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Power Chapter Twenty-Four: Drew's Summer of Love and Anguish

I was masturbating watching her have sex with your son and my ex
That summer changed my life financially. It also changed Drew’s life, and not just financially. Janice came to visit him. I knew that Jay had a three-way with them, but I wasn’t so sure I was interested. Two juniors in my number theory class, Melissa and Ted lived together in the co-ed dorm. Over the summer, there was a women’s dorm, a men’s dorm, and a co-ed dorm.

We had all become friends, and I spent quite a bit of time with them. Ted and I satisfied Melissa often, one in her mound and the other in her mouth. We didn’t play with each other, at least not much. Melissa liked to watch us make out and jerk each other hard to get ready to fuck her; in the scheme of things, that’s not much. Yes, Ted’s cock did wind up in my mouth occasionally (okay, maybe more than occasionally), but he never came in my mouth so we never had sex. Looking back on it, I am still astounded at my capacity for self-deception.

Back to Drew. Jack had graduated. He and Helen shared a room in the co-ed dorm while Jack started work on his Master’s Thesis in theoretical physics. One day Drew and I were bullshitting when Jack walked in – in blue-striped boxers, of course. He looked at Drew and asked if he still had that fantasy. In response, Drew’s underwear hit the floor and he knelt in front of Jack. Not bothering to remove Jack’s boxers, he withdrew his cock and began sucking it. Unfortunately, Janice walked in during the fellatio festival.

“Drew, you can fuck or suck anybody you want, that’s your business. But you are obsessed with Jack, and I can’t compete with that. I’m gone.” With that, Janice left, not to be seen again for weeks. Drew didn’t care. I think he should have, but he didn’t. He bobbed his head up and down on Jack’s dick until he was rewarded with a gusher of sperm.

“Okay, Drew, do you have that out of your system now?” asked Jack. I was afraid the answer was no. Drew stayed on his knees mouthing Jack’s rod, licking his balls, and begging Jack for more.

Jack put his boxers back on and left. Drew started crying. “I need him, I want him, and I have to have him.” Drew was inconsolable. I sat on his bed with him and held him, to no avail. I knew something was wrong, just not what.

Trying to help, I asked Melissa and Ted if Drew could join us for a foursome, all focused on Melissa. They agreed, and I invited Drew to our next session. Since we were now sophomores, we had alcohol in the dorm. Drew had hit it pretty hard and arrived well lubricated. Ted and I tried to convince him to go back to his room and sober up, but it had no effect.

Drew joined Melissa and Ted on the bed. He kissed Melissa once, and then kissed Ted. Ted made the mistake of kissing him back. Drew had Ted’s boxers off in a flash and Ted’s dick was in Drew’s mouth. He pulled back and said, “Jack, I love you.” This was not good. I tried to pull him off Ted, but Melissa kind of liked what she was seeing, and for Ted, a blow job is a blow job. “Please love me, Jack,” moaned Drew after swallowing a load of semen.

Ted gently pushed Drew away from him. ”Drew, I’m not Jack. I like you, but I’m not going to love you. Please go sober up, and don’t do this again.”

Heartbroken that he couldn’t stay, Drew left. Melissa wanted to fuck. I was almost too emotionally wracked to do so but that’s almost. A nineteen-year-old’s libido has a mind of its own. Melissa had an orgasm and so did I. For me, it was no more satisfying than jerking off.

When I got back to the room Drew was snoring. Thank God he was asleep; I’m not sure what I could have said to him if he had been awake.

The next day I told Drew what he had done. Strangely, it didn’t seem to bother him. It was warm, so the dorm uniform of underwear was the campus uniform. Drew walked over to the co-ed dorm in his boxer briefs and talked to Melissa and Ted. He apologized for drinking too much, but not for the blow job. He asked Ted if he had done it right. Ted said that he had, but it was not going to happen again.

Ted told him to stay put while he went to talk to Jack. He came back with Jack and Helen. Jack asked Drew what was up.

“I’ve had this fantasy, and now it’s become real,” said Drew. “I think I love you and I want to keep your dick in my mouth forever.” Helen told him this was irrational. Drew protested. I had to agree with Helen. Jack told Drew he liked him, but any more sex was out of the question.

