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Roommates discover how much they like having sex together.
It was a very slow night for a Sunday at the pizza joint that I waited tables at. So slow my jerk of a boss let me go early so he wasn't paying me for sitting there. Probably a good thing since I had 8 am class the next day and could use the extra sleep. Well, I thought I was gonna get some much needed, but my roommate had a surprise for me when I came home unannounced.

As I opened the front door my eyes were treated to seeing my her on the couch with some guy I've never seen before. It was obvious she was naked and riding this dude cock cause her 36Ds were bouncing up and down as she rose and fell pounding his stick. Both didn't notice me walk in as she was moaning real load and his focus was her tits a inch in front of his face.

This wasn't the first time I've see her naked, being roommates. We've taken showers together when both of us had to be some where, which was fun cleaning each of our bodies. We've never kissed or had sex with each other, in fact I've never seen her fuck a guy.

I decided to make my self known and said out loud, "Hey Jen, I'm home early." She instantly looked up with her big blue eyes and said, "Shit Andrea, your home!" I heard him say, your roommate is home?

"Yeah, work was slow so they let me go. But I see you're busy!"

A small laugh came out as she still worked his cock at a slower pace. After the small laugh and in-between breaths she blurted out, "Yeah, real busy, but it's a fun busy."

"Well, I'll let you get back your fun, looks like you've got a lot of work ahead of you."

"Don't go, join the fun or share the work," she said with a smile across her face.

"I don't know about that."

"Your nipples say that you want to cause they poking through your shirt."

The guy popped up saying, "I have to agree with Jen, you should join us."

Of course I wanted to join them, my pussy was on fire. I walked back towards the back of the couch where Jen was facing and still riding his hard cock.

Standing at the couch with my crotch at the back of his head and my tits level with her head, I asked, "so you think my nipples have I want to fuck written all over them?"

She didn't speak until she grabbed my right tit and and squeezed saying, "I think you want to fuck both of us. I know how you stare at my tits; which probably makes your thong soaked with your juices."

"I guess you'll have to take my pants and thong off too see, won't you."

He moaned from what I said and cause Jen started to move on his cock again. I reached for my shirt and pulled it up over my tits and head revealing my 34C tits inclosed in the black sports bra I was wearing. She grabbed the bottom of the bra trying to get my tits out. "I want my mouth on those nipples."

My tits were free a second later and her mouth was sucking on my right nipples. My left hand was on my left tit squeezing it and rolling the nipple with my thumb. She still was going keeping his cock hard.

I reached up to lay hands on the first tit other than mine. It was soft and pleasant, just made me want to never let go. Her sucking of my nipples made me want to return the favor. Her big nipples that capped her huge tits made my mouth water and was soaking my thong and creating a wet spot on my jeans.

The cock in her pussy must of been building up pressure, cause she let go of my tit and moaned with pleasure. I took the opportunity to suck on her right nipple. My left hand was busy undoing my jeans and working them down around me ass. Guess my thong was stuck with my jeans cause once I got it below my ass I felt the cool air on my pussy.

Now naked, Jen got off the guys cock and grabbed my hand to walk me around the couch. We met in front of the guy and our lip locked kissing as our tongues met each other. My hand reached for het tit, her hand found my ass. We kissed for minutes as the guy sat there stroking his cock to keep it alive.

Once we broke our kiss I realized why she was enjoying that cock. This dude was big, 8 inches and thick. A huge cock that I know will rock my world or let my roommate lick my pussy until I explode. Decisions, decisions...

Hmmmm, I could lick her pussy juices off his cock for starters. And that I did, getting on my knees in front of him I grabbed his cock and flicked the tip with my tongue. Jen had gotten down too placing a hand on my back rubbing it and my ass saying, "Take his cock in, suck all my juices off it."

I couldn't resist, I took all 8 inches in tasting another pussy for the first time. Jen got behind me getting on her back and wiggled her way under my ass. I was sucking this enormous cock when two hands grabbed my ass spreading my checks and a tongue flicked across my pussy hitting my clit. It hit, my pussy was being eaten by a girl. It was good. Fuck it was really good. Jen knew how to use her tongue. This wasn't easy, I was trying to suck this cock, Jen was rocking my world and I want to play with my tits until I cum.

It got better, she push two fingers in me and her tongue played with my clit. I was in heaven and was close to exploding. I lifted off his cock and blurted, "I'm gonna cum."

"mmmm, cum on my face, I want to savior your cum."

My first time with a girl and she has me ready to explode like I've never have.

Fuck! I shaked like no tomorrow with his cock deep in my mouth and my pussy shooting out juices all over Jen's face.

Stopping my blow job and getting up off Jen's face I turned around, looked down and said, "I want your pussy now." sitting back down on her face, I grabbed her both legs to open them so I can eat her pussy. Looking down, I saw her bald pussy juiced up with her clit clearly sticking out. Not wasting time I dove in repeating the same movements she did on me. I was working, cause she was moaning into my pussy.

