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Pop Ups

Two couples find each other at a campground and find they share some kinky desires as well.
Day one, set up

Gary is the first man I’ve ever thought was handsome. No, that was just my politically correct way of saying, pretty. I guess I will just settle with good-looking.

Gary is two years younger than me at sixty-two. He’s probably a few inches shorter than my 6’2” and certainly weighs much less than me. I’d guess that Gary probably doesn’t weigh one hundred sixty pounds. I say that because that’s what I weighed when I graduated from high school and had a build similar to his.

What first caught my attention were Gary’s eyes. He has dark eyes with dark eyebrows and lashes and, if I didn’t know better, I’d swear he had on eye make-up. He’d just finished shaving when I first saw him so his face was as smooth as any young women’s. And, his face was as pretty as any young woman’s too! The reason I saw him right after he shaved was because we were in the facilities at a state park campground in Florida when we met that first time almost a year ago.

I’m a retired mail carrier and my wife, Jan, is a retired educator. We never had children and have done a lot of traveling in RV’s while we were working. When we retired we went without an RV for a year but decided we missed camping so we got a little pop up, similar to the first RV we owned, and have been checking out all of the wonderful state parks that we didn’t stay at with our larger RV’s.

Jan is an attractive fifty-nine year-old woman, 5’ 7”, one hundred fifty pounds or so, and her best feature has to be her pretty green eyes and great smile. Well, that is if you take your eyes off of those great tits long enough to see her face.

Nora, Gary’s wife, is a year younger than Jan and also a retired teacher. Nora is what I refer to as a little hottie. She’s only 5’1” or 5’2” at the most and can’t weigh a hundred pounds soaking wet. She’s a true blue eyed blonde and cute as a bug. Jan swears she’s never had a lesbian thought but I think she was as captivated by Nora as I was the first time we met Nora.

That was almost a year ago. Since then we’ve met them at four different state parks in Florida. They live over a hundred miles from us so our get togethers have been limited to campgrounds. Today we’re meeting them in the Keys at Bahia Honda State Park.

“Is that their car?” Jan pointed to the car with the camper behind at the gas station we just passed on Key Largo.

“Maybe,” I tried to look back but there were cars beside and close behind so I had to keep my attention on my driving, “want me to try to turn around?”

“No,” Jan reached down and got her cell out of her purse and as she was finding Nora’s number she added, “I’ll give her a call.”

I listened as Jan spoke to Nora and smiled at how I enjoyed the closeness the two shared. It was obvious that the two had enough in common, and liked each other enough, to become best friends.

I couldn’t help thinking how much I was looking forward to seeing Nora again too. And, I sure couldn’t help looking forward to that, now customary, tight hug and kiss right on the lips.

I don’t know which I enjoyed more, my hugs and kisses with little Nora or watching Jan and Gary hugging for so long, knowing that Gary was enjoying tits larger than he’s accustomed to, and seeing Jan kiss Gary right on his full lips. Except for a few couples we did some swapping with years ago, Gary is the only man that Jan kisses on the lips. And, you know, I don’t blame her because Gary does have extra nice lips for a man.

We were almost set up completely when Gary and Nora arrived at the campsite beside ours. I’d just opened my second beer and was hooking the garden hose to the camper. Jan had just sat down in the folding chair and was sipping on a glass of wine.

“Need a hand?” Gary came around to the back of the camper where I was and put out his hand to shake, as he usually does.

“Nope,” I took his hand and pulled him into me and hugged him as tightly as I planned on hugging his wife, “you know I’m a hugger!”

“Yep,” Gary hugged me back, “no homophobia about you.”

“Are you calling me gay?” I let go and grinned as I spoke.

“Naw,” Gary grinned back and added honestly, “I’m just not used to men hugging.”

And Gary wasn’t either. He’d been working as an accountant and most of their acquaintances had been accountants. All of those friendships were cordial and work-related. Like us, not having children, they didn’t have that common bond of kids to form more personal friendships. We were probably the first couple they’d become this close of friends with. Now that they were both retired they were glad to have found friends like us, and we them.

“So,” I had asked before but wanted to make sure, “does it make you uncomfortable?”

“A little,” Gary admitted, “but that’s my problem and not yours,” Gary paused and then added, “and I really do enjoy it Mike.” He stepped in and hugged me and as he did he added beneath his breath so only I could possibly hear, “but maybe not quite as much as feeling those great breasts when I hug Jan.”

“You know, Buddy,” I took this opportunity to admit something that I’d been wanting to admit to my friend, “I feel the same way about feeling those firm little, braless, breasts of your cute wife,” I was glad to have it said and decided to go one step further, “and I sure don’t mind you enjoying my wife.”

When we stepped apart we shared a knowing smile. I think this might have been something that Gary had been wanting to share as much as I had.

“Hey handsome,” Jan had just come around the camper as Gary and I had finished speaking, “I haven’t had my hug yet.” Nora was still in front of the camper getting herself a glass of wine so I had the pleasure of watching as Gary and Jan hugged for well over a minute and sharing several, not so short, kisses right on the lips.

When I realized that they weren’t finished yet I decided to allow them the privacy of the moment and walked back around the camper to see Nora bending over getting ice out of the chest for her glass.

And, what a gorgeous little butt hers was! I couldn’t resist and walked up and put my hands on each side of her hips and let myself, ever so lightly, make contact with her butt and my groin.

“I’ve sure missed you,” I spoke softly and sincerely, “it’s been way too long this time.”

“Me too,” Nora straightened up and turned around and put her arms up around my neck and kissed me sweetly on the lips, “we’ve been looking forward to this.”

“Us too,” I felt those firm little breasts and could tell that, as usual, Nora hadn’t worn a bra, “this is your first time in the keys, isn’t it?”

“Un-huh,” Nora whispered up to me, “but we’ve also been looking forward to being here with you two.”

“Well,” I leaned down and kissed those sweet lips one more time, “it is going to be a great week.”

“Okay you two,” Jan broke the moment, “do I need to get a bucket of water?”

“Hey,” I couldn’t help pointing out, “It’s not like you and Gary were just talking back there.”

“Okay,” Gary had just come around behind Jan, “if you two are going to argue then Nora and I might want to find another campsite.”

