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Power Chapter Twelve: The Dance

Mark tries some new things, and the arousal takes on a life of its own.
A couple of weeks passed and the next LGBT Dance was held. This was something of a misnomer since there were few other dances held at Anthony, and everyone was welcome. The LGBT student association put on the dances. Alcohol was sold at the dance, but only upperclassmen could buy it. Freshmen got the upperclassmen to front for them, so everybody who wanted to drink was able to do so.

Since the girls had been to the dance before we asked them what to wear. They said it didn’t matter. Nobody with any sense went there naked, though. Just be sure to wear a shirt you don’t mind losing.

We agreed to meet at the dance. Craig asked us if he could come with us. Sure, the more the merrier. Jay and I put on cargo shorts and old shirts and walked over. The girls and Harold were already there. Harold was dressed like Jay and me. Janice and Charlene had worn matching short red skirts and red halter tops. Valerie, dressed in a thong and a see-through blouse, was waiting for us with beers. Life is good.

Craig had worn a sleeveless T-shirt and yellow gym shorts. He asked Valerie to get him a beer, which she did. Things were already underway when we got there. I saw Ben dancing on a platform with a girl I didn’t recognize. Helen was dressed in shorts and a halter top, while Jack was in his signature striped boxers. Very few of the guys were in underwear and nobody was naked. Looked like a fairly tame gathering.

Valerie asked Janice to dance. I looked at her and raised my eyebrows. Valerie said that the tradition was to dance with both genders at these things. Charlene and Janice agreed; Charlene started dancing with Ebony, a shapely black girl from her dorm. Harold grabbed Jay and Craig walked off, so I was the odd man out.

I walked around looking at the dancers. The platforms seemed to be reserved mostly for shirtless guys who worked out, and very masculine girls who worked out even more. One of them got on the platform with Ben, replacing the girl with whom he had been dancing.

Ben saw me and jumped off the platform. He grabbed me by the hand and headed for the small stage. Everybody from good looking to ugly, people who couldn't dance at all and people who would win contests, thin people, fat people, and any other category you could imagine, were dancing there. As one of the invisibles I fit right in.

Charlene and Ebony were grinding against one another. I saw Janice and Valerie doing the same thing. Then Valerie’s blouse came off; she was braless. The first titties of the evening! On the dance platforms all the guys were now shirtless and grinding against one another. The girls were grinding away as well, although they wore bras or blouses. I couldn’t see Jay and Harold. They might be doing a waltz, they might be grinding, they could be cutting out paper dolls; I had no clue.

Ben pulled his T-shirt over his head and reached for my shirt. I quickly unbuttoned it and hung it in my belt. He put his ass up against my crotch and started grinding. I had never danced with another guy before, and wasn’t sure what the norms were. So, I started grinding back. I could feel a stirring in my crotch from the friction; I would need to be careful.

Two of the dance platforms were cleared. A gorgeous Oriental woman with black hair and the tiniest waist I had ever seen was joined by an equally gorgeous Indian woman. Her hair was in a braid, which she flung around. She had on a halter top and jeans. The Oriental woman removed the halter top, and now we had more titties. As I said, life is good.

On the other platform were two guys. I recognized Jack, who was dancing with Drew. I guess that didn’t qualify as a sexual or romantic relationship. Drew’s shirt was off and his pants were open. Craig then walked up to the platform and pulled down Jack’s boxers. There was some cheering, but Jack got down from the platform and put his boxers back on.

All in all it was pretty tame. Ben disappeared for a few seconds and came back barefoot. He had found a table on which to leave his shoes, socks and shirt. He led me over to the table and I left my stuff there also. Both barefoot, we returned to the throng on the stage.

The Oriental woman had her blouse off now. Both girls were topless and making out. I was more than a little interested. They were fondling and licking each other’s breasts. This could get very interesting.

