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Sandra Is Inquisitive

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Holly and Sandra do talk. Sandra wants to be a new member of the group.

I pulled out of the parking lot at the office in the dark. It was getting dark quickly as December began to take hold. I made my way to the tavern. It was time for Happy Hour that cold Wednesday evening. My cell phone rang as I pulled into the tavern’s parking lot.

I hit the speaker on the phone without looking at the number and immediately, Jennifer asked, “Where are you?”

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud before responding to her. “You have the most uncanny timing. I’m pulling into the parking lot as we speak.”

“Good! See you in a few minutes then.”

The lot was fairly full for a Wednesday. Many businesses began their holiday parties a few weeks out from Christmas. Some were more rowdy than others. Walking into the bar, the music was recorded Eighties hits and appeared that the piano player was beginning to set up.

I looked around as my eyes adjusted to the smoke-filled room and I could see Jennifer waiving a glass in the air while Jerry seemed to be chatting with the bartender. I made my way to them pulling my black cashmere winter coat from my shoulders and looking for a place to hang it or place it where someone wouldn’t spill anything on it.

“Jerry’s ordered your scotch for you.” Jennifer leaned in and kissed me on the cheek.

Jerry turned around and handed me my first libation of the evening and then grabbed his own glass and we toasted, “Cheers.”

I looked around the room as I took my first sip and noticed that there were five tables pulled up on one side with a large group of well-dressed men and women. In the middle, I noticed Nick and Holly. It took a few minutes but I began to remember that this maybe one of their many little social gatherings for Nick’s company. Holly noticed me and waived. Nick followed suit seconds later. They were all enjoying food and drink.

Jennifer leaned in and spoke into my ear, “Katie’s mom, Sandra, is over there with Nick and Holly. I almost didn’t recognize her. She’s here for a few days.”

Sandra was Katie’s mom, but also Holly’s younger sister. I had last seen her when we had to chance enjoy Katie over a month before. I looked around at their group but didn’t see her. I looked at Jennifer and gave her that “I don’t see her squinty look” and asked, “Where is she?”

Jennifer smiled. “That’s the thing, I didn’t recognizer her either from first glance until she spoke to me when they arrived.” She pointed to the right of Holly. “See that woman with the black hair that’s bouncing on her shoulders dressed in that tight red skirt with the zipper up the back, cream low-cut blouse and black blazer?”

I looked where she told me to look and did see her. I couldn’t tell who it was because her back was turned at first. But when she turned, I could see some resemblance. “Really?”

“Yes,” Jennifer responded. “That’s her. She looks a lot more seductive than when we met her. Of course, right now she’s all dolled up.”

Sandra turned again, this time looking over at Jennifer, Jerry and I. She waived at us. Jennifer waived back. “See, I told you that was her.”

Sandra was attractive, but Holly was still the hotter of the two sisters. At least that was my opinion when I first met her. Her husband, Dennis, was a builder and owned his own company in Indianapolis. Sandra was a stay-at-home wife and mom for most of their marriage. Katie, twenty-four at the time, was their only child.

The first time I met Sandra, she was dressed in a teal sweater dress showing off her shapely form, with a pair of matching high heels and last time I saw her, she was in jeans, sweat shirt, white boat shoes and no make up. An attractive woman, like her sister, but I was playing with her daughter. Well, Jennifer, Jerry and I were playing with her daughter.

After a few minutes of chatting with Jennifer and Jerry, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and Sandra was right there. Closer up, she looked pert, and yes, the hair was different in color and style, makeup just right and her heels made her a little taller. Spiked black high heels. She smiled and asked, “Can I join you all seeing that I’ve had a little much of my brother-in-law’s business associates?”

We invited her to join us. Jerry asked her what she would like to drink and she quickly responded, “How about a ChamCham? That sounds good.”

Jerry was caught off guard and asked what it was. I chimed in, “It’s Champaign and Chambord. A lady I knew in Atlanta, one of my friends’ wife, drank them all the time.”

