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Seduced by older man

How I first had full on sex with an older man
At the time this event happened I was just becoming aware of my sexuality. I knew I enjoyed women but also found I was increasingly attracted to men. The reason for this was probably because a lot of men had been hitting on me for some years and I wasnt really aware of it but thinking back I was always being groped in the swimming baths and on more than one occasion had been brushed against in a public loo.
I was a very fit tennis player and did club cycling so had shaved legs. I had short blond hair and a good but not too muscular body.
One evening I was walking back from a tennis game and went into the park toilet to read the sexy stories on the wall and have a good wank. My hormones were going mad and I could wank anytime anywhere. I went into a cubicle and started wanking. The dividing wall had a gap at the bottom of about 12 inches as I was wanking a hand came under and started to stroke my leg. Then he beckoned me down. I knelt down and for the first time a hand started to stroke my cock and also explore my bum and back. This for some reason scared me and a pulled up my shorts and ran away. It was so rousing and had me wanking madly for days as I constantly thought about it.
A few days later I was again walking home and went into another loo near home. I had read stories about this loo on the wall of the other one and lots of messages said it was always full of old gits and no fun so that sounded safe to me so in I went.
It had a row of 5 urinals followed by 3 cubicles. There was no one there so I went into the middle cubicle which had the most stories. It was getting dark and it was a very warm night so I took off all my clothes and started to have a slow wank. I heard someone enter the next cubical but thought nothing of it until I felt a hand on my leg. I had not noticed a hole in the wall. I froze until the hand slowly started to caress my body gently squeezing and feeling me. I started shaking it was so good and when he finally got to my cock it got so hard I thought I would burst. His hand turned me round and he caressed my back and slid his hands over my bum cheeks spending a lot of time just kneading and stroking me while I turned to jelly in his hands.
His hand withdrew and I heard him leave I was so disappointed until I heard him ask if he could look at me naked so please open the door. With shaking hands I slid back the bolt and slowly opened the door to find a man of about 55 looking at my body with his cock in his hand. He made me turn round and then told me I had a beautiful body and a spectacular bum that must be the objective of every cock I met. I told him no I had never done this before. He could not believe his luck and pushed me into the cubicle. I was worried we would be caught but he told me not to worry as it was getting late. All the time he was stroking my body and playing with my cock so I let him close the door and then he kissed me. That was when I became compliant I just loved it as he stuck his tongue in my mouth. I just put my arms round his neck and relaxed. I now realized how a woman must feel and responded to his kisses. He started to suck my nipples and sent an explosion of feelings all over my body. I just wanted this man to do anything and told him so. He sat on the toilet and took my cock into his mouth. I think I lasted 5 seconds before I was spewing cum onto his hot mouth while hanging on to him with shaking legs. I had never had such a strong cum and he told me he was happy to be the first to suck me. He started to kiss me and I was aware of my own cum being pushed into my mouth and above all his cock urgently rubbing over my leg. I swung round and grabbed his cock and put it in my mouth. I instantly loved the taste,texture and feeling of this hard cock in my mouth. I took him out and then slowly slid my mouth over his shaft until I could feel him at the back of my mouth. I held his shaft and bobbed my head up and down his shaft occasionally letting him slide right in. He told me he was cumming and I clamped my lips round his as he spewed into my willing mouth. I loved it it made me feel really slutty swirling his cum round my mouth and licking his shaft. As I stood up he told me for a first time that was incredible. We kissed again and while we were we heard another man enter the next cubicle.
I froze as my lover moved behind me so he could not be seen and there I was naked in front of the glory hole a mouth full of cum and a hard cock waving around. In seconds my cock had a hand round it and I was being wanked by this stranger. My lover whispered to me to enjoy so when my cock was pulled to the hole I let it go through and for the second time in 15 minutes felt a warm wet mouth sucking my cock. This time I lasted slightly longer but was soon spurting in this mans mouth. As I pulled back I look through the hole and he was wanking hard he put his cock through and my lover pushed my head down onto it telling me not to swallow. I was more confident now and enjoyed sucking this cock and hearing the moans from next door. I could feel his swelling up and then he shot five or six strings on cum into my mouth. He quickly left and I turned to my lover. He cupped his hands and asked me to dribble the cum into his hands then he told me to turn round and with one hand he rubbed some cum into my bum and slid a finger into me. With his other hand he coated his cock with cum and then told me he had to take my virginity and wanted to be inside me. I had often thought about this but never imagined it would happen but here I was with my bum in the air and his cock slipping over my bum hole. I told him to fuck me and nearly wailed as his hard cock entered my body. It hurt in a burning sensation but soon stopped as his balls slapped my bum as he thrust away.
He stopped and listened and for the second time we heard some one approaching. I hated it as he slid out of me I wanted it back inside me again and know what it was really like to be fucked.
The new man had a gentle touch and soon had me nearly cumming as he wanked me. He put his cock through the hole and I admired this long thin banana shaped cock as I slid my lips over my third cock of the night. He soon pulled back and put his hand through again. This time he felt my bum and as soon as he felt the sticky cum pulled away. I thought he was put off but his cock slid back covered in lubricant and shinning in the dim light. My lover smiled at me and to my amazement turned me round and held this cock to my bum. The man next door did nothing and I just lowered my body round his cock and felt it slide all the way up me. He stated to slowly fuck me and the went quicker and quicker until with a loud moan he jerked inside me and for the first time I felt a heat inside me as he shot his cum into me. As he slowly went soft and slid out of me he thanked me and told me to meet him same time tomorrow.
My lover had a look of sheer lust on his face and he told me he loved sloppy seconds and with that turned me round and shoved his cock up me. He grabbed my shoulders and pushed himself as hard as he could into me and just stayed there jerking as his cum spewed into me. He collapsed over my back until his cock slipped out and then leaned against the wall. He got dressed and left after exchanging phone numbers and I just stood there naked having gone from complete novice to being fucked twice and having sucked on three cocks with two cumming in my mouth. As I relived it my cock got hard again and I was feeling incredibly wanton and slutty so decided to leave the cubicle as I walked out there were two men at the urinals I had not heard come in. It was too late to go back as they stared at me with their hand on their semi hard cocks. Both were older men probably in their 60's. They walked up to me and started to feel me up one of them feeling my bum asked me if I had just been fucked and when I told him twice he got really horny. They got me to dress and took me deep into the park to a little clearing where we all stripped naked and for the next hour my body was enjoyed by both of them and they made me cum twice more and I got three more loads of slippery cum.
This seemed to set the tone of my sex life for the next few months so I have many more stories if you want. 
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