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Sitges Encounter

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Conference in Sitges
Traveling around the world for my work, spending endless nights in hotels, from the absolutely beautiful and impressive to low-end shit holes, I have encountered many people.

I had to go to a conference in a small city near Barcelona called Sitges. It was early March and my home town was covered with snow and ice cold. In Sitges spring had already started. It predicted lots of sun, nice temperatures and no wind. Something to look forward to.

After a short flight I landed in Barcelona and took a taxi to Sitges. The country side was not very interesting, but the sun was shining and I was feeling OK. As usual I was late in booking the venue hotel and it was full when I tried. I settled for another small hotel in walking distance of the conference. The Hotel Subur would not win any prizes, but it was located on the beach front with a great view of the Mediterranean. I asked for a room with sea view. It had a small balcony and for a couple of minutes I enjoyed the smell and sounds of the sea.

Sitges is famous for its large gay community. Before leaving I had checked a number of sites to get a feel of the gay scene. I had a made a list of bars and clubs I wanted to visit, obviously hoping to find one or more partners for the nights ahead. Just the thought of cocks and hot asses made me horny. I was looking forward to sucking as many dicks as I could as well as fucking a couple of nice tight asses. And of course getting fucked myself as well. I love the feeling of a nice hard dick in my ass, pounding me silly.

Unfortunately I first had to visit the conference and do some business. I walked over to the venue hotel and went into the lobby. I know the industry I am working in quite well and people know me. Within minutes I was talking to some old business contacts. The show was on so to speak.

At about 6 pm I was standing in the bar slowly sipping my first glass of wine of the evening. I was talking to a business partner about some new opportunities that had come up. We were interrupted by a woman who cheerfully greeted the guy I was talking to. Obviously they knew each other well and after a few moments she turned to me and introduced herself.

Her name was Lisa and she was working for a company I had never heard of. She was a bit younger than me. She had a pretty face with nice brown eyes and full lips. She was dressed for business but her body form clearly showed. She was on the larger side with nice full breasts, wide hips and sturdy legs. A very attractive woman which the swelling of my dick confirmed.

We hit it off and our discussion moved from business to the more personal. Our mutual acquaintance had left minutes before to talk to someone else and even though the bar was full, we had a private conversation.

Lisa was the mother of two girls and had divorced a number of years before. Too busy being a business woman and a mother she had not had a long term relationship these couple of years. Obviously she was dating but no one had stolen her heart.

We had a couple of glasses of wine together and as it was getting late we decided to have dinner together. Sitges is full of small restaurants and bars mainly serving tapas and other Spanish cuisine. We left the bar and walked through the lobby to get out when suddenly another woman walked over to say hello to Lisa. They seemed to know each other well and exchanged kisses and a warm embrace. Lisa introduced me to her friend Jeanette and told me she was a business partner and also a good friend. Lisa told Jeanette we were just about to go out for dinner and asked her if she cared to join us. She looked at me and asked if that would be OK, which of course I confirmed.

We left the hotel and turned left on the boulevard. The sidewalk on this side of the road was rather narrow and the women were walking together just a few steps in front of me. It gave me a great opportunity to get a good look at their bodies. Lisa’s large round ass was clearly visible in her tight jeans. Jeanette was rather petite and looked elegant and sexy in her dress.

After a good ten minute walk we passed a nice looking restaurant. It was a bit more modern than most waterfront bars. The menu was posted outside the restaurant and after checking it out, the girls proposed we eat there. Of course I agreed. If this was what they wanted that was fine with me. I was hungry and wanted another glass of wine and basically didn't care which restaurant we would go to.

Inside we were directed to a small table in the back of the restaurant. We sat down, the waiter came to take our drink orders and we settled into a light conversation. Even though Jeanette and I had never done business together, we had quite a few business contacts in common. We talked about them a bit, but not too long.

Jeanette and Lisa had not seen each other for a while and the conversation became more personal quickly. Jeanette had apparently just broken up with her long-time boyfriend and was single again. It was too fresh for her to start dating again, but of course wanted to know all of Lisa’s recent exploits in that area.

Once in a while I joined the conversation with some of my stories. However I left the more raunchy parts out. After all this was a business conference and I had no intention that my darker sexual experiences would become known.

We shared a couple of good bottles of red wine and I started to feel the alcohol. The girls were affected as well it seemed as their conversation became more sexual by the minute. They were comparing notes on the sexual prowess of the men they had been with which I found highly erotic. I could not share my experiences with men of course, but listening to them I made my own mental notes in my head. I felt horny again and decided that after dinner I would say my goodbyes and seriously explore the gay side of Sitges. And mine of course.

We finished dinner at about 11pm, I paid the bill and we left. On the street Lisa and Jeanette were holding arms, seemingly to support each other after all the wine they had. I was walking behind them again, smiling at their not so stable course. Both were staying at the same hotel and I escorted them there. Once inside I decided to walk them to their rooms as well, which happened to be on the same floor.