“You don’t want to be close to me anymore?” Jan turned and put her arms around Gary and pressed her assets firmly against his chest.

“This campsite will work very nicely,” Gary grinned and pulled Jan even closer and kissed her before turning to me, “want to help me set up?”

“Sure,” I didn’t hesitate and let go of Nora for the first time in the five minutes since we first began hugging, “let’s get ‘er’ done!”

While we were setting up their camper Jan and Nora had taken our little doggy for an exploratory walk around the campground.

“They look good together,” Gary nodded to the two wives walking away from us, “so different yet so much in common.”

“You like feeling Jan’s large tits against you, don’t you?” I kept a straight face as I spoke and then, with a smile, added, “and I sure enjoy those firm little breasts that Nora has.” I didn’t give Gary a chance to respond before adding, “And I get the best end of the bargain because Carol always wears bras.”

“That’s okay,” Gary grinned, “bras can be sexy too,” he paused and then finished, “I don’t think that Nora even owns one.”

“Well,” I decided to take it one step further, “just maybe we can get Jan’s off on this trip.”

“You think?” Gary caught himself, realizing that he’d spoken a little too quickly, “That would be way cool.”

“We’ll work on it,” I turned and returned to what I was doing with the slide out bunk, “Key West does have certain magic.”

“I’d kill to see Jan’s breasts,” Gary was speaking as much to himself as to me, “I’ve fantasized about them a lot.”

“Well,” I turned to face Gary and grinned, “let’s be sure to stop on the way and buy some beads.”

“Aren’t you two finished yet?” Nora asked as she and Jan returned to the campsite.

“Aw,” I grinned at Nora and then Jan, “we’ve been too busy talking about what a wonderful variety of female breasts we have with us.”

“You mean,” Nora thought before finishing, “one with and one without?”

“Well,” Gary looked right at Jan as he spoke, “the one with is certainly with very nice ones.”

Jan tried to look embarrassed but her flushing was more excitement than embarrassment.

“And,” I grinned and looked right at Nora’s chest, “the one without is only because those firm little wonders are without,” I hesitated a second to empathize, “a bra.”

“You’re terrible,” Nora stepped to me and hit me playfully on the arm, then she put her arms around my neck and pressed her body to mine and kissed me before finishing, “but you’re sweet too!”

When I let Nora go I noticed that Jan and Gary were kissing again too. Was this just wishful thinking or have things become a lot more personal and intimate in this relationship? A guy can hope!

“Let’s finish setting up and then go get something for dinner.” Gary was just getting their awning staked into the ground.

“Let me change shirts first.” Nora spoke first. “It was a long drive today.”

“Me too,” Jan added, “it won’t take a moment and I’ll be ready.”

“Hey guys,” I didn’t want to be a party pooper but, “I got pretty sweaty setting up two campers and want to take a shower before we go to a restaurant.”

“Me too,” Gary wiped the sweat from his thick, dark, eyebrows, “I’ll join you my friend.”

“Do you and Jan always kiss and hug your friends like you do with us?” Gary spoke without looking at me as we walked together to the facilities to shower.

“No,” I answered honestly and then added, “in fact Jan usually doesn’t even like it if I kiss some gal on the lips.”

“She kissed me on the lips first…,” Gary sounded almost defensive.

“I can’t blame her,” I spoke without thinking and was afraid I might have dug myself into a hole, “I mean,” I was obviously stammering and was glad when Gary helped me out of that hole.

“So,” Gary grinned and reached out and took my hand as if we were a couple, “you think I’d be nice to kiss me too?”

I didn’t speak but I certainly didn’t try to take my hand back either. I just needed some time to think and evaluate.

Like I said, I did think Gary was good looking.

I really liked the guy a lot.

Was he making a pass at me?

If so, would I reciprocate?

I don’t think Jan would care but, what about Nora?

Nothing else was spoken as we continued to walk hand-in-hand the short distance still to the facilities. I glanced over my shoulder just before we entered and saw Jan and Nora in deep conversation and probably totally unaware of me and Gary.

My mind was still whirling with thoughts as we went in and I’m guessing that Gary’s was too.

It was afternoon and we were the only ones in the men’s showers. Right after we entered I felt Gary squeeze my hand tentatively and I returned the gesture.

“We kiss each others wife,” Gary sounded very nervous but somehow managed to continue, “they kiss each other…,” he sounded like he’d lost his voice now.

“What the hell!” I pulled Gary to me and planted a quick kiss right on his lips!

“Now I won’t ever feel uncomfortable with our hugs again,” Gary grinned ear-to-ear and added, “what’s wrong with a hug when you’ve been kissing?”

“Kissing?” I raised my eyebrows. “There has only been one,” I hesitated before adding, “so far.”

We both laughed now and hugged one more time before going into separate shower stalls and undressing.

“By the way,” I spoke loud enough for Gary to hear me over the sound of the water but not loud enough for it to be heard outside, “you have nice lips.”

“You too,” Gary wasn’t quite as loud but I could hear him, “have you done that before?”

“Maybe,” I replied honestly and then asked, “and you?”

“Maybe.” Gary almost whispered but I heard.

As I showered I had thousands of thoughts going through my mind. I was trying to sort them all out and was surprised when I got down to wash my groin and found an erection so hard that I wondered how I hadn’t felt it before touching it with my hand.

“Are you hard too?” I said it and almost wished I hadn’t.

“As a rock!” Gary spoke and then chuckled.

“Me too,” I chuckled too as I spoke, “are we weird or what?”

“Naw,” Gary giggled and finished, “just horny buds!”

“I like that,” I responded and then added sincerely, “and I like you.”

“Hey buddy,” Gary spoke after a minute or two of silence as we were finishing our showers, “does Jan know?”

“Sort of,” I answered and then added, “she knows I’m interested,” I hesitated and then asked, “Nora?”

“She knew when we got married thirty years ago.” There was a long pause before Gary continued, “When we met I was living with a guy.” Gary didn’t give me a chance to respond before adding, “It wasn’t a serious relationship but we were a couple. Nora and I hit it off right away and have been happy together.”

I didn’t interrupt or comment wanting to let Gary finish.