Sandra smile, “That is right. And interesting that you knew.”

I smiled back at her, “I’ve been around.”

Sandra smiled and winked at me, “That’s what my sister says.”

Her response caught me off guard where I coughed, Jennifer almost choked on her drink while Jerry nearly fell out of his chair.

Sandra continued, “I see I was right about you three. Besides, you should know that Holly and I have no secrets. We keep them pretty much to ourselves, but I do know about what happens this weekend.”

Jerry turned to the bar and caught the bartender’s attention to ask for Sandra’s drink while Jennifer and I paused before responding to Sandra. Jennifer chimed in first. “So, you mean you know about Holly, Nick, us?”

Sandra moved in between both Jennifer and I grabbing us both by the waist and pulled us to her sides. “Let me say, I’ve seen you all on a couple of home DVDs that Holly let me have when I was here last time. I was even entranced with Jessica.”

Jerry turned to hand Sandra her ChamCham when Sandra smiled at him. Jerry smiled back not missing a beat. Good thing that the music was still loud, bar filled, and our conversation was between the four of us at that point.

“You see, Holly and I already had a conversation before this evening started. I asked her if we could invite you three back this evening and maybe I could learn a thing or two before the weekend. I don’t think I could go through it unless I was able to, let me say, break my inhabitations with you all, first. Holly said I would have to ask you.”

Jennifer turned to Sandra and asked for her to follow her to the Lady’s Room. She agreed. As they slipped away to the Lady’s Room, we watched Jennifer strut away in her dark blue business suite and heels. Holly made her way past us to follow the two of them into the Lady’s Room just moments later.

I looked at Jerry and shook my head. “Really? Did I hear her right?”

“You sure did partner. Let’s see how this plays out.”

The girls were gone about ten minutes, long enough for Jerry and I to have a second drink put in front of us. I took the bar stool next to Jerry that Jennifer as sitting on and saw them exit the bathroom together. All three walked their way back to us. I went to give my seat up to Jennifer when she motioned for me to sit back down. She looked over to Jerry and spoke, “Ok stud. Let’s go home, let the baby sitter leave, and get freshened up. Kids will be down quickly. One small change, we’re going to Tony’s instead of Nick and Holly’s. That way, we can use the monitor and not leave the kids.”

Jerry turned to pay the tab and I placed my hand on his arm indicating I had it and they could leave. Holly smiled and chimed in looking at me, “Nick and I will be along shortly. You go get freshened up. You’ve been at work all day. Sandra’s already primped before coming here. And, if you’ll take Sandra, you all might be able to warm up a little before we get there. We won’t be but thirty minutes behind you.”

Holly leaned in and gave me a kiss on the lips before making her way back toward the table with Nick. Nick smiled as he saw Holly walking back and smiled. He made eye contact with me and waived.

Sandra leaned in to say, “Let me grab my coat and I’ll meet you at the door.”

I watched make her way back toward the tables and noticed she was strutting as she walked. That was a message. I paid the bar tab and retrieved my coat before making my way to the door. As Sandra started her way to the door, she paused. She spun around and headed back to the Lady’s Room before disappearing inside. She was a little over five minutes before reappearing. When she exited the Lady’s Room, she had her leather coat on, buttoned up and tightly cinched at the waist. When she reached me, she grabbed my arm as I opened the door to leave.

“I hope I didn’t take too long.” She commented.

All I could do was smile and shake my head no. “No, not at all.” I responded. “As a matter of fact, I enjoyed watching you walk to pick up your coat and then strut off back to the Ladies Room.”

“Well thank you. I’m glad I have your attention.”

She hung onto my arm close as we walked to my car. She felt good there. “So, what made you decide you wanted to play around with your sister’s friends? I thought you and your husband were quite happy.” I inquired.

As we reached the passenger side door, I unlocked the door with the key fob and opened the door for her. She stepped between the door and the opening then turned toward me. “Well, things aren’t what they appear at home. And seeing that my husband is fucking his twenty-two year old administrative assistant and I’m not getting any, seemed like I might want to see what I happen to be missing out on.”

