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Power Chapter Two: A Few of the Rules

Mark learns a few of the rules at Anthony College
I grabbed the brochure and went to the page where I had stopped reading. I found the part “Men are never, under any circumstances, allowed into the women’s dormitory complex.” It continued.

“There are two exceptions:

· If a female Senior Resident invites a man to enter the women’s dormitory complex he may enter so long as he follows her instructions and leaves immediately when told to do so.

· If a class in which the man is enrolled takes place in a room in the women’s dormitory complex he may enter, attend the class, and immediately depart.”

“Women are allowed in all unlocked areas of the men’s dormitory complex at all times. If a man does not want women to enter the room he is in, he must lock the door.”

I immediately locked the door to my room and got dressed. I returned to the shower area and found that the door had no lock. I heard voices and peeked in. “And he immediately put his towel on and ran away.” It was the redhead describing our encounter.

Jay and the other guy were in the same shower enclosure buck naked. They were calmly talking with the woman. The other guy said, “Hi, I’m Jack. I’m the Senior Resident. You’ve met Helen, my counterpart in one of the women’s dorms.” I had no idea what to think. How was I going to get a shower now? Jack went on. “Get used to it. The guy’s showers at the gym also have no locking doors. At some point every woman at the college is going to see you naked. You’re Mark; I looked at your schedule. You are signed up for PE 103 first semester, swimming. It’s a required course and a mixed class. The women wear bathing suits but the guys aren’t allowed to.”

I had been upset that a few of Kathleen’s girlfriends had seen me in my underwear. Now every girl on campus was going to see me naked.

Jay spoke up. “Just relax and enjoy it. The girls are not going to force you against your will. I had a long talk with Jack and Helen earlier today. Sure, you’ll get groped occasionally, but what’s not to like about that? Helen told me she’s really into uncircumcised penises. I’m sure she’s not the only one. If you’re not disvirginated by the end of the first month I’ll fall over in a faint.”

To make sure I fully understood the situation, Helen walked over to the two guys and took a cock in each hand. The guys both put their own hands behind their heads and smiled. She pumped them until they were both hard.

“Helen gives a great hand job and an even better blow job,” Jack remarked. My head was spinning. “Every woman who graduates from Anthony has had more sexual experience in college than most women get in a lifetime. The same goes for the guys. Jay tells me you’re a virgin.” I’d have to watch what I told Jay in the future. “Get some sleep tonight because tomorrow starts your journey.”

I went back to the room and finished reading the brochure. Students were encouraged in the strongest possible terms to schedule weekly checks for sexually-transmitted diseases. I decided immediately on Tuesdays. This was not what I had thought college was going to be like. If I was going to get my degree courtesy of my mother’s money I would have to put up with it. I called my mother and asked her what she knew about Anthony.

“Oh, hi. You’re calling, so I guess by now you’ve figured it out. I had a talk with Kathleen before picking out a college for you. She told me you’re still a virgin and pretty uptight about your body. Her older brother had been the same way until he went to Anthony last year. Right now he and Bethany (my older sister) are naked in the backyard. Bethany said he learned a lot about sex at Anthony. He’s supposed to be good at giving her oral sex and intercourse both. He even told her he had experimented with some guys while there. He’s is going to spend the night with her.”

“You were raised without a father so you had no strong male role model. I made sure you learned to respect women. Now I’m making sure you become a man; not just a man but a whole man.” I didn’t know what to say except good-bye.

Jay returned to the room, still naked. His dick was limp. “She sure does give a good hand job,” he said. “Too bad you didn’t stay. You could have had one too.” He put on his boxer-briefs and got in bed. I stripped to my jockeys and got in my own bed. My journey was certainly going to be an interesting one.

The next morning I dressed – jeans and a Beatles T-Shirt - and waited for Jay. He put on a black speedo and a T-shirt and said he was ready for breakfast. We decided to eat in the small kitchen and dining room in the dorm. About a dozen guys were in there along with a few girls. I was one of the few fully dressed. A few guys were in sweats, several in their underwear. None of them seemed concerned about it.

