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Rio Grande Games - Part 1

A Hike in Texas is worth remembering
This story has a basis in fact, but it has to be said is rather embellished!

Big Bend Games – Part 1

The sun was hot, the breeze light, as I set off from the Hot Springs to walk along the Rio Grande to the Cottonwood campground in Rio Grande Village. I love this part of Texas, right down on the border, with glorious mountains as well as such a variety of plant, bird and animal life, and had met up with Jim, a mate from when he worked with me in London, though now back in his home town of Austin.

I’d left him in the Hot Springs, and was tempted to stay there myself, as there were a couple of good looking women splashing about in the pool area in the river. I wanted, however, to see more of the river so set off, leaving most of my things with Jim, just wearing a light t-shirt and shorts, and a light pack with some food and of course water. It was a great hike, the blue sky and the limestone hills and valleys all threaded through by the blue-green of the Rio Grande itself.
I’d taken the higher route as this was well marked out, and gave some glorious views. I reached the campground in good time, and found a spare table where I unpacked my food and drink, in the cool shade of a cottonwood tree. As I sat there eating a sandwich, I was approached by a couple of young women, who asked if they could share the table space. “Of course,” I said, and they started to get out their own meal.

Jo was the taller and slimmer of the two, dark haired, and with a slim almost androgynous figure, wearing just shorts and a white linen blouse, with tight but rather small breasts which didn’t seem to need a bra, judging from the appearance of her nipples against the linen cloth.

Pat was the opposite, shorter, maybe about 5’2 compared with Jo’s 5’ 10, plump but in a good way, firm flesh, and a bust that was truly awe inspiring. They must have been at least 42DD, and she did enjoy showing them off, as she was wearing a low cut t-shirt, and a bra that must have been a wonder of engineering as it pushed her full breasts up so that most of the upper part was in evidence.

I think they had decided that they were going to tease me, so didn’t say much, but somehow, whenever I looked at them, Pat’s boobs were always pushed forwards, or she was bending down to display them hanging down, almost totally visible. I was glad that I was sitting on the other side of the table to the, as my cock was hard and pushing out the front of my shorts in no uncertain way.

I asked Jo what they were doing here, and they said they were students at Sul Ross University in Alpine, and were National Park volunteers, so had been in the Big Bend National Park for a couple of months. “It’s a big place,” I said, “and I’m surprised that you would want to cut yourself off from most of civilisation at your age.”

“Yes, it’s different,” Pat said, but looking at Jo, said that there were compensations. I got the idea that they were very good friends, if not long term lovers, just from the looks and responses they gave. Fine, I thought, they certainly would have time on their hands and time to play.

They asked what an Englishman was doing in that part of Texas, and I said that it was one of my favourite parts of the world, that I had visited a few years ago in a long weekend between business meetings in Austin, and I had always meant to return. I loved the hiking, and the total sense of isolation that you could get.

“Where are you going to next?” Jo asked.

“Well, back to Hot Springs from where I walked this morning, but this time I want to take the river path, if I can find it, rather than the better marked higher path I followed on the way here.”
"I’ve never done that,” she said, “would you mind if we came along too?”

“ Of course you can,” I said, and so after we had finished our lunches, we set off on the 4 mile hike. Maybe we should have waited a while, as the sun was really hot by now and the path not well marked, so we made fairly slow progress. After about an hour or so, I was dripping, and the girls didn’t look much better, so when we rounded a bend and saw a surprisingly clear pool, fed by the river, there was an almost unanimous call of “swim”.

I didn’t hang around and got out of my shoes and sock very quickly, then my trousers and t shirt, retaining only my boxers and with a rather big splash I was in and luxuriating in the cool water. I heard two more splashes and looking round saw the girls’ heads rising from the water. “Great, isn’t it?” Jo called, and dived under to grab Pat’s feet, showing to my surprise a naked bottom as she did so.

