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Power Chapter Eighteen: The Dance Take Two

Two and three and four. The more the merrier.
Valerie, Jay, Sylvia and I went to the next LGBT dance together. Since there were few dances, everybody attended the LGBT ones, straight, gay or in between. Remembering the last one, I vowed to keep Sylvia close to me. I also wore clothes I didn’t mind losing.

The dance was already underway when we got there. I noticed Seth near the front of the stage. He was shirtless and some guy was behind him with his hands on Seth’s chest. I figured it was his roommate as Seth had said they would be attending together.

It was customary at these events to dance with anybody and everybody. Sylvia and I took to the dance floor while Jay and Valerie went to get drinks. Valerie was a sophomore and could buy alcohol at these events. While we danced, I looked around; this event had a different vibe from the last one.

Helen was at one corner of the stage giving her pussy-eating class. She had seven guys and two girls lined up for learning, and three naked girls seated at the edge of the stage for “training purposes.” At the opposite corner, Jack was holding a cock-sucking tutorial. He had nine girls and two guys waiting to be taught, and two naked guys who had volunteered to get practice blow jobs. It’s a tough job, but somebody had to do it.

Drew and Janice were on a dance platform. Drew kept glancing at Jack’s class, and Janice kept bringing his attention back to her. I couldn’t see Ben, for which I was thankful.

Valerie came back with drinks for all of us, so we retired to a table. A show was starting on a small stage in the middle of the dance floor. Six girls, fully dressed, took the stage. The emcee announced that they were all lesbians, but they were going to bat from the other side of the plate tonight. She asked for a guy to volunteer. I saw Daryl get up on the stage. The girls had no idea what they were in for.

The girls took turns making out with him. While one girl was kissing him another stroked the inside of his thighs, a second ran her hand up his shirt, and a third was playing with his ass. When all six had their turns kissing him, they started on his chest. The first girl took his shirt off and sucked on his nipples. Meanwhile, three other girls were kissing him, playing with his ass and stroking his thighs.

When the last girl had sucked on his nipples one of the girls took off his shoes and socks and began sucking on his toes. Meanwhile, four girls were sucking his nipples, kissing him, playing with his ass and stroking his thighs. Then one of the girls took off his pants. That giant cock was straining the thin fabric of his briefs. As before, one girl licked his thighs, one kissed him, one played with his ass and one sucked on his toes.

Finally, the emcee pulled off his briefs and the girls gasped. I wasn’t sure the mouth, pussy or asshole had been invented that could hold that thing. One of the girls tried sucking his dick while others sucked his nipples and toes, another stroked his thighs, another kissed him and a final one played with his ass. Every one of the girls tried to get that size 99 rod into her mouth, but none succeeded. Finally, they had him lie down on his back while a brave girl tried to mount his cock. Less than a third of it went in before she gave up. Four more girls tried to fuck him and surrendered. The sixth girl took a different approach.

She licked his cock and balls while one of the other girls began tonguing her pussy. She got more and more animated, sucking on his cock head and toying with his balls while girl after girl gave her head. Finally, she mounted him and began riding. With each downward motion, more of his dick disappeared into her cunt. Finally, it was all the way in. She rode him like a bucking bronco until he came in her pussy. Then the girls took turns drinking his cum from the girl’s cunt. It was quite a show.

Six guys replaced the six girls while the emcee stayed in place. He explained that these guys were all gay and were going to try to satisfy a girl. He asked for volunteers and Valerie ran up to the small stage. Obviously, they had their volunteer.

The guys repeated what the girls had done. Piece by piece Valerie’s clothes came off. The guys made out with her, played with her ass, sucked on her tits, sucked on her toes and licked her thighs. Finally, her panties were off and one of the guys lay on the floor. She sat on his face and he began licking her pussy. While he was busy licking two of the guys stripped him to his boxers.

One guy sucked on each tit while another played with her ass. He was replaced by a second guy with a repeat performance, except that Valerie had an obvious orgasm shortly after the second guy’s tongue started working on her. The second guy was stripped to his underwear while two guys sucked on her tits and one played with her ass.

