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Special Dinner

Got to love a wife that does this for you.
I’m one lucky man. I’ve always had a HUGE sex drive. As a teen I would jack off at least three times a day and during summer vacation it would double that. I would pull on my 8” dick while reading the supposedly real life stories in nudie magazines. The pictures were great, but reading the stories allowed me to put myself into the explicit sexual situations. More than once I wished that I could find a girl that would join me in erotic adventures, if the opportunity ever arose. After multiple girlfriends and a couple of crappy marriages, when I hit my 40’s, I finally found the woman that I would make my wife and lover for the rest of my life.

I’m watching intently as my wife, Chrissy, steps out of the shower. Lying back on the bed, I can see her as she lifts the fluffy white towel from the bar and begins rubbing it over her body, clearing away the water droplets. Wiping down her front, she lifts her voluptuous 38D breasts to clear the dampness from underneath. As she bends to dry her legs, I can see the globes of her butt, shiny and pink from the warm water. When she shifts to dry her other leg, I can see between her thighs to the heavenly valley that I get to visit whenever I wish. I only caught a glimpse of her optional back door, one I used whenever she felt extra frisky.

Just looking at her pretty pussy and winking ass starts my dick twitching and hardening. My eyes are riveted as she finishes her feet and bends over completely to let her long brown hair drape down to the floor. I could see between her legs, where her heavy boobs dangled, creating another valley that my dick has visited many times. I watch as she wraps the towel around her head and stands up straight, her pointy nipples standing up an inch in the cool air. When she turns to leave the bathroom, I get a full frontal view that finishes the transformation of my semi-hard dick into a steel hard cock.

She took two steps before her eyes raised up and saw me laying on the bed, my rock hard cock twitching on my stomach. A smile spread across her face as she stopped and put her hands on her hips.

“You put that thing away! I just got clean!”

“I was just watching you and this is what happened. It’s your fault!” I may be a horny man, but truthfully, it was the sight of her sexy body that got me started this time.

“My fault?”, she said in a laughing voice. “How can it be my fault?”

“You are the one who said she had something special planned for tonight and made me promise not to jack off today.”

This request had come from her last night, after we had just spent two hours licking, sucking, and screwing each others brains out. I had just blasted a massive load deep inside her doggy style and we had collapsed together side-by-side with me still inside her. She can get me to agree to anything in that condition.

“I’ve got a gift certificate for the restaurant at the new hotel by the highway. We can have whatever we want. Get up and get dressed. You are going to need the energy.”

As she was talking I moved closer to her. I got up from the bed and swept her into my arms. My lips melded with hers in a passionate kiss. Our tongues met and tangled together as my hands moved down to her ass, pulling her tight against me and my hard on. She immediately pulled back and giggled as she untangled herself from me.

“Oh, no you don’t! I’m horny-as-hell too. Hurry up and get dressed so we can get dinner over with.”

Reluctantly, I agreed. Chrissy’s imagination in the area of sex is as good as mine. If I can just hold out, it would end up being spectacular. I just wasn’t sure I could wait that long.

Well, if she was planning on teasing me all evening, then the least I could do was give her a taste of her own medicine. I quickly chose my black pants and black dress shirt. I know she loves it when I wear black. It gets her pussy twitching like crazy and she usually rips me out of my clothes when we finally get alone.

She was hiding in the bathroom when I exited the closet. Twenty minutes later she came out, looking stunning in a short blue dress, her brown hair flowing down over her shoulders. She had put on a little makeup, making her lips look extra full and pouty. She twirled around, showing me the view from all angles. I even caught a brief glimpse of the shiny blue patch of a thong covering her most private area.

“You like?”

“You look fabulous! Let’s go get this dinner over with so I can fuck the hell out of you.” I said as I made a mock grab at her.

She squealed a little, dodged me and walked quickly for the door, leaving me to catch up.

The ride in the car didn’t help my boner subside at all. As I turned onto the road and got up to speed, she turned part way in her seat and leaned over to kiss me on the cheek. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see down the front of the loose front of her dress to see her luscious hooters cradled in her favorite blue corset.