“During all these years of marriage I’ve only been with men twice,” he hesitated and I’m sure he was glad we couldn’t see each other, “once alone when I was on a business trip, and after I confessed to Nora about that she suggested that from now on I should include her. I know she meant let her know but I decided I could pretend she meant a threesome so I invited a friend I know to do just that. That was the only other time since we’ve been married.”

“I’ve never been all the way with a guy but I’ve thought about it a lot.” I wanted to reassure Gary that I was with him and not condemning him. “I want to be with you, Gary.” I spoke very honestly and then just had to ask, “Did Nora enjoy the threesome?”

“I think she did but she said she really didn’t.” Gary was now speaking in a more normal tone. “I wanted her to do again but she just didn’t really want to so I didn’t push it.”

“Jan and I swapped with a few couples years ago.”

“Really,” Gary sounded unbelieving, “Jan?”

“Really,” I confirmed, “and like Nora, I think she just went along for me and she finally said no more.”

“We better get back before they come looking for us.” I suddenly realized how long we’d been.

“Hey,” Gary laughed and sounded like a completely different man, “let ‘em,” he paused and added, “we can have an all-out orgy in here.”

“Sounds good to me!” I laughed and could hear Gary laughing too.

Night one, hints


“You seemed different tonight at dinner.” Jan spoke as she was getting into bed.

“Really?” I questioned and then added, “In what way?”

“You seemed more relaxed than you usually are,” Jan thought and then continued, “and you were actually paying as much attention to me and Gary as you were Nora,” she pretended to be scolding as she finished, “and that’s very different.”

“Are you complaining?” I asked and waited for a reply.

“Not at all,” Jan grinned as she spoke, “it was kind of nice for a change,” she grinned more but then asked, “are you upset about something with Nora?”

“No,” I was quick to answer, “it’s just that I’m beginning to really feel comfortable with Gary now,” I tried to think of a way to explain it without admitting that me and Gary had opened up to each other about our mutual bisexuality, “and it makes me more appreciate him,” I wanted to reassure Jan so I finished with, “and I know how much he likes you and I guess I was just enjoying the two of you.” I thought a second and then asked, “You don’t think it hurt Nora’s feelings, do you?”

“No,” Jan began to whisper as she realized their friends were so close and didn’t want them to hear, “and if she noticed the difference too then she must have been just as happy.”

“Well I hope I didn’t seem like I was ignoring her.” I really was concerned that it might have seemed like I had lost interest in Nora. “Jan,” I hesitated before finishing, “you know I love you,” I kissed her and then continued, “but I really like Nora too!”

“Go tell,” Jan almost laughed out loud, “and I thought you were just being social when you hug and kiss her so much,” she grinned to show her Mike that she wasn’t upset about what she was about to say, “I know you think she’s hot and I don’t blame you.”

“She is,” I admitted, “isn’t she?” I thought for a moment and then added, “Are you thinking about being a little less straight?”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Hell yes!”

“Well it’s just not going to happen,” Jan was shaking her head, “and for your information,” Jan continued, “she’s as straight as I am.”

“Okay, so you aren’t going to make it with Nora,” I wasn’t about to let this opportunity drop, “how about Gary?” I didn’t wait for her to answer before adding, “I know you think he’s hot too.”

“He is hot, isn’t he?” Jan let her thoughts go to the good-looking man in the camper on the adjacent site. “Actually he’s quite beautiful.”

“Now that’s not a nice thing to say about a man,” I scolded my wife but then had to admit, “but it’s true, he is very beautiful.” I thought about our new friends and added, “Their both very beautiful people inside and out. I’m sure glad we stumbled into them, aren’t you?”

“Me too,” Jan agreed totally, “and Nora told me that she’s so glad they met us and that you and Gary are getting along so well. She said that he hasn’t had that many male friends since they’ve been married.”

“Really,” I was a little surprised, “I wonder why?”

“Mike,” Jan hesitated, wondering if she should share a confidence, “did you notice that Gary has a feminine quality about him?”

“Well, he is a pretty man,” I admitted but then defended Gary, “but he can’t help that.”

“He’s very pretty,” Jan agreed, “and I find him very appealing.”

“You know that I would be fine if you want to sleep with him.” I, always hoping for a miracle, blurted out.

“And you know that’s not going to happen.” Jan didn’t hesitate to answer. “And you know that Nora likes you a lot but she’s not about to sleep with you either.”

“Hey,” I wanted to lighten this topic, “a guy can dream.”

“Anyway,” Jan was again speaking in a low, serious, tone, “and don’t ever say that I told you this because it was said to me in confidence.”

“You know I won’t.” And she did know that I could keep any secret.

“Gary was in a gay relationship before he met, and married, Nora.”

“I know,” I figured my best bet was honesty, “he told me about that.”

“So,” Jan smiled with understanding now, “that’s why you two are so much more relaxed around each other.” Jan nodded her head in approval. “I’m glad for you and Gary both.” She didn’t give me time to respond before adding, “it’s nice the two of you have this friendship.”

“I’m glad too,” I admitted, “it’s been a while since I’ve had such a close guy friend.” I decided to put it all out on the table and added, “He told me about his few bisexual experiences and I wanted to reassure him that I was okay with it so I admitted that I have some thoughts there too.”

“That’s sweet of you,” Jan smiled and added as if it were simply the obvious next thing to ask, “have you two kissed?”

“Well, uh,” I knew I was stammering and couldn’t help it, “it was just a quick kiss between friends.”

“Honey,” Jan hugged me and patted my back, “you two guys are friends and what you do as friends is your business and nobody elses.”

“So,” I kissed Jan sweetly to show my appreciation of her understanding, “We’ll be like the military once was,” I paused and saw her confusion before clarifying, “don’t ask/don’t tell.”

“I don’t think you’d have the guts to do any more than a hug and kiss so I don’t mind what you do.” Jan looked into my eyes and confirmed, “Don’t ask/don’t tell it is with Gary. I love and trust you both.”


“I wonder what they’re talking about?” Nora whispered as she cuddled up to Gary.

“Probably about how much they both want to fuck us.”

“Well,” Nora smiled knowing where this would lead, “I’m thinking that Jan is wanting your beautiful cock right between her large breasts.”

“And,” Gary continued with their fantasizing together, “I’m betting that Mike is asking Jan if he can put that ten inch cock of his in your tight little pussy.”

