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Retirement part 2

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My second trip to North Carolina proves to be just as good.....
It had been about three weeks since I left North Carolina and I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened. I had spoken to Maureen a few times on the phone. She had said that she couldn't believe how excited she had been with her daughter and I. She said she and her daughter had gotten together a few times while she was there. She said she was constantly wet now and her boyfriend loves it. She still hadn't told him about our meeting.

I told her about my car ride back to the airport and she got so turned on that she started masturbating while talking with me. She has always wanted to see a guy suck another man’s cock and watch him cum in his mouth. When I told her the kid was 20, but looks like he’s 16, I could hear her cumming over the phone. She even sent me a picture. I told her I was coming back down in about a week. She got so excited and told me she would do anything I wanted as long as she could watch that boy suck my cock. I replied, "It’s a deal."

Getting ready to go back to North Carolina, I called the same car service and asked for the kid who drove me last time. I explained to the woman how helpful he was. She told me that he was her youngest son and, "Yes, he is helpful." She explained that this was a family business and she would make sure he would take care of me.

When I arrived at the airport I was glad to see the boy. He had the biggest grin when he saw me. He took my bags and hurried to the car. While in the car he told me his mother told him I had asked for him. He said he was happy to see me too! He said I was the first stranger he gave head to and he was never so turned on. He has always been shy and only had been with a few males before. By now my dick was straining the fabric of my slacks and I kept shifting in my seat to get comfortable. At a traffic light, he turned in his seat and looked at the bulge in my crotch. He offered to bring my bags into my room if I wanted. I told him that would be great.

On the way to the hotel I explained that I told a woman friend about our meeting. I told the boy, "You have a beautiful body and a nice cock. When I described you, she got so excited and she wanted to watch you suck my cock and swallow my cum."

The boy was a little hesitant at first. He said he had only been with a couple of girls his age and one woman who was about 45. He told me the older woman worked in his mother’s dress shop and each time he went in there she was always squeezing his ass or grabbing his crotch. I told him Maureen is about 56 and she has a great body and will probably do anything he asks. I leaned up on the front seat and I could see that he had a large bulge in his pants. I told him she would like that. He told me that he would love to swallow my cum again. I immediately called Maureen and told her to meet us at the hotel. She told me she has been rubbing her pussy all morning and was soaking wet, she only wished her daughter was here.

When we got to the hotel, the boy driver, named Chris, squeezed my rock hard cock when he opened my door and told me he couldn't wait to suck me dry. I had to keep my jacket in front of me to hide my cock and the precum stain I knew was forming in the front.

Maureen was waiting in the lobby. She was wearing a pair of tight fitting pants and her pussy mound looked swollen. She had on a white blouse and it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her tits swayed in the material and you could see her hard nipples.

After checking in, Maureen hugged my arm and glanced at the boy in tow. She asked, "How old is he?"

When we got in the elevator I told Chris to tell her how old he is. He told her he’s 20 but everyone says he looks 16. She asked if he sucked my cock and he said that he loved it. I was the first guy whom he ever swallowed. She approached him and slipped her hand down to his crotch and told him, "You are such a charming boy and you have such a beautiful cock."

He blushed and said his mother says that too. Maureen asked, "Oh your mother says you have a beautiful cock?"

Chris started to try to explain but Maureen cut him off, saying that she was only kidding.

When we got into the room Maureen started kissing me and undid my shirt and pants. Chris just looked on. Maureen told him to undress. He stood in the corner and took off his clothes. After Maureen undressed me, she walked over to him and told him she loved his hairless body and that it was sexy. She started massaging his cock. I sat on the bed as she started slowly sliding her hand up and down its length. She squeezed the tip and precum started to drip from it. She put her lips to the head and sucked the precum into her mouth.

I sat on the bed slowly stroking my cock and Chris kept watching me. Maureen told him to go ahead and ‘show me’. As I laid on the bed he got on all fours between my legs with his ass in the air and slowly started putting my cock into his mouth. Maureen stood by the side of the bed and removed her clothes. She never took her eyes off him. She crawled on the bed close to Chris’s face, watching him. He used his saliva and began slowly jerking me off. He was squeezing my cock and making the precum flow out of the tip. He looked at Maureen as he stuck out his tongue, licking the cum off the tip. He took my whole cock in his mouth, burying his nose into my stomach.