Drew bought a dildo. For the next week, he practiced with the dildo every day until he could get all of it in his rectum. At the end of the week, he asked Jack to fuck him. That did it.

I tried to get Drew to go to the campus counseling center but he wouldn’t go.

I went there myself. I needed to understand how I could love two people at the same time. I love Sylvia; I also love Jay. I also needed some advice about Drew.

I made an appointment to see a Dr. Chabot on Tuesday (same day I get my weekly exam for sexually transmitted diseases). I actually wore clothes. I figured it would be some lame eighty-five year old woman who was hard of hearing. Imagine my surprise when I found out it was Carl, the teacher from the Human Sexuality class.

Carl was doing his residency at a local hospital, which contracted to provide counseling services. I felt comfortable immediately.

“Carl, I love two people at the same time. Is that possible?” I really wanted an answer. I got one.

“Anything is possible,’ replied Carl. “The human capacity for love knows almost no bounds. We love parents, wives, husbands, lovers, children, and we love them all differently. When it comes to romantic love for two people at the same time, things can get complicated. So, tell me about it.”

I told him about Sylvia. It turns out he knew her. We had hit it off immediately, the conversation are great, the sex is fantastic, we have different interests, which allows us to expand ourselves. I have no idea how an ugly fuck like me had hooked up with a goddess like her, but I had.

Neither of us is possessive. We both have sex with multiple partners, often together. We generally try to keep sex to an activity with close friends, but do not always succeed. Most of my other sexual partners are female, and most of hers are male. Most.

I told him about Jay. Carl did not know him. We had hit it off immediately, the conversations are great and the sex is fantastic. Jay has had sex with three other guys. The first two caused him distress because he thought he was being unfaithful to me. Jay knows I’ve had sex with other guys and it does not bother him.

Jay and I have had sex in front of our girlfriends, who support us. We are both by preference heterosexual, but Jay is just different. I feel a need to express physical affection toward him. He feels the same way about me.

Carl asked if he could take a day to think about this. That seemed reasonable; I’d been thinking about it non-stop for what seemed like an eternity. Carl added that he was glad that I had found love, and there were cases where someone loved two people at the same time, occasionally both a man and a woman. He was glad that I associated sex with affection.

I told him I thought my summer roommate was acting irrationally. He asked for, and got, specifics. He told me to ask Drew to call him immediately. If he didn’t, I was to call the doc.

Back at the room, Drew was waiting for me. He had stopped wearing any clothes at all. He also stopped going to work. He begged me to let him give me a blow job because he needed more practice if he was going to make Jack love him. I told him no, and he began to cry. I held him, I stroked his back, and before I knew it he was trying to suck my dick anyway. I stopped him and called Carl.

The doc was free, so I met him at his office. I described what was happening with Drew. He wanted to know if he could share my tale with those who had to know about it. Of course.

Carl’s first step was to call the Dean and tell him that the counseling center would be closed for the rest of the day. Step two was to call Marjorie Wagoner and ask her to prepare an involuntary commitment order and email it to the head of clinical psych at the local hospital. Name: Drew Swarthmore. Reason: Danger to self. Carl would include a sworn affidavit later.

We left the counseling center and went to my dorm room. Drew remembered Carl; I told him that Carl was visiting the campus (technically true, just incomplete). We all grabbed beers and Carl asked how things were going. Drew stopped making sense after about the first three words. He called me Jack and told Carl he loved me and we were going to get married. We all shot the shit, then Carl left.

Campus security showed up less than an hour later and asked Drew to come with them. Carl had called the supervising clinical psychologist with name and details; he got an involuntary commitment order on the basis that Drew was a danger to himself.

Later that afternoon I stopped by Ted and Melissa’s to say hello. Jack and Helen were there, with glum faces. “Do you know a Dr. Chabot?” Jack asked. I said I had taken a course from him last semester. “Well, I had a new asshole torn by the guy, and in retrospect he was right. Drew is mentally ill.” Why, what a surprise. Actually, I almost hated myself for not noticing sooner.

“Dr. Chabot said that he was glad I had cut it off, because if I continued I would be a predator using Drew for my own sexual satisfaction, and that this was little different from rape. He told me to end all contact with Drew.”

