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Shower Me with Love

Bisexual lovers double your masturbation fantasy life!

       Another sticky hot day here in Oklahoma and I am sweaty, and need a shower… I come home to an empty house as my husband, Mike, has taken our kids to see a movie.  I kick off my shoes and peel off my blouse and slacks that have been clinging to my skin in the humid late summer afternoon…   my bra is soaked with sweat and I take it off and toss it in the hamper with my panties and the rest of my clothes.

I walk naked into the kitchen and open the fridge – the cool air from it causes my nipples to stiffen… I pour myself a huge glass of red wine and head for the bathroom… drinking about half the glass on the way.   

Once in the bathroom, I finish the glass of wine with one big gulp -- now I turn on the shower and let the water heat up a bit before climbing in.

Standing under the powerful spray of the shower massage I let the warm water pour over my body, feeling the sweat and some of the day's tension wash off me… more than a shower, it's a cleansing of my spirit.   As the water warms me and the pulse from the shower head eases away the muscle tension in my shoulders and back I begin to feel the effects of the tall glass of wine.

Feeling looser and calmer I think on the cyber session I had yesterday with my girlfriend Kate's lover, Michael.   The thought of him stroking his hard cock while imagining me naked and soapy, much like I am at the moment, gives me a tingle and I feel myself blush from the top of my head to the tips of my nipples.

I pull the shower head loose from it's wall mount and adjust the spray to it's strongest pulse… aiming the stream first at my already erect and tender nipples and then standing with my feet a little farther apart, I target my pussy.

The warmth and power of the water massage hits me just right and my clit begins to swell…   I move the stream closer still and with my other hand part my pussy lips and let the pulse hit my clit head on…. A little gasp escapes my lips as the intensity of the water makes me quiver.

I've nearly cum already.

Now, leaning against the shower wall, my legs spread wide, I begin to work the stream around my pussy lips and back to my clit – over and over, the pulse of the water like a hot tongue on me.   The shower massage in my right hand blasting my pussy with waves of intense pleasure, my left hand gently pinches my nipples and then parts my pussy lips even wider… I slip one and then two fingers into my pussy, swollen and tender from the force of the pulsing shower head.  

I imagine that my fingers are Michael's hard cock and the jets of water are Kate's lips and tongue - my two lovers making me the center of their attentions.   I finger fuck myself faster… No. Not my fingers any longer.   Michael's hard cock!  

Now, as the fantasy overtakes my reality, it is Michael plunging into me from behind, his long shaft sliding into my tight pussy, the thick cock head bumping against my womb, while Kate uses her mouth to suckle at my breasts and then work her way down to my swollen clit – I can feel my heartbeat in my clit as Kate's tongue makes tiny circles around it that are making me want to cum even more…   Michael is manhandling my tender breasts – squeezing them and pinching the nipples between his strong fingers.  

Within a matter of only a few seconds I feel the waves of pleasure building and cresting and I come for the first time with my two fuck bunnies… my legs trembling with the tremors that are shooting through my body…   I buck and arch my back with each succeeding tremor and after shock.   My body is no long my own to control.

Still on her knees between my legs, Kate is using her fingers to tickle Michael's balls as well as my inner thighs and my now even more tender clit… I hear Michael's voice, deep and thick with lust tell Kate, "Baby, slip a finger into my ass while I fuck our horny Kat's pussy!"

I am out of control with passion as I feel the thrusts from Michael coming faster, going deeper and hitting me with even more force… he's bending my body over at the waist as he slams into me like a jack hammer – my hands are out against the wall bracing myself for the pounding I am getting from behind.

Kate's mouth and tongue are busy, first licking my clit and then sucking Michael's balls into her mouth, one and then the other while she buries her middle finger into Michael's asshole.   With each thrust of Kate's finger, Michael slams his cock into my hot pussy even harder – nearly causing me to lose my footing with the savage intensity of his fucking… I begin to feel another orgasm building, this one even stronger than the last - I feel the waves from my head to my toes and finger tips.   I call out to Kate, 

"Please Love, hold me and kiss me while I cum on Michael's cock… Hurry!"

Kate pulls herself to her feet and puts her arms under mine to hold me up while Michael continues his hard thrusts.   Kate's slim, delicate hands lift my face to her own, our lips meet and we kiss.   It is as if we are drawing each other's souls in with each breath!   Our tongues tangle together in a dance that celebrates our womanhood and our power together as lovers. Between kisses I manage to gasp out the words,

"Kate, I'm cumming!   Please, hold me close!"  

Finally I let myself go completely.. like a lightning bolt from my clit to my brain, I cum.   And I keep cumming, the waves peak and then when I think they are going to subside, I peak again… over and over.   I lose count of how many times as I black out from the shear pleasure.   When I come to, I realize that Michael's cock is staring me in the face, right next to my sweet Kate's face.  

We take turns sucking his hard cock - playing with his balls, filled with cum and demanding release.   Kate and I both running our tongues along the shaft as I slip two fingers into her pussy -   my thumb working her clit harder and harder, faster and faster.

Michael begins to tense and we both know what's next… Kate gently moves me aside and swallows Michaels cock all the way into her throat… she grasps his hips with both hands and I see her eyes widen as I now manage to push three fingers in her tight pussy…

There we are… me, shaking and dizzy with the multiple orgasms I just had, finger fucking Kate while she deep throats her loving man… I hear him grunt and his hands grasp her head, pulling her against him hard to shove his cock all the way down her throat. 

Michael's orgasm is now consuming him… balls emptying hot sweet cum into Kate's mouth and throat as my finger fucking takes her to orgasm… I feel her pussy clenching tight on my fingers and hear her moans in between gulping Michael's cum.  

Michael relaxes his grip on Kate's head and she let's his still pulsing cock slip from her mouth… I lean in and suck the drops of cum that are oozing from the tip of his cock into my own mouth.   Kate and I kiss and she shares some of the cum still in her mouth with me, hot cum dripping from our lips down our chins and onto our bodies.

Michael slides down the wall to meet us face to face.   We all take turns kissing one another, Michael tasting his own cum in our mouths as we sit there on the floor of the shower, water still raining down on us.  

My pussy is sore and my throat is sticky with cum and I am ready to start all over again… but first I need a shower!

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