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Power Chapter Twenty: Spring Break

I had come to treasure these deep, meaningful, half-hour relationships.
We kept up our same rhythm until Spring Break. Sylvia and I decided to stay at the college, while Jay and Valerie both went home. Sylvia moved into my room and we only got dressed to go to the dining hall. The dorm was mostly empty, so we fucked everywhere we could.

It got warm one day so we spent the day at the pool. I was required to swim nude, and Sylvia chose to do the same. We met a couple of girls there that neither of us knew. They were admiring my uncut cock and asked Sylvia if it was OK to play with me. She told them it was up to me. Who am I to deny a girl a treat?

They first took turns playing with my foreskin until I was hard. Then they took turns licking and sucking my dick. I lay on my back and one girl sat on my face while the other mounted my rod. Sylvia knelt next to me and gave me pussy-eating pointers while the girl on my dick rode me up and down. The girl whose pussy I was eating had an orgasm just before my cock exploded into the other girl’s cunt. They then stood up, got dressed and left. We never found out their names. I had come to treasure these deep, meaningful half-hour relationships.

Valerie and Jay returned at the same time and joined us in my room. Jay sat down without undressing, a first for him. He looked nervous, so I asked him what was wrong. He wouldn’t talk about it. Valerie wanted to fuck, but Jay said he didn’t feel like it. Something must be really wrong, I thought.

Sylvia saved the day. She stripped Valerie naked then lay her on my bed. Sylvia planted her crotch on Valerie’s mouth. I began licking and probing at Valerie’s pussy while Valerie ate out Sylvia. Both girls had orgasms from the oral stimulation. Then Valerie guided my dick into her pussy. The sight of Valerie eating my girlfriend’s cunt was so hot I couldn’t contain myself. I spurted my semen deep into her after less than two minutes.

The girls got dressed and left. I asked Jay what was wrong and he said he needed a beer. I called Seth to see if we could visit his dorm. He had just gotten back and invited us over for as many beers as we wanted. I suspected Jay would need a lot of beer to open up.

When we got to Seth’s dorm, I went to his room and left my outer clothes. Jay remained fully dressed. Seth led us to one of the lounges and got out three beers. He and I were tighty whitey-clad bookends to Jay’s jeans and polo shirt.

“I’m kind of uncomfortable talking about this in front of Seth,” Jay said. Seth stood up to leave, but I took his arm and asked him to stay.

“Jay, have a couple of beers first,” I said. “Then let’s talk about anything and everything except what you want to talk about. Seth is understanding and has offered me some insights I would not have had on my own. Once you’re loosened up, if you want Seth to leave I know he will respect your wishes.”

Jay said nothing, just drained his beer and got up to get another one. We all drank in silence. By the time, Seth and I had finished our first beers Jay was almost done with his third. I got us more beer. When I handed Jay his beer he said, “Thank you,” and then started to cry softly.

Seth and I both put our arms around him and let him know that whatever had happened he was still the person we had known before Spring Break. Seth asked if he should leave, and Jay shook his head no. Finally, he stopped crying and looked at me. “Remember what I told you about Janice and Drew?” I nodded. “Well, I saw Garrett over Spring Break. It happened again.”

I took Jay in my arms and just held him. “It doesn’t matter, Jay. Nothing you do will matter to how I feel about you. Do you want to talk about it now?”

Jay told us the story. Garrett had gone to a state university and was home at the same time Jay was. Over the weekend, Garrett’s parents were out of town and he invited Jay over for a few beers. They sat bullshitting and drinking beer, and then Garrett suggested a game of pool. They’d had a six-pack between them by then, and continued drinking while playing. Somebody suggested strip pool and soon they were both naked. What happened next wasn’t clear, but they wound up in a 69 and sucked each other off.

“Mark, it honestly felt good,” said Jay. “I’m emotionally close to Garrett, although not as close as I am to you. We wound up having oral sex four times over Spring Break. I really don’t feel as though I was unfaithful to you, and maybe I should. But I’m wondering if I’m really gay.”

Seth spoke up. “If sucking a dick occasionally makes you gay, then at least half the guys on this campus are gay. I’ve never sucked a dick and don’t think I ever will. But I can’t be sure. The night Mark and I spent together naked in bed really turned me on. If he’d made a move I’m not sure I would have said no.”

