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Power Chapter Four: The Sleeping Attire Party

Mark gets too drunk to remember his first oral sex
I dressed in jeans and a blue polo shirt to walk over to the party in the upperclassmen’s dorm. I had no idea what a sleeping attire party was, but figured it would involve some girls in their pajamas.

When I got to the lounge room the party was already in progress. Sure enough, about half a dozen girls were in baby-doll nightgowns or very revealing short pajamas. The guy who let me in was wearing sweats; the guy next to him was in gym shorts and a T-Shirt. I grabbed a beer, and then looked around. I only saw ten or so freshmen there. One guy was wearing pajamas, the rest of us were in pants and shirts.

Helen was at the party, dressed in a short pink dress and sandals. She invited Steve to join her at the front of the room. She then asked us to gather around the video screen. There was a shot of Helen interviewing a freshman in his dorm room. Everything looked completely innocent. She asked him who is roommate was. “Steve is my roommate. He’s a great guy and we’re hitting it off.” So far so good. Maybe this was going to be just a plain boy-girl party.

Helen then asked the roommate what Steve wore to sleep in. “Just his boxers,” answered the roommate. Helen turned to Steve.

“You were told this was a sleeping attire party. Hand them over.” Steve looked embarrassed as he removed his shirt and pants. Sure enough, he was wearing blue boxers with teddy bears. Helen dismissed him. I was starting to get a bit nervous.

She called up Dave, the guy in his pajamas. Another video segment started. After the social niceties she asked Dave’s roommate what he slept in. “Damnedest thing I’ve ever seen, “replied the roommate. “He wears pajamas to bed. I haven’t seen that since junior high school.” Helen congratulated Dave on adhering to the dress code.

Then it was my turn. Yet another video segment started. Helen was interviewing Jay in our room. He was dressed in his black speedo. Helen told him he’d look better without it, so he took it off. He completed the interview in the nude. A few of the girls cheered.

After hearing what a good roommate I was, Helen asked Jay what I wore to bed. “He wears tighty-whiteys,” said Jay. I knew what was coming, so before she asked I handed her my shirt. Then I gave her my pants. Although I was embarrassed, this time I didn’t freak out. Instead, I grabbed another beer.

The next guy slept in sweats but hadn’t worn them to the party. He wound up in his briefs. The next three guys turned out to sleep in the nude. The girls howled and cheered as they forked over all their clothes. The last three guys included one in boxers, one in boxer-briefs, and another naked guy.

The naked guys got all the attention from the girls. I was jealous. One was making out with a girl who had taken off her baby-doll pajamas and was wearing just a thong. These were the first live titties I had ever seen. I started getting hard. Helen was giving another guy a hand job. When he came she licked her fingers, and then stuck the guy’s hand in her pants. He withdrew the hand and licked his own fingers. I had another beer.

A guy in boxer-briefs was stretched out on the floor. A girl in baby-doll pajamas sat on his face. That’s when I saw that she wasn’t wearing any panties. My God, she’s naked. I had never seen a naked girl. When she took off the top I almost creamed my jockeys.

I wondered what the guy was doing with her sitting naked on his face. I moved in for a closer look and got the surprise of my life. He was licking her pussy! His tongue was licking the length of her labia, then moving inside to probe her vagina. I had never even heard of such a thing, let alone watched it.

Another couple of beers and I was losing focus. I saw Helen standing next to a table. An upperclassman was naked. Helen was rubbing her tits against his erect penis .More titties. More naked people. I stopped trying to hide my erection.

The other people at the party had to tell me later what happened. I honestly did not remember. A girl came over to me and reached her hand inside my tighty whiteys. She asked if I needed some help with that. I am reported to have said, “Yes, ma’am,” and tore my underwear off. She gave me my first blow job, and I didn’t remember it. How terrible is that?

Afterwards I was told that I ran around the party yelling “I’m naked, I’m naked, I’m naked,” before I passed out. Finally a couple of upperclassmen picked me up and walked/carried me to my dorm. They dumped me on my bed and left. Jay told me I kept saying, “I’m naked” half the night. He found it uproariously funny.

I woke up the next morning with the worst headache of my life. My stomach was upset, I could barely sit up and I hoped I was dying. The hangover eventually faded. Jay helped me down to the shower and turned on the water for me. At this point I didn’t care if the entire female population of the state was staring at my nakedness. I eventually was able to hold my washcloth and washed, then dried off and went back to the room. I didn’t bother putting anything on.

Jay was sitting on his bed reading his invitation to that night’s sleeping attire party. It was no fair, he knew what to expect. I told him that if they interviewed me I’d tell them he slept in pink baby-doll pajamas. He laughed, grabbed his speedo and said he was going for a swim.

By the early afternoon I was able to leave the room. I grabbed my trunks and went in search of the pool. Jay was still there; he was talking with Sarah and her roommate, Janice. I walked up to them and said I was getting in the pool and asked if anyone wanted to join me. Jay walked around behind me and suddenly my trunks were on the ground. I tried to cover my dick and balls since there were girls there. The other three just laughed.

I dove in and tried to keep my nakedness under water. A few upperclassmen showed up, three guys and two girls. The guys took off their clothes and jumped in. The two girls were wearing bathing suits and joined us.

They started horsing around. Then the girl in the blue two-piece asked me if I was a freshman; Jay answered for me as I was basically frozen. She called to the other girl (wearing a white see-through two-piece) and said, “Let’s see if he’s following the rules.” The two of them cornered me and reached simultaneously for my dick. It was the first time I remembered anyone but me touching my dick. Of course, the girl who gave me the blow job the night before had touched it, but I had no memory of that.

They called over the guys who hauled me out of the water and put me on display. My cock was shriveled and withdrawn; I looked like I was all foreskin. The girl who had initiated the groping came over and knelt in front of me, taking the foreskin in her mouth. The other girl said, “Remember, you can always say no.” I couldn’t say anything.

The first girl gently nibbled on my foreskin, then drew it back. Suddenly I wasn’t as shriveled. Her girlfriend knelt next to her and began licking my balls. My rapidly engorging member drove away all thoughts of modesty. I started moaning, and one of the guys holding me said, “Steady there, fella, you don’t want to shoot too soon.” When my foreskin was drawn back and the head of my cock entered her mouth it was all I could take. I spurted my cum all over her face.

“Well, well,” she said. “A little bit of early delivery there. Next time you’ll have to hold out longer.” She took some water from the pool and washed off her face, then the five of them jumped back in the pool. Jay brought my trunks over to me, for which I was grateful. I wasn’t sure whether a blow job counted as getting disvirginated, but at least I was well on my way.

Jay put on his speedo. He and I, Sarah and Janice, walked over to the dining hall. Nudity in the dining hall was not technically prohibited, but it was strongly discouraged. After we finished dinner the four of us walked back to the dorm. As soon as we left the dining hall Jay took off his speedo. Sarah looked at him questioningly. He said he had a party to go to that night. He handed me his speedo and took off for the upperclassmen dorm.

When I got back to the room a woman with a video camera was waiting for me. When she asked what Jay wore to bed I told her “Pink baby-doll pajamas.” She just laughed.

Jay had gone to the party naked. When it was his turn for the video, Helen cracked up and said she now understood why he had come to the party naked. She called on one of the girls to give him her pink baby-doll pajamas. Jay said they stayed on for at least 30 seconds.

His experience at the party was similar to mine, except he could remember what happened. He told me he had had a new experience. He was fucking a girl missionary position and another girl shoved her naked pussy in his face. He started licking and so did the girl he was fucking. He said it was the hottest thing he had ever experienced.

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