I was stunned at her bluntness. She reached up and wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me to her. Her mouth parted almost instantly and the heat from our kiss caused an instant reaction. She slid her right hand down to my crotch to feel my cock hardening right there for her. “Hmm, I am glad I caused that reaction. You have no idea how hot I am already.”

With that comment, she reached down and untied her coat belt letting it open. She slid her hands to her sides and began to hitch her skirt up, slightly spreading her legs. She looked deeply into my eyes and whispered softly, “See for yourself.”

I slipped my hand between her thighs to find she no panties, but a smoothly shaved vulva, her lips parted. With a slight move of my fingers, I could feel her wetness. “My, you are wet.”

She smiled at me. “I took off the panties just so you could find out for yourself. I could cum if you rub my clit right now. It’s throbbing like crazy.”

Right there at the car, I began to rub her clit and slip two fingers into her molten hot sex. In no time, she began to shake. She leaned in and kissed me more deeply, her tongue wanting to be taken as well. When she broke the kiss, all she could say was, “Get in the car and take me now, please.”

She slid into the seat; I looked down at her spread legs, her right hand was buried between her thighs with the coat-splayed open. I moved around to the front of the car, making my way to the driver side door. I opened the door and slid in. As I started the car, I turned to Sandra and smiled, putting the car into reverse to back out. She placed her left hand on mine. We began to pull out of the parking lot.

“So, what happened with you and Dennis? I thought you two were quite a pair, according to Holly and Nick.”

“Let’s just say, he’s always been playing the field. I just didn’t know about it until this most recent fling of his.”

“You are a pretty sexy lady, Sandra. His loss. So, what does that mean? Like, what are you looking for, a little play time?”

She smiled back, “Yes. That is it exactly. I want sex back into my life. I want to be wanted, I want to fuck my brains out and cum as much as I can. But, I want it to be safe and with someone I can trust. According to my sister, you and this group are pretty safe. And, it does help that I find you all attractive and extremely desirable.”

“Well, thank you.” I responded and smiled back. I was half waiting for her to say something about Katie, but she didn’t. “You know, I was quite shocked at Holly and Nick when Holly approached Jennifer and I that one evening. Since then, we’ve all been pretty close.”

“Holly’s said that her and Nick’s sex life is out of this world since they met you all. It was humdrum, so to speak. When I let it out of the bag that I wasn’t getting any, she opened up about you all. That was when we were here the last time with Katie. She let me see a couple of the videos of you all and I took one particular one home with me for my personal viewing when the house was empty. Let me just say, you all made me cum more times watching that video than I have in the past fifteen years.”

“Are you ok with the fact that this is a bi group or that we are bi? For some, that is quite the turn off.”

She smiled back at me just as I was about to turn into my driveway and responded; “One of my favorites is watching you fuck Jerry while he’s all dressed up while Jennifer is going down on Holly. My sister is quite the vocalist. She’s been that way all her adult life. Now, I’m not into having sex with my sister, but I have seen her and Nick fuck before, as far back as when I was in high school. I am looking forward to finally having Nick fuck me as well.”

I opened the garage door and began to pull in. “You mean you saw them fuck?” I was kind of shocked.

“I sure did. I was a senior in high school about to graduate when they had come home one weekend. I happened to walk in from school, a little early, and found the two of them fucking away in the guest bedroom. Nick had Holly’s legs spread wide open while he was slamming away at her. She was moaning and telling him to fuck her harder. I was mesmerized. I couldn’t move. I watched them until he came in her and pulled out. That was my first time at seeing a hard cock. Well one that was still hard after fucking the hell out of my sister.”

I got out of the car and walked around to open her door. “Thank you, quite a gentleman. Dennis doesn’t open my door anymore. Seems I’m old hat.”

“So, you were still a virgin then?” I pressed the close button for the garage door.

