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Pausing after a disorienting fit of sensory anxiety, it took Oleana a long moment to catch her breath. After several harsh gasps, she adjusted the gear on her wrists and face. She took one more deep breath before reactivating the simulation. The visual frenzy of rendering errors and jumping perspective had been terminated by the restart, but it had left her somewhat disoriented. All she was trying to do was turn a damn page.

Something like this really didn't feel like it should be so much of a challenge. Of course, it wouldn't be anymore challenging than any other animation if she didn't care so much. Making the page turn animation dynamic supports the illusion in a way that randomization never can. The object class 'Book' was going to be used by the entire engine, and she had to get it right.

The experience of readers in this world was her project. At least, readers of books. One of the reasons the project's resources were so low was simply because sales did projected that it was unlikely to be a popular feature of the world. A favorite example of this underinvestment was that the whole of the corporation could only muster up three books for her to study.

Nevertheless, the methodical, quantitatively minded programer treasured each of the three like nothing she had ever touched or seen or possessed before. The first was a spiral bound notebook, filled with handwritten notes in Javanese. Second was a cheap, softcover binding of a foolish romantic story written in the Japanese language. Finally, they had given her a massive, illuminated tome – some kind of religious text, but in a language she had never seen.

The romance was told in a series of pictures. Though she could not read the Japanese, and though she found what she understood of the characters foolish, even stupid in places, Oleana was compelled by the story itself, if only through the erotic nature of the images.

Each volume meant something different to her. The spiral bound book was somebody's handwritten thoughts and ideas. Studying it was complex, and she read it carefully, to understand this long dead human's perspective on the ancient world they lived in. Pointing to the menu in the corner of her vision, she toggled object transparency to her bedroom to the on position, and picked up the notebook, and opened her browser. Every night, for an hour before bed, she worked with it side by side with a Javanese dictionary and a text on the language.

Unable to sleep, Oleana tossed and turned for about the next hours. Her gaze could not stop darting from image to image within her closed eyes, seeking visual errors. Every few minutes she would start to drift, but then a feeling of panic would take her, forcing her upright again with sharp breath and a pounding heart. The fifth time this happened, the urge to get out of bed grew stronger. Once up, a cup of tea sounded nice. Once tea was prepared, the day had begun. Not enough to be dressed yet, but the day had definitely changed.

Still tense, Oleana turned the shower on. While the water heated, she scrutinized her appearance in the mirror, having almost forgotten what she looks like. Too much time spent in the world lately, too much time in other bodies, she supposed with a shake of her head. She watched the waves of motion pulse through her long, black curls.

When she was done inspecting her face, she looked back to her body. Her face turned a quizzical shape, staring at her breasts. Oleana loved her breasts, and her sensitive nipples. She had spent so much time as a man in the last few weeks that she had started to forget about them. Now that she had remembered, she took a long moment to touch them, and feel them, and remember them. Her nipples began to harden, but the steam began clinging to her skin, and she stopped. Turning to the shower, she stepped into the hot water, eyes closed.

Hot water throbbed against her back, and steam filled her lung. A water ration which included enough for a shower was hard to come by, and a perk of her job that Oleana would not give up for anything.

Arriving at work early left enough time to get coffee downstairs and flirt with her favorite barista. Something of a daily ritual, usually taking about five to ten minutes while Danielle takes a long time making Oleana her latte.


“Of course.”

“How'd your date go?”

“Enjoyable enough,” Oleana said, “Would not date again.”

Danielle smiled at this, amused. “You always say that.”

“It's always true.”

“As long as you're having fun,” Danielle smiled at her, writing her username on the side of the cup, just as she did every morning, and handing it to her.

“I make sure to every day,” she said, starting toward the elevator.

“Well, as usual, have a good one.”

Oleana turned and kissed the air at Danielle as she stepped backward into the elevator. “You too,” she smiled.

All day at work, Oleana found herself twirling her fingers through her curls, winding them the way she does when she's anxious, nervous, scared, or horny, and right then, she was all of those things. She was starting to wonder how much more she could take. After all this time, Danielle was wearing her down.

By the time lunchtime rolled around, she was feeling intensely and foolhardy enough to go down to the lobby and see if Danielle was still working. She was not, which Oleana ultimately decided was good. Not knowing what else to do, she spent fifteen minutes in the bathroom, getting herself off with the bullet which stayed in her purse or on her clit at all times. It didn't take her the fifteen to cum the first time, but she desperately needed a second. The third was just for good measure. As she returned to the elevator, she spotted Danielle, back from a break. Oh well. Bullet dodged.

