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Slave trade

if its enjoyable so be it

I opened my eyes slightly the light was blinding and the heat of the sun quite intense, where was i?

Through squinted eyes I could make out a number of figures standing around hold guns, I suddenly became aware that my hands where tied and I was gagged, as I looked around I was not the only one.

As my eyes adjusted to the light I could see about fifty other people tied up in the same manner as me, men and women of various ages and in various stages of dress, we have all obviously been kidnapped from our hotel rooms.

Watching the men with guns I began to panic and the realisation that I could end up being shot struck home and I wanted to be sick and scream for help, with the gag in my mouth I could do neither.

We are all sat under some trees near a pool of water surrounded by sand “we must be in the dessert” I thought.

Why was I thinking, considering the situation and the fear running through my own body, just then I heard a vehicle stop I turned round to see a lorry & more armed men only one of them seemed to be in charge wearing a captain’s style hat, he was given a cigarette from one man while another struck a match for him.

The general (as they called him) walked over to us all and walked up and down as if casting an approving eye over his catch.

“No one is to soil the merchandise other than our customers do you understand? or You will be punished for this insolence!” he shouted

Later in the afternoon we was all untied and told to get into the water and bathe, anyone who tried to escape would be shot, slowly and hesitantly I entered the water along with the others, I noticed that the young woman who had been raped was actually the youngest one amongst us which I guess is why she was chosen a sort of trophy.

The cool water was so refreshing after being sat in the heat of the sun, I began to bathe, everyone was whispering to each other in different accents trying to find out as much as possible about what was happening of course no-one knew.

That evening several vehicles arrived and well dressed men and women got out and were greeted by the general.

Seats had been set out for everyone, one by one we were all paraded through the group as if in some sort of show or market, hands poked and prodded us all over, I recall a man and woman both stand either side of me run their hands up and down my body feeling my muscles, look into my mouth checking my teeth, then bend me over part my butt cheeks, I was then spun around while they still knelt before me and procceded to inspect my penis and scrotum, then I was moved along.

It dawned on me that this was indeed some sort of slave market, once we were all sat back down by the side of the pool the general stood himself infront of the “buyers” one at a time we was pulled up to stand beside him and the bidding war began, my turn arrived I stood there my body in panic mode as I looked at all the faces staring at me, who would buy me and for what purpose, the bids came in fast and furious, the couple who gave me the examination won.

I was taken to there car and handed a toga style cloth and told to remove my own clothes, this I did then I was ushered into a van.

I was joined in the van by other men and women dressed in toga’s guess the couple must be wealthy to purchase so many of us.

The van started it’s engine and our journey began but to where no one knew.

Some time later the doors opened and we all climbed out of the van into a courtyard lined with Greek stone gods and goddess’s and stone pillars.

Then in single file a man led us into a dormitory style room the had cushions strewn around the floor, we all sat down.

A huge door opened from the other end of the room and our purchasers entered.

“If you all do exactly what is required of you then a very good life awaits you as reward, should you disobey any commands then you will be severely punished until you relent, am I understood” said the man

He was wearing Arab dress and stood quite tall I guess he was in his fifties, his wife was very much younger than him about early twenties short in height, long jet black hair, her breast’s pushed against the tight fitting robes she wore and through the thin material I could make out her shapely legs.

“you there will come with us now” he said pointing at me

I rose to my feet and followed behind them, we entered a room with a large sunken bath more of a swimming pool really, once disrobed I was ordered to enter the pool with them, I could not help but look at her wonderful body so smooth and slender and very firm.

“you are to bathe my wife” he said

Sheepishly I moved towards her, took some soap from the pool side and began to lather her shoulders and her back I put down the soap and lay my hands upon her flesh, this excited me so much my cock became erect, I continued to rub the foamy lather all over her then she turned to face me and I cleansed her upper chest, my hands slowly lowered to her breast’s and I could feel their firmness beneath my touch, her nipples stiffened and she let out a small sigh, my hands lowered over her flat stomach, then to the outside of her hips, she raised herself onto the edge of the pool and opened her legs, clean me well for I must satisfy my husband, taking more soap in my hands I began to wash her pussy which was smooth shaven, my cock was aching throbbing, she lowered her hands and parted her pussy lips, do not forget in here you must clean me inside, I slowly entered a finger into her tight moist pussy, working it round and round feeling every ripple of her muscular pussy walls, she was moaning with every movement I made, I could not believe what was happening but continued, at this point I felt the man move up behind me and his hand took hold of my stiff cock and his own hard penis pushed into my butt cheeks, “do not stop my wife likes what you are doing, and your cock tells me you are liking it too, as is my own” he said into my ear.

I must admit I was so turned on it did not bother me that a man was holding my cock while pushing his own against me, this was a first for me, I had considered myself as straight as they come but this truly was turning me on more.

“Lower your head and cleanse me with your tongue” his wife said

Slowly and hesitantly I did as told, the musk of her pussy filling my nostrils, I licked at her clit with the tip of my tongue she moaned, then as I parted her lips and pushed my tongue into her the moaning got louder and she lifted herself up to meet my face.

“Enough!” the man shouted

“Fuck I have gone too far and will be punished” I thought

“We will continue this over on the cushions” he said pointing

“Phew what a relief”

We all settled on the cushions when the lady made me lay on my back, she then straddled my face and lowered her pussy for me to continue licking, then I felt a hot moist sensation around my cock and new I was being sucked, but it was not by her as she was sat upright, it felt good so just lay and enjoyed myself, my face was covered with her lovely honey dew, then I felt a weight press down on my groin, I realised that the man was sitting on me while sucking his wife’s pert tits, but to my astonishment I also felt his hand on my cock guiding me into his ass, he felt so tight I did not think I would penetrate him, but he was determined to have my whole length within him, I felt him lower himself right down onto my pelvic bone and sit for a while, I could not believe I was cock length inside another mans ass, his wife started to really grind her wet cunt into my face, he began to ride up and down my shaft.

Suddenly her pussy gushed and I thought I was going to drown in her juices I swallowed as quickly as I could but could feel it run down my face and around my neck, then my own cock began to jerk as I unloaded my sperm into the depths of this mans ass, he did not stop riding me like I was one of his stallions, she climbed off me and sat beside us lowering her head to take his cock in her mouth, I saw his face contort with pleasure then he let out a loud moan as he filled her mouth with his cum, she sat up and I could see his jizz on her lips, I looked at his cock and it still dribbled some cum onto my stomach, they kissed each other passionately then he climbed off my cock with a sloppy plop sound, what happened next shocked me even more if It could have been possible, he took my cock in his mouth and cleaned me up, he sucked as well as any woman I had been with.

“you will live well as long as you continue to please us in such a way” he said as he licked my cum from his lips, “Now you may sleep”

I did just that turned over and closed my eyes re-living what had just happened while drifting off to sleep.

More to follow……

Please leave me any comments you may have good or bad or maybe any suggestions you think I could add to the next chapter..

Tim xxxx

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