“Is Mike that large,” Nora didn’t give Gary a chance to respond before excitedly adding, “did you see it in the showers?”

“No,” Gary admitted, “we weren’t naked in front of each other,” he honestly said and then, to get back the their favorite sex game, “but I’m betting he’s pretty large.”

“Umm,” Nora reached down and took Gary’s, fairly large and hard, cock in her hand, “I want his cock in me right now.”

“You want Mike to fuck you right now?” Gary loved their sex games.

“Yes,” Nora turned on her side facing away from her husband and reached back and guided his hard cock into herself. “fuck me hard Mike.”

“Would you really like to fuck Mike?” Gary whispered into Nora’s ear as they lay together after they’d both cum.

“You know the answer,” Nora didn’t hesitate, “I love the playing about it but I’d never be comfortable really doing it.” She thought a moment and then asked, “Would you really fuck Jan?”

“If neither of us were married,” Gary paused, “hell yes.”

“Good answer.” Nora smiled at her husband’s politically correct response and then added, “Would you have sex with Mike?”

“Absolutely,” Gary was honest but then added, “if he agreed and I knew it wouldn’t make you and Jan angry.”

“It wouldn’t upset me at all,” Nora admitted, “I like Mike and am glad that you’ve made such a great friend.” Nora thought about Mike and what they were saying and had to add, “But I don’t think that Mike is anyone you should approach.”

“You just might be surprised.” Gary waited for a response.

“I would be very surprised, “Nora turned and looked at her husband’s face before asking, “why, do you know something that I don’t?”

“We were talking in the showers and I told him about Larry.”

“You told him about being in a gay relationship?” Nora sounded apprehensive.

“Well,” Gary paused, “yes,” he paused again, “we were talking about how we all hug and kiss each other, even you and Jan, and he just kissed me.”

“On the cheek?” Nora asked.

“No,” Gary watched for Nora’s reaction, “right on the lips like he does you.”

“What else did you two do?” Nora was really curious now.

“We showered and got dressed and went to dinner with two beautiful women.” Gary, truthfully, stated.

“I’m glad you’ve found Mike,” Nora kissed Gary and then finished, “and I like him too and if you two find pleasure with each other then it’s something special and I’m happy.”

Day two, Kayaks

“Did you know that Gary told Mike about his gay relationship?” Nora was washing her hair and knew that she and Jan were the only two in the ladies facility.

“Mike told me last night.”

“Is Mike okay with it,” Nora didn’t give Jan a chance to respond before adding, “Gary really likes Mike and I’m so glad that he’s found such a great friend that I’d hate for something said to ruin it.”

“Nora,” Jan turned the water off in her shower so she could speak better, “Mike is fine with it.”

“Jan,” Nora hesitated seeking the right words, “Gary seems to think that Mike might be a bit bi,” she wondered if that was the right word to use, “or at least not homophobic,” she paused and went on, “he really isn’t, is he?”

“It surprised me too when he admitted it to me ten, or so, years ago,” Jan was smiling, remembering that moment she found out, “but yes,” she paused and then added, “and I think it’s hot.”

“I’ve always thought it was hot about Gary too.” Nora relaxed now and spoke in a normal tone. “Do you think this will go beyond just talking between them?”

“Personally,” Jan chuckled, “I don’t think that Mike has the gumption to go further than just talk.” She thought a second before adding, “But if it did, well that would be way hot!”

“You’d be okay with it?” Nora sounded surprised.

“Hell yes,” Jan laughed and admitted, “I’d be fine with it and think it’d be hot as hell!” She laughed again and added, “But, seriously, it’s like us talking about swapping husbands, it’s just talk.”

“That’s probably true,” Nora admitted, “but if they do find sexual pleasure together it’s fine with me.”

“Me too,” Jan turned her water back on as she spoke, “what would you like to do today?”

“They rent Kayaks at the office,” Nora spoke as if their conversation had been about what to have for breakfast, “let’s rent them and go out in the bay.”

“Sounds like fun,” Jan answered, “but first let’s get our boys to buy us breakfast.”

“Works for me!” Nora agreed and then stepped out of the shower just as Jan was doing the same. “I sure envy your breasts. You know, I thought about implants a few years ago but chickened out about the surgery.”

“You’d get tired of them really fast,” Jan lifted her breasts with both hands, “they can get awfully heavy.” She smiled and then returned the compliment to her friend, “and yours sure do fit the term, perky,” Jan looked at Nora’s breast, “I’d sure trade you.”

“Too bad we can’t trade every now and then,” Nora grinned, “I sure bet the boys would love that.” She saw Jan grinning too and so she added, “Gary was telling me last night how much he’d love to be between yours.”

“And,” Jan answered, “Mike loves the feel of yours when you two hug and would love nothing more than to get to kiss and suck them.” She laughed and finished, “It would be cool to trade for a day, and night.”

“Breasts,” Nora grinned and then added, “or husbands?”

“Mike,” Gary was smiling as he spoke while looking in the mirror as he shaved with Mike at the sink next to him doing the same, “Nora loved the way you fucked her last night.”

“I fucked Nora last night?” I turned to look at my friend in confusion.

“Absolutely,” Gary chuckled, “and she came really hard too!”

“Oh,” I realized what Gary meant now, “you two role-play?”

“It’s always been one of our favorite things to do,” Gary loved it that he and Mike could now be so totally open and honest with each other, “and she really enjoys it when I’m you.”

“Really,” I was flattered and getting a little turned on thinking about it, “I wish Jan liked role playing more.” I thought about the few times that me and Jan had role-played about other people. “She’s been a shemale for me a few times, but that’s about it.”

“A shemale?” Mike had gotten Gary’s interest. “With a strap-on?”

“Yeah, a few times,” I answered and then went on, “but then we found a feeldoe and that lets Jan have some pleasure too.”

“A what?” Gary hadn’t heard the word.

“A feeldoe,” I explained, “it’s a special shaped dildo that can go inside the woman with the other end being a cock. When I suck on it, it goes in and out just enough to give her pleasure too.”

“You said, too,” Gary raised an eyebrow, “do you enjoy sucking on it?”

“Yes,” I was blushing a little, “yes I do.” I turned and noticed that Gary’s towel was tenting a little so I felt less uncomfortable with the conversation and my own tent. “I love the thought of sucking a cock.”