The third guy was stripped to boxer-briefs while his friends continued to play with Valerie. She had another orgasm while he tongued her cunt. The guy in boxers was playing with her ass. One of the guys sucking her tits pulled the ass player’s cock out of his boxers and jerked him hard. The arousal was taking on a life of its own.

The fourth guy was stripped to briefs while the guy in boxer-briefs played with her ass. He was stripped naked and masturbated to an erection. He began rubbing his hard-on against her ass crack.

The fifth guy wasn’t wearing underwear so he was stripped naked. He stuck out his tongue and it looked six feet long. He probed her pussy with that fire hose and she shuddered in another orgasm. By now, only the sixth guy still had on any clothes. I lost track of which guy was playing with her ass and probing the outer limits of her asshole with his cock. The kisser and one of the tit-suckers were jerking each other, as were the other tit-sucker and the ass-player.

The last guy took position on the floor but didn’t bring his mouth to her pussy. Instead, one of the other guys sucked him hard. Valerie was laid on the floor of the stage on her back, on top of one of the guys. Then it happened. The last guy rolled over and slid his rod into her love canal.

It was something of a feat of gymnastics since Valerie was being bounced up and down while the guy she was lying on was fucking her in the ass. The guy who had been kissing her straddled her chest and she took his cock in her mouth. The final three guys were frantically licking the balls of the three guys fucking her. Valerie finally had two orgasms before the guys in her holes shot their loads. I could see Jay’s hand inside his pants stroking his cock. Sylvia and I reached over at the same time. She undid his pants and I freed his dick from his underwear. We both stroked him until he came.

With the show over, Valerie came back to the table. She dumped her clothes on her chair and pulled Jay up to a standing position. With his pants already open, they fell to the floor. He stepped out of them while Valerie took off his shirt. They hit the dance floor.

I was still looking around. Drew and Janice were still dancing on a platform, but both were now nude. Drew picked up Janice and set her on his waist and began fucking her. I looked at the stage. Jack and Helen’s classes had attracted more students as well as more volunteers for practice. Seth was now in his jockey shorts. The guy behind him was still hidden, but his legs were bare. His hand was now in Seth’s underwear stroking his cock.

Craig had cornered Daryl and appeared to be trying to convince him to fuck Craig in the ass. Daryl was having none of it. Craig dropped to his knees and tried sucking Daryl’s cock, but Daryl pushed him away. I saw Brett approach Daryl, who nodded his head, and began dancing with Brett. Brett dressed in nothing but a jockstrap, kept his hands to himself. So did Daryl. It was just dancing.

I left my shirt and pants at the table, and then we walked over to the stage and met Charlene. She was watching Seth get jerked by the guy behind him. She climbed up on stage. “Hey, if you turn around and make out with him I’ll suck your dick.” Seth didn’t have to be told more than once. Charlene pulled his jockeys off and started sucking as Seth turned around to make out with the guy behind him. It was Ben. Seth’s roommate was Ben, who was also naked. Sylvia pulled me away as quickly as possible.

“I wouldn’t mind if you watch, but every time you get close to Ben you say you get in trouble,” Sylvia said. She was right. I didn’t want to get in trouble tonight. My life was going far too well.

We wandered by Helen’s “classroom.” She had six girls lined up as volunteers for cunnilingus practice. Five of them were training guys while the sixth one had a female student. Sylvia stepped up behind one of the guys, and I took my place behind the guy next to her. They finished about the same time, and Sylvia and I took our time licking, probing and sucking at the bare pussies. I gave my volunteer an orgasm, but Sylvia had no such success. “I guess I just need more practice,” she said grinning.

We walked down to Jack’s “classroom.” He had nine guys lined up volunteering. Seven of them were getting serviced by girls and two were getting blowjobs from guys. Sylvia asked if I wanted the two of us to take adjacent guys. “Nope,” I said. “I’m not really a fan of sucking dick, although if you want me to I will. I have oral sex with Jay because it’s a manly kind of love and bonding.” Sylvia said she’d wait for another time for us to suck adjacent cocks.

