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She stood at my doorstep drenched

Her wet shirt clung to her breasts and her nipples were inviting
A cool summer evening, I was home alone, my hubby had left two days ago on a business trip. It was around 7pm, all was quiet except for the thunder & rain storm that come out of no where. I decided to put my jammies on and make myself a cup of hot tea.

I decided to watch TV, a rerun of Law & Order, makes a perfect quiet evening. I thought I heard a knock on the front door so I waited a bit, but nothing; so I continued to watch TV. Then I heard it again, so I turned on the foyer light and looked out the peep hole. Sure enough, it was a woman at my door, drenched from the rain storm. I opened the door because she looked alone and she was. She asked me if she could borrow my phone. She had some car problems and her car was making funny noises and she did not want to chance it in this weather. She also said that she would not have bothered me if her cell phone had not died.

I asked her to come in and I would get the phone for her, but also bring over a couple of towels. She was wet, cold and shivering and I did not want her to get sick. I gave her the phone and ran upstairs for the towels.

I noticed from the staircase that she was a beautiful woman and she could not have been older than 35. She had long dark brown hair. It was wet and hung just below her shoulders. She had on a white cotton top which was wet and clung to her breast. I could see her dark aeriola and thick meaty nipples. She had on tight short-shorts and white sneakers. She looked hot and I actually felt aroused seeing her like that.

I went downstairs and gave her the towels to dry off, and she said she got a hold of AAA and the service guy would be out in the next 2hrs. I just could not let her wait in the car for that long, so I told her to call them back and give them my number to call when they were closer to the car.She thanked me and called them back.

I had her come into the kitchen and I gave her a cup of hot tea, she was thankful. She continued to dry her hair and then the rest of herself, while still wearing her wet clothes. I told her that I had some sweats upstairs and she could borrow them while I throw her wet things in the dryer, so she agreed. We went upstairs to my bedroom and I found a few things for her to put on.

I got a chance to see her up close. She was a very attractive woman with beautiful light brown eyes, with thick lips and flawless skin; someone a man would desire without hesitation. I gave her the clothes, so she took off her shorts first and I could see she had on white boy shorts that looked amazing on her body. She grabbed the towel and dried herself off, and she looked at me to see if I was watching. So I looked away, and then she started to remove her panties, and the urge overcame me to look at her and I did. She slowly dried herself off with the towel, each leg first, then her ass.

She had a beautiful round ass. I found myself wanting to see her pussy. Was it shaved, was it a full bush, or just a landing strip? I was so curious that I kept on staring at her. She then turned around and I did see her pussy. How lovely it was, it had a bit of hair that was neat and tidy. I was curiouse about her pussy lips; were they butterfly lips or completely closed like mine. She put one leg on the bed and the other was left on the floor. It was as if she wanted me to see her pussy; I was in heaven. It was a butterfly pussy, so her pussy lips hung low and visible. I could feel my pussy getting wet; this beautiful stranger was arousing me. I never felt like that before, especially towards a woman.

I thought she would put the sweatpants on next, but she didnt. She just stood there showing off her pussy and ass to me like she was waiting for a sign of interest on my part. I was embrassed and unsure what to do so I said nothing. She turned her attention to her wet cotton shirt that clung to her body; you could see her breast and lushious nipples. I was so excited but I did not want her to take off her top. I had the urge to suckle her nipples through the shirt. So I unexpectedly walked over to her and asked if I could help her with her top. She looked at me dead in the eye and said, "I thought you would never ask." I was taken aback for only a second or two.

We both looked at each other as if there was an understanding between us. I started to caress her breasts. Her nipples were there waiting, almost asking me to suckle, maybe even nibble them a bit. She tilted her head back and let me suckle them, first gently then more intense. I could feel my pussy dripping wet. Ccould this be true? I was turned on by a woman; not a man with a cock, but a beautiful sexy woman. What is the likelyhood of this ever happening before or again to me? I stood there, a woman in her forties. I never was interested or had even wanted to fuck another woman, but I did in that instant. I thought of nothing else but wanting to devour this stranger in my bedroom. I did not even care if she did the same to me. I wanted to taste her sweet necter from her pussy and nibble on her was a strong urge and I could not fight it. Was it wrong? Was it right? The situation presented itself so innocently and the timing could not have been anymore perfect. I just went with it.

I suckled and tugged on her nipples gently at first, then a bit more intensely. She was driving me crazy just looking the way she did and feeling so good. Was I a lesbian or just experimenting? I really did not care at that moment; I just wanted her so badly.

She started to take off my tank top. I had no bra on and she started to lick my nipples. Then she started to tweak one ever so gently, but this stranger did not know that I like it a bit rough. So I put my hand around hers and had her tweak my nipple a bit harder. She saw and felt my reaction to that gesture. I loved it. I slowly took off her shirt so I could see her breasts. God, they were lovely. If my knowledge of breast size was correct she had to have been a size 38D; I was only a 38C but it worked. She then removed my jammie bottoms. I had no panties on and my pussy was completely bare. She smiled.

I motioned to her to bend over towards the bed. I wanted to see her naked from behind. She looked lovely, so I started to kiss her back starting from her neck down to her back. Her ass was beautiful and I could not resist kissing it. I surprised myself. I licked her ass crack, then her hole, and then worked my way towards her pussy lips. She was dripping wet, and her pussy just was so sweet, yet with a little womanly scent. I did not mind it one bit. She kept arching her back and moaning. This sexy woman was enjoying all the attention that I paid to her pussy, then her ass.

