join us! She's just making my pussy smell good."

Crystal smirked and said, "You two wanna-be-sluts." To everyone’s surprise, she strutted over in front of Cam and started squeezing Cam’s bouncy breasts. The car honked loudly from outside. Crystal stepped aside and straightened herself up, "C'mon. My boyfriend Michael is our only ride."

Celia pulled away from Cam's sweet crotch. "I guess we're going to have to go to the party unsatisfied, horny and extra-slutty."

Camaire pouted and followed the girls outside into Michael's car. She had to use all of her self-restraint to not masturbate herself during the car ride.

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