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Sequel to A New Thing

Stacey tells more about her adventures with Hank and Tanya
A New Thing Sequel

The buxom blonde and the equally buxom brunette are straddled on the bed. Their long hair hangs almost to their middle backs. It's obvious the blonde is in control since she is on top. Their tongues war with a vengeance as the blonde bounces her pussy against the brunettes. What seems like a long time comes to an end as she reaches for the thick double ended pink dildo. She moves back a bit before she pushes it home inside the brunettes soaking slit then moves it in herself with a loud sigh. The war of wills continues as they move in tandem; their pussies stretch and accommodate the invasions with ease as the kissing resumes.

When the waves of pleasure hit them there is a collective scream of release before they collapse on the bed with eyes closed as if to retain that initial moment of ecstasy.

I remove my soaking hand from my snatch as the last seconds of the fantasy fade away. I shiver as my own orgasm over takes me. I love my girls, they love that pink dildo as much as I do. Yes it’s me again, Stacey. I came back to tell you what happened after my husband and I found Tanya.

It’s been over a year now and Tanya and I have gotten quite close. My husband seems happy with the arrangement of twice a month with her. He doesn't appear to mind that she and I see each other more often. I don't even think he considers that we do more than shop and watch movies. Is he really that naïve? How many times can he come home and find us kissing on the sofa or licking each other off on the bed without thinking there is more?

Anyway, I am considering telling him I am bisexual but Tanya insists why mess with what isn't broken? She thinks with the time he has and with enjoyment he receives he is okay with how it’s all going. He hasn't complained at any point about the situation. I am beginning to think that she might be right in her assessment.

Well let me just tell you what happened recently then you decide if I should tell him. Perhaps it’s because I want more from Tanya and she just likes things the way they're going as much as Hank. Don’t get me wrong I have considered that option but I will share what happened.

I arrived at Tanya's house to watch movies a bit early. I had never been to her house all this time we either played at our home or went out for movies, coffee or shopping. She had mentioned she wanted to keep all of our fun from her daughter not because she was ashamed but because it was more private and mysterious. I went with that explanation because to be honest I liked the idea.

I knocked on her door then leaned my ear close to it. I could hear voices but I wanted to believe it was the television. I waited then knocked again; this time Tanya answered it but she was flushed in the face and her hair was disheveled.

"Hey Sweetie," she said as she leaned in to kiss me.

I smiled even though I could smell something on her; I gotta say without being crass it smelled like a man.

"Am I too early," I asked with a twinkle in my eyes.

"Oh no you're fine," she said as she backed up for me to come inside.

I noticed the house was rather large. The living room was laid out to accommodate the fireplace. The sofa was facing toward it because there was no television. There were several chairs as though it would be fun place for a nice fire side chat. It was cozy to say the least. There was a second story which I assumed had a least two bedrooms because the hallway going the opposite direction from the living area had two doors I could see what I assumed was a bedroom and bath.

I followed Tanya to the kitchen where I sat down at her marble kitchen counter before noticing there was a sliding glass door in the room which was slightly ajar.

"You want some wine?" she asked as she reached in the fridge. Tanya was oblivious to my envy as well as my suspicions.

"Absolutely," I answered as I noticed her robe was eschew.

"So how was your day?" I asked as I tried not to be a jealous lover. If I were a man I would have been screaming a hundred questions by now but I wasn't and I was married; I had no right. She could see whomever she wanted or at least I tried to convince myself.

"Oh it was hectic I didn't get home till like an hour ago and I took a nap," she said as she handed me the wine.

"We don't have to hang out…" I said hesitantly.

"Oh gosh no I looked forward to seeing you though I didn't get to pick up around here the way I had hoped. Maryanne is over her friend’s house all weekend and they're off tomorrow for some school thing so this was a good time."

She was rambling but I nodded before I sipped my wine.

She was quiet, then.