In the corridor Jeanette turned to me and said she had had a wonderful evening and had enjoyed our time together. She suggested having a last nightcap in her room, just to finish the evening in the right way. Lisa and I agreed and we entered her room.

Jeanette went to her suitcase, took out a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and walked to the bathroom. She told us get ourselves a drink from the mini bar, which I took care of. Lisa wanted another glass of red wine, I took my usual end of evening rum and coke.

When Jeanette came out of the bathroom she was wearing her jeans and t-shirt with obviously nothing underneath. Her t-shirt was rather tight and her small perky breasts were clearly visible. I saw Lisa looking at them as well. She suddenly looked a bit flushed and she was licking her lips. She had already kicked of her high heels and was massaging her feet. She complained that her jeans were too tight after our dinner but that she couldn't’t be bothered to go to her room and change. Jeanette suggested going to the bathroom and putting on the robe provided by the hotel. That would surely be more comfortable than her jeans and besides, she was among friends and no need to keep up appearances.

Lisa hesitated at first but then got up and walked to the bathroom to change. At that moment I was not sure of how the evening would progress. I could either leave them to do whatever they wanted to do. And by the looks of it, at least Lisa was interested in Jeanette sexually. Or I could stay and see if somehow I could get involved as well. Or maybe I was misreading the whole situation and nothing would happen. In that case I still had gay Sitges at my feet.

I decided to wait a bit more and made myself another rum and coke. Lisa came out of the bathroom just wearing her robe. She had nice shapely calves and feet. Her robe was slightly open at the top and her impressive cleavage was clearly visible. I was watching Jeanette to gouge her reaction. She was looking at Lisa from head to toe and told her she looked very pretty.

Lisa smiled, a bit embarrassed it seemed, and sat down next to Jeanette on the bed. I was sitting on the only chair in the room and suddenly felt the proverbial third wheel. Even though I did not pick up any signals from the girls that they wanted me to leave, I finished my drink and looked at my watch. I was clearly making signals to leave. Jeanette picked them up and rather forcefully told me to not be a spoil sport and stay. Before I could say anything she got up and made me another drink which she put on the little table next to my chair.

The sexual tension was clear for all of us, however nobody seemed to want to make the first move. I looked at Jeanette, smiled at her whilst raising my eyebrows as to say what next. She smiled back at me, clearly thinking the same thing.

Lisa was playing with her fingers, still looking a bit embarrassed by the whole situation. She would certainly not be the first to do anything. I again looked at Jeanette, smiled at her and got up from my chair. I walked over to the bed where they were sitting and sat next to Jeanette. I put my arm on her back and softly stroked her. She turned her head to mine and our lips met. We kissed softly and slowly. I saw that Jeanette had moved her right hand on Lisa’s leg, stroking it.

I looked up and saw Lisa looking at us then back at Jeanette’s hand on her leg and back to us. She was breathing heavily now. She was still unsure of herself. Hesitantly she raised her hand and put it on Jeanette’s shoulder moving it down slowly on her back. Jeanette responded by turning her body to Lisa. She put her hand on her cheek and gently pushed Lisa’s face in her direction. Lisa looked up at Jeanette and they kissed.

Jeanette’s hand moved down her neck and into the now half open robe Lisa was wearing. She cupped Lisa’s large breast and squeezed it softly. The whole scene was highly erotic and my cock got very hard. I decided to move up the pace a bit. I moved my hands underneath Jeanette’s t-shirt and pulled it over her head. I moved closer to her and from behind took her breasts in my hands. I kissed her neck and shoulders. I moved my left hand in the direction of Lisa’s robe. I pulled it open a bit further so both her breasts were now clearly visible. I took one in my hand, found her nipple and circled it with my finger.

It was all too much for Lisa. She got up and took off her robe. To my big surprise she was wearing nothing underneath. It seemed that she was a lot less shy than I had thought and clearly had had more in her mind than just a friendly last drink.

Her naked body was beautiful. She had a clean shaved pussy and nice thick lips. Her wide hips and large breasts were incredibly appealing. Without saying a word both Jeanette and I got up and took off our clothes. We were both looking at Lisa whilst doing so. Clearly I was not the only one who thought Lisa was a Goddess.

Jeanette was a bit faster than I and walked over naked to Lisa. They embraced and started to kiss. I stood behind Jeanette and joined them. My hard dick pushed in her back. I was so horny it almost hurt. Jeanette moved one hand behind her and took my cock in it. She squeezed it which caused my precum to wet the tip of my cock.

Jeanette moved to the side and Lisa and I started to kiss. Her full body felt great against mine. I grabbed her large firm ass and pushed myself into her. Jeanette had gone down on her knees and by hand movements made it clear to Lisa that she wanted her to put on foot on the bed, opening her wonderful pussy for her. I leaned back a little bit to give Jeanette a bit more space but continued kissing and caressing Lisa. Lisa groaned when Jeanette started to lick her pussy.

Her kissing became more intense and she pulled me to her. Jeanette took my dick in her hand and pulled it to her face. She stopped licking Lisa and took me in her mouth. Her warm wet mouth felt wonderful on my dick. Jeanette moved her head back to Lisa’s pussy and continued to lick.

