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Ex-wife and partner invite me back to their bed
Last Friday was an astonishing and strange day,! I was sitting in a local café, having just spent an hour in a married girlfriend’s bed, when my ex-wife’s partner approached and asked if he could join me. I had only previously met him once, so was surprised he wanted to spend time with me.

I should explain that while I talk of my ex-wife, we are legally actually only separated. She threw me out a year ago after she caught me playing around: we had enjoyed an extremely active and varied sex life, often involving threesomes and other couples, but when she finally caught me playing solo she gave me the boot. Ann’s new man David seemed agreeable, but a little quieter than I thought she would have gone for. We exchanged pleasantries for a few moments before he leaned forward and told me she still talked about me a lot, then leant even closer and told me she was always going on about my big cock. I had to chuckle, as that was what had got me into trouble with her, me spreading it about so to speak, and it tickled me to think she went on about it.

David asked if I ever thought about giving her one, as in fucking her, and I had to confess that I did, as she was still the hottest lay I have ever met, and I told him so. He said to me “Why don’t you come home with me now and giver her one? I know that she’d love it!”

This offer rocked me in my tracks, but the thought intrigued me, and so after a brief consideration I agreed. We got into our respective cars and I drove to my former home, David arriving just after me. He said “I called Ann on my mobile, to tell her I was bringing you home!” She was ready and waiting; no sooner was I in the door than she grabbed me and pulled my head down to kiss me passionately while David stood watching with a wry smile on his face. However he didn’t seem disconcerted and so I ran my hands under the robe Ann was wearing. She had nothing on underneath, and I pulled the robe open to expose her big white breasts, dipping my head to suck on her hardening nipples as I reached a hand between her thighs. Her crotch was smooth and hairless, revealing that she still waxed, and was already moist: Ann gasped as my fingers parted her fleshy cunt lips and found the tiny nub of her clitoris, teasing it with my fingertips, and her fingers scrabbled at my fly. Unzipping me she reached inside, giving a moan of pleasure as her fingers found my solid erection and pulling it from my trousers. Sinking to her knees on the floor and tugging my trousers to my ankles, she fastened her suctioning mouth greedily around my shaft.

I looked across at David; his wry smile had become a broad grin as he nodded his approval. Unbuttoning his shirt he tossed it aside and began to undo his trousers. Pulling my shirt over my head I discarded it and stepped out of my trousers. Taking her mouth from my cock Ann reached and grabbed my hands, pulling me down on top of her as she lay back on the floor, spreading her thighs wide in an open invitation. “Give it to me!” she growled urgently, “Give me some of that fat cock you’re so fond of sharing!”

I moved up over her and was reaching to guide my cock between her parted cunt lips when David called “Hey! Not so fast!”

“Too late to change your mind now!” I told him as I shuffled closer to the welcoming gape of Ann’s thighs.

“No, I meant let me get under her, and you can do her from behind!” he told us, as he got on his back beside Ann, his head to her feet. The six-inch erection jutting from his crotch was barely half the thickness of mine. In a flash Ann was on her hands and knees, waggling her fleshy white bum at me before pressing her quim to David’s mouth. I watched his tongue probe her quim, saw it delve inside. Moving closer I guided my knob to Ann’s wet opening, feeling David’s tongue withdraw as my broad knob probed and then spread her wet nether lips. She moaned luxuriously, her mouth full of David’s cock, as I surged into her. I could sense, rather than feel, David’s tongue on Ann’s clit as I began to fuck her. I knew how Ann liked it, and alternated between pounding her hard for extended spells with periods of slow and gentle thrusts. It was in one of the latter spells that I became aware that David was licking my shaft as it slid slowly and steadily back and forth in Ann’s sodden quim. I continued to vary my tempo, guessing by Ann’s greedy mumbling and urgent swallowing that David had emptied his load in her throat. Knowing well the manner in which she liked to be brought to climax, I reached under her to grasp her big swinging breasts, pinching her swollen nipples hard between fingers and thumbs, twisting them and tugging hard on them. Lifting her head from David’s cock Ann shrieked out as her orgasm hit, thrusting her hips back to meet my urgent thrusts as my spunk began to gush from my surging cock.