Maureen said that was the hottest thing she had ever seen. She wished her daughter Lori was here to see it. She began panting while shoving two fingers in and out of her. You could hear how wet she was. She took her two soaking wet fingers out of her pussy and started playing with the boy’s asshole. She asked him if anyone has ever done that for him. He said only the older woman he’s been with.

She told him to lie down on his back because she wanted to watch me fuck his throat while she sucked his cock.

While he was on his back I squeezed my cock, letting the precum drip into his mouth. Maureen watched as she sucked the head of his cock. I lowered my cock into his throat and he gagged. Maureen pushed his knees up to his side while taking his cock into her mouth. She began using her saliva that was dripping down his balls to lube his asshole. She shoved her thumb into his ass. He began moving his hips up and down.

Maureen took his cock out of her mouth and began slowly jerking him off, squeezing his cock while pushing her thumb into his ass. He said he was going to cum so I took my cock out of his mouth and was jerking off over his face when he started to cum. His first blast hit me right above my cock. The next few landed on his chest and stomach. After seeing this I told Maureen I was close, she said cum in his mouth but pull it out just enough so she can see it shoot in. He was reaching around me and started to finger my asshole.

By now his cum was slipping down my cock to the head and when I put it back into his mouth I started to face fuck him while Maureen was furiously fingering her soaking wet pussy. I pulled my cock from his lips and pointed it into his mouth. When I came he pushed his finger into my ass as he choked on the first blast. It went right into his throat and the next few blasts he kept in his mouth without swallowing; Maureen said she wanted to see it.

I finally collapsed next to him and watched Maureen lick the rest of his cum from his stomach. She worked her way up his body until she got to his face. He opened his mouth and showed her a mouthful of cum. She leaned forward and began kissing him. She was on all fours over his body. I climbed behind her and started licking the juices that were all over her pussy. Chris’s cock was right there and he was rock hard again.

Now I have never touched a man’s cock before and never had a man suck my cock until a few weeks ago. I looked at his cock and thought, what the hell. I grabbed his cock and it felt hard and silky. I could feel the veins and the heat coming off it. The tip had some precum on it. I put the tip of it into Maureen’s pussy. I never saw this angle before, and it looked like her swollen pussy swallowed his cock.

As he pulled it away it was glistening with their juices. I started to lick her asshole and get it wet. I knelt behind her and dribbled spit onto the head of my cock. As I pushed the head against her asshole, I could feel her pushing back. As the tip of my cock pierced her ass, she moaned and pushed back harder. It felt like her asshole gripped around the head of my cock.

Maureen began pushing wildly back against our cocks. She was so tight and my cock felt like it was in a vise. She was moaning so loud that I thought security would knock. My balls were slapping against Chris’s cock and balls. I thought I could feel his cock in her pussy as I fucked her ass. Maureen was moving her hips so hard that I thought she would break off my cock in her ass. She started bucking uncontrollably as she came. Her whole body spasmed several times before collapsing onto the bed. Chris came and I could see his limp cock fall out of her pussy with a stream of cum oozing behind it. My cock pulled out of her ass.

Maureen slid over to me and started slowly sliding her hand up and down my cock while squeezing it. She told Chris to pull up his knees. She looked me in the eye, pleading with me to put it in his ass. Chris was lying on the bed holding his knees to his chest with his ass high in the air. I positioned myself against his hole and using the mixture of cum on his cock and balls to push it in.

He was tight at first and his ass resisted. He pushed his hips back against me and I pushed again. It pushed past the ring of muscle in his ass and he almost screamed. I slowly started to fuck him. I never felt anything so tight. Maureen started to play with her soaked pussy and after sticking her fingers in her mouth, she straddled Chris’s face. I could see cum dripping out of her as she lowered herself on him. He stuck out his tongue as it disappeared into her.

I knew I wouldn't last long as I continued to fuck his virgin ass. Maureen looked at my face as I told her I was close. She climbed off Chris and his face was wet with cum and she sat on his stomach, holding his knees, so she could watch me slam into his ass. I could feel the first blast travel through my cock until it blew into him. I kept slamming his ass until I was limp. His asshole grabbed at the head of my cock, not wanting to release it, as I pulled out. We fell on the bed. The best part was yet to come; Maureen had promised to do ANYTHING I asked…

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