“I was until that fall at college. After losing my virginity, I also had my first girl on girl experience too with my college roommate. I’m not a prude. I’ve just been pretty celibate lately and never strayed after getting married. As a matter of fact, the third guy I had sex with was Dennis and I’ve only had his cock since.”

I opened the door to the house and we walked in. I offered her a drink and asked her what she wanted. “I’ve been told you have quite a wine collection. Let me see what I can get into right now.”

I pointed her to the upstairs rack and told her that there was much more downstairs if she couldn’t find anything. I put away my brief case and took off my shoes. “I’m going to freshen up a bit. Make yourself at home. I’m not quite sure where they’ll want to play, maybe downstairs. Don’t worry, the house is clean.”

I padded my way upstairs and into my bedroom. I stripped and walked into the bathroom to start the shower. My cock was still hard from the incident at the car and the thought of a hot evening of sex with friends.

As I stepped into the shower, Sandra made her way into the bathroom. “You do have quite a wine collection there. I found one for now.” She seated herself on the stool at the second vanity. One I had gotten for when Jennifer, Holly, or even Jessica stayed over so that they could apply their make up, if needed.

“For a bachelor, you sure do have a home with a woman’s touch.”

I chuckled, “That is Jennifer, your sister and Gloria. You’ll meet her Saturday night. All of them have had a say. Besides, they are here a lot. Why shouldn’t they put their mark on it?”

I showered and shaved behind the steamed glass. I’m sure she could see the outline. She responded to my shaving my cock and balls with a slight moan and a “that’s so sexy” comment.

I stepped out of the shower to find her clad only in her white lace push up bra, her white garter belt and black hose, and those stunning black stiletto heels.

She smiled back at me as I grabbed a large towel from the towel rack. She spread her legs and let her right hand play with her clit while sipping her wine and watching me towel off. My cock was hard and bobbing around.

I moved to her and guided her up from the stool backing her up to the vanity. I slid my hands to her hips and picked her up, stetting her down on the cold marble. She squirmed and whispered, “That’s cold.” She gave an erotic smile.

I knelt down between her legs and spread them wide. There was no hair at all. She was shaved smooth as silk. I leaned forward and allowed my tongue to separate her lips and find her clit, almost immediately. A flick and a nibble, and her body began to respond. She sat the wine glass down and grabbed my head to guide my tongue and mouth where she wanted me.

I reached around and grabbed her by her ass pulling her closer to where she began to move her hips and began to fuck my tongue. She was moaning, “Oh my”, in a soft purr over and over. I would bring her to the edge and stop time and time again. Finally, she ground her womanhood onto my tongue, leaning back and began to shake. Her orgasm came in a flood and her moan turned into a louder recognition that she had just came.

I leaned back with a smile along with her succulent dew on my face and chimed in, “And to think, I didn’t even use my fingers or my cock.”

She gave me a look with a smile responding back to my quip, “Oh my. I’m so glad I made this trip.”

I stood up, my cock at attention and she looked down surveying what she was going to have in time this evening. She grinned. I helped her off the marble countertop and we walked into the bedroom.

“I love you bedroom. And to think, you have that huge king size bed all to yourself.”

I shook my head and responded back, “It is empty at times. But, it is a great bed to fuck on.”

She smiled back and sauntered over toward the bedroom doorway. I made my way over to the walk-in closet and disappeared inside. She got inquisitive and just as I grabbed a large leather duffle bag; she appeared at the door peeking in. “Oh, most women would love to have a walk-in closet this size.”

“I can only imagine your house.”

“Yes, but I’m not the average.” She smiled, hands on her hips, hips cocked.

I’ve seen that pose before. Oh yes, Katie. “I figured I had better find some of the toys and lubes before they got here.”

“My, you have quite a duffle there. Can I peek?”

“Sure.” I responded. I moved to the bed and unzipped the bag. “There is an assortment in here.”

