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Power Chapter Fifteen: Finals

Mark's relationships change...for the better.
CHAPTER 15: Finals

And in answer to your next question, no, I've never fucked a chicken

I had to study a lot for my History final. The other courses were a breeze, even Music Theory. Ultimately it was like math, just another way to express concepts. Mrs. Toyoda’s heavy accent had made history classwork difficult. I had A’s in all courses but that. I had a C in History, and the final would make a big difference.

The Psych Department called and said I had a paying job for a final exam. Fortunately, it was the day after my History final. I stayed up the entire night before the exam studying. Janice came over to the room and got naked. I asked her to leave; I really needed to study. She got really mad, put on her clothes and stormed out of the room.

Jay let me study. He went into the first floor lounge, but Craig was taking on all cummers and Jay just wasn’t interested. He tried the upstairs lounge, but that was where everybody was letting off steam with loud noise. He stopped in and spoke with Jack for a while. Drew was there when he arrived, but left immediately.

He later described the visit. Jay said that he knew Jack very much preferred girls but occasionally fooled around with other guys. Jack replied that if this was a come-on the answer was no; he had already turned down another guy that night. Jay told him he wanted to talk about the subject and sex with Jack was out of the question.

Jay told him, “I’ve been fucking girls left and right here at Anthony. I thought I was a big stud in high school with a lot of sexual experience. I could not have been more wrong. My sexual experience is now infinitely beyond what it was in high school.

“I have fooled around with a couple of guys. The girl I’m seeing likes that, so if it pleases her it pleases me. The thing is, I’ve done some stuff when she’s not around. Does that make me gay?”

Jack was direct and to the point. “No, it probably makes you a typical straight man. At some time in their lives most straight men have at least one experience with a guy. Here at Anthony, the “at least” part is usually surpassed quickly. The atmosphere is completely accepting of any kind of consensual sex among adults. Guys who are curious get to explore their curiosity and not be ashamed.”

Jay asked if it was just curiosity, or if something more might be behind it. Jack answered him directly. “There’s a straight guy in the dorm who has a crush on me.” Jay knew immediately he was talking about Drew. “He even fucked a guy in front of me to show what he was capable of. I finally had to shut him down.

“As a Senior Resident I am not allowed to have sexual or romantic relationships with anybody in the dorm. The sex might be forgiven, but not romance. This guy wants romance more than he wants sex. And that’s pretty typical. At Anthony guys who have very close buddies can get physically affectionate with them and nobody judges. The same goes for the girls. Bromance is accepted in general society as a very close emotional relationship with another guy; it just isn’t accepted that they get physical.”

Jay confessed that he had had mutual masturbation twice with a guy, and once sucked his dick. Jack asked if it was a good buddy, no names were needed. Jay figured he knew who it was, but didn’t volunteer my name. “Yeah, it’s a close buddy. We have a great friendship and it seems natural for us to express affection for each other, including physically.”

Jack told him to stop worrying. They continued chatting and Jay came back to the room.

I decided to get a shower to try and revive myself during the study marathon. I heard the shower running as I approached the door. Drew was in the shower. With Janice and a girl I didn’t know. Drew was fucking Janice and they were sharing the other girl’s pussy.

I decided to ignore them, but that was impossible. The other girl was a knockout. She was almost six feet tall, had long blonde hair and a figure to die for. I jerked off during the shower, watching the show.

They were still going at it when I left. I got back to the room and Jay wanted to talk. Since it was just an hour to my final, I decided it would be senseless to try and cram any further, so we talked.

Jay told me about his discussion with Jack. He wanted my input. I referred him to Dr. Wagoner and told him to take the assessment and discuss it with her. Then we would talk.

I got dressed and went to my dreaded History final. We sat down with blue notebooks in front of us. I think she said, “Open the test book,” but it could have been “Do you want fries with that?” Her accent was a real problem. Everyone else opened their test books and she didn’t shoot any of them, so I opened mine.

The entire test was on the out-of-class work; there was nothing from the lectures. That was the best gift I could have received. From her lectures I couldn’t tell if the Iroquois were actually aliens, or were descended from Irish explorers who visited the New World before Columbus, or maybe were an Eastern tribe of the Sioux. The out of class work I knew backwards and forwards. I actually felt good leaving the test. I had aced it, and squeaked out a B in the course.