“Uh, oh!” I thought to myself. She only puts that on when she’s feeling especially horny and exceptionally dominant. I can’t blame her for liking the feeling of having someone do as you command. I’ve had her tied up and under my control many times, so I can’t blame her for turning the tables occasionally.

Reaching into my lap, she lightly felt my still half-hard dick through the soft fabric of my pants. As it began to grow stiffer, she adjusted it so that it was pointing up at my belly button and continued to lightly pet it until we got into the parking lot. As I pulled into the parking space and put the car into park, she quickly unclasped her seat belt and mashed her lips into mine, her tongue swirling inside my mouth. I tried to reach over and hug her tighter, but my seat belt got in the way. Before I could get untangled, she had disengaged from her kiss and popped open the door and got out.

Together, we entered the front door of the restaurant, arm in arm. For a Thursday night, it was quite busy. Chalking it up to the newness of the place, I took in the elegant surroundings, all dark woods and golden light fixtures. A trio of musicians in one corner was playing mellow background music just loud enough to not be obnoxious. I give the place a thumbs-up as far as atmosphere goes. But with my hard on still aching in my pants, I continue to hold out hope for speedy table service so that we can get home and on with more pleasant activities.

As we walked up to the hostess stand, my wife handed the cute little brunette the envelope containing the gift certificate. Looking inside, she smiled and then frowned.

“I’m very sorry, but we are very busy tonight and only have a couple of tables for two.”

Standing on her tippy toes like a ballerina, she stretched her body up and surveyed the room. I couldn’t help but notice as the nipples on her smallish breasts made little points in the tight fabric of the white silk blouse she was wearing.

Lost in my mental grope of those pert breasts, I almost missed when she turned back and spoke to my wife.

“It might be a while for a double. Would you mind sharing a table?”

Before I could say a word, Chrissy chimed in “Of course not” and moved quickly to follow the hostess as she took off through the maze of tables towards the far side of the restaurant.


Since she’d been so playful in the car, I’d been hoping for a little playfulness under the table while waiting for our dinner. The boner I was sporting had already taken a lot of the blood from my brain, and having to suffer through mindless dinner conversation with another couple didn’t seem like it was going to be possible.

I was mildly surprised when we came around the partition and saw our dinner companions. Already sitting at the table were two good looking middle-aged ladies sipping on tall glasses of iced tea. The hostess leaned over to say something to one of the women, who listened intently then nodded.

The hostess smiled at us and waved to a busboy that quickly set our places as I pulled out my wife’s chair for her. I did my best to hide my disappointment as I sat down, smiling warmly and hoping that my erection wasn’t too visible.

Chrissy was already chatting across the table with the short haired blonde on the left. She introduced herself as Tammy as I shook her hand. Her grip is really firm and it surprised me. The pantsuit she was wearing didn’t look that flattering on her, showing very little skin and giving away no clue as to what she looked like underneath it. The dark earth tones made her look plain, but her blue eyes sparkled in the gentle lighting of the table.

Beth, the girl sitting next to her, is the polar opposite. She was a petite little redhead with green eyes. When she half stood to shake my hand, I saw that she was wearing a short skirt and peasant blouse that showed off her cleavage, which strained against the ties holding the shirt front together. She was easily over a 40DD, using Chrissy’s 38DD’s as my guide. Her hand was soft and warm in my hand, and she appeared to be blushing as she introduced herself in a timid voice.

My wife introduced us. I was considering ordering us a couple of drinks. We don’t imbibe usually, and I didn’t know how my wife was feeling about this evening, when again she spoke up quickly.

“We’ll take a pitcher of tea”, she said, pointing at the drinks in front of the ladies. “It’s only fair that we provide some refreshment, since we’re horning in on their table.”

The two ladies smiled, looked at each other, and laughed heartily, Tammy’s a low rumbling guffaw and Beth’s a high pitched twitter.

“These are Long Island Ice Tea’s honey. A pitcher will put us on our asses!” Tammy said, putting her hand on my wife’s arm.

“Then I guess we’ll have to call a cab then, won’t we?” Chrissy said, turning suddenly and kissing me quickly on cheek, her right hand resting firmly on my leg.