“Oh my.” She smiled and began sifting through the bag. She came to the leather butt plug harness with the steel cock ring and also found Jennifer and Holly’s favorite harness with the six inch cyber-flesh realistic dildo attached, holding one up in each hand she shook the butt plug harness and asked, “What is this?”

I told her what it was and how it was worn. She rummaged through the bag and found the mid-sized butt plug. “Do you wear this? Has Nick or does Jerry wear it?”

I smiled back. “It is mine but we’ve all used it. The girls love it and well, so do we.”

“Can you put it on now?” She asked coyly.

“Now?” I asked.

“Yes, please. My God, my clit is throbbing just thinking about it and you just made me cum.”

I heard the door chime from the alarm letting me know that someone had entered the basement door. “That’s Jennifer and Jerry coming in down stairs. Well, if you’d like. But, I do need to prep a little first. They might as well come up. Call down to them and tell them we’re up here and I’ll get ready. Hmm, already putting on a show for you.”

Sandra sauntered over to the doorway and leaned over the railing calling down, “We’re up here.”

Jerry responded, “On our way.”

Sandra turned back toward me as I lay out a blanket, then a towel, moved over to the nightstand and grabbed the Anal-Ese and the large bottle of Astroglide lube. “My, you do this often?” She grinned with an erotic tilt of her head?

“Well, lets just say, I am practiced. What do you think so far? Are we too kinky for you?”

“I’m so fucking horny my pussy is throbbing and my mind is going a mile a minute. I loved the movies, well, the DVDs and especially the ones where everything imaginable was going on. I would lay back on the bed and finger myself to watching you going down on Jennifer while she had Holly spread over her tongue and watch Nick actually getting fucked and giving head. Oh, I never thought I would see that. I’m thinking I’ve found my lover to play with and experiment with. You and them do everything. I am so fucking hot!”

I lay back onto the bed and spread my legs wide open for her as I grabbed the tube of Anal-Ese. As I squeezed some out onto my fingers, Jerry and Jennifer appeared at the door. They had taken their clothes off down stairs. He was clad in only a pair of silk boxers showing off his hairless, but tennis-toned body, and Jennifer in a blue corset, white hose, and her blue stiletto heels. Jerry chimed in first, “Oh, so we are just in time for a show. Let’s see you mount that plug and get into that cock ring and harness.”

Jennifer smiled as well, “See, we got here right on time. Nick and Holly will be here shortly. Damn Sandra, what else did you pull out of the bag?”

Sandra held up the harness and dildo as if it were her prize. “Care to show me how this works?”

Jennifer quipped in return, “Are you wanting to be the one servicing or being serviced?”

“I want to try it on and see how you and I do. I’ve never done anything like this in my life. I’m trembling I so excited.”

“Holly loves it too. Let me help you into it. I love a good fucking. But, I think we’ll change out this one for the eight-inch one. I’m feisty tonight. This one is a good fuck but I want to be filled and drilled.”

As they watched me prep, Jerry rummaged through the bag and found the larger dildo, still a lifelike cyberskin, and handed it to the girls. His cock was protruding from his boxers already.

I rubbed the Anal-Ese around my puckered entry and put more on my fingers to slide in first one, then two fingers. This caused Sandra to respond, “Dennis would never to anything like this for me. Not a show, not anything. I doubt he’d do anything for that little cunt he’s banging either. So vanilla, but a good fuck when we were younger.”

Jennifer chimed in. “You should have seen the show the night Nick learned how to suck cock and get fucked in the ass. Holly and I had great seats.”

“Holly told me the details, as if she would ever forget.”

Jennifer swapped out the dildos and began to assist Sandra in donning her phallic appendage and harness assembly. “How does it feel?”

“So, this is what the guys feel like, cock bobbing around hard all the time?”

I had three fingers in me and reached for the Astroglide. I placed some on my fingers before spreading my hole open and squirting some in, letting my fingers push the lube into me. Again, Sandra moaned.

Jerry slid up onto the bed and handed me the butt plug. I lubed it up and placed it at my wanting love hole. “Ok Sandra, this takes a little bit but watch.”