Jack came in as we finished breakfast and announced he was going to give us the campus tour. He was dressed in tan cargo shorts and a green polo shirt. We waited for more freshmen to join us and then walked out. The guys in their underwear and Jay in his speedo didn’t bother dressing. There were thirty-five of us. Jack explained that the other thirty-five from our dorm were scheduled for the tour in an hour.

We started with Abzug Men’s Dormitory Complex. There were nine buildings, each housing seventy men, two to a room. All of the buildings were identical brick rectangular boxes. Three of the buildings housed freshmen only. Everyone was required to live on campus the first two years. Several juniors and seniors lived in the dorms even though they could have moved off-campus into apartments or houses.

Jack explained the rules of the dorm. “Each dorm has thirty-five bedrooms, two gang shower rooms, six toilets and a kitchen and eating area. There are two lounge rooms in each building, one on each floor. You are expected to respect other students’ need to study. If you get so noisy that you are disturbing other students you can expect a visit from me. You will not enjoy the visit.

“The lounge rooms are soundproofed. You may use them after 5:00 p.m. for whatever you wish to do and can be as loud as you wish. Nobody is going to stop you. Every lounge is stocked with condoms, lubricants and a few toys. The rooms are used sometimes as classrooms, which is why you cannot use them until after 5:00 p.m.

“Liquor, including beer, is banned in the freshman buildings. Sophomores, juniors and seniors are allowed to have alcohol in their rooms or in the lounges. No glass is allowed in the shower rooms or in the toilets. Drugs, including pot, are banned in all of the dormitories.” This last didn’t bother me since I had never indulged. Jay, however, looked disappointed.

“In the dormitories and elsewhere on campus we have an absolute rule that No means No. If someone makes a pass at you there is nothing wrong with making the pass and nothing wrong in rejecting it. If the person gets insistent just say “No.” If the person persists, tell me. Every semester we expel a few students who abuse the freedom here and won’t take “No” for an answer. Your fellow students want you to report violations of this rule. It protects them as well as you.”

Most of this was making sense. I decided to make friends among the upperclassmen. I had never had anything more than a beer or two that my Uncle Pete gave me. I wanted to do some experimenting with alcohol. Maybe I wanted to do a lot of experimenting.

“As in the general population most of our students are heterosexual. Some are not. If this disturbs you, get over it now. “No” still means “No,” regardless of the individual’s sexual orientation. We have not expelled a gay student for violation of the rule, at least as long as I’ve been here.

“Discrimination on any irrational basis is not allowed. If you hate black people we aren’t going to try and change that. If you hate Republicans we aren’t going to try and change that. If you hate gays we aren’t going to try and change that. If you take action based on your prejudices we are going to change that. Notice I did not say we are going to try to change that. We will change that.

“My roommate last year was a black Republican homosexual. You’d never guess that we became good friends. Quite a few weekends we would double date and all four of us would go back to the room at the same time. The first day he made a pass at me, and I said no. That was the end of it. Sometimes he would jack off watching me get a blowjob from a girl. One of the girls I dated got turned on watching two guys go down on each other. My roommate would gladly oblige her with his date, and I’d wind up having incredible sex with my girl. Your horizons will be expanded here at Anthony. Otherwise, you will leave. We will probably not expel you, but you’ll leave of your own free will.

“We have found that true bisexuals are rare. There are a few on campus; they are about equally distributed between the men and the women. That does not rule out experimenting with the same sex. Your sexual orientation is probably not yet finally determined. Statistics from confidential no-name polls indicate that more than half of you will experiment with another guy while here. I did, and decided I like girls better.” I was floored by his frankness, and so were most of the other guys. Did “better” mean “only?”

I looked over at Jay. I could rule out black. He might be a Republican, but probably not a homosexual. That wasn’t just statistics; he had really enjoyed his naked time with Helen. Bisexual? Unlikely, since Jack said they were rare.