“This is your dinner, baby. The night’s menu is entirely up to you.”

I tried to say it as suavely as possible, trying to keep the attention on Chrissy. My cock was throbbing with unfulfilled need.

The two women looked first at me and then at her, with quizzical expressions.

While waiting for our drinks to arrive, Chrissy explained that she had won an online contest and that we had an open check for the evening. She continued by explaining that since I like to cook, I make most of the decisions for our meals and tonight was her night to select our dinner choices, drink choices, and entertainment choices.

Big broad smiles covered their faces as the pitcher showed up, delivered by our server, a tall blond girl with the brightest blue eyes. She poured our first drinks of the night as Chrissy studied the menu, pointed at something she had found.

The server smiled at her, then leaned closer and said something to her in a lowered voice. My wife’s face cracked into an even bigger smile and nodded her head quickly. She must have already had the other guest’s orders, as she quickly hurried off into the back.

Tammy and Beth turned out to be excellent company. It turned out that together they owned their own business and were travelling through Florida meeting with distributors. They had just finished this leg of their trip and had a full day to rest before moving on and were taking advantage of it.

“Our off day is when we can kick back, have a few drinks, and have fun. ‘All work and no play’… you know how the saying goes.”

We all laughed and continued to sip our drinks and chat about the weather, the upcoming holiday’s, and the band, whose music kept drifting through the conversation like a light tropical breeze.

We didn’t have to wait long before the server showed up again carrying a tray full of dishes. We had just poured our second round of drinks when fried and boiled shrimp appetizers were set in front of us. A big basket of soft breadsticks was set in the center of the table and we all quickly dug in.

My wife loves fresh breadsticks. When they appeared, she quickly grabbed one and turned to look at me. Staring me straight in the eye, she stuck out her tongue and slowly ran it up the length to the tip. Giving me a quick wink, she let it slide between her circled lips. As she slowly began to pull it out, she bit into it with an exaggerated bite. I couldn’t help it but a moan escaped my lips.

Across the table from me, Beth giggled.

Both Tammy and Beth were watching Chrissy’s little performance. Tammy was already chewing heartily at her shrimp. Beth was also holding a breadstick and waved it towards Chrissy.

“I can do better than that. Watch this…”

And I’ll be damned if she didn’t place the breadstick up to her mouth and begin to swallow the whole damn thing! In one fell swoop, she pushed the whole thing into her mouth, past her tonsils, into her throat. She held it for a second before sliding it back out and bit it ferociously as my wife had.

I sat there for a second dumb-founded as Chrissy laughed and Tammy mock applauded. Beth did a little mock curtsey while still sitting, acknowledging the praise.

“Close your mouth, honey, unless you want to be the next one to try it.” Chrissy said in a breathy voice.

I quickly shut my mouth. I may have alcohol addling my brain, but I couldn’t forget what kind of mood she was in. I have no desire to suck a cock, and simulating it in a restaurant was not what I wanted to be doing right now.

My cock was steel hard again. All of this visual oral action had reversed the softening that had happened during the contest story. I had to squirm a little to get it readjusted to a comfortable position.

Looking up, I met Tammy’s eyes. She was looking intently at me. I couldn’t help myself and I felt the light warmth on my face as I blushed, knowing that she had understood what I had just done. Chrissy and Beth were saying something across the table that I couldn’t quite make out and were oblivious to the embarrassing interaction. Tammy just smiled at me and popped another shrimp into her mouth as she poured out more drinks.

We barely had time to finish the appetizers before our meal showed up; thick juicy prime rib with portabella mushrooms, garlic potatoes, and fresh steamed vegetables. We had all seemed to make the same choice and we dived into the food with gusto.

As we chewed on the food and continued our talk, I felt something on my leg. I tried not to show anything on my face, but now I was sure of it. I was feeling a foot working its way slowly up my leg and between my thighs. I almost choked on a bite of potatoes when the toes rested against my aching cock. Glancing down I saw the toes of a stocking foot resting against the bulge in my lap.