I began to press the plug into place. The Anal-Ese made the penetration a little easier. No burning, just pressure. Jerry reached over and took over. He pressed it slightly and began to slowly fuck my ass with the plug going in a little further each time.”

Jennifer was now sucking on Sandra’s hardened nipples while Sandra watched Jerry and I. When Jerry leaned over and wrapped his lips around my cock, Sandra about lost it. She let her hands drift to Jennifer’s spread legs and slipped in a finger to find Jennifer’s hot treasure.

“Don’t you dare let him cum Jerry. You don’t get the first taste of his cum, I do. But, damn, you are so fucking hot sucking him and fucking his ass.”

I moaned when the plug slipped past my now well-lubricated ring, penetrating me, filling me up. Jerry let my cock slip form his mouth with a “plop” and grabbed the harness to help me wiggle into it. He’s an expert assistant. My throbbing blood engorged cock made it a little difficult to get the ring over and slide my heavy balls through the steel restrictive device using a little lube. Once he was finally successful, he helped me buckle up. The girls moved to the bed.

Jennifer lay back spreading her legs welcoming Sandra’s hard bouncing cock. Sandra lined herself up and spread Jennifer’s legs wide and up over her shoulders. “This is the way I like to be fucked. Let me try that first and see if I can get the right motion with my cock.”

Jennifer responded by guiding the veined life-like dildo into her waiting womanhood. “Fuck me Sandra, nice, deep and slow first. I’m ready.”

Sandra began to slowly and extremely sensually, fuck Jennifer. She turned to Jerry and I and in a very sultry tone, told Jerry and I to continue the show. “How about a good sixty-nine for us boys? I know Jennifer, Holly and Nick get to see it all the time. Might I remind you, this is my first live performance?”

As Sandra continued slowly fucking Jennifer, her coaching Sandra with words of encouragement like, “Oh yes, fuck me with that cock. Nice. Deep. Grind those hips. I want to cum. Yes, deeper.”

Just as Jennifer was cumming the first time from Sandra’s fucking, the door chime rang announcing Holly and Nick’s arrival downstairs. Jennifer didn’t lose a beat yelling out to them. “Oh fuck yes Sandra, fuck me harder now! Holly! Nick! We’re upstairs. FUCK! Give it to me Sandra. Fuck my cunt. Fuck me harder.”

Sandra became possessed. She began to pile drive Jennifer. She was caught up in moment grunting as she fucked Jennifer harder, quicker and deeper. As Jennifer came the second time, she squirted heavily. This caught Sandra by surprise as well as Nick and Holly appearing at the doorway nearly at the same moment.

Sandra kept fucking Jennifer. Jennifer moaning “Don’t stop.”

Holly grinned, those hands on the cocked hips, the family trait. “Jennifer is squirter. I warned you.”

Jerry and I had slid into a sixty-nine, with Jerry on top. As I took Jerry’s throbbing member into my hands, I could see Nick and Holly begin to undress. Holly stripped down to her thigh highs and heels while Nick finally stripped down revealing his throbbing cock to his sister-in-law. This gave Holly the opportunity to comment to Sandra. “Nick will finally get one of his fantasies this evening.”

It was then that Sandra pulled out of Jennifer leaving her wide open and stepped back. She smiled at Holly and Holly moved right in to plant her lips and tongue onto Jennifer’s waiting and throbbing clit. It was just a matter of seconds and they moved into a sixty-nine. This left the middle of the bed open. Nick went in and lay right between us and motioned for Sandra to join him.

Sandra peeled off the harness and climbed up onto the bed. “I’ve wanted to fuck your cock since I was in high school.” She purred reaching for his throbbing cock.