For the first time the two of us really looked at each other’s bodies. I couldn’t help but notice that Gary had no hair on his chest at all.

“Gary,” he’d caught me staring so I figured I’d go ahead and ask, “do you shave all over?”

“I do,” Gary grinned and went on, “Larry liked me that way and when I first slept with Nora, well, she thought it was really hot so I’ve continued it all these years.” Gary thought for a second then asked me, “Does it bother you?”

“Not at all,” I honestly answered, “it’s just different, but then,” I grinned and finished, “I love different.” Gary just stood motionless in front of me and I continued staring at his smooth chest. “Can I feel your chest?”

“If I can feel your hairy chest,” Gary reached over and began gently rubbing the blonde hairs of my chest as he spoke, “you’re more than welcome to feel anything you like of mine.”

I loved the feel of his hands on my chest and I could feel my nipples hardening about as much as my cock had in anticipation.

I reached out and my hands felt how smooth his chest really was. I would have thought that there would be some stubble but there wasn’t. I closed my eyes and imagined that it was Nora’s hands on my chest, and now gently pinching my nipples, and that it was her chest that I was feeling of. I found Gary’s nipples and felt them, like mine, they begin to firm up under the pressure of my fingers.

With my eyes still shut I leaned forward and sucked each nipple in turn. I felt Gary’s hands pushing me back up and then his mouth going down to my sensitive, desiring, nipples.

After several minutes of that pleasure I felt his face close to mine and his lips joining my lips in mutually desired pleasure. I didn’t really know exactly what to expect but was thrilled when his tongue tentatively touched my lower lip. That was all that was necessary to initiate a kiss that was as enjoyable as any I’ve ever experienced.

After that first, long, kiss I wanted more but I also wanted more than just kissing so I bent down and returned to those hard, wonderful, nipples. I worked both with my lips, tongue and teeth and then wanted my mouth to explore lower.

His belly was as smooth as his chest and when I unwrapped his towel I found a groin equally as smooth.

I opened my eyes now and saw a really beautiful cock. It wasn’t all that large but plenty large enough but it was truly beautiful. I only felt it on my tongue for one magical second before I heard the tell-tell squeaking of the entrance door.

Fortunately, the man went straight to one of the shower stalls and didn’t see the huge erections that Gary and I possessed.

“Close, huh?” Gary was re-wrapping the towel around himself as he grinned and spoke.

“Too close,” I grinned back and adjusted my own towel, “we need to be more careful.”

“We do at that,” Gary agreed and then added, “that was really special, Mike.”

“Very!” I nodded and then added, “Perfect beginning to a lasting friendship.”

After breakfast in Marathon Key the four of us rented Kayaks. Both women had worn fairly vanilla bikini’s and Gary had on a Speedo. I couldn’t help but think about how many times Jan had made fun of older men wearing Speedos. But Gary wore it well and his nice cock, that I now have experience with, and balls, that I will soon know well too, showed very nicely and I think that Jan would have to agree.

I’d simply worn a standard pair of boxer-type trunks.

I could tell that Gary and Nora were fairly experienced with the little boats and I am always a fast learner but Jan kept turning over.

Since Gary was more experienced than me we decided he would be more suited to show Jan how to row. I couldn’t help but notice that, as he stood in the water beside her, he could easily see down her top and I hoped he was seeing all he desired. I, in turn, was paddling beside Nora and wondering just what wonderful sight was beneath that flimsy fabric of her top.

Jan finally had the hang of it enough to keep from turning over and the four of us paddled out to a small island with just enough beach for the four of us to sit and talk.

Gary and I had managed to get soft-sided coolers in our Kayaks so we had plenty of beer for ourselves and some wine for the girls.

“How many of those little bottles of wine did you bring,” Jan looked surprised when I handed her and Nora the third each, “anyway?”

“Hopefully,” I grinned as they both accepted their next, “enough to get those tops off.”

“I’ll second that motion.” Gary quickly chimed in.

To our surprise and delight, the women looked at each other with knowing smiles and, without a word, both removed the bikini tops.

“Well,” Nora spoke while still holding her bikini top out, “does that make you two happy?”

“Damn Nora,” I was looking at the most fabulous, long, nipples I’ve ever had the pleasure of, “more than the spoken word can say!”

“I totally agree,” Gary was staring at Jan’s bare breasts, “I’m speechless.”

I honestly think that Jan and Nora were enjoying being admired as much as Gary and I were enjoying admiring each others wive’s bare breasts. And Gary was so correct about being speechless because there was very little conversation during that late morning and afternoon in the sun with four beautiful breasts on display.

“I need to get out of the sun,” Nora was really the first to break the trance of silence, “I’m going to burn even with the sunscreen.

“Me too,” Jan agreed, “let’s head back to the park.

“I’ve still got beer and the ice isn’t melted,” Gary was looking in his little cooler bag, “I’d like to stay and finish it.

“I would too,” I had some left as well, “you two go ahead and we’ll be there in plenty of time to go to dinner.”

We watched as the two women paddled off toward the park.

“Do you think they’ll remember to put their tops back on before they get close to the park?” Gary laughed.

“How many wines did they have?” I laughed too and then added, “I’m sure that none of the men will mind if they don’t.”

“Well,” Gary added, “some of the women won’t either.”

I hadn’t thought about that and admitted it, “I just don’t think about how many women are bi or lesbian, you know.”

“It might surprise you.” Gary opened another beer and took a deep swig, “and it might also surprise you how many men are gay or bi.”

“Really,” I took a swig too, “would you say you’re more on the hetero side of bi or the gay side?” I thought how nice it was to be able to speak so frankly with a friend.

“You know,” Gary looked thoughtful, “I’ve given that a lot of thought.” He took another sip of his beer, “If I’m in bed with a woman, I’m straight as an arrow for that moment. And if I’m with a man I guess I’m completely gay for that moment.”

“When you and Nora had the threesome,” I looked Gary in the eyes, “did you want the sex to be with her or the other guy?”

“Honestly,” Gary grinned, “the other guy because he was new.” Gary then added, “But it was really hot watching Nora with him too.”

“I know what you mean,” I nodded in thought, “one of the hottest visions I’ve ever had was watching Jan with the husband the first time we swapped.

