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Shade Of Purple

Mum's guests
Nerdy was the word that sprang to mind whenever people saw Lenny, head always buried in books and achieving best grades at college. This was in total contrast to his brother and sister who were exciting and fun to be with. Lenny just got on with life. He got along with everyone since he would do the chores for the family. Dad was away on business trips most of the time. Mum used part of the large house as an office for her therapy counselling. Mum could be best described as a hippy with her Reiki, massage, holistic, crystal therapies etc. Pleasant nods would be exchanged at the entrance to the house as couples came and went all day long. Dad was too busy with his own affairs and would talk to Lenny while reading the paper or watching the news. They hardly ever saw each other but got along nevertheless.

Lenny's sister Rebecca was gorgeous in every way. She was the most admired girl in college and, as such, led a very sexually active life. His brother Bradley was considered very cute at college and had no shortage of girlfriends. Sometimes it was difficult to imagine Lenny was their brother at all.

The closest Lenny came to any sexual encounter was exploring Rebecca's previously worn underwear in the laundry basket. Mum's would be there too. Rebecca's was very distinct since her gusset was always soggy & moist. He sensed her boyfriends' presence on her gusset. The aroma was very similar to mum's.
Over the years Lenny had become somewhat of a connoisseur of his sister's and mum's knickers. So he was slightly taken aback to find a pair in the basket that he was not familiar with. He lifted them out of the basket, holding them to his nose. The aroma was fresh with deposits of semen.

"Has mum bought a new pair?" he pondered."And what about the semen? Dad is away on business".
Before he could take in the situation completely, a voice called out from behind him. "Hi I'm Jessica."

Lenny dropped the panties immediately.
"My husband Gary and I stayed over last night. We're old friends from university. You must be young Leonard," she said and offered her hand.
Lenny nervously shook her hand nodding his head. His heart was pounding as this was the first time he had been caught sniffing panties - and by a stranger.
"Your mother has told me how fond she is of you," said Jessica. "So how is university life treating you?"
Lenny was mumbling his words as he wished he had not made his way into the bathroom that morning. "Oh, you know, boring boring work work," managed Lenny.
Jessica was remarkably composed and appeared totally oblivious to Lenny's prior activity.
"So, tell me, do you have a girlfriend?" she asked looking at his eyes as she sipped her coffee.
"No, no one special. Just study groups really."

Lenny was almost out of breath at this stage as he wanted to take his leave.
"Gary and I will be staying over for a few days with your mum," she explained. "I hope you will show us around the university."
"Sure, sure," he quickly replied and he asked to be excused.

Lenny felt on edge all day and couldn't help wondering if Jessica was going to inform his mother of the morning's routine. His mind came up with numerous excuses if this was to be the case.

That night over dinner Lenny felt slightly ill at ease since he was joined by mum, Bradley, Rebecca and her boyfriend, Gary and Jessica.

"I hear you have a keen nose," said Gary as he raised his drink. Before Lenny could answer, he added, "I mean at the chemistry lab."
"Oh sure," sighed Lenny.

Gary's tone and look was definitely geared towards to the earlier events. The evening drew to a pleasant close with mum's head in the clouds as usual with her alternative remedies. Rebecca asked to be excused so that she and her boyfriend could go upstairs to listen to music.

"A good fingering session more like," Lenny thought. He had often walked past her room and heard her either being fingered or pleasing herself.

"Taking in the aroma should involve taste too don't you think Lenny?" asked Jessica as Gary and her looked coyly towards him.

"Yes I suppose so," nervously replied Lenny, fumbling with his napkin.

Goodnights were exchanged as they headed off to their rooms. Lenny's heart was racing as he tried to comprehend what was happening around him. He shuffled his pillows in order to get comfortable. His heart missed a beat when he saw what was underneath. The panties of this morning were lying there in their original state. He placed them to his nose and the same aroma was present. The door opened gently as Jessica asked permission to come in.

She was in great shape for her age thought Lenny but, then again, being the wife of a personal fitness instructor what else would you expect?

"Are you ready for the taste lovey?" enquired Jessica as she stood bare footed in an elegant silk chemise.

Lenny gasped as her legs were beautifully smooth and shiny.

"What would Gary say to all this?" Lenny asked with an intensley nervous voice.

"We're in an open marriage," she explained. "And besides he's welcome to join us, isn't he".

Before Lenny could get a word in She lifted her chemise over her head revealing her beautiful 34B natural breasts. She lay on the bed, spreading her legs.

"Have a taste Lenny," she beckoned him with open arms.

By this time Lenny could hold out no longer as he kissed her gusset. It was soggy, moist, warm, and very aromatic. He began to kiss and lick vigorously as his nose nudged the panties over her freshly shaved cunt. Jessica lay there making encouraging noises and relishing the fact that she was about to take Lenny's virginity.

Lenny kissed , sucked , licked , fingered , and played with her cunt until his heart was content. He only took his eyes off it momentarily when Gary entered the room, totally naked with a huge erection. Gary's body was rippling with lean muscle, beautifully tanned and shaven. Lenny saw Gary unfolding a condom onto his penis and then smothering it with KY jelly liberally. Gary then proceeded to rub some of the jelly into Lenny's anus. Lenny was in too much ecstasy to inquire what he was doing. Gary held Lenny firmly by the hips as he inched himself into him. Lenny was in heaven as he lost all sense of time and surroundings. Gary increased his rhythm as Lenny found a comfortable position. Lenny's hard on was now in Jessica's mouth as she sucked on it mimicking the action of how he sucked her nipple.

All Lenny could sense was their hands all over his body caressing, massaging and gently scratching him as he neared climax. Sensing this, Gary increased his pace and with a final thrust shot his cload into the condom. Lenny's spasms indicated that he was ready to shoot, too, and Jessica tugged his cock until the warm semen sprayed her face.

Lenny awoke in the morning to find Jessica's knickers in his hands.

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