She spread her legs overtop of him guiding him into her waiting pussy as he reached up and began to caress her magnificent breasts. He watched as the head of his cock slipped between the gaping lips of his sister-in-law’s love tunnel. Her head thrown back and moaning, she finally slid down and waited for a minute to take in the moment. Here she was, her sister’s husband’s cock deep in her womanhood and her sister in a sensual sixty-nine with another woman, while her new lover is in a sixty-nine with another man. Whoa! This was a lot to take in at one time.

She slowly began to fuck Nick, reaching yet another orgasm in only a few deep strokes. Holly peered up and made the comment that we should fill her up. Jerry and I, cocks throbbing, took that as a hint and we uncoupled. Every time I moved, the plug would make my cock throb. I moved in closer to Sandra and offered my cock to her mouth. She looked up with me with such dreamy eyes and flicked her tongue out over the head and pulled me to her.

Jerry reached for the lube and lathered his cock while the girls watched. He then moved behind Sandra and began to rub some lube on her puckered hole. She moaned. It was at that point that Holly began to cum and announcing it loudly. As she moaned loudly, Jerry slid a finger into Sandra’s ass, then just as quickly, a second finger.

She began to fuck Nick’s cock and Jerry’s fingers in an alternating hip motion before Jerry lined up behind her and placed the head of his cock against her waiting hole. She tried to slide back onto him on her first attempt but she hesitated. Jerry grabbed her hips and slid up tighter and as she came up off of Nick’s hard cock, Jerry’s head must have broken through because she jumped before easing back down onto Nick. It took a few minutes to find a rhythm, but we did. I had a great view and getting a great blowjob while they continued to fuck her. Her next climax, her body shook and shook as wave after wave passed over her.

Nick was intent on continuing to fuck her. He told Sandra, “I love fucking Holly when she has a cock in her ass. I can feel that throbbing cock right through your pussy. It was then that Holly looked up from between Jennifer’s spread pussy lips and began to tell Sandra how fucking hot she was fucking Nick and Jerry. I got the honorable mention.

This drove Sandra almost insatiable. She begged them both to fuck her harder making her cum a third time. It was then that Jerry announced he was going to deliver his load first, asking Sandra where she wanted it. Sandra just grunted and moaned as they were satisfying her.

Holly chimed in, “Cum in her ass Jerry! Cum in her ass! She’s going to get a lot of that Saturday night.”

It was that comment that set Nick off to announce he was going to cum. Sandra moaned louder. I grabbed ahold of her hair and began to fuck her mouth with gusto. All of us came in a matter of a minute of each other. Jerry first, Nick, and then I. She didn’t let a drop of my cum escape her mouth. She looked up at me and opened her mouth to show me my load before she grinned and swallowed. “Hmm. I knew I was going to love your cum.”

Sandra rolled off Nick onto her back with her legs wide open and bent at the knees. Jennifer quickly moved into position overtop of Sandra, facing the headboard, and slowly lowered her gaping pussy overtop of Sandra’s waiting tongue. “Tongue-fuck my cunt, Sandra. Make me squirt.”

Jerry rolled over onto his stomach presenting his ass to Holly pulling his knees underneath him. “Come on Holly, peg my ass. I need to be fucked.”

Holly slid off the bed and stepped into the harness that Sandra had removed. It still had the eight inch cock attached from fucking Jennifer. She reached for the lube and squirted a load onto the shaft. She slowly began to spread the lube all over the shaft and head. “When I’m done fucking your ass Jerry, you and Nick will fuck me like you fucked my sister. You hear that Nick?”

“Oh yes baby, I heard you.” He lay back against the headboard with a smile and his cock semi hard. “I took a little blue pill before we came over here just to make sure I stayed hard tonight.”

I smiled at Nick and moved over to slide in between Sandra’s spread legs. Her pussy lips were full and wide open with Nick’s cum seeping out. Her luscious asshole would be giving up some of Jerry’s cum as well. I couldn’t resist and spread her legs a little wider and slid my hands under her ass lifting her up to meet my teasing tongue and expose both cum filled orifices. I eagerly began to drain and drink the cum from her. Jerry took advantage of my ass being exposed and began to put pressure on the butt plug in my ass. My cock began to stir.