We walked across campus to the academic complex. There were seventeen buildings, none of them more than three stories high. Jack pointed out the music, math, physics, history, English, foreign language and other buildings to us. Some of the buildings were larger than others. I noticed that the math building was about average size.

“Most of your classes will take place in these buildings. There are three exceptions. PE (Physical Education) classes take place in the gym, or pool, or on the fields next to the gym. HS (Human Sexuality) classes take place in the dormitory lounges. A few art and theater classes also take place in the lounges. For example, AR 207, 208 and 307 are life drawing and take place in a lounge. TH 304 and 404, Stage Nudity, are held in the lounges, but towards the end of the semester some of the work is done in the theater. For some reason TH 311, Sex on Stage, is one of the most popular courses.” We all laughed, of course. One of the guys asked how to enroll.

“Enrollment is limited to upperclassmen. There are only sixteen students in each section, and there are four sections. No more than sixty-four students per semester may enroll.” One of the students interrupted with a question, and Jack chucked. “No, you may not audit the course, and you may not re-take the course. The course is a prerequisite for the TH 450 series courses which deal with alternative theater and pornography production.” That got a lot of attention from all of us.

“How many of you are theater majors?” Jack queried. Four guys raised their hands. That was more than ten percent of the group, far more than I would have guessed.

“How many of the theater majors were already aware of the Stage Nudity, Sex on Stage and the courses dealing with alternative theater and pornography production?” All four guys raised their hands again.

“We have a few students switch majors to theater after the first year, thinking that this would be the shortest route to 24/7 sex. Let me tell you now that it isn’t. Even the pornography production courses are hard academic work. And you’ll be directing the action, running cameras and lights, writing scripts, and doing everything except actual fucking. One of my friends is a theater major who took the courses. He said they were among the toughest he ever took and he got zero sex in class. He even got less sex after class because he was so desensitized to it.”

We mulled that over for a while. Jack showed us most of the rest of the campus before we returned to the dorm. The other thirty-five dorm-mates were waiting for their tour, so we went inside and mostly gathered in the lounges.

One of the guys who had taken the tour in his boxers spoke up. “I came here for the sex. The girls are in charge and that’s fine with me.” Most of the other guys agreed. Then another guy, wearing sweats, spoke up.

“It’s true that the girls are in charge but it’s the guys who are naked. Most of the naked people on campus are going to be other guys. Is that the group with which you plan to have all that sex?”

The guy in boxers exploded. “I ain’t no fucking fag! I’m straight as an arrow and my girlfriend will verify that. We fuck all the time. Take that back you pervert!” He advanced menacingly on the guy in sweats.

Jay intervened. “You’re acting on your homophobia. Stop it now; you don’t want to go home your first week here. The question actually sounded reasonable to me. A gay guy would be in heaven here. So, I take it you’re not gay?”

The first young man said “No I’m not,” and clenched his jaw.

“Well, I am,” said a young guy in sweats. The first guy looked at him in horror. This was his roommate. He continued, addressing the guy in boxers. “And I’m not going to make a pass at you. First, you’ve already said no. Second, you’re not my type.”

In response to his roommate’s terse, “So what’s your type?” the guy continued.

“My type is smart, sophisticated and open-minded. You fail on all three criteria.” We all burst out laughing. The guy in his boxers abruptly left the room.

Jay and I returned to our room. There was an envelope under the door inviting me to a sleeping-attire party in one of the men’s upperclassmen buildings. I had no idea what that meant, but an upperclassmen building meant booze so I immediately phoned my acceptance to the number on the invitation. A girl answered the phone, but I thought nothing of it at the time.

I asked Jay about going to lunch; he said he wanted to get in a few laps in the pool first. He grabbed his towel and took off. I knew that he would have to ditch the speedo to use the pool. The thought occurred to me that he might be an exhibitionist.

I exited into the hallway and bumped into the guy in his sweats. He introduced himself as Brett and asked if I wanted to get lunch with him. His own roommate wasn’t speaking to him. I figured why not and went to lunch with him.

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