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Power Chapter Fourteen: Comedy Movie Night

Good, clean fun. Oh, and some sex of course.
We got back to campus on Monday. That was study day. Of course, it wasn’t all study.

Jay greeted me at the door of our room with a kiss. Jack was there and said, “So now we know.”

I told Jack that I indeed had sucked Jay’s dick. I added that I wouldn’t suck Jack with Craig’s mouth. He laughed and walked off.

Janice and Valerie were already in the room and had overheard my exchange with Jack.

“Can we watch?” asked Janice. I wasn’t quite sure what to say. Jay had turned beet-red. “Come on guys,” Janice continued. “We want to watch.”

Jay looked at me. He was beyond embarrassment. I told Janice, “Go fuck yourself.”

“Aw, that’s not any fun,” replied Janice. She turned to Valerie. “Maybe you’d fuck me?”

Valerie withdrew a vibrator from her purse. “How about if we put on a show first, then you two can give us a show.”

Everybody else was in underwear, so I stripped to my tighty-whiteys and sat on the bed next to Jay. The girls stripped off one another’s bras and panties.

Janice lay back on the other bed and motioned to Valerie. She applied a bit of lube to the vibrator, turned it on, and then reached for Janice’s cunt. I saw Janice shiver with anticipation. Then the vibrator got to work.

Valerie moved the vibrator in and out of Janice’s pussy, slowly at first, then faster. This was hot!

Janice motioned for Valerie to take her place. She took the pulsating vibrator in her hand, and then licked her juices from its surface. She placed the vibrator into Valerie’s love canal and began moving it in and out. She handed the vibrator to Jay, and climbed onto Valerie’s chest.

Jay took over moving the vibrator in and out of his girlfriend’s pussy, while Janice edged forward until lips met lips. Valerie was grinning as her tongue started licking Janice’s labia, then moved in to probe the good stuff. This was more than I could stand.

I stripped off my underwear and started jacking myself. Janice pointed at Jay’s left hand and my dick. Jay stripped off his own underwear and then took over massaging my meat. Then Janice shuddered; Valerie had given her an orgasm.

Valerie pushed away Jay’s hand and the vibrator and swiveled around on the bed. She positioned her mouth under Janice’s cunt. Janice took the hint and did some swiveling herself. Soon the girls were in a sixty-nine.

The girls forgot about us as they pleasured each other. Jay looked at me; the arousal had once again taken on a life of its own.

We moved to the other bed and I got on the bottom. Jay’s cock was in reach of my hand and I guided it to my mouth and began sucking. I could feel Jay playing with my foreskin and beginning to lick the head of my dick. I moved my mouth to Jay’s balls and proceeded to suck each one before returning to his rod.

Jay had the foreskin pulled back, and took the head of my dick in his mouth. That did it. I fountained semen into his mouth and he drank it down. Less than a minute later Jay let loose with a fountain of his own. Hungrily I sucked down his cum, and then we broke.

The girls had stopped working on each other to watch us. They traded mutual masturbation for the cunnilingus. Neither girl had an orgasm, but they both looked fully satisfied.

Valerie then invited Janice to her dorm for drinks – beer and pudenda juice. Janice said she would skip the beer. The girls then picked up their clothes and left.

Jay and I looked at one another. I asked him, “What have we done?”

“Sucked each other’s dicks,” Jay replied. “I don’t know about you, but I liked it.” Instead of replying, I took Jay in my arms and kissed him. We cuddled together naked until we fell asleep. We’d have to unpack tomorrow.

Tuesday was another study day. The girls came over and suggested another show. I was worried about my finals, and suggested a movie instead. Tuesday evenings were comedy movie night. They played classic comedy movies from “Sister Act” and “Animal House” through Charlie Chaplin’s “The Dictator.” We never knew what was playing until we showed up.

Every movie there was someone from the theater department faculty available to lead discussions if appropriate. Mostly there were no discussions, just laughter and letting off steam with good clean fun. We had been told that tonight’s faculty rep would be the Dean. The house was packed.

When you entered the theater you were given a hand-held wireless device with three buttons. They were marked “Discuss,” “Yes” and – surprise! – “No.” If a student wanted to discuss something in the movie he or she pressed “Discuss.” The other devices lighted up and everyone had ten seconds to vote. Most votes were no.

Sometimes, especially in the black-and-white movies, we’d get a majority yes votes. Students wanted to understand what something referred to, or to understand why something was supposed to be funny. If there was a discussion, it was led by the faculty rep and limited to three minutes. A few discussions were educational, but most were boring as shit.

After the first time a movie was interrupted more than twice by discussion requests, almost everybody automatically reached for the no button.

After we were settled the Dean told us that, tonight only, if 20% of the votes were yes, he would stop the film and lead a discussion. It would last as long as he wanted. If anybody objected, you were invited to get the fuck out. Nobody got the fuck out.

The Dean began. “The movie stars Don Johnson.” A freshman theater major stood up to challenge the Dean.

“Don Johnson never made a comedy,” she said. She was proud of herself that she had shown up the Dean.