After a while she switched back to my dick. She continued to do this for a few minutes. Lisa was groaning intensely each time her clit was touched by Jeanette’s tongue. My cock by now felt on fire. The sensation of being in Jeanette’s warm wet mouth was great. Knowing that she was licking a thick wet pussy when I was not in her mouth gave me a feeling of intense sexual arousal.

I wanted to fuck. I did not care whose pussy or ass it was, but I had to fuck. My cock screamed for a warm wet hole to bury itself in. I moved Lisa onto the bed and of course Jeanette had to follow. Lisa lay on her back with her legs wide open. I saw her pussy juices dripping from her legs.

Before I could move on top of her, Jeanette had already put her head between her legs and was licking Lisa again. Jeanette was on her hands and knees on the bed. I moved behind her now having a great view of her small tight ass and pussy. I started to lick both. First her ass and then moving down to her pussy. By the moves she made Jeanette clearly liked both.

I got up on my knees and positioned myself behind her. I decided to fuck her pussy first. Getting in was no problem. Jeanette was very wet and I moved right in with my full length. I have an 8inch cock and I must have filled her up pretty well as I heard her gasp when I was fully in.

I was too horny for any slow fucking, so I started pounding her hard from the start. Somehow she managed to keep her head from moving and she continued to lick Lisa’s pussy. Lisa had her eyes closed and with her hands she was squeezing her breasts hard.

I wet my finger and started to stroke Jeanette’s asshole. She responded by pushing her hips back, clearly an invitation to go further. I pushed my finger in her tight ass. Jeanette groaned and I felt her knees buckle. She stabilized herself and I started to move my finger in and out of her butt in the same rhythm as my dick in her pussy.

I felt her pussy tighten a few times. By the third time she had a massive orgasm. She put her head down, incapable of continuing licking Lisa. I felt her pussy tighten a few more times. Her right hand had moved between her legs. It didn't move, she was just holding her pussy during her orgasm. I did not move much, neither with my dick or my finger. I did not want to distract her from her orgasm. After a while she moved her hand back to Lisa’s thighs and started to lick her again. I pulled my dick out, and moved up the bed to Lisa.

For a couple of moments I did nothing just looked at Jeanette eating Lisa’s pussy. Lisa had felt I had moved and opened her eyes. She looked at me and her hand moved to my cock. She took me in her hand and slowly pulled me in her direction. I moved with her until my cock was near her face and mouth.

She looked me straight in the eyes, opened her mouth and took me in her. It took all of my self-control to not explode that moment. She could not take me all in, but at least two thirds of my cock went in her mouth. I started to move my hips fucking her mouth.

At a certain moment she took my dick out, held it rather forcefully and climaxed. Her eyes closed again. One hand was holding my dick, with the other she was squeezing her breast. Jeanette moved her head up to look at Lisa whilst she was coming. It was an intense experience for all three of us.

When her orgasm subsided, Lisa opened her eyes again. She looked at both of us, a very satisfied look on her face. Without saying a word, she got halfway up, turned over and presented her nice full ass to me. I was still rock hard and desperately wanted a release. I moved the tip of my dick to her asshole and pushed myself in. Slowly at first to not hurt her. Her ass was wide enough to take me without any problems and I increased my speed. I put both my hands on her large round ass. Fucking a nice tight warm ass is something I love doing. Especially if it is a nice large ass like Lisa’s.

Jeanette had moved behind me and pushed her body against my back. I felt her small perky breasts clearly. She put her hands on my chest and pinched my nipples. I go crazy when someone does that. I felt my orgasm coming. This time I did not try to control it and let myself go. I felt my balls tighten and exploded. I stopped moving, closed my eyes and focused my mind on that wonderful feeling. I felt like I was in a trance. Lisa must have felt that as she did not move at all and let me have it my way. After a while I noticed Jeanette was stroking my chest and stomach, whilst still holding me tightly.

I slipped my now almost limp dick out of Lisa’s ass. She fell forward onto the bed, clearly exhausted from the whole experience. I lay down next to her, resting on one arm. I was looking at Lisa’s beautiful body and moved my hand to her back. Jeanette moved in between us. She put her body against mine, embraced me and offered her lips to be kissed. We kissed gently for a few minutes. Lisa had turned to her side and was looking at us. Her hands were gently stroking Jeanette’s back and waist.

We must have fallen asleep, I cannot remember clearly. I woke up during the night, for a moment wondering where I was. In the dark I could see Lisa and Jeanette next to me, both sound asleep. Leaving did not feel right, so I decided to stay.

The next morning we did not speak much. We were still feeling the intensity of the night before. Nobody wanted to ruin it by saying something wrong. Lisa got dressed and went to her room down the corridor. I went to my hotel to shower and change and went back to the conference.

During the next two days of the conference I did not speak to either Lisa or Jeanette. We exchanged looks in the crowd but it seemed that neither of us wanted to break the intensity of our experience together. We did meet however again, all three of us, but that is another story.

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