I looked over at Craig and Drew. Jack whispered something to them, and they handed him their sandals. I guessed that barefoot dancing was the craze. I glanced at Ben and he had his belt draped around his neck, so I took mine off and did the same.

Another look at the two girls on the platform and I saw that things had progressed. Both girls were now dressed only in sheer panties. The Oriental woman got on her knees and removed the other girl’s panties. She then dove into her pussy with her tongue. The crowd roared its approval. I suddenly discovered that I was one of the people roaring.

A glance back at Craig and Drew and I saw that both guys had handed their pants to Jack. Drew tried to put his hands on Jack’s chest, but Jack was having none of it. Craig and Drew danced together in their underwear. Jack was cheering them on. Helen had joined him; she was now completely naked. She stripped off Jack’s boxers and took their clothes to a table. Things were heating up.

Back to the two girls. Both were now naked and in a 69 together. The crowd was pressing closer to watch. I saw Harold and Jay in the crowd around the platform. Both guys were now shirtless and grinning.

A quick glance back at Drew and Craig and I watched as Helen and Jack each removed one of the guys’ underwear. They were now were pumping each other’s dicks. I thought maybe Craig finally figured out if he was gay; then I thought of my sessions with Jay and decided it might be the arousal taking on a life of its own.

Helen and Jack joined them on the platform. Jack hoisted Helen into the air and sat her on his waist. Except it wasn’t exactly his waist. They were fucking, with Helen riding his cock in mid-air. I had never seen anything like it.

Perhaps inspired by the couple fucking, Drew lifted Craig in the air and sat him on his waist. Oh My God, he was fucking Craig's ass on the dance platform. The crowd left the two girls and headed over to the other platform. Hands reached up and caressed thighs and asses. Jack was fucking Helen while Drew was fucking Craig. Drew leaned over to kiss Jack, but he was rebuffed.

My next glance at Ben showed that his pants were open, so I opened mine too. In twenty seconds we were both in our underwear, taking our pants to the table. We got back up on the stage and he started grinding his ass into my dick. I ground right back, and was nearly fully hard.

Janice came up behind me and asked if I was having a good time. I hadn't seen her get up on the stage. She and Valerie were both completely naked and were fondling each other’s tits with one hand and masturbating one another with the other. I told Ben it was time to watch. He stood in front of me, continuing to grind his ass into my crotch. We watched the girls getting more and more excited. Janice dropped to her knees and started licking Valerie’s pussy. This was hot in the extreme. I was so preoccupied I never felt Ben’s hand invade my underwear and start pumping my cock. When I finally noticed, my jockeys were around my ankles. Ben’s underwear had disappeared somewhere. The thing to do seemed to be to pump his hard-on since we were dancing together.

Valerie got on her knees and Janice stood up. It was Janice’s turn to have her pussy eaten. I saw an upperclassman in boxer-briefs walk up behind Janice and put his arms around her. His hands were fondling her tits. Valerie had another upperclassman, this one in boxers, lying on the floor eating her pussy.

I was still able to see the show even after Ben turned around and started making out with me. This was pure arousal. I watched Valerie leave Janice’s pussy and turn to the guy in his boxers. She pulled them off and she guided his cock into her pussy. Janice turned to the guy behind her and ripped off his underwear. Soon they were also fucking.

I was so engrossed in the show that I didn't notice when Ben stopped kissing me. His lips had left my mouth and were traveling down my chest. Eventually his mouth reached my dick. Next my dick was in his mouth. The first thought I had was that I wanted my first blowjob from a guy to be from Jay; I had no idea where that thought had come from, so I dismissed it. Then I stopped thinking and just enjoyed it.

Valerie and Janice finished fucking the guys and started cheering Ben on. Then they were playing with my nipples and my ass, and telling me I had to return the favor to Ben. I came in his mouth; he looked up at me and swallowed the whole load. He stood up and kissed me. I had to do it. I could no longer think straight. The arousal had its own life.