I guess the guy felt left out and got behind me and over Jen's head. Pushing his cock into my pussy started even more juices flowing. His huge cock was filling me and stretching me while Jen licked my clit. My body has never gotten this much attention.

While still licking Jen, I was enjoying my pounding. He had to be close and I wanted him cum over my ass covering it and Jen t o lick it all up. He swelled and pulled out pointing his cock to my ass spraying it with hot cum. Jen continued licking me catching each drop that dripped off me.

Rolling off each other we layer there spent. The dude got up to start getting dress cause he said something about it being late. Jen turned to me and said shower.

In the shower under the hot water we were kissing lightly and touching each other as we washed. Jen reached down to her own pussy during one kiss rubbing her clit. "You still horny?" "Always," she replied. Next thing I knew she grabbed the vib she kept in the shower.

The sound of the vib filled the shower until she pushed it all the way into her pussy. Instead, her moans were heard. I felt the need to help and started kissing her neck and sucking on her tits. She was really working the vib in her pussy, hitting the right spot. Taking a step back I stood there watching herself cum. I just played with her nipples and stared at her pussy taking the toy in.

Finally satisfied, we finished our shower and went to our own rooms. I was beat and was out cold, nude on top of the sheets in seconds of hitting the mattress.

The next day came. Classes went by slow and bored the hell out of me. All I was thinking about was Jen being in-between my legs licking my pussy until I cum overtime and over. I did wonder if that was a one night thing or has our friendship changed. I was soon to find out, because as I pulled up to our place I noticed her car there too.

Ironically enough, she was on the couch again, but this time alone and clothed. We exchanged our hellos, she was watching some show, so I went to my room to drop off my stuff. When I came back, she asked if we were cool and all with what happened the night before. "Sure I said, I really liked it. I'm just curious if it was a night thing or will we have fun again."

She cracked a smile and said, "Well I really like sex and I like pussy as much as cock, so having your roommate readily available could be a good thing and loads of fun."

"That's what I was thinking, I won't have to rely on my vib as much., I got you!"

She laughed and said, "True, you do have me, but we might still use that vib and oth toys."

One more question I had to ask Jen, "So, since we're cool with each other can we relax the dress code and be cool with each other walking around in panties or nude?"

"Works for me"

"Awesome, well since I'm gonna be in for the rest of the night, I'm gonna go get out of these clothes. Walking back to my room I reached for the back of my bra and unsnapped it letting the cups fall from my tits. Once pulled through my shirt, I unbuttoned my pants revealing a black thong. All I could think of was this is gonna be such a great change. Bravely I walked back into the room hear her whistle at me; which made me blush. "Like what you see?"

"Heck ya," she said while grabbing her tits and licking her lips.

Perve I said laughing, walking to the kitchen. When I came back, Jen had gotten out of her jeans, shirt and bra and was wearing a blue thong. "Comfy," I said?

"Hot and horny mostly."

"Mmmmm, I bet, I can see how wet your panties are."

Running a hand over her thong, "Just thinking about all the fun we can have."

Walking up too her, she grabbed both my legs and pulled me forward almost losing my balance. Starting with kisses above my thong she worked her way around teasing me to the point I was ready to scream. I wanted that tongue on my clit moving it around so my juices flow uncontrollable. She must of read my mind, cause I looked down and my thing was around my ankles and tongue was was going for the kill. I even made it easy for her, I had spread my legs and used my fingers to open my lips, showing off my clit.

Man her tongue felt so good, she new how to use it alright. I could let her eat my pussy all day if I had the time. Standing there feeling the ripples of pleasure from Jen, I played with my tits, squeezing them and sucking on a nipple. My legs were turning to jello and I knew I couldn't stand any longer. I grabbed Jen's hands and pulled her up pulling her to her bedroom.

"So what toys you've been hiding from me."

She smiled and walked to the small table by her bed and opened the top drawer to reveal several toys. One was a strap-on, another a double headed dildo and a couple vibes.

"Very nice," I said. "Pick one."

She reached in and grabbed the strap-on and said, "I want to fuck your brains out."

A minute later she had the cock on and me bent over the bed.

It was a thick dildo that stretched and filled my pussy when she got it all the way in. Her slow movements felt great. Her hands used my ass to push and pull, awhile squeezing and spreading. Only thing better would of been someone playing with my tits.

I began to moan and she picked up the pace. It was like she read my mind. The bed even started to squeak. I was ready to cum over her cock. Reaching back I played with my clit with one hand. She was just ramming me until I screamed with pleasure.

