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Power Chapter Nine: First Semester

Mark and Jay swap girlfriends - and learn to drink their own cum.
Classes were actually pretty good. My swimming class was at eight in the morning. It was a freshman course. All the guys were nude, and about a third of the girls went without bathing suits. The most popular guy in the class was Walden. I have no idea if all African American men’s dicks are bigger than whites’, but his certainly was. It was nine inches soft and nearly a foot long when hard. I felt so inadequate.

I enjoy swimming, and swimming in a large pool while nude was actually better than wearing a suit. It doesn’t drag in the water. I remarked on this to one of the instructors, Miss Carmichael. She said that to reduce drag I should wear a speedo. She cupped my balls and cock and said that these created drag also. At the end of the first week they gave us the final exam. If we could pass it we were done for the semester. I passed with flying colors. That gave me an extra hour to sleep three days a week.

Calculus was easy. I had considered taking Fractal Geometry but decided to wait until I was more accustomed to college. I’d take that next semester along with Advanced Calculus. The more difficult stuff would start my second year. Nearly all of the people in my Calculus class were fully dressed. There’s something about math that attracts nerds.

English Lit was not difficult. We started with Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. I had taught myself Old English pronunciation one summer out of boredom. The teacher asked for a volunteer to try and read the Prologue. I volunteered and he dropped to his chair. He asked if I was a math or music major. When I told him math, he said that those plus languages are the same skill. I guess Jay’s dad new what he was talking about.

American History was difficult only because the teacher, Mrs. Toyoda, was very difficult to understand. A lot of the work was lecture, and her thick accent made that painful. I was expecting a C, fearing a D and hoping for a B.

Jay had suggested I take first semester music theory. I couldn’t see any purpose behind doing so. He said I would gain a far greater appreciation for and understanding of music. I ran across a reference to “serial music” and discovered that it was the melding of music and math. As soon as I was confident of my ability to handle notes, I actually wrote a short string quartet as a serial music piece. It sounded weird to me, but the teacher loved it. He brought in four string players to perform it, and they wound up performing it in a school concert. Pretty cool, no?

Chemistry 101 filled out the schedule. Chemistry is nothing but math except getting the formula wrong doesn’t earn you an F; you might blow up half the state instead. It’s combined organic and inorganic. Janice is in my class and she’s my lab partner. We study a lot of biochemistry in the evenings.

One evening we were actually studying when Valerie walked in with Jay. Both Janice and I were in our underwear. It saved time when we eventually got down to the practical work in biochemistry. Since we were in the dorm Jay immediately stripped to his boxer-briefs. Valerie took off her top and skirt. She was braless and had very nice titties!

This was the first time Janice and Valerie had had a chance to talk. They got along well. Valerie invited Janice over to the upperclassmen’s dorm for drinks any time she wanted. Janice accepted immediately.

“Valerie, Mark and I are dating, but it’s not like we’re going steady,” opened Janice. I had to agree.

She continued. “You should know that I’ve fucked Jay.” Whoops, I was afraid things might get a little difficult here. “Variety and the spice of life, you know.”

If I had been concerned about Valerie’s reaction it was unwarranted. “Glad to hear that,” replied Valerie. “I tried to fuck my way through the entire roster of males in my freshman class but never finished. I like Jay, and the sex is good. Jay tells me that Mark is uncut. I’d like to give that a whirl.”

Janice thought that was a good idea. She recommended that we get together the next evening and swap. Evidently, Jay and I had no say in the matter. If this is what female power is about, give me more. The girls set the date. Janice and I finished our book work and then got naked for the practical exercises.

“Wow,” said Valerie. “His cock sure looks different from most with that foreskin. Tomorrow I’ll start with a taste and go from there.”

I didn’t know whether to be flattered or not, but decided it had been a compliment. By this time Jay and Valerie were naked on his bed making out. I lay down on my bed and Janice lowered herself onto my dick. She began riding me slowly, then increased her speed. I began to thrust up against her. After about three minutes she was waving her hand in the air and yelling “Yahoo, Ride-‘em Cowgirl.” We came at almost the same time, then lay down and cuddled while Jay and Valerie finished up. It was the first time we had fucked different girls simultaneously in the room. I kind of liked it.

I heard back from the Psych department. I’m hired and they’ll let me know when to report for the first work.

The next day was the Gender Roles class. It was a non-credit course so I hadn’t considered it part of my academic schedule. I had hopes of an hour of non-stop sex, but that never happened. I recognized Charlene and Harold sitting at the front of the room. When Dr. Jennings, the instructor, asked for one man and one woman to come to the front of the room and undress from the waist up, Harold and Charlene rose in place and faced the room. They calmly removed their clothes from the waist up. Charlene’s tits were nice but average. Just think, I’d now seen enough tits to know which ones were average. Harold looked like he worked out occasionally.

“Ladies and gentlemen, you see before you the origin of historical gender roles. If these two had a baby, Charlene would have to feed it. Harold is incomplete and cannot produce milk.” He stopped while the girls cheered at the “incomplete” remark. “Look at the difference in musculature between Harold’s upper body and Charlene’s. Charlene is incomplete.” The guys cheered. “She does not have the upper body strength that Harold has.

