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Power Chapter Twenty-One: The Inevitable

There are only so many combinations of six people
Finals were coming up. We all had to study, I more than most. I had tried to get by without much study, and my grades were all in danger of falling. We took the swapping to just three times a week, and always in Jay’s and my room.

The addition of Charlene and Seth added enough novelty that neither Sylvia nor I looked outside this community for sex. Well, not often anyway. For Jay and Valerie it made little difference.

“Sweetheart,” Valerie said to Jay one evening, “you know I adore you. I love everything about you and I can’t get enough of your naked body. The problem is that I can’t get enough of lots of naked bodies.

“I’m simply not capable of being sexually faithful to one man. Or two. Or three, for that matter. Do you mind?”

Jay thought for a moment. “Nope, fuck away. Just come back to me when you’re done.”

Jay’s relationship with Valerie wasn’t the same kind of deep love that Sylvia and I shared. It was sort of industrial-strength “friends with benefits.” They seemed to be all right with that.

Charlene and Seth were considerably more monogamous than Valerie and Jay. Of course, that was not a high hurdle to overcome. They both played around a lot, but usually together. And, swapping with us three times a week took care of most of their needs.

Our swaps were mostly random. We’d just get together naked and let nature take its course. That was fun, and I saw no reason to change anything. Charlene, however, had an idea.

The third week of swapping Charlene came up with her idea. She wrote out six slips of paper and put “J” on three and “M” on three. We pulled the slips from a bag, and whatever three got the “M” slips got in my bed; the J’s got in Jay’s. This added a new element of excitement and anticipation to the swaps. We never knew what the arrangement was going to be until it was time to fuck.

My favorite combination was with Sylvia and one of the other girls. The idea of bringing two girls to orgasm at the same time was incredibly arousing. If I was in a three-some with Jay we sucked each other a bit, but both reserved our orgasms for the girl. Seth was open to some fun, and he got to the point where he would sometimes lick my balls.

Then, of course, the inevitable happened. The three girls went first and all drew M. That left the three guys in Jay’s bed. Seth was looking a little uncomfortable, and Charlene asked if he wanted to change.

“No,” said Seth, “although I’m not sure if I’m ready to give either of you guys a blow job. I’ve never done that before, and, well, …”

Jay and I told him we wanted to share our affection with him and nothing more. He could even keep his clothes on if he wanted to. Since he was already nude, Seth laughed.

“Is it time?” Jay asked Valerie. Valerie nodded, so Jay turned to me. “I want to feel you inside me.”

I wasn’t sure what he meant. He’d felt every inch of me, and my dick had been in his mouth more often than I could count. Then it hit me. “You want me to fuck you?”

“Yes,” said Jay simply and finally. I looked at Sylvia.

“Love, if that’s what Jay wants then if you’re willing you need to give him what he wants.” Sylvia was quite matter-of-fact.

Jay asked Seth to sit at the head of the bed with his legs open. He began playing with Seth’s scrotum, and then started licking his cock and balls. He took Seth in his mouth. That’s when Valerie got out some lube and began working on my dick. She guided my rod into Jay’s hole, and I began pumping.

The physical feeling was no different from when I had fucked Kathleen or Sylvia in the ass. The emotional feeling was very different. I knew it was Jay’s ultimate surrender to my pleasure, and that caused a rush of emotions to wash through me. Seth came into Jay’s mouth and I kept driving my cock into his ass. I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life when I came inside him.

All six of us headed to the showers and broke into couples. Sylvia’s mouth had me hard again in minutes, and we fucked standing up in the shower. I paid no attention to the other couples, partly because Sylvia was taller than I and our coupling required some gymnastics, but mostly because I was fucking the woman I loved after fucking the man I loved.

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