After work, Oleana was early for her date, but didn't want to go home. She went to her bar. A hotel bar, in the bottom of a very nice place downtown. It's a good place to meet her dates. Male dates, anyway. Men that she won't have to see again, or only if she wants to, very occasionally. The dimly lit, mirror clad room was lined with booths of dark red leather, and dark stained walnut. It's the kind of place that's mysteriously classy, yet resisted the ban on indoor smoking in public buildings to the bitter end. Fitting as well into the corner of her round booth as she could, and waited for her date to appear with a glass of wine.

Room 702. Comfortable but not excessive. Oleana was trying to have fun, but she kept finding herself distracted, thinking about how best to animate 'that damn page turn'. The nameless businessman either did not notice or was undeterred. For five or six minutes he slammed his aggressively medium sized cock into her, before flipping her over with a certain confidence and vigor, and thrusting back into her.

She held her smooth, flawless ass up for him a little, but not enough for him to fuck her from behind, rather than on top. He reached an arm halfway under her, and, when pulled by the hips and hair, she did respond, getting on her knees for him. Picking up a little, she guessed. The slightly older gentleman fucked her this way for a few more minutes before pausing and reaching to his nightstand for a small bottle, then he spoke for the first time since reaching his room to ask “Can I fuck your ass?”

After considering for a moment, she looked back and said, “Absolutely,” with a devilish grin. This is getting a bit fun, after all, she thought as a cold drop of lube fell against her asshole. She was holding herself for his best access now, and after a moment of initial pain giggled involuntarily while she enjoyed the first finger inside her ass in too long of a while. Two fingers was quite a bit to handle, and she found herself pleased his cock was no bigger than it was. Just as she was about to say something about her discomfort, he dripped another sizable dollop of lube into the situation and in a few seconds it had subsided.

The next thing he put in her ass was his cock, and he did it fast, with a hard thrust. Eyes widening all the way, small tears formed in their corners, running quickly down her cheeks. Shaking her head, she took a minute to adjust and moan, but when she had, she started moving. Thrusting backward against him, clenching down on him as she slid away from him.

It didn't take him long to finish once he was in. A minute or two after she started moving, he was breathing hard, moaning through a clenched jaw. For a few seconds he thrust harder and more erratically before he pulled out of her. Not wanting to miss anything, Oleana rolled quickly to her back, gracefully swinging her legs around him as the switched. As she did, he stripped the condom off just in time. His cock started pulsing as his orgasm began, and he sprayed her torso with shot after shot, leaving her horny, sticky, and covered in white, contrasting beautifully against her skin.

While she cleaned up, Oleana thought I want to do that.

Later, at home she was bustling about tidying things right up until her friend arrived, and even though she knew that Danielle wouldn't be able to see or touch anything, she didn't want to be stumbling over things she couldn't see when she was trying to be charming and stay in control of the situation. Living alone, Oleana rarely wears clothes other than her interface, and the interface hides itself in the environment. She was still naked when her guest arrived.

The simulation of the apartment linked with Danielle's interface as soon as she arrived at the door, so it was if she was simply walking inside the way she would if she came to Oleana's physical front door. “Hi,” she said, surprised by her host's nudity.

“Hi!” Oleana said back, “You look great.”

Looking down at her colorful, vaguely anime, vaguely popstar outfit, she says “Yeah. I get silly and flashy when I'm in world. Just because I can. It gives me a little more confidence when I'm socializing.”

“That makes sense. How much time do you spend out of your gear?”

“Pretty much the work day."

“Oh, you're a sleeper, huh?”

“Yeah...” Danielle admitted, “I am. I just feel safer here than I do out there.”

“Well, as long as you're getting out and doing your job, that makes some sense. I mean, I develop this stuff, I certainly spend enough time here.  I just don't really like to sleep in it.  I don't feel naked enough.”

Boldly, Danielle looked over Oleana's naked body, and said “Seems like you're ready to get down to it.”

Feeling that the tables were starting to turn, Oleana said “I absolutely do. Where do you want to do this?” in an effort to regain control of the situation. Being six feet tall, she felt her nudity was an advantage and not a disadvantage in this endeavor, as long as she remained confident.

“Hmmm…” Danielle mulled, “Do you have anything kind of dirty?”

“I'm sure I do.”

“Because I want to be a dirty slut tonight. I'm going to enjoy getting you off.”

“You're so nice to me,” Oleana paused, “Is it okay that I want to be a little mean to you tonight?”

Danielle bit her bottom lip softly and made a quiet sound that lived somewhere between the territories of aroused moan and excited giggle Her partner smiled at her, and almost involuntarily bit her own lip while gazing back at her longtime flirtation in silence.

“Yes, it's okay,” She told her host, “It's more than okay.”

“You are beautiful, you know.”