“Every performance Don Johnson has ever given is so god-awful and over-acted that he has never made anything except comedies,” the Dean replied. The student sat down quickly to uproarious laughter.

The Dean continued. “Tonight’s movie is “The Harrad Experiment,” a film about a college with free sex and nudity. It was intended as a serious film. I think it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.”

A few minutes into the film came the first discussion request, and I voted yes. The freshman who had asked for the request said that at Harrad, the leaders claimed that roommate assignments had been made very carefully. Had that happened at Anthony?

The Dean laughed. “We tried that early on. The success rate for roommate relationships was slightly lower than the national average for random assignments. The Faculty Directors’ Committee decided that it was a waste of time, and actually caused some problems. Students whose relationships didn’t work out felt they had somehow failed. We were smart enough to realize that we were supremely ignorant about personality and gave up.” Nobody had any questions.

A few minutes later the discussion request lit up again. There had been a reference to a girl having a boy as a roommate. We all wanted to know what the fuck this was about.

The Dean laughed again. “We do not have co-ed dorms, except in the summer, when we have a lot of empty rooms where we can move students after a fight. By the way, has anyone here suffered a lack of sex due to not having a co-ed roommate?” The Dean was a real comedian; we all laughed.

He continued. “Co-ed dorms work against people learning about themselves. Girls find it easier to open up to each other and so do guys. Exploring your sexual orientation is much easier if first you have explored your gender identity. We let gals be gals and guys be guys, and figure out if they’re comfortable with that. At Anthony we find that by the end of the first year almost everyone has established a comfortable gender identity, so why fuck with something that works well?

“As for the movie, how else are they going to fill the screen with naked strangers in every scene?”

We laughed, and the theater majors laughed the hardest. I was beginning to understand why the Dean found the movie so funny.

The Dean actually paused the movie without a request. At the naked yoga class the instructor told everyone to pass around “Zooms” and the students turned to each other and said “Zoom.” We were all laughing so hard there was no way anybody could hear the sound track until we quieted down.

When the faculty discussed marriage, we laughed ourselves silly at the pretense of the instructors and the students. When one of the students said, “We’ve gotten beyond that (jealousy, hate, etc); we’re a pretty liberated group” the Dean had to stop the movie again. We were laughing ourselves silly. A girl, a Junior majoring in Psych, stood up.

“This is hilarious,” she said. “Since when do people get “liberated” from jealousy, hatred, or anything else? These folks aren’t liberated sophisticates, they’re prepubescent intellectual onanists.”

The Dean told the student he planned to plagiarize that statement shamelessly. Craig asked what an ‘onanist’ was. The Dean said, “Genesis, Chapter 38, Verses Nine and Ten. Even if you’re not a Jew or a Christian, it is a book you absolutely need to read.”

Jay whispered to me, “My girlfriend sent me a Bible to read. We’ll look it up back in the dorm.”

The film had to be stopped again when one of the instructors said, “Harry, I victimized you and I am sorry. I will never, ever, do that again.” We were all booing, yelling ‘bull shit,’ and a couple of students threw popcorn at the screen. We didn’t think that the film makers had been going for campy, but they sure as shit achieved it. No wonder it was a favorite comedy of the Dean.

The philately scene (that’s a fancy word for stamp collecting”) brought another discussion request. “What the fuck is that supposed to be about?” asked Jack.

The Dean asked the students who among us had ever discussed stamps as a prelude to sex. Nobody raised a hand. “Just remember - this is comedy movie night,” he concluded. We were enjoying the hell out of the Dean.

The “nude” scene at the pool drew “Discuss” requests from almost everybody. The girls yelled “Where are the dicks?” The guys yelled “Where are the tits?”

When we had finally stopped yelling, the Dean replied. “We assume they are in the same place on their bodies that they are on yours. Your questions are very disappointing. I need to discuss this with the biology faculty. Urgently.”

That’s when we fully appreciated our Dean as a comedian. This was the best comedy movie night ever!

The highlight of the evening was when a discuss request came after Don Johnson said, “The world in a grain of sand, heaven in a wildflower – Blake.” What the hell, sure, yes. Every discussion had been a blast.

Harold stood up. “And this (pointing at the screen) is Anthony College on Stupid Pills – Harold.” The laughter was deafening. I saw Janice laugh so hard she fell on the floor. I think I saw her say something about peeing herself.

Then Charlene stood up. “Oh, Harold, will you make love to me tonight?” That’s when the Dean lost all control. Everybody stood up at once and tried parodies of the monumentally stupid dialog. We laughed until we cried.

The Dean told us to go back to our dorms and get a good night’s sleep. Finals start tomorrow.

When we got back to the dorm Jay and I looked up the Bible verses. “That’s such a waste,” I told Jay. “If your seed is going to be spilled anywhere tonight, let’s make it my mouth.”

So we did. It was some of the most satisfying sex either of us had ever had.

Someday I’m going to have to see the rest of that movie. Oh, and look up onanism yourself. If you’ve gotten this far in the story you’re both smart and sophisticated, or bored to desperation.

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