Both girls made a beeline for me, and it was immediately obvious that neither of them had kept any clothing on, and when they saw that I had, they made it their immediate task to take remedy that. Thrashing around in the water, they cornered me and Jo hooked her fingers in the top of my boxers and pulled them down.

The sight and contact of their naked bodies had given me an erection, so as they pulled down the offending garment, they encountered a little difficulty as they did so. “Oh! Looky here,” said Jo, at which Pat giggled mischievously and grabbed my cock in her hands, and tipped me onto my back so that Jo could rid herself of my shorts. So there I floated, my cock standing to attention, with one lovely girl holding onto it while the other stood at my feet with a smile on her face.

Jo threw my boxers onto the path, and pointing to a small patch of green, said, "Let’s go there."

The green patch was an area of soft grass, luckily devoid of spiny cactus, and as we scampered across the burning hot stones to it, my visual feast carried on, watching the twin orbs of Pat’s ass rotating as she ran. I easily overtook her, and had just sat down when her hand grabbed me again.

“That’s better," she said, “I thought I’d lost you there.”

“B..but...” I stammered, “I thought that you and Jo were an item.”

“Yes, we are,” she said, “but we don’t mind a good bit of meat now and again, and from the feel of this," rubbing her thumb over the tip of my cock, "this bit of meat looks pretty tasty.”

So saying she bent down and took the head of my cock into her mouth. Jo came round and pushed me back, then straddled me, her shaven pussy inches from my face. I raised my hands and clasped her bum, feeling her slim, tight and muscular cheeks, and extending my tongue brought her closer so that I could start to lick her pussy lips. Slowly I licked and sucked each lip, before pushing them apart and licking inside her lips.

She tasted lovely, sweet and slightly musty, and as I enjoy doing this so much, I was in heaven, well doubly so as my cock was deep in Pat’s mouth, her tongue working nicely around me. Her hands squeeze and stroked my balls, and just occasionally ventured to stroke my asshole, teasing strokes that made me clench my buttocks and try to trap her finger. She easily escaped and I could feel her giggle on my cock, itself a lovely feeling, but the next time she went to stroke me there, she pressed harder and slipped in a finger.

I did the same to Jo, and felt her grip it tightly and grind her pussy harder on my mouth, so my tongue pushed right up inside her.

As though joined by some erotic telepathy, both girls moved at the same time, Pat moving to kneel astride me and lower herself onto my sopping cock, and to start to fuck it in and out of her tight pussy very slowly. Jo simply turned round, so her ass was in my face, offering me her asshole to lick, rotating her hips so that my mouth could not avoid her pink rosebud.

I glanced up, and saw them lean towards each other and without any pause or change in what they were doing to me, they kissed in a deep and long kiss. Their hands were on each other, stroking and squeezing their breasts, and pulling on their nipples. My hands were now round Jo hips, as I sought to push my tongue into her asshole, and opening her pussy lips wide, I stroked her clit making circles with my fingers as I stroked and squeezed her most sensitive place. She ground her ass into my face until I felt her body start to tremble, and her orgasm started.

They were still deeply kissing, their tongues deep in each other’s mouths, and I then felt a tighter grip on my cock and realised that Pat also was starting to cum. Her pelvis thrashed forwards and backwards, bending my cock so much I thought it might come off. It was so erotic to see these girls cumming together that I very nearly joined them. This was their time though, I thought, so tried to hold back, and just watch, as they built up to a crescendo of moaning and groaning, their bodies tensing and relaxing and tensing again as each wave coursed through them.

Before long they relaxed fully, and moved to lie each side of me. Jo again sucked my cock to taste Pat’s pussy juices on me, I think, as the two of them then exchanged that fluid in another long kiss over me.

Suddenly, they remembered me, Jo getting up, saying as she did, “Hey, I want some of that”, and went down on me, licking and sucking me with such strength that I felt as though she might suck the life out of me.

Her teeth made tiny nips around my cock head, as she licked across my pee hole, and then slid it right down deep into her throat, the head pushed past her tonsils and firmly gripped, as she gulped on it. When that happens, the feeling in the tip of my cock is always so intense that I have to work at not cumming too soon.