When I got back to the room Jay wanted to talk some more. I wanted to sleep. I told him to see Dr. Wagoner, and then we’d talk. Drew stopped by to ask if I minded if he started dating Janice. I told him he could date the Queen of fucking Belgium if he wanted to; please just let me sleep. They let me sleep.

The next day was my job for one of the Psych finals. As instructed I reported fully dressed. I was told to take a seat in the front of the room. There were only four students in the course, and one of them would be interviewing me.

The student who interviewed me was a junior. It was the knockout blonde from the shower scene with Drew and Janice. I was immediately in love. Or at least in lust, which for now was about the same thing.

Her name was Sylvia. She interviewed me about my sex life since junior high school. Yes, I had dated in junior high. Yes, I kissed one of my dates once, but it never went any further. Yes, I had dated in high school, and my senior year I had a steady girlfriend. Yes, we had kissed. No, we did not have sex in high school. We never even fooled around in high school. In answer to some further questions I told her we had not seen one another naked, but at the final party of the summer she saw me in my underwear. Yes, I was very embarrassed, and related the story about her girlfriends seeing me and taking my picture.

Had I dated at Anthony. “You bet your ass I have,” I said. I think I was still a little sleep deprived, and courteous answers were beyond my grasp. Had I kissed any of the girls? “On many places on their bodies from their heads to their toes and everywhere in between.” Had I seen any of them naked? “Most of them; a lot of them were certainly naked but I didn’t actually see them because I was blindfolded while eating their pussies.” She took that in stride.

Had I had sexual intercourse with any of them? Yes, with many of them. Had I received fellatio from any of them? She started to explain what fellatio was, and I stopped her. “Yes, I’ve gotten blow jobs from quite a few.” Had I had anal intercourse with any of them? “Not at Anthony, but with my high school girlfriend when I was home over Thanksgiving.” She just made a mark on my paper and went on.

“Had you kissed any guys before you came to Anthony? I could see where this was going and started getting a little nervous. “No.” How about since you came to Anthony? “Yes.” I was down to one-word answers. Had it ever gone beyond kissing? “Yes.” Have you been masturbated by a guy at Anthony? I hesitated, and then said “Yes.” Have you masturbated a guy at Anthony? There was a lot more hesitation before I nodded my head. “Yes.” Sylvia looked at the instructor, who nodded his head.

“Have you received fellatio from a guy at Anthony? Hesitation went out the window. I was fucking sleep-deprived, so let’s get this over with.

“Yes, two guys have given me blow jobs. In answer to your next questions, I’ve sucked two guys’ dicks here at Anthony; one of the guys and I live in the same town and we jerked each other off over Thanksgiving. No, I haven’t had sex with horses or pigs or chickens.”

The instructor couldn’t help himself. He laughed. “Chickens? By the way, we’re not going to ask you about sex with anything or any being other than a human.”

Oops. I had allowed my lack of sleep to let me get too far ahead of the curve.

She then asked about anal sex with a guy, first giving and then receiving. “No, and I have no plans to do so.”

She asked me to describe my emotional state when having sex with a girl. “Horny, first. Satisfied, later. I love fucking girls and eating pussy, I love getting a bow job from a girl. I love everything about girls. Even though I see at least one naked girl a day, I still get turned on by seeing a naked female, such as in the shower having sex with a guy and another girl.” I looked directly at her. This didn’t faze her in the least.

Then she asked me about my emotional state when having sex with a guy. “If exchanging blow jobs is sex, then my emotional state is confused. It feels good to express my affection physically for a close buddy. I like being held and kissed. But I’ve been told all my life that queers aren’t normal, and guys who get physically intimate with other guys are queers. So, I’m confused.” She wrote on the paper and went on.

Whether I had a steady girlfriend was a difficult question. “I used to, but she got mad at me the other night and stormed out of the room. I found her fucking another guy in the shower while eating a girl’s pussy. The other guy then asked me if I minded if he dated her; I told him he could date the Queen of fucking Belgium if he wanted to. So, no, I don’t have a steady girlfriend right now. Can I ask you a question?” She looked at the instructor, who again nodded. She told me to ask.