We walked back in the direction of the other corner. Ben had replaced Charlene sucking Seth’s cock. Charlene was watching and masturbating. Sylvia hurried me past and we returned to the table.

Jay was just leaving the table after dropping off his underwear. Sylvia suggested we get naked and dance, so we did. It was liberating to be able to dance naked with the woman I loved. I got hard just thinking about it. Of course, Sylvia’s hand on my dick helped, too. I had three fingers buried in her pussy.

At least I had three fingers buried in her pussy until Valerie came up and brushed my hand away. She spun Sylvia around and they began dancing together. Valerie’s fingers replaced mine as Sylvia returned the favor with two of her own fingers in Valerie’s cunt.

Then I was dancing naked with Jay. Again, I felt liberated to be dancing naked, this time with the guy I loved. It was a different kind of love. What Sylvia and I had could not be duplicated with a guy. Then again, what Jay and I had could not be duplicated with a girl. Soon we were making out. When I came up for air I saw the girls making out while pawing furiously at each other’s pussies.

Jay had a suggestion and I thought it was great. Jay went to a small booth and picked up some lube. We walked over to the girls and each began dancing behind his own girlfriend. Each of us lubed up his tube and slowly began inserting them in the girls’ asses. Pretty soon, we established a rhythm. The girls thrust against each other’s crotches as Jay and I pulled back. Then they thrust against our dicks while we pounded forward. It was like having sex with all of them at one time. It blew my mind, right about the time I blew my load into Sylvia’s asshole.

I kept thrusting to keep the rhythm going. Soon the other three climaxed and we all fell on the floor in a heap. We were laughing, giggling and moaning at the same time. Daryl and Brett came by and offered us a hand getting up. I noticed they were holding hands and said so. “It’s a friendship thing,” said Brett. “I haven’t touched his dick and don’t intend to.” Well, it was a dance party.

Pretty soon we put on our clothes and made our way outside. It was cool, so comfort rather than modesty dictated we get dressed. Sylvia took Valerie aside and whispered in her ear. Valerie smiled and nodded. Then Sylvia excused herself saying she had a meeting to go to.

Valerie went back to the room with us. When we got to the room, before Jay and I could even strip to our underwear, Valerie said she wanted to take a shower and asked us to join her. There was no need to ask again.

We turned on all four of the nozzles in one of the gang showers and went to work. Valerie washed Jay, Jay washed me and I washed Valerie. Then we switched. Valerie paid special attention to my cock and balls, which were sparkling clean as well as aching. I made sure Valerie’s crotch was cleansed, and missed most of the rest of her body. Both Valerie and I focused on ensuring that Jay’s dick benefitted from maximum hygiene.

After about ten minutes, we returned to the room. Valerie got in Jay’s bed and invited us to join her. I never could turn down a lady’s request, especially a naked lady in a bed.

Valerie kissed me while Jay’s tongue dove into her pussy. We switched places, and I licked and probed with my tongue. Then Jay and I were kissing while Valerie alternated sucking on Jay’s cock and then mine. We had all had a bit to drink and knew we couldn’t hold out long.

After maybe ten minutes of manual and oral foreplay, Valerie guided Jay’s dick into her pussy. I pulled back, but Valerie pulled me in for a three-way kiss. Our tongues were exploring each other’s mouths when Valerie pushed me away. I had my feelings hurt for at least half a second until she pulled me upwards. I got the idea. I positioned my dick at her mouth and she took it in. While she was sucking my rod, Jay was licking my balls. I felt like my dick was in a vacuum cleaner and my balls were in heaven. Then they switched places.

I was laying half on top of Jay and could feel the rhythm of his thrusts accelerate. Then my dick was back in Valerie’s mouth and Jay’s tongue on my balls. Jay gave a final thrust, he, and Valerie both shuddered with an orgasm. My own orgasm followed in seconds. Valerie shared my sperm with Jay while I swiveled around to begin cleaning off Jay’s cock with my tongue. He withdrew and I sucked his cum out of her cunt and then shared it with the two of them.

Slightly tipsy and completely satisfied, the three of us fell asleep holding one another.

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