“Did you want to touch the guy?” Gary was now looking out to sea as he spoke.

“I sure did,” I honestly admitted, “and I did get to touch him while I was inserting him in Jan.” I paused a moment and finished, “I sure wanted to get under them and lick them both while they fucked.”

“I had that pleasure with Nora and our friend and it was wonderful.” Gary turned now and looked at me. “You know, there hasn’t been a single boat come by all day,” he stood and let his Speedo slip down and off, “and if they did, well, it is the Keys.”

I was still seated and when his Speedo dropped his beautiful cock was at eye level.

I reached under his scrotum and felt of his testicles for the first time. They were larger than I expected and felt good in my left hand.

I leaned in and took as much of his cock into my mouth as I could and began exploring it with my mouth and tongue.

I reached around with my right hand and began squeezing his firm ass cheeks and then, as I began to really suck his cock, I gently fingered his anus.

I only let his cock out of my mouth long enough to tell Gary that I wanted him to cum in my mouth and not hold back.

I sucked in earnest and it wasn’t long before I could feel is testicles tightening in my left hand and I inserted my right index finger an inch or two into his anus. He began ejaculating and I managed to swallow, and enjoy, every drop.

“That was wonderful,” Gary finally sat down and spoke, “now it’s time for me to return the favor.”

“Another time,” I opened two more beers and handed one to Gary, “and there will be plenty of other times.”

Night two, Duvol Street

The drive to Key West from the campground was magical. Not only the normal, if you can call A1A down there normal, beauty of the place, but the relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere in the car.

Gary was in the passenger seat in the front with me, and Jan and Nora were in the back. And the nice part was that, unlike so many times with other couples, it was one enjoyable conversation and not two.

“So,” Jan grinned as she spoke to the front of the car, “are you two going to join the natives tonight?”

I thought I understood what she asked but I didn’t want to risk an incorrect answer so I didn’t speak.

“If you’re talking about going to the gay bars,” Gary spoke as if it were the most normal thing in the world to say, “why don’t we all join the natives?”

“What do you mean?” Nora was like me and evidently not sure where this was going.

“Well,” Gary thought a second before going on, “from what I’ve heard of Duvall Street, we could park near the beach and work our way to Mallory Square.” He didn’t give anyone a chance to interrupt before continuing, “ I’ve heard that there are lots of really wonderful restaurants on the first part of our walk and we can just be two normal couples, as we sometimes are, and have a very nice meal.” He reached back and took Nora’s hand as he was saying that, then he reached over and placed his hand on mine which was on the steering wheel. “And I’ve heard that beginning in about the 900 block there are mostly gay bars.” Gary pulled my right hand from the steering wheel and, holding it high enough for the girls to see, kept holding it. “So we can switch partners and be a gay and lesbian set of couples while we bar-hop those bars.” He then let go of my hand and reached, again, to the back seat only this time taking Jan’s hand. “And I’ve heard that just before Mallory Square are mostly swinger’s bars.” He squeezed Jan’s hand and grinned, “Do I need to explain?”

“Oh,” Jan was the first to speak after Gary had finished, “How deliciously evil.”

“Sounds like fun to me,” I was very relieved, and pleased, to hear that Jan found the idea as cool as I did.”

“And,” Nora added, “we can be two married couples again at Mallory Square and then make our way back toward the car.” She patted me and Gary on the backs and then placed her hand on Jan’s thigh. “We can be swingers once more, then gay couples,” she thought a second and finished, “then we’ll just see where we end up.”

The rest of the drive was a serious of speculations and dares and it wasn’t long at all before we were parked two blocks north of the 1200 block of Duvol Street.

“I love you,” I whispered in Jan’s ear as we walked along holding each other tightly, “are you really going to enjoy this?”

“I love you too,” Jan leaned her head against my shoulder, “and, sure, I think I love these too as well.”

Dinner was really, really good and I even felt the white table cloths were appropriate for the meal and the mood. We all shared a very nice bottle of wine too so we were calmed when we left the restaurant and walked past the 1100 block.

At the 1000 block, just as we crossed the side street and stepped on the curb, Jan let go of my hand and stepped around Gary and put her hand in Nora’s.

“Hey bud,” she spoke sternly to Gary, “you get your paws off of my girlfriend.”

We all laughed and I put my arm around Gary’s shoulder and he put his around my waist.

We laughed and teased down the 1000 and 900 blocks and then in the 800 block we went into a bar. It was the 801 Bourbon bar and when we walked in we noticed that Jan and Nora were the only female women there. I say, female, because there were a couple of drag queens.

I sat down at the bar and Gary sat beside me. Jan and Nora took a nearby table. Every time I looked over my shoulder at the table, the two women were simply sipping their drinks and watching us.

“Don’t you wish they’d kiss each other or something?” Gary spoke softly enough that the wives couldn’t possibly hear. “I sure wish they were bi too.”

“Me too,” I answered in just as soft a tone, “it would make it easier for me.”

“It’s not easy?” Gary sounded confused. “Are you uncomfortable about Jan knowing you’re bi?”

“A little,” I whispered back, “I just keep thinking that if she actually sees me that she’ll freak out and it’ll change her feelings about me.”

“I thought that too when I first met Nora and knew she knew.” Gary put his hand on my thigh and it was up pretty close to my groin. I knew it was just accidental but I couldn’t help being a little turned on by it. Then he squeezed my thigh and, I guess noticing my expression, he moved it even higher and spoke a little more loudly. “The women know we’re bi and think it’s hot,” He now actually placed his hand on the outside of my slacks right over my cock, “let’s give them a bit of a show.”

I’d already noticed several of the male couples kissing, not only while dancing but while sitting at the bar or at tables. I didn’t feel comfortable doing anything right there at the bar so I stood and asked Gary to dance.

The dance floor was just to the right of the bar where we’d been and it was only two steps before Gary melted into my arms and we swayed with the music. As I turned I noticed that Jan and Nora were right behind Gary and smiling big time. So I let my right hand slip down from Gary’s back and to his butt and squeezed it. Jan grinned even bigger.

“Mmm,” Gary murmered into my ear and put is arms around my neck and settled in even closer to me,”that’s nice.”