It was our first ever awkward moment and I hated it.

She came around to stand in front of me then reached to undo my blouse after she took the glass from me to sit down on the counter. I could only look at her. I willed her to tell me the truth before I pushed the robe off her shoulders. She moved her head to the side so I could kiss her neck and she sucked me in with those luscious tits as my hand sought them my mind fogged.

She led me to the bedroom not a minute later; I took off my clothes as my eyes were on the prize. She pushed me on the bed and I pinched and sucked her nipples as though I needed them for nourishment. She smiled and stroked my clit all the same time. The moaning of her enjoyment of what I was doing to her filled the room. There are not words for these moments my mind was lost.

When she made the move to put her mouth over my pussy I sighed with my hands in her hair. All thought of another man or person with her left my mind. She licked with lavish use of her tongue while I spread open for her then came in her mouth with a giggle. She smiled as she landed on her back with me eager to give in return. The kiss was messy but it didn't deter either of us as I kissed my way down toward her belly then gave what I had been given. She again was more vocal of her enjoyment than I but I felt it all the way to my toes because by then I was still coming down from my own pleasure.

Now here is where things get weird. There was a knock on the door and Tanya looked spooked.

"You expecting anyone?" I asked as I looked up at her.

"Um, no," she said while she looked at the clock.

"Can we ignore it?" I asked with hopes that it was someone selling something because it was only just after nine at night.

Tanya leaned over to look out the window but said she couldn’t' see anyone for the bushes.

We waited to see if they would go away which they did.

Tanya got up then pulled on her robe while I stayed in bed. She returned a minute later with a flyer and we both laughed. It was someone advertising roof repair assistance.


She looked at me, "Yeah?"

"Are you seeing someone else?"


I looked in her blue eyes and they seemed sincere but I wasn't convinced.

"Really? There wasn't a guy here earlier?" I asked because I had gone this far why not just go for it.

"Yeah well Rex came by but just to bully me about letting Maryanne be away from home so long. I know I didn't say it before because he is such a jerk I didn’t want to discuss him and ruin the mood," she said as she put her hand against my face. "I just want to have some fun with my best girl," she added.

I decided to just ask what I wanted to know, " Did you fuck him?" I asked in a none threatening way.

Tanya moved her hand, "No, of course not. I hate him. Why did you ask that?"

I felt like a real heel, "I just wondered."

Now being women we can get past the bull faster than if one of us was a male. "Spill it you asked for a reason,” she insisted with a frown.

"I thought I smelled dick on your breath earlier."

She laughed and laughed and laughed until I was a bit pissed but then I laughed.

"It's called sleep breath Sweetie, don't tell me you were jealous," she said before she straddled me on the bed then kissed me as she lay on top of me.

I rolled my eyes I felt about the size of a pea.

Here is the thing; I know what I smelled but let it slide. It turns out her guilt made for some fun orgasms that night.

Two weeks later we were back with Hank at our house doing our usual three way. Hank was pushed up inside Tanya’s tight butt while I was on my back looking up at the perky tits I had grown to love.

We started this night with Tanya watching Hank and I having basic old fashioned missionary sex. Tanya watched while she stroked herself then I licked her off until she came in my mouth while Hank watched. It was what you would imagine, pushing, pulling, sucking, licking, stroking and intense orgasms. It was something out of a fantasy or porn. We did make quite a mess with all the body fluids flowing so a shower wasn’t an option. I’m not bragging just telling it as it happened.

What you have to know is that this was after we had a conversation with Hank about how Tanya and I had actually been spending our time together. It turns out Hank didn’t care as long as he got what he wanted. “I wondered how long it would take before you two confessed, you naughty girls,” he told us. Tanya blushed while I laughed it up.

I know it may seem like a fairy tale but sometimes these things can work out; I am a true believer, now. If the right couple finds the right other person then life can be fun, exciting and yep you guessed it ultra sexy.

The End

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