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Clarisse was learning how to manage her stress lately. She had read somewhere that listening to audio books could be useful at redirecting stress. The odd thing about audio books and Clarisse was, she only listened to erotic mysteries, and they seemed to keep her even more horny than usual, which was a bit much. 

When she arrived at Amanda's house after the hellishly horrendous traffic this hot Friday afternoon, she was really steamed and needed a cool beverage. Since she had taken delivery of her new 2010 Charger, she felt extra hot. So she dressed hotter than ever before. So when she got out of the car, her mini skirt rode up her full long thighs and just a hint of peace on earth became visible. Clarisse had always been a tease, so she let her skirt stay up high just in case anyone that caught a glimpse would really be glad. Clarisse got off a little when she could surprise someone by flashing a little leg or cleavage occasionally..

Amanda lived in a very well kept house in one of the older communities of Columbia, South Carolina. Since her mom had moved to a senior citizen development, Amanda stayed in the family house until she was sure her mom could handle living with those old folks that were new to her.

Clarisse rang the bell a few times. She had always liked this house, its architecture, the landscaping, the attention to detaisl that were obvious to those who had discriminating taste. Then there were the hundreds of memories that were made and shared there. In the backyard around the back of the garage when they were sixteen, Amanda's brother had taken her there and had kissed her so many times. Then as they began to enjoy and master kissing they began to experiment with dry humping. Clarisse was amazed at her vivid recollection of the erotic memories that shaped her sexuality, especially from 20 or so years ago. 

 Amanda came to the door, she was looking a little flustered, she had just finished her shower after a very intense session of self pleasuring. She had been enjoying her new vibrating dong when Clarisse had showed up. Amanda had a big terrycloth towel wrapped around herself, but it was obvious she was a great looking babe just by her smooth shoulders well toned legs and well toned arms.

After letting Clarisse in she said, "Come on up. I was just about to get dressed." Amanda saw just enough to know something else was going on and that was enough to get her to follow Amanda upstairs. When Clarisse made it up stairs Amanda had let the towel fall to the floor and was standing there naked bending over the bed trying to hide her dong. With the dong in hand she turned around and saw Clarisse smiling.

She said, "I was gonna put my toy away."

Clarisse said, "No, let me put it away."

She went over to her, and as she crossed the room she opened her own blouse. She grabbed Amanda by the hand and kissed her mouth while her other hand had found Clarisse's smooth yet full ass. Amanda stopped her for a moment and said, "Do you want to start this now?" 

Clarisse said, "You already know that I can't resist you, and you let me see you fully naked, asking me that question doesn't deserve an answer it deserves kisses and so much more."

Then she took her hands and held Amanda's head and guided her mouth to the full lips of Amanda. While they kissed Amanda felt her own nipples swelling, this was always a sure sign of arousal for her. Those nipples looked like ripe cherries, wow, what a sight. And they were so sensitive. She knew whenever those swollen cherry nipples were loved, kissed or touched she could not stop the cascade of juicy feelings that signaled more sexual enjoyment was imminent, they were the key to her sexual world of enjoyment.

Clarisse was weak for breasts especially Amanda's because the were the first ones that Clarisse had ever enjoyed that were on someone else. Many times she had thought 'I must have been a man in a former life". Clarisse did not think of herself as gay or even bi; she knew that she enjoyed making love with Amanda more and more every time they had an opportunity. The chemistry was volatile in the sexiest way. Amanda liked guys but could not resist Clarisse because Clarisse took her girl cherry years ago, giving her her first non self induced orgasm. It was just amazing how they felt to each other and for each other. 

Amanda was usually passive but because of the session she was having before Clarisse came, she was already in the mood. She pushed Clarisse onto the bed all the while never letting go of her breast. Amanda was extra aroused because it felt great being the aggressor, a role she did not play with anyone before today. Amanda was really out of control because since she had not cum earlier she was determined to give a climax and get one at the same time now that she was in the drivers seat. Clarisse was moaning already when Amanda finally kissed her body all the way down to the beautifully manicured pubic bush. Oh the wetness!

"Oh my goodness!" Amanda said when she saw the creamy juice seeping out of the short cut tuft of hair around the sweet snatch. The odor of sex just drove Amanda higher and higher. 

Clarisse was bucking on the bed now to help her find that slippery wet pearl of pleasure. Amanda said, "My tongue will find it faster." So that is when she put her face in the furnace of wet female heat. As her tongue parted those lips, sucked those lips, then lightly lapping that sweet hole where the sweet cream was pouring out more and more yummy luv juice.

Then instinctively Amanda found that fully engorged and swollen pearl of a clit. She had made it seem like she did not know where it was but now there was no mistaking the fact, Amanda had done this before. Amanda's eyes were spinning in her head like a pinball machine on speed. Clarisse was bucking her pelvis in time with the rhythm of Amanda's tongue action.

Amanda worked that clit like Dolly Parton teasing her hair, licking it incessantly and then sucking. Sucking then licking, sucking then licking, licking then sucking. Amanda was so into it she had not realized that Clarisse had cum about six times already until the last time when she gushed a stream of woman cum into Amanda's face.
In the heat of the moment neither of them was aware that Kyle the brother of Amanda had come home and had been observing much of the steamy sex scene. He had got so turned on he had pulled his cock out and was pumping it and priming it till he had showered the wall in the hallway with his hot load of jizz.
But they were going so long he had got hard again and this is when he spoke up and said, "Excuse me, can I cOME in?"

Amanda moved aside. Clarisse had always hoped that one day a scene like this would happen. But as this moment unfolded in real time it was even hotter than she had imagined. Kyle had a cock worth showing ofF and after lots of practice he had learned how to work his tool. Since he had recently just unloaded a big load this second hard on was just a big and angry cock looking for a wet woman hole of pleasure.

Kyle drove his now fully extended cock into Clarisse, she gasped, and it wasn't even all the way in. She had never been stretched and filled so completely before. Her mouth was open in amazement but no sound came out. Then as that cock hit the deepest location Clarisse whispered in his ear, " Just let it sit right there baby, I've never had a real cock in that far before and I love it." And so he held it there, all the way in that sweet, wet love tunnel. 

It had been so long since she had had cock and to have unexpected cock and unexpected cock this big and hard was an insane treat. Since Kyle had already cum once in the hall he fucked Clarisse for a while before he even felt like it might happen again. She was enjoying every stroke, when she realized that Amanda was now about to mount her face. Clarisse saw those velvety thighs straddle her face and that wet pussy coming down on her face and she started cumming again, only Kyle joining her as he gushed into her pussy. Amanda was grinding her snatch into Clarisse's face, faster and faster as she got closer to her destination. Then the earthquake of pleasure started rumbling and building and shaking then Amanda went off like a Roman candle. Intense is such an understatement to describe how over the top that entire afternoon went.

No one wanted to go out to dinner after all that satisfaction, so the delivery man was called. When he arrived everybody was asleep and oh, so, so, satisfied.

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