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Revenge Has Never Been so Sweet (Ch 34)

Chapter 3


We both jumped in surprise, Jake's cock slipping from me as we turned towards the door. And who should we see? Of course it was Nick.

"Get the fuck off of him Emily! What the hell do you think you're doing? You are fucking mine! Why are you with him?!" He was ranting irrationally, throwing my clothes at me, expecting me to come with him just like that.

"No, dick-face. What the fuck do you think YOU'RE doing?" Jake said angrily at Nick. "She's not fucking YOURS you ass wipe! You cheated on her with that little SLUT Haley. If you can't take the sight of her with another guy, then maybe you should have thought of that BEFORE you cheated on her!"

Nick could only stare at Jake. But while he continued to stand there staring, Jake took me protectively in his arms and whispered in my ear that we should go back down to the party and not mind the loser. So we got dressed and went downstairs. Nick followed us. When we got down there, I saw Haley sitting on a couch, looking absolutely horrified at seeing us all come downstairs together. She looked as if she was about to cry as she stood up and ran from the room.

"I'll be right back, Jakey." And I followed her into the backyard of the house the party was at. It was weird that such a monumental event happened, although no one at the party seemed to notice anything had happened upstairs. I found Haley on the swing set in the back.

"He still loves you, you know," she said sadly when she looked up and saw that it was me who had come outside.

"I figured as much, hon. You should have heard him up there... It was crazy. And strangely, it was what I needed to hear to get over him and the whole ordeal," I said, almost cruelly to her.

"Oh." She sounded so sullen, depressed almost.

"Yeah, if he would have never left his phone at home, I would have never known about you two, and think, I could be getting married to that man who could just let something like what we had slip through his fingers for someone who he never actually loved... like you."

She looked so down, that I ALMOST felt sorry for her... almost.

"You know Emily.... I have always been insanely jealous of you... You always get the best everything... the best grades, the best seats, the best guys, the best friends, EVERYTHING! And what do I always get? Second-hand nothings... I'm not even good enough for someone to love me... I'm the middle sister, the one that always gets hand-me-downs, sloppy second guys. I'm the girl that all the guys cheat WITH but I've never been good enough for someone to actually want to go out with me by myself. They all go back to their girlfriends blubbering like babies. That's all I'm good for... stealing guys... guys that don't even like me... guy's that are still in love with their ex-fiancés."

She looked up at me, crying. I actually did feel a little sorry for her now. To be the second at everything, never being enough for someone to want to be nice to, to give things to, to dote on. It suddenly hit me, she just needed someone to love her. Not that I would be the one to do that, but it was perfect for my plan.

I went over to her and gave her a hug. A simple hug. She seemed surprised at first, but hugged me back. I grabbed her hand and pulled her to the swing bench thing that two people could sit on together.

"Come sit with me, Haley." And she followed. Just like I knew she would.

Chapter 4

Haley followed me to the swinging bench and I sat down and pulled her close to me. It seemed normal, as girls often cuddle when one needs to be comforted. She leaned on me.

"Haha, your boobs are really comfy," she commented as most of my friends have in the past. I thought it was hilarious.

"So I've heard..." I laughed softly at her comment, my chest rising and falling quickly a few times. I leaned my head down on hers.

"Mm, you smell good, Haley." I laughed,

"So I've heard..." I heard her giggle.

We sit there for a few minutes just cuddling and me comforting her. When she finally sat up a little she just looked at me for a few seconds. But it was long enough for me to see the curiosity behind her gaze. That is all it took for me to kiss her. I kissed her softly at first, but after I knew she was not going to pull away, I brought my hand up to the base of her neck and tangled it in the long, silky blonde hair there, deepening the kiss.

Just when I thought that I might need air, I felt her tongue on my bottom lip, asking for entrance to my mouth, and I was only too happy to oblige to the blonde vixen in my grasp now. I felt her hand make its way to my thigh. But instead of letting her be the one to make the first move, I swung my leg over hers so I was straddling her lap and continued kissing her with both my hands now tangled in her hair. One of her hands was resting on my waist while the other was feeling up my ass.

She was the first one that needed air. She broke our kiss, gasping as she did, for air. But even though she was the one that broke it, she pulled me closer to her, her hand that was on my waist moved so that she was feeling my boobs.

"Nice tits, Em... What are they? Like 34Ds? Haha!"

"Actually yes, they are. what are yours? Like 34As? Haha!" She blushed at this, even though she knew I was just making fun of her. I was beginning to return the bitchiness that I had dealt with... but she seemed to have taken it straight to her pussy and not hurting her like I thought.

She leaned forward again to kiss me, but instead of letting her, I leaned back.

"Uh uh uh... Nope, sorry, Haley.." She pouted. It must have worked all the time with guys. I knew it did because I did the same thing. Her lips looked so delicious though...

"Say it," I demanded.


"You know what, bitch."

"No I don't... ho."

"Excuse me?" I pinched her already hard nipple...painfully. She gasped, but I couldn't tell whether it was in pleasure or pain.

"Say it," I demanded again.

"Uhm..." She was thinking of what I wanted her to say. I smiled at this, anticipating what she was going to say.

"Uhmm, what, Haley?"

"Uhm...I'm sorry I stole your fiance?" I pinched her nipple again.

"Dumb blonde, you think I want to be reminded of that? No, something obvious, you're just not getting it... I guess blondes really are stupid!" I sneered in her face. From the look in her eyes I could tell she was getting turned on by this. 

"Please?" she barely whispered.

I pushed her back against the back of the swing, making it rock a little, kissing her full on, not even waiting for her to open her mouth but shoving it open with mine. She responded immediately, kissing me back and moaning a little into the kiss. I smiled and felt her smile too. I was the one that broke the kiss this time. I needed only one word.


She gulped, looking at the house and then at me. But I was done giving her choices. She WAS coming upstairs with me. I got off her lap and grabbed her hand. I didn't care that my dress was exposing most of my ass. I didn't care that we both looked extremely turned on and our hair was a mess.

I led her upstairs to the room that Jake and I had just recently vacated. I noticed that the bed was already made back up, as if we had never been there. I smiled. Haley was in for a surprise. I could still feel Jake's juices inside of my even wetter pussy. I closed, and locked, the door and pulled Haley over to the bed, pushing her down on it.

Although I could not forgive her for what she had done, I had to admit, the chick was friggin HOT! Around the same height as me, but a bit less curvy, with slender hips and smaller breasts. Her neck was long, but not freakishly, and her face was reminiscent of old aristocrats. And her legs, they were the best thing about her, because they ended with her ass, which happened to be a heart shape.

Instead of getting immediately on top of her and continuing to kiss her, I decided I was going to give her a show first. I slowly started inching up my dress over my ass. She sat up, leaning back on her elbows to watch me. I watched her eyes widen in surprise when she realized that I was not wearing any underwear.

I saw her staring at my shaved, and recently used pussy. She looked back up at me in astonishment. I gave her the sexiest smile I could back. She looked back down, blushing. by now my dress had cleared my tattoo. She smiled at this, I knew she was a fan. She got up off the bed and started walking towards me. Because of this, I lost my patience and just pulled the dress up and over my head, exposing the rest of my body in a rush as she got closer to me. It seemed as if I blinked my eyes and she was right there, in front of me, playing with my belly button piercing as she started kissing my neck.

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