My mind began to race. This could be trouble. Chrissy and I had talked about fulfilling each others fantasies about fucking around with other people, but this was totally spontaneous and my mind was swirling as the toes wiggled tickling my balls.

The agile foot was doing a real number on my already engorged dick. As her toes traced its outline beneath my pants, I sat up straight and took a drink of my potent ice tea, draining the glass. Glancing sideways, I noticed that Chrissy looked flush herself. Was the alcohol affecting her or was it something else? Her eyes were slightly downcast and I realized she was looking at my lap.

Holy crap! She knew what Beth was doing under the table and didn’t say anything! This was a definitely an unexpected turn of events.

Dropping my gaze as I reached for the pitcher, I saw a flicker of motion in my wife’s lap. I’ll be damned if Chrissy wasn’t getting the same treatment from Tammy that I was getting from Beth! What a special dinner this was turning out to be! I tried to focus through the alcohol buzz at this new development and looked at my wife’s face again, for some kind of answer.

Chrissy looked up from her meal at me and stared at me with lust filled eyes. I’ve seen that look before. Usually, it’s right before she rips off my pants and rides me to a furious orgasm. But now, here we are, in a fancy restaurant, getting foot masturbated by a couple of strangers.

I went back to my meal, attacking it furiously to distract myself from the talented toes rubbing up and down my covered cock. The server reappeared for a minute and said something to Tammy, then disappeared, only to reappear with another pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea. I was already feeling the effects and knew that by the end of the evening, I’d be riding in a cab.

The alcohol had another affect on me as well. I realized I had to pee something fierce and excused myself to go to the restroom. I needed the break. Beth’s foot had found the spot that would have had me cumming in my pants in less than a minute. I could feel it beginning to churn in my balls, getting ready to seek its release.

The trip allowed me to regain my composure. It took a minute to get my dick under control enough to let the piss out, but it felt wonderful. I kept going for a while, emptying my bladder. At the sink, I washed my hands and splashed a little cold water on my face. The attendant handed me a towel to wipe my face and I stared at my flushed face in the mirror.

I still look good for being 50. Tall and lean with good features and deep brown eyes. Even in the harsh lights, I still looked sexy in my dark clothes. Remembering Tammy’s foot rubbing up against Chrissy’s panty clad pussy, I’m guessing that I wasn’t the only object of desire in our group.

This was getting interesting and I had conflicting feelings. I was definitely ready to get my wife out of here and back home. I wanted to bury myself so deep into her that she’d be feeling it next week! But I also wanted to explore the motivations of these two strangers who could so brazenly touch the private parts a couple they just met.

Steeling myself, I returned to the table to find the three ladies starting to stand.

“We’re done?” I said, with maybe a hint of disappointment and maybe a slight touch of relief as well.

“Hardly honey. We still have almost a full pitcher left. We’re just going to get out of this restaurant and move over to the hotel’s bar. Tammy and Beth said it’s nice too.”

“Sure thing.” I said as I silently screamed inside my head. All I could do was follow them like a caboose on a train through the hotel lobby to the dimly lit club. We were escorted to a booth and were quickly set up with fresh glasses to continue our entertainment.

This time it was the women that left to go to the restroom, en masse as girls usually do, leaving me alone to light up a cigarette and reflect on what has happened so far this evening.

What was going on here? My wife getting her pussy rubbed by another woman’s foot? This was definitely an interesting development. Chrissy is really adventurous sexually, but always denied having any kind of bi-sexual feelings. She has always claimed that if we ever got into a threesome with another girl, she might use her hands, but any kind of oral action by her, kissing, licking or otherwise would be off limits. But she had sat there eating, with the only thing separating her pussy from the invading toes being the small silk g-string I saw earlier.

I had promised Chrissy when we got married that my dick was hers and hers alone. No other woman would be able to touch it without her permission. The fact that she had seen Beth’s foot in my lap and accepted Tammy’s into hers certainly meant that she was aware of the action and at least tacitly approved.

I only had a short time to ponder my questions when the girls returned. They were still trying to talk over the louder music of the bar, but it was impossible for me to hear what was being said. I know they must have been talking in the restroom though, because when they sat down, the seating arrangement had changed.