I told him that Drew had been admitted to a hospital that afternoon. I commiserated with him, and decided not to tell him that I had found his actions questionable in accepting the blow job in the first place. He appeared to have come to the conclusion on his own. I also found my own actions in letting Drew try to give me a blow job to be despicable. Beyond despicable.

Drew was in the local city hospital’s psychiatric wing. I called and asked about visiting; that was not going to happen. I called Drew’s father and told him that Drew had experienced some emotional difficulties and was hospitalized. Beyond that, I couldn’t tell him much; I certainly did not want to tell him the full details.

I called Sylvia, needing to sort through what had happened. She just listened for half an hour while I transmitted non-stop. She said she wanted to come see me, but even though she had free time, she didn’t have the money for a plane ticket. Money? I had lots of it. While we talked, I went on line and bought her a ticket plus sedan service to and from the airports. Sylvia said she was glad that Carl was involved; he was a natural.

Sylvia arrived the next morning via an overnight flight. I met her at the airport (I had to remember to put on clothes) and we went straight to my dorm room. Sylvia called Carl and spoke with him for a few minutes, then turned to me. “Carl said that Drew is asking for you. He’s recommending to the attending physician that you be allowed to visit. If you want to see him, I think it best you do so alone.”

We took Sylvia’s sedan and driver to the hospital. Money is nice. Of course, halfway there Janice handed me my pants and told me to put them on. I had forgotten.

Drew’s father was in the waiting room talking with Carl. We were introduced; then the elder Swarthmore demanded to see his son.

“Mr. Swarthmore, Drew is an adult. He has said that he wants to see Mark before talking to anyone else. Mark is the one who got help for Drew; he’s his summer roommate. I think it's best that we respect Drew’s wishes for now and let Mark talk to him.” Carl had put on his Dr. Chabot hat and was all professionalism.

“What’s this all about?” Mr. Swarthmore was insistent on knowing the details of what had happened. “I’m his father. Not only that, I’m paying his bills here. I have a right to know what happened.”

Carl stepped in. “Sir, Drew is nineteen and an adult. No one can share any information with you without his permission. Right now, he’s not able to give that permission. As for paying the bills, technically it’s your insurance company right now. I know you want what is best for your son; please let us give that to him.”

I suppose I should have kept quiet, but good sense wasn’t always directly at hand. “Mr. Swarthmore, Drew is ill. Please let Dr. Chabot and the physicians give him the care he needs.

“Oh, and as for paying the bills, Drew can do that. Drew and I did a project for an online business. Drew’s share will probably come to about $200,000 a year for the next three years, maybe more. I’m telling you this because, if Drew is not able to handle his own affairs, I’ll need to send you the checks to use on his behalf.”

Mr. Swarthmore collapsed into a chair. “First I find out that my son is crazy. Then I find out he makes more money than I do. After your call I checked his Facebook page. My God, are there three people on campus he hasn’t had sex with? And why is he going naked to a lesbian dance?”

Sylvia had come with me for company, but had no plans to see Drew. She took over.

“Mr. Swarthmore, how much do you know about Anthony College?” Sylvia drew him aside and started offering explanations. Carl whispered in my ear that Sylvia was better prepared than either of us to explain the college to Drew’s father. He then told me to go see my roommate.

Drew was in bed in light restraints, with an IV and countless cables attached to him. He seemed groggy. “They tell me I had what might have been a psychotic break.”

“Well, you were acting weirder than normal,” I told him. I had hoped for a laugh, but he just stared. “Look, Drew, some wires got crossed in your brain. You got obsessed with something and nothing else mattered. I asked Carl for help because I was afraid you might hurt yourself.”

Drew mumbled something and then fell asleep. I returned to the waiting room. “Mr. Swarthmore, please just give Drew unconditional love and ask no questions. Drew has not done anything illegal, immoral or unethical. He just stopped thinking straight for a while. I don’t know how long that will last.”

“When can I see my son?” asked Mr. Swarthmore.

“That will be up to Drew and the attending physician,” said Carl. “Drew’s only request was that he see Mark before seeing anyone else. He’s sleeping right now. I’ll tell the attending physician that you want to see him whenever he is willing and able to see you. When you do talk to him follow Mark’s advice. Give him unconditional love, no questions, no judgments, just love your son.”

