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Power Chapter Five: Janice

Mark loses his virginity
Sarah, Janice and I returned to my dorm room where the interviewer was waiting. After the interview Sarah said she was headed for one of the upperclassmen women’s dorms. Janice looked relieved. “There’s something about her that’s strange and I’m not sure what it is. We get along, so it’s not that.”

We sat and talked for a few minutes, then Janice asked if I was going to take a shower. If so, she would join me. Things were going too fast, but I decided to hop on for the ride. I left my swimming trunks in the room and Janice left her sports bra and shorts; she had worn no underwear. This was the first naked female I had seen close up, at least while I was sober. I tried to hide my growing erection. Janice pushed my hand away. “That’s part of the appeal,” she said grinning.

We got to the shower. I turned on the water and Janice joined me. She took her washcloth and began to wash my face, then my shoulders, then my chest. She stopped to play with my nipples. Then she said that she wanted to get clean also. I grabbed my washcloth, gave a perfunctory wipe to her face and shoulders. Then I headed straight for her tits. These were the first tits I had ever felt.

Janice cautioned me to take it slow. I tried, but lack of experience wasn’t helping here. When she started washing my cock and balls I thought I would explode. My hands left her tits and made a bee-line for her cunt. I was actually feeling a naked woman’s cunt. This was the best experience of my life.

Janice moved her hands down my thighs. I tried to follow suit, but my hands had a mind of their own and kept moving back to her crotch. She laughed and told me we had plenty of time. I doubted that since my balls were screaming “Ejaculation Ahead!”

I managed to contain myself until we were both clean. We dried off and headed back to my room. Janice lay down on the bed and asked me to join her. I actually wasn’t so sure what to do. That turned out to be unimportant. Janice guided my engorged member to her crotch and my dick slid in. I asked her about a condom and she said, “Just fuck me.” So I did.

I thrust against her as she rose up to thrust against me. She started moaning but I couldn’t hear her well over my own moans. Without warning my cock exploded in an orgasm like nothing I had ever before experienced. I was finally disvirginated.

I tried to withdraw but Janice told me to stay inside her. She began squeezing her legs together and moving her ass around on the bed. I couldn’t believe it, I was getting hard again. After about ten minutes of this I was ready for some more.

Janice got on all fours and told me to mount her. “Do you want me to fuck you in the ass?” I asked. It turned out that she wanted vaginal intercourse from behind. It took all of three seconds for me to figure out the mechanics, then we were off to the races. I had just cum, so I held out longer. Janice shuddered and moaned with an orgasm. I had given a girl an orgasm for the first time. I thrust harder and was suddenly cumming in her pussy again. I finished and withdrew. We then cuddled for a while until we both fell asleep.

Jay woke us up when he came in. He had worn the pink baby-doll pajamas back from the party. Janice and I got a good laugh. Then Janice invited Jay to join us.

Janice lay between us and took turns kissing us. Then she took a dick in each hand and started pumping. She said, “Kiss me,” so we did. We kissed her at the same time. Jay wasn’t pulling back so I didn’t either. It was my first three-way kiss, and my first kiss of any kind involving a guy. Janice broke the kiss and then gave us instructions.

Jay had a stash of condoms in his desk. He brought one out and Janice put it in her mouth. She rolled it onto Jay’s cock with her mouth; I thought I was going to die. She then lay down on her back and guided Jay’s dick into her love canal. She told me to straddle her chest, so I did. Soon she was sucking my dick while Jay fucked her. The thought of two of us doing her at the same time was too much for me, and I erupted. Except it was less of an eruption than a dribble; I had already cum twice that evening and once in the afternoon. She held my cock in her mouth while Jay finished fucking her. Janice had an orgasm and shortly thereafter Jay shuddered, moaned, and spurted his semen in into the condom. We lay back down, Janice in the middle, and fell asleep.

Jack woke us up when he came into the room in his trademarked striped boxers. “I don’t really care, but from the stories I thought you guys were straight,” he said. I looked around. Janice had gone, so Jay and I were lying naked on the bed in each other’s arms. We both were sporting morning wood. I started to protest.

“Oh, honey, it’s okay. You were wonderful,” said Jay. Then he burst out laughing and told Jack what had happened. Jack got a good laugh. I still wasn’t laughing. This was all too embarrassing. Three days ago I was a virgin who had never seen a naked woman, never fucked, never gotten a blowjob, and was frightened that a woman might see me in my underwear. Things had really changed.

Jack explained that today was freshman audition day. Some of the courses needed subjects for practical work. There were auditions today for nude models for the life drawing class. Jay asked about auditions for the pornography courses, but Jack said that this was limited to upperclassmen. He did say that there were also auditions for the psych department for some interesting courses. Jay and I decided to get something to eat and head for the auditions.

Jay wore his speedo but I got dressed in jeans and a blue T-shirt. I wasn’t yet ready to start running around the campus naked. That came later.

When we got to the dining hall we spotted Janice and joined her. We told her we were going to the auditions and interviews for the day. She was too, it turned out. She was a psych major and wanted to get picked for one of the psych experiments as a subject who got paid. First she was going to take a short nap. “You guys kept me up too late sucking and fucking,” she said through her grin.

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