I got on my knees and took Ben’s cock in my mouth. It felt kind of funny, but I was beyond worrying about it. I did what Janice did to me and ran my tongue over the head, then began moving my mouth up and down on his cock. I played with his balls. I looked up and Janice was kissing him while Valerie had a finger inserted in his ass. I started moving my mouth faster and faster on his member. Then Janice broke away and took my head in her hands. She shoved my mouth down all the way on Ben’s cock. I deep-throated him and sucked for all I was worth. I was rewarded with a gusher of semen. I drank it all down, then stood up and kissed him.

I had just given a guy a blowjob. I didn't stop to think how that made me feel, I just grabbed Janice and we lay on the floor. My mouth found her pussy and my tongue started to probe. Her mouth was on my cock and I was already hard again. After less than a minute Janice swiveled around and my cock found its way into her cunt. We were both so aroused we both came almost immediately.

We tried to cuddle but were nearly trampled, so we stood up. Janice pointed at the platform where Jack and Helen had been fucking while Drew fucked Craig. Craig was on all fours. One guy’s cock was in his mouth and another guy’s cock was in his ass. He was the star of the show. And it seemed he had answered his own question. Ben was next in line to fuck him. I noticed Jay at the end of the line. It was unbelievable.

Nearly everybody in the place was naked and having sex. I had never been to an orgy before, but I guess this qualified. We stayed on the stage; Janice wanted to watch Craig getting fucked in the ass and the mouth by one guy after another.

Most of the sex was boy-girl, but that was fluid. I watched Marty fucking a girl, then turn to a guy behind him and start stroking his rod. It was Jack. Helen was with him and whispered something in his ear, so Jack got on his knees and tried to revive Marty’s dick with his mouth.

I was overwhelmed. I told Janice I had to get out of there. She told me to go; she wasn't done for the night. Ben took me by the hand and led me to the table where our clothes were. It was a miracle, they were still all there. We grabbed our clothes and left together. We walked back to the dorm, still holding hands.

My room was close to the dorm entrance so we got there quickly. I opened the door and Ben followed me in. We had only put on our underwear and had carried the rest of our clothes. Ben’s underwear was soon on the floor and mine joined his. Ben leaned forward and kissed me. I pushed him away.

I told Ben we needed to talk. He agreed. He said that he had discovered a whole new world at Anthony. He fucked one girl or another regularly, but occasionally went with a guy for a change. He asked if that was the first time I had exchanged blow jobs with a guy. I told him it was. He said that the girl at home he was fucking had a brother who went to Anthony. He had been a virgin and very modest when he got there, but she was pretty sure that by now he had partaken of a variety of sexual treats. Alarm bells went off, so I asked Ben his last name. “Parker, Ben Parker,” he replied. I had just had sex with Kathleen’s brother. I was floored.

I started to tell him about Jay and me when Jay and Harold walked in the door. They had evidently lost all of their clothes because they were both naked. Ben announced that he and I had sucked each other’s dicks at the dance. I was mortified. What would Jay think?

He and Harold sat on his bed. Jay told me, “The only thing that bothers me about that is that Ben was your first instead of me.” Harold looked at Jay in horror. He stood up and left immediately.

I asked Jay if he were serious. “I’m as serious as a heart attack. I wanted to be the first guy whose dick you sucked, and the first guy to suck yours. We have something special. I don't know what it is, and that's okay."

That’s when Ben got up and left.

I asked Jay what it had been like to fuck Craig's ass. He said it was tighter than a cunt but okay. Then he kissed me. That night Jay and I slept in the same bed. We made out, we masturbated each other, and eventually we sucked each other’s dicks. I didn’t know what to make of it. After all, I was a typical straight man. But Dr. Wagoner did say that I would probably experiment with several guys at Anthony, so maybe it was okay.

The next morning we talked. Jay told me the sex was great, but he really preferred girls. Having sex with me was fun and brought us closer as buddies. I told him I felt the same way.

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