I was astounded. Seth had seemed so far into the “straight” category that I had assumed a guy couldn’t turn him on.

Charlene walked into the lounge and went straight for a beer. She looked at Jay and said, “I can’t remember the last time I saw you wearing clothes. What’s up?”

Seth smiled at Charlene, and then stood and gave her a deep kiss. I knew they had been seeing one another occasionally since the last dance, but had figured it was the usual “friends with benefits” or even “strangers with benefits” that seemed to be the norm at Anthony. It had turned into “close friends with closer benefits.” Sort of like Jay and Valerie.

“I’m glad to see you, too, Seth,” said Charlene.

“Look, Jay’s in a funk about something that happened over Spring Break.” said Seth. “He’s trying to deal with it. I’m not going to talk to you about it, and please don’t ask Jay.” He started to pull Charlene toward his room while unbuttoning her blouse.

Jay finally spoke. “No, Charlene can stay. I wound up in oral sex with my best buddy at home over the break. I know Valerie will understand and Mark says he’s OK with it. I’m just wondering if maybe I’m really gay.”

“One sure way to find out,” said Charlene. She whispered in Seth’s ear, then in mine. We both nodded.

Charlene took Jay’s hands and moved them to finish unbuttoning her blouse. She helped him to finish undressing her. She retrieved a small vibrator from her purse and sat on a couch with her legs spread. Seth moved over to me and grabbed my handle.

Charlene began masturbating with the vibrator while Seth and I let our fingers do the walking. Charlene began moaning – she was always pretty vocal when aroused – while Seth and I removed each other’s jockeys. We were pumping each other’s rods to erection when Charlene spoke. “Pick one,” was all she said.

Jay stood up, stripped naked, and joined Charlene on the couch. She put his hand on the vibrator while she began slowly stroking his dick. She then removed his hand and the vibrator and got on her knees between his legs. She licked his balls, then his cock, and then moved up to his chest. Seth and I watched for a moment before going back to jerking each other.

I vaguely heard Jay softly moaning as Charlene expertly edged him for several minutes. The arousal then took on a life of its own. I kissed Seth, then let my tongue explore down his chin to his chest, licking and sucking at his nipples. I moved down to begin licking the insides of his thighs. Seth was doing some moaning of his own. Finally, I heard “Fuck me now!” from Charlene.

Seth broke contact and moved to the other sofa. With a short glance at Jay and Charlene fucking, I joined Seth on the sofa and lay down next to him. We continued kissing and stroking each other. I licked one nipple and then the next. Seth moved his head down and did the same to me. He let his tongue wander down to my navel, and then stopped. I told him not to do anything with which he was uncomfortable. Seth bent down and kissed the head of my dick, then came back up to kiss me on the mouth. As much as I wanted this to continue, I knew Seth would be uncomfortable with going any further.

We finished jerking each other, and then Charlene nearly screamed with her orgasm.

Nobody spoke for ten minutes. “Well,” said Charlene, “I guess that settles that!”

Jay smiled. I asked him if he was jealous because I had played with Seth. “I’m not jealous at all. I know it was the arousal and it got started to help me with my own problem. You guys are great.”

We sat and cuddled for a while before Charlene told Seth about the swapping she and Harold used to do with Valerie, Sylvia, me and Jay. She suggested that they pick up where she and Harold had left off.

Since Seth was the only one of the guys who was an upperclassman, we should schedule the first session in his room for that night. We could all drink without needing to get Valerie or Sylvia to get permission to use one of their rooms. The other three of us enthusiastically agreed.

We called Sylvia and Valerie and told them the news. Valerie asked if Jay was over his funk; Jay said he couldn’t wait to tickle her beaver again.

That night we gathered (with plenty of beer) in Seth’s room. Clothes came off immediately. We made out as couples, then rotated and made out with one another’s partners. Sylvia and Charlene then started making out while Seth and I did the same. Valerie guided Jay’s member into her waiting muff and they fucked slowly for about twenty minutes. Halfway through Seth and I joined our girls and began fucking. It was beyond great, it was extraordinary.

We all spent the night in Seth’s room. He and Charlene took his bed, Sylvia and I used Ben’s bed and Jay and Valerie were on the floor. The next morning we were all horny again so the girls rotated and Charlene and I fucked in Ben’s bed; Sylvia joined Jay on the floor and Valerie mounted Seth in his bed. Things seemed to have returned to normal.

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