She had other ideas though as after that deep suck, she pulled back, saying that my cock was very tasty, and took up the same position as Pat had earlier, her lean almost boylike body, narrow hips and barely evident breasts poised above my cock, glistening in the sun.

I leaned back, and half closed my eyes, to relish the feel of her on me, when I was aware that my cock wasn’t sliding into that moist hot tunnel as I has expected, and that a hand was around it. It was Pat’s hand, feeding my cock into Jo’s ass, holding it firm as she pressed herself down. As the head of my cock went through the muscular ring, Jo groaned oh god, that feels so good, and as Pat finally let go of my cock, she slid down on me, the feeling was so fantastic, until I was taken deep inside her, her very slim buttocks letting me in so deep.

Pat came round and knelt beside me, holding her full breasts in her hands, and started to feed them to me. This was the best feeling ever, a lovely full breast and glorious long hard nipple in my mouth and hands, and a tight grip around my cock, being fucked slowly and sensuously. Jo had her hands free, and with Pat lying across my chest, they were able to play with Pat’s wonderful full buttocks, and I could see that her fingers were deep in Pat’s pussy, finger fucking her in time with her own movements on me.

Jo was no novice, I could quickly see, and her movement, her muscular control, and her speed gave me the most delicious sensation, from the tip of my cock as it nearly escaped her, through the grip she held around the base of my glans as my cock head went back in, and the speed with which her body then slide down the length of me.

With Pat’s body on mine as well, I could do little in terms of movement myself, which was a novel experience, almost like being tied down while lovely women took control of my body. I’m usually the more dominant one, but I sometimes enjoy to switch, and this was almost like that. However logical thought soon vanished from my mind, as Jo speeded up, and animal instincts took over, finding that as my body responded more strongly, I could move and rotate my hips a little, so started to take a greater role, my hips working to meet hers as she moved up and down my rigid cock pole.

Just as when she was sucking me, the energy her lithe body could exert on me was nothing short of amazing, as our bodies fought to see who was fucking who.

I had by now all but ignored Pat, so as Jo fucked me faster, she moved to kneel behind her, pressing her full breasts against Jo back, and stroked and squeezed her almost breasts, clearly to great effect and her head went back ,and she groaned deep in her throat as another orgasm started to shudder through her body. I now let go myself, my balls tightening in that familiar and wonderful way, and in hard sharp pulses, pumped my hot semen deep into her body. My hands went to her hips, holding her in the deepest position as my cock squirted over and over.

Afterwards, the girls sat back on the grass, as I moved to sit with them, my arms around their shoulders, and we cuddled for a while, until we became aware that the sun was really rather hot. Another quick dip, and the girls got dressed, while I took a longer sun bath as my boxers weren’t quite dry. I had expected that the girls would carry on with me to Hot Springs, but no, they were set to return.

“Thanks,” Jo said, “for a great time, we have to go back now.”

“It was my pleasure, too,” I replied, “ I’d hoped that you would come all the way back, as my friend Jim is certain to want to meet you.”

“Well, we decided,” she continued, “you were a fair bet when we first saw you, and made sure that was so when we were having lunch. But it wasn’t until we saw your cock that we wanted it in us, and we weren’t wrong, so again many thanks. Maybe we’ll meet Jim another time.”

And with that they were off.

I checked my boxers and they were dry enough, but those damn vixens had carried off my t-shirt and shorts, leaving me with just my socks and hiking shoes. They had left me my backpack, so I slathered myself fin sun lotion, and set off for Hot Springs, where my friend Jim and the girls he was still chatting to were very surprised to see me dressed like this, but were agog when I told them about the adventure with Jo and Pat.

The girls were rather turned on by my story, and this led to a very pleasant evening in their RV later. As we were heading back to our motel, Jim said to me that I needed to get my revenge on Jo and Pat for stealing my clothes, and we agreed that somehow we would. But that’s another story.

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