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Power Chapter Nineteen: Establishing a Rhythm

A lot more fun than the other rhythm method.
For the next several weeks we established a rhythm. Mondays Sylvia sat out while Valerie, Jay and I had a threesome. Tuesdays it was my turn to sit out while Jay worked to satisfy the two girls. Wednesday Jay sat out while I took my turn with the girls.

While I missed Jay, Wednesday nights were stunning. The girls would take turns sucking my dick. Then two of us would take turns licking and probing the other girl’s pussy. After a lot of oral foreplay we would get to fucking. Thursday was my favorite night. Valerie sat out while Sylvia, Jay and I took turns pleasuring each other’s bodies.

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays were for studying, sleeping, and exploring. It was still cool outside so we took walks around the campus but rarely stopped anywhere. By Monday I was always ready for as much sex as I could get.

When one of the girls sat out the session she usually stayed in her own room. There were occasional cat dinner and dog food parties on weeknights, so the girls only went without sex about once every other week.

The sessions always took place in our room, so neither Jay nor I slept there the night we each sat out. Sometimes one of us would spend the night sleeping on a couch in the lounge, but that didn’t always work out. The only place at night where noise was allowed was in the lounges, and sleep was usually a problem. Jack had a single room with two beds, so one of us sometimes stayed there. Otherwise it was hit or miss.

One Thursday morning Jay came back to the room and wanted to talk. I had a class and told him we would meet for lunch. He said he wanted to have lunch in the dorm’s kitchen area. I met him a couple minutes after noon.

“Jack had Helen over last night,” Jay said. “I tried both of the lounges but they were too noisy to sleep. Finally I decided to take a shower and reassess my options. Janice and Drew were in the shower playing with each other, so I took the other shower.”

I nodded and said something inconsequential to let Jay know I was listening, without interrupting his story.

Jay continued. “Janice asked me to join them, so I did. One thing led to another and we wound up in Drew’s room. As Dr. Wagoner says, the arousal took on a life of its own. I wound up fucking Janice while we took turns sucking Drew’s cock. Valerie and I fuck other people regularly with no repercussions, but I feel like I’ve been unfaithful to you.”

I didn’t care who was around. I held Jay in my arms and kissed him. “You can suck and fuck anybody you want to. That’s not being unfaithful to me, it’s being horny. What we have is based on emotion and not on sexual urges.” Then I kissed him again.

“Well, that removes all doubt,” said Jack. I hadn’t noticed him or anybody. “You guys are in love. We all figured as much.”

I kissed Jay again, ignored what Jack had said, and we ate lunch. Subject closed.

One Tuesday night Seth invited me to stay with him since Ben would be out for the night. I wasn’t about to sleep in a room with Ben so I made absolutely certain he would be out that night. When the girls arrived, I got dressed and walked over to Seth’s dorm.

A major advantage of the upperclassmen dorms was alcohol. I rarely drank anything other than beer, and that was always plentiful. I took my books for some study, dropped my shirt and pants in Seth’s room and we hit the lounge for some alcohol-fueled study time.

One of the guys in my Spanish class lived in Seth’s dorm. Rick was having serious difficulty. Like me, he had taken Spanish in high school. Unlike me, he hadn’t learned much. He walked into the lounge with his girlfriend, Naomi, and asked if I could help him. He still could not get the difference between "ser” and “estar.” Sure, I’d help him, so he and Naomi went to his room, dropped their outer garments and returned to the lounge with Rick’s textbook.

In class Naomi had hidden her body under shapeless clothes. In rose-colored lace panties and bra she was a knockout. She made quite a contrast to Rick, who was wearing plain white boxers. They sat down on either side of me and we started going over our Spanish homework.

After twenty minutes I thought Rick had finally figured out the difference in the verbs, so we broke and each grabbed a beer. Without any preliminaries Naomi asked me if it was true that I was uncircumcised. I told her I was.

“Can I see it? Please?” she asked. I figured that by now everyone else at the college had seen my penis, so I took off my jockeys and dropped them to the floor. “Wow, that’s neat!” exclaimed Naomi. “Is it true that every guy is born with one of those but it’s cut off?” I assured her it was true.