Slowing down her movements so I can calm down, she eventually pulled out leaving my pussy empty. I turned over and sat on the edge grabbing the cock. I wanted to really taste myself to see if there was a difference. Taking the whole cock in I just sucked it clean savoring my juices. She had placed her hands on my head telling me to suck it clean. That did....

After I had cleaned the cock I looked up at her with my open eyes to see what was next. "Babe, I think it's my turn to get off."

She dropped the strap-on and went back to the drawer for the double head dildo. This think had to be at least a foot long. Probably longer...

Laying inn the bed, she pushed one end into her pussy grasping when it was fully in. I got as close as possible and grabbed the other end lining it up for my pussy.

Once both heads were in our pussies I started to rock back and forth using my muscles to push the other side into her and pull it out. It was slow sensual movements we both moaned to. Adding to the pleasure we would rub our clits. We must of been put in our own little world, because Jen and I didn't see Rebecca standing there watching us fuck. It wasn't to she spoke and scared the shit out of us did we see her.

"I had no clue you too were a bunch of lesbos."

"I spoke up and said I'm not a lesbos, I like cock too. Besides you look like you were enjoying yourself with your hands in your panties."

"Sure did, made my pussy wet and wanting attention."

"Well don't be shy, shed those clothes and join us."

She was wearing punk running shorts with those liners, no panties, white tee shirt and white sports bra. We were still working the dildo between us, but our attention was on her. I was curious to see her pussy up close. Unlike Jen's and my pussy; which were clean shaven, Rebecca had some hair covering her pussy. Her tits got my attention too. They were small and stood up with some perkiness. Her nipples were huge thou and long; which over powered the very noticeable tan lines around her tits. Ironically, there were no lines around her waist which made wonder if she ever wore panties.

Naked, she joined us on the bed using both hands to touch Jen and I as we still fucked each other with the dildo. I was so lost in pleasure with two beautiful girls in this bed naked trying to get each other off. Rebecca was rubbing each of our clits when I reached to grab her smooth ass and squeeze it. She turned to me, smiled and moaned saying, "I like having my ass squeezed, slapped and played with."

Who was I to deny her what she wanted, I continued to rub, squeeze and slap her tight ass. She was really into it, because at some point her hand started to play with her pussy. She even used both hands to spread her ass and slipped a finger in her ass for a second. It made me wonder if she's ever had a cock in her ass. I'll have to ask later...

It seemed Rebecca liked to take lead, cause she got up, stood over my head and lowered her ass to my face. Her pussy was a inch from my face aching to be licked. I could see the beads of juices on her lips and clit hard from under it's hood. Grabbing both checks I graves on and licked her pussy from the rear all the way to her clit taste every bit of her juices. That single lick really set her off, because she dropped even lower only face limiting me to just her pussy.

Jen had turned around while I was still on my back and really was working her pussy over the dildo. Her faster movements increased the pleasure for me making me moan into Rebecca's pussy. Rebecca was working her pussy on my face, her hands were playing with my tits and nipples.

With everything going on, I couldn't tell who was moaning louder. I just wanted to cum on the dildo. I also wanted Rebecca to cum on my lips. Licking that clit faster, more juices flowed and she had trouble just sitting on my face. I was having trouble laying there too. Jen's pounding set both of u off. I had to push Rebecca ass off my face as I screamed. As I calmed down she set back down I really worked her clit. She didn't last long with my tongue on her pussy and Jen sucking on her tits. I was rewarded with a gush of sweet cum that covered my whole face as she rode my mouth.

All three of us had calmed down, Rebecca had removed the dildo from both of us to clean the juices and got off my face. I still wanted more and began to kiss both Jen and Rebecca. Soon all three of us was kissing with our tongues. Hands were all over each of our bodies.

Jen then lightly pushed Rebecca down on the bed and laid between her legs, I went for Jen's pussy and Rebecca got the hint to go for mine. We were in a triangle savoring each others juices.

Rebecca's tongue was on my clit and a finger on my g-spot. I decided to be a little dirty and see how Jen would react to a finger in her ass. I used a finger wet from her pussy and rubbed around her hole pushy lightly. She wiggled a little then pushed against my finger. I took it as she wanted it and pushed my finger in her ass. Awhile my other hand had a finger fucking her pussy and my tongue was flicking her clit.

Our three way licking went on for some time until we had cum several times and our tongues could not go any more. At some point we all fell asleep cuddling with each other.

Our sexual interactions continued as the months passed. Jen and I would fuck a couple nights a week. Sometimes on the weekend after a party we would share a guy. The best time we had together was a three day weekend that Jen and I went back to her parents house who happen to be on vacation. Whole house, pool and hot tub to play in. What made it the best time was it was two boys, Jason and mike, Jen this girl named Alice and me.