Ann slumped forward as her climax ebbed; my swollen cock flopping from her gaping cunt straight into David’s waiting mouth. He gobbled hungrily on my wilting cock, greedily taking half my shaft deep into his suctioning mouth. Ann lifted from him, spunk dripping from her quim onto David’s chest as she turned around to watch as David let my cock slip from his lips, gripping my knob and lifting my cock to lick Ann’s juices from my balls and the base of my cock. Under his oral ministrations my cock slowly returned to full erection. Ann had enjoyed watching me with men in the past; I could tell from her dirty grin and the wicked glint in her eye what was coming.

“Why don’t you give it to him Doug!” she told me. “I know he wants it! He loves hearing me talk about your big cock! I’ve told him he’s a closet gay: he loves me shoving a dildo up his bum when he fucks me!”

I knew that she was baiting David, and enjoying doing so, but he ignored her teasing. Releasing my cock he rolled over onto his knees, turning to present his raised hips to me. “Go on Doug!” he urged, “You heard the dirty bitch. She wants to watch, so do it!” Ann knew me well enough to know I wouldn’t need further urging, and had already taken a tube of lubricant from the bedside cabinet and was holding it out to me. Taking it from her, I removed the cap and pushing the tube between David’s buttocks, pressed the open end to his wrinkled brown pucker and squeezed a generous amount into his rectum. Removing the tube I slid two fingers into him, twisting and turning them as I gently pumped them in and out to open and lubricate his tight anus.

Passing the lubricant back to Ann I moved closer to David, gripping his buttocks with both hands, parting his firm globes as I lodged the tip of my cock in his wrinkled opening. I leant forward, feeling his muscular ring slowly spread to accommodate my broad knob, until just before it slipped into him, my knob jammed at his entrance, trapped in the tight clasp of his muscle.

“Go on, give it to the wimp!” urged Ann, her voice thick with excitement, “Let him learn what it feels like to have a real man! He’s been asking about it for long enough!” In response I pushed forward harder with a quick thrust of my hips, and David gave a grunt as my flaring knob finally slipped past the tight ring of resisting muscle. His ass was exquisitely tight, gripping my shaft in an uncompromising clasp. I reached under him, groping for his cock. Finding it stiff, I stroked it vigorously for a minute or two before releasing it and straightening up to slowly work my cock deeper into him with a series of tiny thrusts. Once halfway in, I withdrew fractionally and thrust back inside, repeating the action, slowly working further in until my cock was buried to the root in the hot cave of his rectum.

Ann was on her knees beside us, eyes glistening with excitement, watching intently as I slowly withdrew until only my knob was inside. David gave another grunt as I buried my cock back in his ass with a single, solid thrust, opening him up to me before withdrawing once more as I began to ride him in earnest. Ann’s heavy breasts swung as she leant and reached under David to fondle his erect cock with one hand, while the fingers of the other were busy in her own crotch. In the past she had always loved to watch me service another man after she had first been screwed thoroughly, and it was a kink she obviously still took pleasure in. With one hand firmly gripping one of David’s butt cheeks to hold him in place, I reached with the other to cup one of Ann’s pendulous breasts, pinching the engorged nipple, causing her to give little moans of pleasure.

While David’s ass had begun to open up a little in response to my vigorous thrusts, it was still extremely tight. Even though I had climaxed twice in the last hour, the constriction of his elastic anal muscle on my shaft was making my cock ever more sensitive, drawing waves of increasingly pleasurable sensation from it with each thrust and withdrawal. Ann’s manual stimulation of her clit coupled with my attention to her swollen nipple induced another small orgasm. Deciding it was time to concentrate on my own pleasure I released her breast, and taking a firm grasp of David’s buttocks in both hands I began to increase the force and speed of my thrusts. David responded gamely, pushing his hips back to meet my plunging shaft. Even as I was on the verge of orgasm, David climaxed, uttering hissing gasps, his body shaking and his ass clamping down on my cock. Pulling his hips back into me, burying my cock deep inside him, I screwed it around within him as I jetted my hot spunk into his bowels.

Ann watched us open-mouthed, gasping for breath as she continued to climax, her busy fingers still working in her sodden quim. My cock gradually began to soften and shrink in the clasp of David’s hot rectum. I released him and he slowly slumped forward, still out of breath, my bruised-feeling cock slipping from him to slap wetly on my thigh. Ann reached to pull me down on top of her as she fell back on the bed, her hot mouth to my ear, urging “Come back and do it again!”

You know, I just might!

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