She asked if I minded if she experimented with how my foreskin worked. Of course I didn’t mind. She moved the foreskin back and forth a few times before turning to Rick. “You used to have one of these,” she said. “Try it.” Rick protested that he wasn’t into playing with other guys’ dicks, but Naomi stopped him cold. “Sure you are. You played with Ben’s dick the other night during our threesome, and you even sucked it.”

I was floored. How wide was Ben’s circle of influence in getting guys to have sex with him? Rick blushed and tried to look away, but Naomi was having none of it. “Now, I’m going to taste his prick to see how I like it. Seth, will you please get naked too? I want to compare.” Seth’s underwear was on the floor with mine in less than a second.

We stood next to each other while Naomi manipulated my foreskin and stroked Seth to an erection. In about a minute I was fully hard also. She told Rick to get naked and stand on the other side of me. Then she leaned in while pulling my foreskin back and began to lick my cock head.

She now had a hand on each of the other guys’ rods as well. She told Seth to get in the middle, so he and I traded places. She tasted his cock and ran her tongue up and down its length. Then it was Rick’s turn. She was stroking both me and Seth while sucking on her boyfriend.

“That was fun,” she said. “Who wants to get me another beer?” I went to the refrigerator and came back with four beers. I told her the beer had a price – her bra. She handed it to me nonchalantly before we sat and talked for a while. Seth got her the next beer, for which she got naked.

About six beers later Naomi wanted to fuck. I’m an inexperienced drinker, and wasn’t sure I could keep it up. Seth had no such difficulties, and she lay on the couch while he mounted her. Rick stood next to them stroking his rod, watching his girlfriend get fucked by another guy. Seth came in her pussy, and she told Rick to take his place. He moved to get on top of her, but first she told him to suck the cum out of her pussy while she finished cleaning off Seth’s cock with her mouth.

After Rick mounted her Naomi told me to come closer so she could give me a blow job. I complied, having forgotten about possible problems with maintaining an erection. I shouldn’t have worried. Naomi was good, and after about two minutes of bobbing her head up and down on my boomstick I shot my load down her throat.

Rick continued to pound her cunt as Seth and I stumbled off to his room. He turned off the light and got in bed. Unable to see, I stumbled around until I bumped into a bed and fell into it. The bed was already occupied. Too wasted to get up, I just lay my head on Seth’s chest and fell asleep.

Neither Seth nor I had a class until 11:00 the next day, so we slept in. We were awakened at 9:30 by a slamming door and “What do we have here? Poaching on my territory?” It was Ben. My naked ass was sticking up in the air. Ben began to caress my ass while asking me if I wanted him to use a condom. I shot out of bed.

“Fuck you,” I told him. He said that was the general idea and laughed. I looked around for my underwear but didn’t see it.

“You guys left your tighty whiteys in the lounge,” Ben told us. “So,” he continued, “did you finally suck a dick, Seth?” The response was another “Fuck you,” and Ben said, “Well, if you guys want a threesome I’m certainly up for it.”

I started to explain that we had gotten drunk and fallen asleep and the room was dark so I got in the wrong bed and so forth; Seth stopped me. “What we did or did not do last night is none of your business, Ben.” Seth sounded serious. “I invited Mark to spend the night because his room was busy and you were out. Beyond that neither of us owes you an explanation for anything.” With that Seth got out of bed, grabbed me by the arm and hauled me into the lounge where we donned our jockeys. Ben followed us. We found Naomi and Rick cuddled on the couch, naked.

Ben walked over to the couch and began stroking Naomi’s breast and Rick’s ass. They both stirred, so Rick took Naomi’s hand and put in down the front of his boxers. Seth and I went back to his room, uninterested in whatever else was going to take place.

“That guy has a serious problem,” Seth said, as we got dressed. “He seems to be a permanently horny bisexual predator.” I told him that Ben’s score on Dr. Wagoner’s test had come back heterosexual. “Yeah, and I’m a Martian,” replied Seth. “I don’t know if I’ve ever met a real bisexual before, but I’d bet that Ben is one. If a pussy is available he fucks it. If a dick is available he sucks it. If both are available he fucks and sucks at the same time. It’s not like he’s got a specific boyfriend or girlfriend, he just indiscriminately sucks and fucks everything in sight.”

That gave me something to think about. If Ben was a bisexual so be it. If he was permanently horny, well, that wasn’t so different from most of us at Anthony. If he was a predator, though, that was a problem.

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