I felt Gary’s cock hardening and realized how women must have felt this same thing at times that I became hard while dancing with them. As I felt him getting harder and harder I could feel my own cock, against his, getting hard too. I used my hand on his ass to pull out cocks even closer together.

Just as the song was ending Gary came in and put his lips on mine. I forgot all about Jan and Nora and returned his kiss while still firmly holding onto his ass. I felt as Gary’s one hand came from around my neck and down in between us and grasp my cock through my slacks. I felt his tongue enter my mouth at the same time I felt his hand squeeze my cock.

I have no idea how long that kiss lasted but I suddenly needed to see Jan’s expression and broke the kiss, moved slightly away from Gary, and looked around for Jan. I was very relieved to see her still smiling.

Instead of returning to the bar, Gary and I simply got our drinks and sat down at the table with the women.

“That was sweet,” Jan whispered in my ear, “and very hot too.”

“Thank you,” I whispered back, “I love you so much.”

“And,” Jan kissed my cheek, “I love you just as much.”

I looked over and could see Gary and Nora kissing too. I think we’d totally confused every man in the 801 Bourbon.

For the next several blocks we went in other bars where Gary and I danced. As much as we tried to convince Jan and Nora that they should join us on the dance floor, the kept saying they preferred to just watch. I wondered if they were both really wanting to but didn’t want to be the one to suggest it or if they really just wanted to watch us.

“If I’m not mistaken,” I pointed to the rooftop of one of the bars we were now passing, “that’s a nude bar up there.”

“Cool,” Gary instantly replied, “let’s all go up.”

“Not me,” Jan was quick to answer, “go ahead if you want but I’m staying down here.”

“Me either,” Nora seemed to be more comforting Jan than not wanting to go, “we’ll wait for you.”

Gary and I agreed that we didn’t want to go alone. We were now out of the gay area and it might seem weird. So we walked another block or two.

“That’s the tallest building on Key West.” I was pointing up at the hotel across the street. “And there’s a really nice bar on the roof.”

“Let’s go up.” Nora sounded excited. “How do you get there?”

“Let’s go to that Starbucks.” Jan grinned as she spoke.

“Starbucks,” Gary and Nora questioned in unison then Nora continued, “you want coffee?”

“Hell no,” Jan laughed and explained, “it’s where the elevator that goes up there is.”

I relished he using the expletive. Jan seldom does and when she does it usually means that her inhibitions are way down. That’s a good thing tonight.

We went to the top and had two drinks while walking around the roof looking at the city. Jan and I, Gary and Nora, were just two couples now and not always together. I noticed them kissing several times and took each opportunity I could to kiss my own wonderful wife.

“Aren’t we almost to the blocks where the swinger’s bars are?” Nora asked as we were heading down in the elevator.

“Actually, yes,” Jan was the one to answer her, “the next block begins the three swinger’s bar blocks before Mallory Square.” Jan suddenly let go of my hand and stepped in between Nora and Gary and put her arms around Gary’s neck and gave him a very hot kiss.

Now I couldn’t tell if there was any tongue involvement but it didn’t really matter because, either with or without, that was one hot kiss. I noticed that Nora’s jaw had dropped a little and she was just as surprised as I was.

As the kiss continued I noticed that one of Gary’s hands was now on Jan’s butt and the other one was somewhere in between them.

“That’s hot,” Nora finally spoke and then turned to me and asked, “turn about?”

“Sounds fair to me,” I smiled and stepped over to Nora and pulled her to me.”

We’d hugged and kissed many times but this was instantly different. I felt as her arms went around my neck and she pulled herself up enough that her feet were off the ground making her body full against mine. I reached around her and, pretending to help hold her up, paced both of my hands under her butt cheeks. I’d never felt her ass before and it was really nice. We didn’t have time to make that kiss go passionate before the doors opened into Starbucks.

When we went into the next bar the music was playing loudly and couples were making out on the dance floor. I didn’t even wait to order drinks for me and Nora. I pulled her out on to the dance floor and within the first two steps finished that kiss that had been started, and not consummated, in the elevator. Nora could certainly kiss!

We danced, we kissed, we fondle, we simply made out on that dance floor and I, honestly, have no clue what Gary and Jan had done or were doing. I really didn’t care at that moment. As much as I’ve always more enjoyed watching her with the other men than what I was doing with the other wives, this was different. I was enjoying Nora at least as much.

After three songs we found Gary and Jan at the bar and the four of us decided it was close enough to sunset to go to the square.

I think all four of us were reluctant to change partners back but we knew it was the correct thing to do. And, honestly, it was nice having Jan back with me. But I couldn’t help but notice how Jan was flirting with Gary, and he her, just as much as Nora and I were flirting.

After the sunset we started back up Duval Street. As we stepped off the curb from the square we all quickly changed places again.

We only had three blocks of the swinger’s section and, I don’t know about Gary and Jan but, Nora and I certainly took advantage of it.

I was totally enjoying the passionate kisses and the feel of her firm ass but unsure about anything more until I felt her hand on my cock. That gave me the permission I so wanted and I put my hand on her breast and found it was just as wonderful as it looked, even through her silky blouse.

On one of the dance floors she put her hand between us and slipped it down inside my slacks and underwear and played with my hard cock and balls. I slipped one of my hands inside her blouse and the other down the back of her slacks and panties. That was a very wonderful dance song that ended far to quickly.

When that song ended I noticed that Gary was leading Jan back to a table. When he sat down she sat on his lap. I led Nora to the same table and sat down, pulling he into my own lap. As we began a very normal conversation I noticed that Jan was squirming around on Gary’s lap just as much as Nora was mine. I could feel Nora’s ass grasping my cock and I almost came right there in my pants.

We were finally out of the swinger’s area and switched partners back.

“Are you still having fun?” I whispered in Jan’s ear and kissed her neck.

“Very much,” Jan leaned back against me and felt my hard cock, “and it seems like you are too.”

“Very much!”

It was pretty dark now and as we passed by the first of the gay bars Gary and I walked together again with Nora and Jan following behind us.

“Why don’t you two kiss again?” Nora chided behind us.

“Why don’t you two?” I had stopped and turned around and waited.

They did. As much as it surprised both Gary and me, they kissed. And it was just about as passionate as a kiss could be.