This was my first time meeting them. Apparently Alice dated Jason, but also fucked Mike in occasion. She was a hot blond. 5'8 with nice C cup tits and a tight ass. She came over too hang out in the pool with us. She showed up in short spandex shorts that outlined her pussy and a sports bra. I didn't bring a suit because I thought we'd be alone and nude. So I wore my thong and a tank. Jen had a skimpy bikini on.

We were hanging out, laying in the sun or swimming. Several times I swear I caught Alice looking at my ass and tits. When she wasn't looking I turned to Jen and asked if Alice was into pussy. Jen just smiled and flicked her tongue.

"Alice, I was curious with you staring at my tits and ass do you like them?"

She laughed and said, "Why yes, thought you'd never ask."

"You think you'd like them more if I wasn't wearing this thong and tank top?"

It was the Jen piped up saying, "If anyone is going to be fucking, it's going to be me. so if you too want to be eating each others pussies, you better start with mine."

Alice and I looked at each other and nodded in agreement.

She then asked if we would like to add a cock or two to the fun.

Both Jen and I said sure, the more the better.

Alice was on the phone calling in two cocks. I was laying there with my tank above my tits and my hands playing with my nipples.

Alice finished her phone conversation and said, "They'll be here in 30 mins, but until then we can start the fun." she stood and pushed down her shorts revealing a bald pussy and tight ass. Then she took off the sports bra standing totally nude.

I pushed my thong off from the sitting position and got rid of the tank.

Jen looked at us, stood up up pulling the strings to her suit causing it to drop off her body. " How shall we do this?"

Alice pointed for her to sit at the edge of the pool, then grabbed my hand pulling me into the pool. We moved to where Jen sat and began to pleasure her.

Starting with both of us caressing her legs, she began to open them wider hinting that her pussy wanted attention. I was first to tease her with a simple lick from the bottom of her crack to the top, to leave a single kiss on her clit. Alice repeated my action. "you guys are such fuckin teases," said Jen as she played with her tits. I went back to licking her pussy as Alice watched. Her hands were wondering over Jen's body and mine. I even felt her finger split my ass and lightly push into my hole for a second. I guess she was testing the water with me. It felt alright, so I didn't say anything, just continued eating out Jen. A few minutes into it, I traded with Alice and she was eating pussy and I was caressing both of them.

We must of lost track of time with Alice and I enjoying Jen's pussy, cause I looked up and say two boys standing by the pool. They were sandals, shirts and shorts. Well there shorts were around there ankles and each had a hand on their cock stoking it. I guess they were enjoying the show. Both were considerable large in length with some thickness.

We stopped and all got up. Alice walked ahead of us and kissed both boys and said hi. She also began to introduce them; which was weird considered we were naked and they had there cocks out. I thought I be cute and shake hands but with his cock instead of his hand. Everyone laughed...

We then guided them to the edge where Jen was sitting and all of us jumped in the water. Alice told us to give them a try, she gets to suck them all the time. So we did, Jen didn't waste time and had her lips wrapped around the stick. I thought I start off slow and lick the sides and play with his head.

Alice was playing with both of us squeezing a tit here and there, grabbing our asses or playing with our pussies. Every once in a while I would cum off the cock and kiss. This went in for some time until Jen spoke up, "I want a cock in me now."

All of agreed and got out of the water and headed to the chairs, the boys layer down and Jen and I mounted the cocks. Alice continued to play with us until she decided to sit on the dudes face who I was fucking. She was getting her pussy licked, mine was getting fucked and we were kissing and playing with each others tits. We would even lean over to kiss Jen or grab her tit. This was great, 5 people and nonstop pleasure.

Get off him, Alice said, I want to fuck him now. We swapped positions, the tongue was good, but not as good as any girl that's been in between my legs. I paid more attention to kissing Jen and Alice and sucking on their tits.

Jen was screaming at this point, she was planted on his bent legs and he was really thrusting into her. I knew she was close by how loud she was. Sure enough, she got even louder, body started to twitch and she collapsed on him. Alice and I were still going. Jen and the dude got up. He was semi hard still, so I grabbed his cock and began to suck him cleaning it from Jen's cum. Alice noticed he was ready to go again and said to him, "I want you too." he knew what she wanted, cause he wasted no time in getting behind her and placing his cock at her rear hole. I was in shock and said, "You really gonna let him fuck your ass?" She couldn't talk from the pleasure but nodded.

Jen was playing with her pussy while saying, "This is gonna be hot."

I had to see this, so I got off his face and moved so I could see this large cock invade her ass. His cock was all the way in moving in and out with sync to the guy that was in her pussy. Jen was right, it was hit looking to see her filled like that with cock. She was moaning with pleasure, saying, "fuck me harder." they must of fucked each other a lot, cause they new how fast to go to push her over the edge and shoot their cum in her.

This was just the start of the day, we all took a rest, let the boys recharge their batteries. I must of fucked the boys three or four times. Lost track of how many times I was in between one of the girls legs enjoying their pussy.

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