“Women must stay near their babies when they are young. Men must hunt and forage. That lasted for probably two million years. From that grew the female’s role in the house and the man’s role outside the house. The difference in roles is not the result of a massive secret plot by men to subjugate women. It is biology.

“Biology also drives a lot of our behavior as well as our roles.” He motioned to a very short blonde girl in the back row. “Dena, please join Harold and Charlene, who should now get dressed again.” They got dressed as Dena joined them.

“We’re going to pretend that Dena is the child of Harold and Charlene. What changes take place in the family now?”

One of the guys opined that Harold was going to get a lot less sex. Even Dr. Jennings laughed at that. One of the girls said that they would need more food because Dena would be nursing the infant. “Excellent observation,” noted Dr. Jennings.

We discussed this for a while. Finally, Dr. Jennings asked what the most important goal of the family unit was. “Survival,” I said.

“Correct,” said Dr. Jennings. “But whose survival?” I thought it was everybody’s and so did most of my classmates. Dr. Jennings eventually brought the discussion to a close.

“There is a postulation, not yet at the status of a theory, that our genes have a survival instinct separate from that of us as animals. The genes need to survive. That promotes reproduction. Only through reproduction do the genes survive. Dena, please step forward.”

Dena stepped forward. “Now, imagine I am a saber-toothed tiger threatening the family. Who does what?” Charlene grabbed Dena and put her own body between Dena and the tiger. Harold picked up the nearest object and started threatening the tiger with it.

“Absolutely classic and absolutely correct. That behavior has not changed in two million years. We protect our children first, before ourselves. Otherwise the genes cannot survive. The idea postulates that our genes drive that behavior. The genes are willing to sacrifice the host animal” he gestured at Charlene and Harold, “in order to ensure their own survival in the offspring.”

This turned into one of my more interesting classes. It certainly was thought-provoking. I had never considered the role that tits played in determining gender roles. Nor had I considered the role that upper body muscles played. The idea that my own genes might drive me to death to protect my offspring was the topic of many late night bullshit sessions in the dorms.

For the rest of the semester nobody else ever removed a piece of clothing in the class. And that was fine with me. It was easier to concentrate on the important topics without my hard-on demanding attention.

The night after the first class I was studying with Janice when Valerie and Jay walked in. Janice and I were already naked in anticipation of the swap. Jay and Valerie stripped as soon as they got in the room. “Helen told me you had her class in pussy licking,” said Janice to Jay. He turned red and stammered. “That’s okay; it’s time for some more practice.” With that Janice lay down on Jay’s bed and spread her legs. He climbed on the bed and buried his face in her crotch.

Valerie said it was time for a taste. I had only been semi-hard studying naked with Janice, but my dick popped to attention at the thought of a blow job from Valerie. And what a blow job it was. She began by moving my foreskin back and forth over the head of my penis. Then she used her mouth to move the foreskin, sometimes nibbling lightly on it. She held the foreskin back and licked all around the head of my dick, then down the sides of the shaft and continued on to my balls. Then it was back up to the head. I could vaguely hear Janice moaning in the next bed but could only concentrate on what Valerie was doing.

Finally she took my cock in her mouth. Her tongue continued bathing the head of my dick as she moved her mouth up and down on my shaft. She moved slowly at first, then faster. She cupped my balls in her hand and gently squeezed. Finally she deep-throated my dick and sucked. I came immediately. She saved every drop and swallowed it. All in all it was the best blow job I had ever had.

On the other bed Jay was moving up Janice’s body with his tongue. He reached her mouth and she took his cock in her hand and directed it to her pussy. I couldn’t watch any more because Valerie’s crotch was suddenly in my face. More practice at pussy licking seemed like a good use of my time.

Valerie moaned and writhed and shuddered. My mouth was wet with her juices so I sucked them in. My tongue went in and found her clit. She had a second orgasm. I couldn’t believe that in my first week of eating pussy I had given a girl two orgasms in the same session.

That’s when Valerie dismounted my mouth and impaled herself on my shaft. I hadn’t realized I was hard again. She rode up and down violently on my cock while I thrust upwards just as violently. We actually came at the same time. Then I heard Janice.

“You don’t mind if a girl drinks your cum, but you find it disgusting. That’s strange because it’s one of your own bodily secretions. Go ahead and suck your cum out of my pussy.” Jay started to protest but Valerie cut him off.

“It sort of completes the cycle, Jay. It turns us girls on and is a demonstration of real affection. Anyway, Mark is going to drink his in a minute.” I was going to do what?

Jay put his lips to Janice’s cunt and started sucking. Valerie moved her body up to my mouth. I licked her pussy, probed with my tongue, and sucked in our mingled juices. Valerie actually had another orgasm while I was doing it.

The girls told us we had done fine, and it wasn’t so hard, was it? “Salty mayonnaise,” said Jay. I concurred. I wasn’t sure what it had tasted like, but that was close enough.

Throughout the semester we got together regularly as a foursome. Most nights we would just fuck our own girls, some nights we would each fuck both girls, some nights we would only fuck each other’s girls. Life was good.

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