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Saucy sauna

A bored friday night becomes very exciting - true story.
It was hot, there was nothing on TV and I was bored. To relieve the boredom I retrieved my stash of sexy underwear. A sexy little see through thong caught my eye, the flimsy triangle of material big enough to cover my rapidly swelling cock. I pulled the panties up my legs slowly getting harder all the time. I lay on the bed and stroked my bulge.

My mind wandered, fantasizing about cocks and what I´d like to do with them. I was getting hotter and hotter. I could wank myself for relief but I really wanted more. I wanted to see cocks, maybe touch one, or play with one, or maybe..........

I decided to go to a gay sauna about 20 minutes drive away, I looked at my sexy little panties clearly showing my hard cock through the transparent nylon. Should I take them off and wear a pair of mens briefs? If I wear the panties anyone in the changing room would instantly know I was a cross dressing sissy boy as soon as I dropped my shorts. Am I brave enough - my horniness overcame common sense and I quickly threw on some shorts and T shirt.

About half hour later I stood before a locker 6 feet away from another guy changing. Nervously I thought "if I kept my T shirt on I could drop my shorts without him seeing my secret". My dick doing my thinking I thought NO! just do it. I pulled off my T shirt and dropped my shorts. I glanced sideways at hi and he was looking at me but he showed no reaction. I turned and bent down displaying my arse with the thin strip of nylon in my crack, then I stood and turned giving a side view and full frontal of my engorged cock straining in my knickers. Still no reaction. Thinking this is a bad start, he´s clearly not turned on I undressed and went to the showers.

While showering and soaping my now shrinking cock a guy came in the shower room. I saw he had a massive cock which was half hard. I told him the shower next to me was faulty, only running cold water. "This one is o.k." I told him, waving him towards me. He stepped closer and I brushed my hand over his member. OMG I thought, I need to play with that. It was s big I doubt I could get my lips around it. I gripped it and gently started rubbing it. He raised his hand and held out an open palm saying he wanted money. I said no thanks and thought this night is not going well.

When you enter the club they issue you with 2 towels, one big to dry yourself with the other small to wrap around your waist, I folded mine a bit smaller and wrapped it around my waist, it was now short enough to just cover the end of my dick, if it got hard it would poke out from under the towel, then I went to the sauna.

The sauna was very relaxing, there was 3 other guys in the tub. I lay in the water, there was so many bubbles you couldn´t see through the water so I gently stroked my cock to hardness again. It was exciting wanking with 3 guys so close and they didn´t know what I was doing. A couple of times I felt a leg or foot brushing my leg, but nothing else happened so I thought it was just the water jets moving them.

After the sauna I went to the TV room where there was a big TV showing gay porn. 3 men were fucking and sucking on screen. There were 4 rows of chairs , I sat down, raised my towel a little and played with myself. The door was right in front of me so if anyone came in they would see what I was doing. Someone did come, he looked at me, edged next to the doorway and leaned against the wall, watching me. I got nervous and stopped.

Behind the TV room is a room with booths with a small TV in each booth, a chair and glory holes. They were all empty, I picked a booth, sat down for a good wank being well and truly turned on by the porn. A different film was showing and I was envious of the actors sucking big fat cocks in a 69 position. The cocks were real beauties, very hard and completely shaved. I was desperate for some action like this, I had to stop wanking and find someone to play with.

There is another area of the club completely dark. It is like a maze with several small rooms with mattress covered benches in. I wandered around touching the walls for guidance. I put both towels over my shoulder so I was naked thinking "if I bump into anyone in here they are only here for one thing, just like me". As I rounded a corner I saw something light coloured on the floor, maybe there was somebody in the next room. I felt for the entrance and tip toed in. I sensed someone near and reached out. The guy was shorter tan me, I found his cock, I held my hand there and he put his arm around my shoulders guiding me deeper into the room. I gripped his firm penis and stroked it. We reached the bench and he laid on his back. With one hand on his belly, the other on his thigh I felt for the thing I´ve been longing for. I gripped him and he let out a quiet groan. I kneeled down and kissed his helmet, it was wet with precum. I licked it off and kissed down his length to his balls. I took his cock into my mouth and got it all wet so it was slippery in my hands. I moved to his mouth and kissed his lips, he opened them and I sucked on his tongue then pushed my tongue into his mouth so he could taste his cum.

I was so pre occupied with shorty, I hadn´t realized there was somebody else in the room, possibly 2 people. In a moment of panic I thought maybe I was trapped, maybe they were waiting for a mug to jump, if so it wasn´t robbery they were after, we are all naked in here, so they were looking for sex, maybe gang rape? If not that then they could have been already in the room, in which case I had probably walked in on some kind of orgy, either way I thought this is my lucky night after all.

One of the new guys came along side of me, I lifted my head from shorties lips and felt new guys rock hard cock brushing my shoulder, I turned my head and took him into my hungry mouth. His cock was bigger than shorties, and harder. Still wanking shorty and bobbing my head on new guy I sensed new guy number 2 moving behind me. My head was telling me to be cautious, but my cock Told me I´m about to have some amazing sex here. I turned to check out new guy 2 and put my arm around his butt so him and new guy 1 were together with their cocks touching.

I let go of shorties cock and had new guys cocks one in each hand. I was in heaven sucking 2 beautiful fuck sticks alternately. I tried to get them both into my mouth but new guy 2 was just too big. I could take the other one to the back of my throat with my nose in his pubes, he was a good size but No. 2 was enormous. New guy 2 moved behind me and knelt down slowly, his solid manhood slid down my back until he was kneeling and his prick slid between my arse cheeks. No I thought, he is going to fuck me. It was so big I don´t think I´d be able to take it. I tried to manoeuvre them to change places but No.1 gripped my head and started furiously fucking my face. No. 2 grabbed me by the hips and we both stood with me leaning forward to suck the other one. I could feel his bell end probing my delicate rosebud. I put my fingers in my mouth to wet them with saliver and rubbed it around my puckered hole.
No. 2 was impatient but I made him wait while I tried to open my arse pussy with my fingers.

He pushed against me and I felt it opening me, it hurt and I told him it´s not possible it´s too big. He said "don´t worry it will be fine" so I asked him to go slow and let me get used to it. He eased his enormous tool into me then stopped and pulled it out a little, when he pushed again it went further and I felt a tremendous warmth inside as if I was about to climax. It was truly amazing, I have never been so slutty, being face fucked while I wanked shorty and been fucked senseless by a gigantic cock.

Things were hotting up we were all grunting and getting more frantic, I wanted us to all cum together if possible. I let No.1 out of my mouth and stood up then pulled him by the butt cheeks so our cocks were together and started wanking our 2 cocks with one hand. I got shorty to stand on the bench so he could fuck my mouth and reached behind to pull No. 2´s arse to get him to fuck me harder. His cock filled me, it felt like he was going to reach my ribs. Shorty was moving faster and groaning and he filled my mouth crushing my nose as he tried to push his cock down my throat. No. 1 let out a bellow as I squeezed our cocks and wanked faster. We came together as I leaned forward to kiss him, sloshing my tongue inside his mouth to share shorties cum. Meanwhile No.2 had his complete length in me ramming my arse pussy in a frenzy. I tried to squeeze on his shaft but I doubt he felt it because I was so stretched.

The guys all left and I slowly recovered, cum dripping down my chin, running down the inside of my legs and that delicious feeling of No.1´s cum and my cum all over my cock. I didn´t want to shower yet until the cum had all dried up, it felt so good so I wandered around the place completely naked for all to see what a slut I´d been

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