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Small Town Swinging Part 1

Every now and again neighbours need to push the boundaries a little.
Our neighbours, Steve and Candy are a fit and attractive couple in their late 30’s. We’ve known each other for about four years and socialised as part of a larger group fairly regularly. Candy and my wife, Renee, are part of the same book club.

It all started about a year ago at a fund raising function, Candy who was working behind the bar, would lean over the bar and kiss Renee on the lips each time she came up to order a drink.

Renee is a tall and very sexy 45 year old, apparently in her early days (long before our marriage six years ago), she was quite wild and had no compunction to take her clothes off at parties, but other than sharing the odd verbal fantasy, we never did anything out of the ordinary sexually.

Candy was eventually relieved behind the bar and soon she and Renee were dancing together, kissing passionately in front of their husbands and several other onlookers. In our small rural community, something like that sets tongues wagging, not that it seemed to concern our wives, or their spouses for that matter, we were enjoying the spectacle.

Nothing further happened that night but it was clear that something was brewing.

A few weeks later we celebrated Renee’s birthday party at our home, Candy arrived alone, leaving her ill husband to look after the kids. As the evening progressed Candy was soon perched on Renee’s lap and they were kissing each other passionately on the lips and then on each others cleavage, much to the thrill of the numerous men seated around them.

Again nothing further happened between the two ladies, however thanks to the marvels of cellphones, text messages and suggestive pictures started flying between Renee and Candy; as well as between Steve and Renee; and between me and Candy. It was clear where this was heading.

A few days later Steve called me up and asked to meet for a drink. Once we each had a beer in our hand, he came straight to the point “Tony, I want to fuck your wife!”. As his gorgeous wife was flirting intensively with me via text messages (with Steve’s full knowledge) and the fact that Renee had indicated to me that she wanted to experience her first woman to woman sexual experience with Candy; I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass me by and agreed willingly, believing it could open the door to a fantastic new experience for everyone.

Once I agreed Steve asked if I would mind if he went to visit Renee right away. I said that I had no problem with it and called up my wife and said that Steve wanted to come over; I explained to her that as far as I was concerned she was free to do what she wanted. (All four of us had been completely open with our partners regarding the messages and pictures that had been sent to one another).

At this point I should mention that I had long fantasised about watching Renee having sex with someone else; I subsequently discovered that Steve had exactly the same fantasy.

About 30 minutes after Steve left for my home, I decided to follow him and see what transpired. From the dark garden I saw my wife standing in the middle of the lounge wearing nothing but a T-shirt which was pulled up above her hips. Steve, still fully dressed, was embracing her and I could see his hands exploring her firm butt and inner thighs. Eventually Renee pulled the shirt off, naked, she took Steve’s hand and led him to the bedroom, where she lay back on the bed. I watched as my friend buried his face deep between my wife’s widely parted legs.

The whole scene was incredibly sensual and I was highly aroused, but didn’t want to disturb them so left the yard and called Candy. She explained that she knew that Steve was visiting Renee and as their kids were visiting friends, asked whether I wanted to come over. I needed no further invitation and before long Candy met me at the door in a low cut blouse and shirt skirt. Soon thereafter we were embracing and kissing and our hands explored each other’s bodies. Candy and I never had full penetrative sex that night and Renee and Steve claim that neither did they.

On returning home (Steve had already left); I found my wife strutting round the house naked. She immediately told me what had happened between her and Steve that night (I didn’t let on that I had watched part of it); I told her what had happened between me and Candy (she already knew as Candy had sent her a text telling her everything). We were both highly aroused and made wild passionate love that night.

A week or so later we invited Candy and Steve over for dinner. After a few drinks inhibitions were clearly being shed. Candy stripped down to her sexy new underwear and demanded we take photos of her; next she sat on Renee’s lap and proceeded to undress her while kissing her passionately. It wasn’t long before both women were down to their panties and exploring each others bodies with hands and tongues. Renee eventually got up, taking Candy’s hand led her to the bedroom, the door shut behind them and the two husbands were left with no illusions as to what was about to happen but it was clear that we were to be excluded at this stage.

As Steve and I sat in the lounge listening to the moans emanating from the bedroom, we discussed what was happening, sipping our drinks and both wondering aloud whether we will be included at some stage. I suggested to Steve we try and watch through the window (our bedroom is almost completely surrounded by windows and as we live in a forest we do not have curtains).

From our vantage point on the lawn we could see the silhouettes of our wives, naked on the bed, exploring each others bodies. We watched as each woman took a turn to explore the other’s pussy with tongue and finger. We were certain that they knew we were watching and put on quite a show with lots of squealing and writhing.

After a while, Steve got frustrated and decided to leave and headed for home. Shortly after his departure I was summoned into the room and asked to photograph the two beautiful women in naked embrace. I did as I was told and sent the picture onto Steve. After completing my photographic duties I was asked to leave the room again.

After what sounded like another wild sex session, Candy came out of the room (fully dressed, much to my disappointment) and followed by my naked wife who couldn’t stop grinning like a Cheshire cat. I saw Candy home and returned quickly to find Renee highly aroused after her (and Candy’s) first female to female sexual encounter; she couldn’t stop talking about it and kept on asking me whether the thought and sight of her with a woman excited me (it did, intensely) and together had the most awesome sex all night.

Over the next two weeks our wives met on several occasions to “play” with each other, both at our house as well as at Steve and Candy’s home. We were never invited to join, but were always requested to come in and take the odd posed photo of our nude embracing wives to send to the other husband.

To be continued ……

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