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Power Chapter 26: Freshman Year

I was discovering that I enjoyed love more than sex
I returned to school in the middle of Freshman Week. I was in an upperclassman dorm so I could drink whenever I wanted to. Janice and the cataloging were coming along well. Since we had already cataloged all shows through the middle of summer, there were only maybe fifty or sixty a week to catalog, which took little time.

Mike, our senior resident, told me that a bunch of freshmen would be coming over for Q&A that night. They were short one senior and asked if I, a lowly sophomore, wanted to sit in. I remembered my own Q&A session, and how it had led to my first sexual contact with Jay. Sure, I’d sit in.

About 30 baby-faced freshmen showed up along with some seniors. I knew Mike and Zeke, but not the other two seniors. It was “déjà vu all over again.” Mike again wore boxers. One senior was in Superman briefs, Zeke and the other guy in boxer briefs. I was in tighty-whiteys. Surprise, no?

A couple of the freshmen had worn clothes, a few others had worn sweats. Two were nude. The rest were in underwear. The naked guys would learn.

The questions were surprisingly similar to the ones asked at my Q&A. I volunteered to field the one about going naked full-time. I gave them Charlene’s “modesty and mystery” speech. Mike added that he went naked in the dorm but otherwise wore clothes everywhere.

A senior named Leslie handled the question about women having access to the men’s dorms but men being barred from the women’s dorms. A couple of the freshmen sniggered about him having a girl’s name. Leslie effortlessly picked up a barbell he had brought in anticipation of the situation and handed it to one of the sniggering freshmen. The guy immediately dropped it on his own foot and screamed. “This motherfucker weighs a ton!”

“Yep, my name is Leslie. Actually, it’s Leslie, Junior. Anybody else want to make fun of my father?” The rest of the freshmen decided to leave comedy to the professionals.

Zeke handled the situation when the issue of same-sex intimacy came up. His speech sounded like Jack’s had, almost word for word. His first blow job had been with Leslie (no sniggering this time). Yes, first meant that there had been others. He was pretty sure Mike had never had sex with a guy; otherwise, all of the rest of us had. Except for Charlie (the guy in the Superman briefs), we were all straight. I didn’t care that Zeke knew about my sex with Jay, just wondered casually how he had come across the information.

We actually got a new question, this one aimed at me. “Do many of you old guys wear tighty-whiteys?” After the laughter subsided I told him that only a few of us, the guys with enormous uncut dicks, wore them. I asked if he wanted to look as I started pulling down my underwear. I stopped, of course. Sure I was uncut, but I had lied through my teeth about the enormous part.

Mike said that I really was uncircumcised, which was a major advantage for me. In response to the many puzzled looks he explained that, when the foreskin was left on, the head of the penis remained immensely more sensitive, and that the sensation of sex for uncut guys was in a league of its own compared to the desensitized dicks of the guys whose parents had mutilated their penises. He added that “enormous” might be an exaggeration as my nickname was “Needledick the Bug Fucker.”

The question even came up of “How do I know if I’m gay?” Charlie handled it smoothly.

“You probably don’t. A few guys know it all their lives, some don’t find out until their fifties or sixties. I had no idea until I came to Anthony. I started dating a girl, and her brother came to visit. He spent the night with me in my bed and the rest is history. The girl said she had suspected I might be gay and asked her gay brother to test me out. That turned into an all-night test drive. She and I still fucked occasionally, and my dick finds a cunt at least once a month nowadays.

“No, I’m not bisexual. I’m gay. My preference is for guys. However, at Anthony, even the world’s most flaming faggot is going to fuck a girl occasionally. You can’t help it.

“As for preying on you young freshmen, that’s not going to happen at Anthony. Gays learn to make non-sexual friendships with straight guys, just like the straight guys learn to make non-sexual friendships with girls. Gays and straights alike can get all the sex they want without forcing anything on anyone. And if you are a sexual predator you’re going to jail, motherfucker.”

Other than the question about my underwear, it could have been a taped repeat of last year.

Jay wrote that he would be back the day before classes. We were rooming together again this year. We had both been told at the end of the previous year that we would be in Zeke’s dorm; the change to Mike’s was never explained. At least not for a long while.

Sylvia arrived the day before Jay. We spent the next 24 hours in my dorm room. We tried practicing fucking standing up. We usually wound up on the floor laughing. Sylvia told me that anybody who could have sex more than twice without laughing was probably brain-dead. We tried having her sit on my lap while my dick was in her pussy. That required a lot fewer advanced gymnastic moves.

I told her I had done some swinging with Ted and Melissa over the summer, fucking Melissa but just light play with Ted. I mean, if I had his dick in my mouth but he never ejaculated, that’s just light play. Right?

I also told her that Janice and I had had sex. She was fine with it. She told me she had seen her old boyfriend over the summer and the pheromones took over. I was fine with that.

Jay got in the afternoon before classes were to begin. We shared no classes, but knew we would see a lot of each other. We hugged and kissed, and spent the night sleeping separately.

Seth was in our dorm. He was rooming with Rick, Naomi’s boyfriend. “I’ve had all of Ben I can stand,” Seth declared. He hoped he was rid of him, but that was not to be.

My first class of the semester was Human Sexuality 201, Sex and Love. Much of the first day was taken up with the chemistry of both sex and love. I think I understood it.

The more advanced math classes were actually easy. Spanish Literature was fascinating. We were reading Cervantes and Calderón de la Barca.

Sylvia, Valerie, Jay and I gathered in my room the first evening. Valerie had done some serious swinging over the summer. Jay was fine with that. He told her he had had sex with his old girlfriend, a couple of other girls, and with Garrett. Valerie was fine with that. Sylvia, of course, had had frequent sex with the old boyfriend, plus another couple of guys and an old girlfriend. We decided to pair off, each with his/her own partner, rather than swap.

It was pure heaven. I was discovering that I enjoyed love more than sex. Although, sex for its own sake was still a real close second.

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