“Do you want to apply for the job? I was raised to respect women; I’m not a bad guy in the personality department although my looks are nothing to write home about. I’m pretty bright. I’m told I do a good job of muff diving and can usually give a girl an orgasm with my tongue. Ever since the week I lost my virginity here, none of the women have complained about my fucking. So, do you want the job?”

The entire class, including the instructor, burst out laughing. She told me to see her after class. She turned and said something to the girl behind her, who nodded her head.

After a few demographic questions for classification purposes, the interview was over. The instructor thanked me and I was told I was done.

I waited outside the classroom for Sylvia to emerge. After about fifteen minutes she, the other girl, and two male students exited the room, followed by the instructor.

Sylvia introduced me to the other girl, whose name went right over my head. What was important was that she was the Senior Resident in Sylvia’s dorm and invited me into the dorm so I could conduct the job interview in Sylvia’s room. She then walked off.

“Are you serious?” I asked Sylvia. She nodded her head and laughed.

“I am very serious. You intrigue me. You challenged me directly in the interview when you talked about the shower scene.” She had observed me masturbating in the shower while watching them, and she thought that was hot. She already knew I was getting all A’s and one B this semester. I was afraid to ask her if she knew the square root of my next door neighbor’s social security number. She had read the evaluation reports from my performance as a Psych subject and found me fascinating.

We chatted about nonsense on our walk to her dorm. The Senior Resident was waiting at the door and confirmed my invitation. We went directly to her room. Once in the room Sylvia stripped naked.

I remained fully clothed. “This is an interview for an open position. If you want to be nude during the interview, that’s fine with me. But I plan to maintain my decorum.” Sylvia started laughing and couldn’t stop. It was infectious, and I started laughing. I was still laughing when she took off my clothes. I stopped laughing when she kissed me. We then had some of the best sex I had ever had. Sylvia used her mouth to get me hard, and then guided my rocket into her launch pad. When we had both climaxed I asked her if it bothered her that I had admitted to sex with other guys.

“Nope,” she said. “You already know I had a three-way with a guy and a girl. And, yes, I ate her pussy before we were done. I am a highly sexual being and enjoy everything about sex. Nobody judges you at Anthony, and if you want to expand your horizons you do things that would be shocking elsewhere. Here, they are part of the maturation process.”

“Where have you been all my life,” I asked. Sylvia laughed again, and I began laughing hysterically. I was still sleep-deprived. Sylvia said there was only one proven cure for hysterical laughter and took my dick in her mouth. It took a while, but eventually I was hard again.

She gave me the best blow job of my life. She teased me relentlessly, leaving my rod to lick and suck on my balls. She ran her tongue around my cock head, then down the shaft, then under me to my ass, which she penetrated with her tongue. She edged me until I was about to scream. Finally she lowered her mouth onto my dick and began sucking. In seconds I was spurting my fluids into her mouth. She raised herself up and kissed me, sharing my cum with me. I drank it in and continued kissing her.

I spent the rest of the day and the entire night in her room. Her roommate came in at one point to see Sylvia on all fours with my dick in her ass. The roommate said, “Sorry,” and left. We fucked, then we sucked, then we fucked some more. I lost track of time. This was heaven on earth.

The next morning Sylvia slipped on panties and bra, so I put on my jockeys. I carried the rest of my clothes as we left her dorm. She wanted to see my room, so we walked across campus to the Abzug complex.

Jay was in the room when we got there, dressed in the dorm uniform of underwear. I introduced Sylvia, who said she had a question for him but he did not have to answer. “Are you a guy who has exchanged blow jobs with Mark?” Jay’s absolute silence was enough of an answer for her. “Good. You two survived the first semester as roommates without killing each other, so I can only assume you are good friends. Sex is much more enjoyable with people you like.” The three of us sat and talked for about half an hour before Sylvia left.

“Wow, that woman is a goddess,” said Jay. “How did an ugly fuck like you latch onto something like that?” I told him it was dumb luck, then started packing for my evening flight home for the winter break.

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