Sylvia asked to talk to Carl alone for a couple of minutes. Mr. Swarthmore and I got coffee, and then returned to the waiting room. Sylvia kept looking at me, and Carl kept bringing her back. He didn’t want her looking at me, obviously. Another thing with no explanation. And none for a very long time.

We offered Mr. Swarthmore a ride to his hotel. His jaw dropped when he saw that we had a stretch Cadillac and driver.

“Sir, I’m making more than Drew is from the project. We have the car and driver for the day. It will set me back about one hour’s income from the project. What hotel are you in?

Things were going too fast for him. “I need a drink,” he said. Sylvia suggested we go to a cocktail lounge and talk. I reminded her that I was under age for drinking except on campus. That drew a strange look from Mr. Swarthmore and some mumbling about alcohol and college.

Sylvia solved it by suggesting we go to my dorm room for a beer. Mr. Swarthmore could see where Drew lived, what his environment was like, and get a better feel for Anthony. We agreed, and headed for the dorm.

Sylvia went to get us drinks from the lounge while we guys went to my room. Out of habit I immediately stripped to my jockeys; Mr. Swarthmore looked puzzled. “It’s the uniform of the dorm. Guys wear underwear or go naked. It’s just the way it is.” I wasn’t sure he completely understood.

“But, there’s a girl coming back to the room. Don’t you want to put on some clothes?” The guy had evidently not listened well when Sylvia had talked to him about the college.

I laughed out loud. “Mr. Swarthmore, the first time Sylvia and I saw one another we were both naked. I was masturbating watching her having sex with Drew and his girlfriend, who was my ex-girlfriend.” I thought the guy was going to have a heart attack.

Sylvia returned, accompanied by Mike, our Senior Resident. He was a fellow psych student, and he and Sylvia had been best friends for three years. Mike never wore anything in the dorm. His nude girlfriend was with him.

Mike shook Mr. Swarthmore’s hand and absent-mindedly tugged at his own dick. Regina, his girlfriend, told Mike to get a move on; she had things to do and wanted to shower with him.

“Things are sure different from when I went to school,” said Mr. Swarthmore. He turned to Sylvia. “So, you’ve had sex with Drew?” Sylvia nodded her head. He then looked at me. “How about you? Have you had sex with my son?”

“Not exactly,” I replied. Drew’s father repeated what I had said, and added that he had no desire to know the details.

I continued without thinking. “We haven’t exactly had sex and probably won’t, but we’re good friends so it’s possible.” This was too much for him, so he asked if he could go to his hotel. He didn’t need a drink; he needed to cry for a while.

I walked Mr. Swarthmore to the Cadillac and told the driver to take him to his hotel and be available to him for the rest of the day. As we walked out of the dormitory Mr. Swarthmore gestured at my underwear and said, “Aren’t you going to put on some, I mean, we’re going outside, and…” I told him not to worry. It was warm, so I was fine.

Sylvia spent the weekend. The sex was great; frankly, the kissing, cuddling and intimacy were better. I went back to see Drew every day. He was still groggy but at least appeared to be thinking straighter. After a couple of weeks he was transferred to a hospital nearer his parents’ home in Arizona. I wrote to him a few times, and sent him his checks every month.

Years later Sylvia and I were invited to his wedding to Janice. It was a small but pleasant ceremony. Drew, of course, was fine. I saw Mr. Swarthmore at the wedding. He remarked that he didn’t recognize me with my pants on.

After these disturbing events little of note went on. I continued swinging with Ted and Melissa. Janice came by my room to talk about Drew and what had gone wrong. Neither of us knew, and neither of us understood.

I told her that understanding was over-rated, acceptance was more important. I sure sound smart when I quote someone else. She nodded her head and asked me to hold her. I did, and, well, we kissed. And petted and groped and stroked. And fucked. She spent the night and we made love as friends, not lovers.

The next morning she told me she wanted to remain friends, but really wanted to re-establish and build her relationship with Drew. I asked her if she could take over what Drew had been doing with the students cataloging the new videos from Pete.

I paid her and the cataloging students, 20% from Drew’s cut and 80% from mine. Janice enrolled to audit a course (probably in the history of hair) so she would qualify to move into a dorm. Janice Longley eventually became a major force in a large commercial undertaking; for now, she cataloged porn, which kept us afloat.

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