I released Sandra’s pussy for just enough time to tell Nick to unhook the butt-plug harness but leave the steel cock ring on me. He nimbly disconnected and unbuckled the harness letting it slide off me. The butt plug wanted to slip out of my ass.

“Nick, grab the double dildo in the bag and lube if up please.” I begged him. “If you’re not going to fuck my ass and fuck Holly’s instead, that is.”

Nick found the double dildo and began to lube one side heavily. He then reached over to slowly extract the butt plug from my ass. I didn’t give much resistance. I felt empty but not for long. Nick squirted more lube into my open ass and then began to slowly slip one side of the double dildo into me.

After Sandra announced she was cumming again, I pulled back away from her and with Nick keeping pressure on the double dildo to remain in my ass, I shimmied up to slip Sandra’s legs over mine. Nick lined up the other end of the double dildo with Sandra’s gaping pussy and began to rub it up and down her soaked slit before dipping the head into her.

As the head slipped in, she drew a deep breath and began to shudder again. This sent Jennifer over the edge and she let loose with one of her patented squirts drenching Sandra with pussy juices. “Oh fuck woman, keep that up and you’ll get a lot more.”

Holly had cum several times slowly fucking Jerry’s ass and looked over her shoulder at Nick asking him if he was ready to fuck her ass while she rode Jerry’s cock. Nick shook his head yes, his now hard cock in one hand slowly stroking it as he let loose of the double between my legs. He slid over to Holly as I slid up tight to Sandra, both ends buried in us. The sight of her pussy lips wrapped around that double rod was so erotic.

Holly pulled out of Jerry and began to remove the harness. Jerry’s cock was not quite hard having just been fucked in the ass by Holly. However, when he flipped over, Holly grabbed his member. It continued to harden in her grip. She straddled Jerry leaning down offering her hard nipples to be sucked while Jerry prepared to fuck his wife’s ass.

Sandra was rewarded with yet another drenching from Jennifer. This time, Jennifer switched directions and spun around to face me. She now had access to Sandra’s clit as well as my cock if she leaned forward just a little further. Oh my.

Sandra shuddered again and again as we fucked. Jennifer was relentless on her clit as well as my cock. The woman is awesome. Holly was getting a fucking from Jerry and Nick. Her fucking made her extremely vocal while they drilled and filled her.

When Holly began to beg both Jerry and Nick to cum in her, we all knew she was about as satisfied as she was going to be this evening. Jennifer wasn’t far behind. As the guys announced that they were going to cum, Jennifer rolled over to have a birds-eye view of the guys cumming in Holly. That left Sandra and I connected by the double dildo. She motioned to me to come up to her. I slowly slid the dildo out of her before letting it slip from me.

Sandra motioned for me to come up to her, legs spread and arms open. I slowly moved up her body, my cock coming in contact with her luscious pussy. She maneuvered herself so that my cock found its way into her soaked womanhood. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and spoke into my ear. “Kiss me and fuck me slow. I need to feel you cum in me, please.”

We did just that. As Holly, Jennifer, Nick, and Jerry watched and began to cheer us on with words of encouragement like, “Fuck her slow, she deserves it” to “give us a show”, we did just that; we gave them a show.

Sandra came again twice before I announced I was going to cum. The women in that family can really fuck. I kissed her so deeply as I came; I swear I could see stars.

We all lay there catching our breath. Sandra would not let me out of her grasps as my cock continued to spasm. It took us quite a while before we got up and Jerry and Jennifer and Nick and Holly began to search for their clothes.

Holly looked at Sandra and asked her if she was going home with them. She replied telling them she was staying the night. Holly just grinned as well as the others. Jennifer chimed in, “we all have girl.”

We lay back on the bed as the two couples left. Sandra curled up in my arms with her head on my chest and hand on my cock. “Don’t be surprised if I wake you up before it is time for you to go to work.”

I smiled to myself and kissed her on her head. I liked this.

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