“Am I?” Danielle's voice audibly softened.

“Oh...” Oleana sighed, “You are so cute.”

Danielle's gaze demured from Oleana's as she spoke. She quietly spoke up, and said “Anywhere you want. Anywhere is fine.”

“How's underground sex club dirty sound?”

“I don't think so... Maybe something more intimate this time?”

“Oh! I know. What about this…?” Oleana muttered, turning on the transparency to her apartment and snatching up the journal. Remembering quickly that Danielle could not see what she was holding, she explained what it was, and the project she was working.

The exceptionally cute, and much younger woman peeked out from behind her hair, “Real books?”

“They are. They're really something.”

“Can I see them sometime?”

“I'm not allowed to take them out of my house, but if I can get clearance from my building manager, I'll have you over to see them.”

Danielle warmed at this comment, “You'd invite me over? To your physical place?”

“Yeah...” Oleana told her, “I like you.”


“So, what about what?”

Oleana had picked up the story in erotic pictures, and summarized a scenario. The soft, subtle, smile of a succubus crept across her guest's face as she described it to her. As she selected the file, the whole environment changed in a whoosh of color and shapes changing. Danielle shivered with sensation. Her haptic gear was an older model, and it got a bit of internal feedback since it had never been properly recalibrated for her. Painfully aware of it, Oleana asked “Want me to fix that for you?”. She could almost hear it, it was so bad.

Shying away again, “Thanks, but it's not so bad.”

“It's pretty bad.”

Danielle bit her lip again and smiled, “Alright,” she paused, “Thank you.”

Once her interface caught up and rendered fully, Danielle found herself in a library. It wasn't just as it had been described, but the situation seemed to be the same. In character, she began looking for a specific book. The scenario was silly, but dirty and fun. Someone came around the corner, after a moment. It was Oleana, but her appearance had changed. She was male, just as tall, brown haired and young for his position. The chiseling of his jaw was of particular appeal.

“Professor!” she said, “I didn't see you there.”

Danielle prepared to respond, but just giggled for a moment. She said “I'm sorry, I feel silly. Can we just have sex?”

“Me too,” Oleana said, laughing as well, “And yes, we can definitely have sex.”

“Good. I've been waiting for this for two years.”

“Then get to work,” Oleana said, pushing Danielle to her knees in front of her and undoing his belt.

“Yes, sir,” she said, unfastening his pants and freeing his long, thick, hard, vein covered cock. She caught it's shaft as it swung out, and the gear translated it into haptic sensation against the walls of her pussy. Instantly, Danielle wrapped her lips and tongue around the head of his cock and stimulating Oleana's clit. Watching her crush suck a cock attached to her body was a powerfully stimulating experience, and Oleana knew it would not take long for her to cum.

It was a strange sensation when he grabbed her by the head and shoved his cock into her throat. The gear translated the feeling in an unexpected way. It didn't feel as real as when she just had the head in her mouth, but she liked it. She sucked his cock enthusiastically, deepthroating it when he fucked her mouth. He was close, so he stopped fucking her and let her take over.

“Make me cum”, he said, holding the back of her head so she couldn't stop. The sound of his voice turned both women on immensely. “Be a good slut, and make me cum.”

“Will you give make sure I get a good grade?” said Danielle, embracing the theme as much as felt natural.

That little bit of fantasy on top of everything else was enough. Oleana was at the edge, and breathily screamed “I'm cumming. Oh, fuck, I'm cumming!”

Danielle reacted by stroking faster and sucking harder. With one final bellow of ecstasy, he pulled away from her sprayed her with hot, wet, slippery cum. When she played with it. He came on her face. Pulsed and throbbed and erupted white ropes and puddles onto her face. Once, twice, again, again again. She was pelted, and soaked. Hot cum dripped from her chin into her lap, onto her breasts. This experience the simulation got exactly right. It even felt right when she rubbed it between her fingers, and against her skin.

“That...” Danielle said, panting, “Is fucking amazing. I feel filthy.”

“Me… Too,” Oleana breathed hard between every syllable, “I… feel… amazing.”

They both remained quiet for a second, before Danielle asked, “Can you go back to being you for a minute? You're so beautiful, and I came to see you.”

Smiling uncontrollably, Oleana said “Yes,” and helped Danielle to her feet. Without even the press of a button, the library disappeared, and they had returned to the apartment. The strange man had gone, and the tall, strong woman of her desire had reappeared. There was a kiss. The first, and it was amazing. Deep, and passionate and sexy and affectionate all at once, and neither one knew if it would last forever.

When it finally ended, Danielle asked quietly “Will you read to me?”

Oleana picked up a book, “Yes. Do you want to stay, tonight?”




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