“There,” Jan spoke when they broke the kiss, “now it’s your turn.”

So, we did kiss again in front of the wives and then the four of us simply kept walking back to the car only, this time when we got into the restaurant blocks, we didn’t switch back partners.

“Gary,” we heard Nora but could barely see her because it was so dark where the car had been parked, “you said that Mike had given you a wonderful blow job on the beach but you hadn’t been able to return the favor.”

“Really?” Jan pretended to be shocked but was, actually, a little surprised. “Mike, you didn’t mention that.”

“Well,” I thought quickly, “it’s the don’t tell part.”

“So?” Both Jan and Nora spoke at almost the same time.

Gary and I were standing on the passenger side of the car now.

I felt as Gary stepped close to me and took my belt in his hands. It wasn’t totally dark but close to. I could feel him unbuckling me and then unzipping me and letting me slacks drop to my knees. I felt him fondling my, now very hard, cock through my underwear and then pushing them down to join my slacks.

I first felt his breath on my groin, then his tongue on my testicles. He teased beneath my cock for longer than I wanted before he engulfed my cock and began deep throating it. It was at this point that the blow job became very audible.

I guess it was just too much for the two women, high on alcohol and lust, to take and they just needed to see. I looked down and could now easily see Gary sucking my cock. I turned and noticed that Jan and Nora had gotten back into the car, Jan in front and Nora in back on the passenger side by us and they’d, intentionally, left the door ajar to keep the interior lights on.

I didn’t look at the two women for long though. Gary was an expert and it didn’t take him long to receive his reward for a wonderful blow job.

“That was about the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” Jan was squirming in her seat.

“That was hotter than when I first saw Gary giving head.” Nora agreed.

“That has to be, by far, the best oral I’ve ever had,” I quickly corrected, “except for Jan’s.

“Hell, Mike,” Jan didn’t hesitate, “you’re just lying through your teeth,” she chuckled and finished, “I’ve never been that good.”

“Hey,” Gary looked at Jan daringly, “let me be the judge.”

I was a little shocked that Gary would even suggest it. But I was more shocked that Jan would take the dare. But she did and within seconds she was out of the car, had Gary’s pants and panties down, and was sucking his cock for all she was worth.

I think the sheer surprise of it was responsible for Gary not lasting long. Jan was grinning big as she stood up with some of Gary’s cum still on her lips.

“Kiss me.” Jan looked me right in the eyes.

I did, we frenched and swapped Gary back and forth between our mouths.

“Well?” After our kiss Jan had turned back to Gary and asked?

“Close,” Gary responded and then added, “but I’m still a little better.”

“Jeez, I’m horny.” Nora had been in the back seat and had her hand inside her own slacks now. “What about us girls?”

“We could fuck you both right here if you’d like?” Gary offered but then had to admit. “It might be a little difficult to get hard again so quickly though.”

“We are,” I added, “over sixty you know,” I thought a moment and then finished, “but we could finger fuck you two to orgasm.”

“That sounds like fun,” Gary joined, “move over Nora and get those pants off.”

“Gary,” Nora didn’t move, “you got a blow job from Jan and I’m going to get a hand job, but not from you,” she began to get out of the back seat and into the front seat as she finished, “but from Mike.”

I couldn’t believe my luck. I’d just had a wonderful first blow job from my new friend. I’d just been allowed to watch my beautiful, sexy, wife suck my friend’s cock. And now I was going to be allowed to explore that hot pussy of this hot little woman.

“And I gave you a good blow job,” Jan slipped her panties off from under her dress and hoped in the back seat and patted the seat beside her, “you jump in here and give me the orgasm that I earned.”

“Only if I get to suck those great tits too.” Gary spoke as he quickly got in.

And Gary did get to suck them. I could hear him slurping along with the slurping sounds of his fingers in Jan’s wet pussy.

I drove with one hand and worked Nora with the other one. After about two miles of being out of the lights of Key West, Nora took off her blouse and began pinching those long, hard, nipples.

I couldn’t take it and found a safe place to pull over. I immediately went to those nipples and sucked them like I might a little dick while I fingered that tight, wet, little pussy.

I have no idea, nor do I care, how long we were parked there. The car smelled like pure sex as the women got out and changed places again. It was late when we got back to the campground and we were all spent, emotionally, physically, and sexually.

Breaking camp, the next morning

“Wake up sleeping beauty,” I finally couldn’t stand it and wanted to know how she felt about what we’d done the day before, “it’s almost noon.”

“Noon,” Jan opened her eyes and looked at the clock in the camper, “have they left?”

Gary and Nora had further to go to get home and had said that they needed to be on the road fairly early.

“Yes,” I kissed Jan after I answered and then after the kiss continued, “they said to tell you goodbye and they’re sorry they missed their hugs and kisses with you.”

“Were they okay about yesterday?” Jan sounded apprehensive and probably thought that they might have left without waking her to avoid seeing her.

“They were,” Mike smiled and continued, and they said that it isn’t something they’d want to do all the time but it was fun and they had no regrets.”

“It isn’t something we’d want to do all the time, at that.” Jan agreed.

“Are you okay with it?” Mike finally asked the obvious.

“It was fun,” Jan couldn’t help but grin thinking about all the things she saw and experienced the day and night before, “but I wouldn’t want to do it all the time either.”

“So,” Mike raised his eyebrows, “you’d consider a repeat?”

“Sure,” Jan almost surprised herself with her quick answer but then limited it with, “when, like yesterday, the situation was just right.?” She thought a second and added, “I really do like them both and that’s part of what made it so much fun.”

“Me too,” Mike agreed, “and it wouldn’t have been as fun, or as guilt free this morning, if we weren’t all such good friends first.”

“Did they say when they can meet us again?”

“Actually they did,” Mike hesitated and qualified it, “of course with your agreement, next month.”

“Oh,” Jan had to think about that, “that’s awfully soon for something like that.”

“Trust me,” Mike chuckled, “it’s not going to be anything like yesterday,” he chuckled again knowing his wife, “in fact, quite the opposite and very ‘G’.” Mike waited for Jan to ask what but she didn’t. “We’re thinking of meeting at Disney and staying at the campground there. We all know how much you like Disney. And, Gary is just as much a mouse lover as you are.”


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