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Sex with my bestie's sister - Part One

My closest friend. Her only sister. Alone at camp. Hmmmm...
I never thought something like this would happen. Something so simple, but something with a life changing effect.

"Hey! Hurry up! We're gonna be late!" My best friend Maria screams at us.

As fast as we can, Jasmine and I run to the car, carrying many bags to go on our summer camping trip.

Jasmine is Maria's little sister. She barely turned 16 a few months ago, and it's already showing on her body. Perfect C-cup breasts ,amazing facial features, big blue eyes, and a perfect beach body ass to go along.


I look back, and see Jasmine spread on the floor, and the bags everywhere.

"JASMINE!" I run over to her side. I notice blood spreading over her arms. "Oh my god Jasmine are you alright?!"

"Uhh.. I'm.. I'm fine.. Help me up please?"

I grab onto her hand and begin to pull her up. Surprisingly it's harder than I think, and I end up falling onto her.

"Ohh! Haha get off of me Sammy, you perv! You did that on purpose!"

I don't react. I'm there, laying on top of her, and for the first time I see her in a different light...The way she stares back at me...We come closer together for a kiss. But of course before it happens...


"Uhh, we...better get going?" I finally say. I help her up and we head to the car.

The next 3 hour drive is pretty quiet actually. Me, still embarrased to say anything to Jasmine, and to ashamed to talk to Maria. And I guess Jasmine is pretty embarrassed also.

"Shit. We have to stop and put in some gas guys." Maria finally breaks the silence. We pull into the closest gas station about 5 minutes later.

"Alright. Now please one of you stay in the car. I'm going to put in the gas, y'all go to the bathroom one at a time so the car won't be alone."

We agree. I don't need to go, but I still go first. I need some alone time. I go to the bathroom and begin to wash my face.


I jump up and turn around. "Oh, Jasmine. thought you were staying with the car?"

"I had to use the restroom."

"Jasmine look, I didn't mean to fa-" I begin to apologize, but she stops me.

"I pulled you down."


"I pulled you down, on top of me."


She doesn't answer. Instead she comes closer and corners me. I try to move out of the way, but she pins my arms up, and locks me in a deep kiss. Very shocked by this point I push her away.

"What happened Sammy?"

"I just.. I.." Fuck it. I lock the bathroom door and tackle her to the ground!

I start slowly and deeply kiss her perfect lips. She slowly pushes her tongue through my lips, and onto my tongue. We kiss with long strokes, licking each other's tongues and lips. I shove her hands down and pull off her shirt. She has no bra! I stare at her little brown hershey kiss nipples,
and begin to suck on them gently, moving my tongue around them. I feel them harden in my mouth, as she begins to moan my name. Mmmm. The sound.

"Sammy mmmmm yesssss baby!! ohhh Sammy just like that!"

I feel my pussy get drenched when I hear her. I go lower, kissing her soft stomach, and stopping at that point. "You sure about this Jas?"

"Fuck. Yes! Eat my tight pussy baby!"

I don't even give it a second thought. I pull off her shorts, pull off her very sexy thong, and just drive my face into her. I start taking long, deep licks and she bucks her hips to my face. The taste of her juices are so sweet. She grabs my head and shoves me in, wrapping her legs around the back of my head. I'm locked in. I grab her ass and start massaging it as I dive my tongue deep into her tight pussy, tongue fucking her as deep and hard as I can. I feel her tense up.


I reach in and start fingering her asshole while my tongue is busy sucking and licking her clit.


I open my mouth and place it wide on her pussy.




Jasmine and I both look at each other, shocked as ever. She gets her clothes back on and we rush outside.

"I thought I told at least one of y'all to stay with the car!"

"You took forever getting back to put the gas in, so I left! I had to use it, shit!" Jasmine argues back.

"Sammy. What the fuck. You're the adult here, not Jasmine! You couldn't have told her to go back?!"

"Dont pin this on me! She's old enough to do what she wants!"


"Look! We aren't gonna accomplish much just fucking fighting are we?!" I scream back.

"Sammy... Just... Fuck it. We'll walk the rest of the way. It's only about 20 miles."

"20 Miles? Maria, you're fucking kidding right?"

"Shut the fuck up Jasmine! Just come on!"

Jasmine looks at me with the eyes like she wants me to help her. What can I do? This is our fault anyway. I just grab her arm, pull her along and follow Maria.

End Part 1

My first story! I hope you liked it a little bit? If it gets a few thumbs up, I'll post part 2 when I'm done with it. Thank y'all baby!

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