I asked her to get on the bed and lay on her back in a slight upright position. All I really wanted to do was pleasure her; I really did not care at that point to be sexually satisfied. I got up on the bed as well, and spread her legs open so I could get a closer view of her pussy. Wow, that was some pussy! I tried to lap up as much of her juice as I could, but this woman was dripping wet. She was turning me on so much...I started to eat her some more. She put both of her hands on my hand and pushed me down deeper into her pussy. She continued to moan and her legs kept moving, excited and out of control. I started to insert my tongue in her vagina. She arched again and then I moved my mouth to her clit. I sucked it like I was sucking a cock. That was it. That was her pleasure zone. She moaned and said, "YES, that is what will make me cum. Dont stop,keep on sucking until I come, you bitch".

She called me a bitch. I knew at that moment that that was it, she was going to orgasm with all that sucking I was doing to her clit. I was relentless; hungry almost like an animal, then I slowed down and started up again. I was teasing her, but she did not mind. She was loving it. Before you know it she started to breathe heavier, then more intense. I knew that I was only seconds away from giving this woman her well deserved orgasm.

She started saying, "That is it. That is it. Suck a little harder."

I did.

Then she said, "NOW! OH MY GOD! This is it!" She moaned and grunted and moaned again.

I did not stop, I continued to suck my lovely's clit raw and then finally she came.

I thought, if this girl is anything like me, one orgasm is not enough. So I crawled up close to her face and kissed her lips passionately. I am sure she could taste her pussy juice on my lips and in my mouth and tongue. She liked it and kissed me back intensely. I started to kiss her face, then her neck so I could work my way down to her breasts. I was hungry for her breasts. I kissed each one, then I cupped both in my hands, going back and forth, I did not want one to get jealous of the other. I suckled on nipple more intensely, and I could she her face get flushed. I looked up at her and told her I was not done with her yet. I wanted her to orgasm multiple times with me.

We did not talk much just fuck, and I was doing all of it. She reached for me a couple of times and I told her that I have this desire to eat, suck, lick, and pleasure with out wanting anything in return. It would be my pleasure to devour her and satisfy her like no other man or maybe woman. She did not fight me on it. I worked my way past her breasts and kissed her breasts then licked her clit. She arched her back; she was still sensitive.

I knew then and there I could give her more pleasure. I started to suckle one breast at a time. I moved my right hand down towards her pussy. I inserted the first finger. She arched her back and moaned a bit. I suckled her nipples a bit harder, she moaned even more. She liked it, so while she was moaning I inserted a second finger. She let out a sigh and grabbed my hand and forced my hand to go deeper. I tugged on her nipple a bit and she quinced, but I did not stop; and then I inserted a third finger. I could see I hit something good, maybe her g spot. God, I hoped so. I tugged a bit harder on her nipple and sucked more intensely.

While I was sucking harder, I felt some sweet liquid enter my mouth. I was not sure what it was, and I looked at her. She looked at me and said she was lactating. I was confused. Did this woman just have a baby? She certainly did not look it. Her body was flawless. Not so skinny mind you, but not overweight. An average size woman with all the curves on her. Something for a man or woman to hold onto. She saw my reaction, and said if I was not into it then I could stop. I thought, are you kidding me? This is great! I was drinking her milk and it tasted sweet. I started to suckle the other breast. I found myself not ready to stop suckling; it was so arousing and sexy. I continued to finger fuck her until she came, and boy, did she come. She looked exhausted from all the sucking, fingering and eating.

She looked well satisfied and she then turned to me and said that it was my turn for being such a good fuck that she wanted to play as well. I did not fight her. I was more than ready to have her suckle my breasts and eat my pussy. I asked if she would not mind if we could sixty nine because I really enjoyed eating her pussy. She told me we could do whatever we wanted. I did not realize how much I loved to eat pussy. Not just any pussy; my little stranger's pussy. She asked me to sit on her face and I did. Wow, what a tongue this little whore had. It was hard for me to concentrate on her pussy, but I tried. I loved lapping up all that juice, she was moving every which way under me. It was sexy. She orgasmed twice before and I was going in for the third time.

I could not help myself. I had to stop eating her. She started to suck my clit and finger me at the same time. I was so ripe from all that I did to her that I lost total control of my body and I let her suck my clit hard. I told her to keep putting in another finger, she was up to four fingers and I just could not take it anymore. I was cumming, and yelling out, "Oh my god, you fucking whore! You are awesome."

The more dirty talk I said the more she became intense. I came the first time, she kept on sucking and I came a second time. I then jumped off of her. I was so sensitive and unsure of my feelings. She was not about to stop. She grabbed me, put me flat on my back and put her pussy against my pussy. She started to hump me, intensely while kissing me passionately. I was loving every bit of it. I just went with it. She was grabbing and tweaking my nipples along with all of it. I came again.

This little bitch was making me feel out of this world. Who would have thought another pussy would have that effect on me? After I came, she slid off me and laid next to me in the bed. I looked at her and said, " You are fucking yummy. I have never actually had sex with a woman and for being my first experience I loved it." I still told her there is nothing like a man and a cock all over me but this is an exception. I would do it again. I would love to do it with my lover and this woman. She chuckled and said that this was not her first time with a woman and she is bisexual; she loves men and women. Sometimes she will have sex with both, just to spice things up.

My house phone rang and it was the service guy calling to let me know he was 15mins from where the car was located. I told my little vixen, and she got up and put on the sweats I gave her. I told her to keep them as a gift.

"And thank you for the amazing sex, but for discovering that I do like girls and I like to play with them too."

She chuckled and picked up her wet things and left the house.

It was a night I thought would be uneventful, but wow, it was definitely a night to remember and think about fondly. I knew I would probably never see her again but that was OK. I discovered another side of me that I did not know existed and I loved it. I would not mind playing again with another woman, and maybe I would share her with my lover. He is always asking me to try it to see if I like it. Well honey I like it, I like it alot. So I think he should be out with the girl and we should both play.

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