I was sitting in the booth and Beth moved in on my left side and Chrissy moved around from my right. I thought Tammy was going to sit next to Beth, but instead, moved in on the other side of Chrissy. Tammy immediately began filling glasses and raised hers in a toast.

“To New Friends!”

Echoes of her salutation came from the other girls as we raised our glasses and clinked them together. As I put my glass to my lips, I felt a hand fall into my lap and rest on my still semi-hard dick. I felt like I was more under control now after my trip to the bathroom, but when I felt a second hand join the first, my hard on came raging back.

I was now sandwiched between two ladies who had captured my cock and balls in a pair of firm grips. Setting my glass on the table, before I dropped it, I reached my own hands beneath the table.

My right hand I dropped into Chrissy’s lap, only to find the space already occupied, apparently by Tammy’s hand. I slid my hand over hers, feeling where she already had her middle finger buried deep inside my wife’s cunt. I gave Tammy’s hand a soft squeeze of encouragement as I felt her finger slowly moving in and out.

I also noticed another key element. The little strip of fabric I had glimpsed earlier was no longer covering her pussy. My little minx of a wife had removed her g-string while in the restroom. She must be super horny to do something so brazen.

My other hand I moved onto Beth’s leg. I mean, if it was okay for her to play with the hunk of wood in my pants, then it should be okay for me to return the favor, right?

The skin on her thigh was soft and smooth as I stroked lightly along it. I had only started the stroking motion when I felt my hand covered by Beth’s other hand. I thought she was going to stop me, but instead, she pulled it up and pressed it tightly against her own dripping pussy. It was hot against my hand and my fingers got wet immediately as she used her own hand to force two of my long fingers deep into her.

Looking into her pixie-ish face, I thought I could see the same look of unbridled lust that I saw in my wife’s eyes earlier. The front of her shirt had changed configurations as well. Two gumdrop sized lumps now pressed against the cotton fabric of her blouse. I don’t know how much more strain the little ties could contain.

I love tits! Every man does. My mouth was watering with visions of me sucking and licking and fucking those mammoth mammary glands. I have spent many enjoyable hours doing exactly that with my wife’s tits.

Suddenly coming back to the present, I turned my head to look at her. The skin of her neck and cheeks were flushed with the pent up desire inside of her. Her nipples were also poking the front of her dress, but were more restrained by the corset she was wearing. The fact that they were even visible at all was a testament to how hard they must be.

The next half hour was almost pure torture.

The hands on my dick kept moving around, not concentrating on any one sensitive spot. This kept me in a constant state of arousal, but never applied enough pressure or motion to put me over the top. Neither Chrissy nor Beth ever took their hand away, using their unoccupied hands to sip their drinks.

My left hand stayed planted firmly between Beth’s clenched legs. I had managed to slide a third finger in with the other two and was short stroking them in and out as my palm applied pressure on her clit, which I felt getting harder with each passing minute.

I had to use my right hand to drink my drink, but every time I returned it under the table to my wife’s laps, it met Tammy’s. Her left hand never came from under the table, staying firmly planted between Chrissy’s tender thighs.

Tammy must be very intuitive, because we did a very good job of working over Chrissy’s pussy. She would have a finger or two inside, and I’d be rubbing her tingling clitoris. Or I’d have a handful of her pussy and Tammy’s index finger and thumb would be squeezing her clit. At one point she had four fingers buried while I had my hand covering hers, with my middle finger stretched very low to tickle her bare asshole.

And those tits! I had soft billowy tits pressed against my biceps from both sides. I could feel Beth’s nipples running back and forth across my arm as she nonchalantly stroked them against me.

When the last of the pitcher had been poured into the glasses and our server asked if we wanted a refill, Tammy shook her head.

“I don’t think we need any more. How about you two?”

Chrissy piped in as I took another drink to put some spit back into my mouth. Beth’s hand now had a vice-like grip on my rock hard erection, not moving, just holding it.

“I think this concludes the dinner and drinks portion of the evening, honey.”

Fan-fucking-tastic! My spirits soared at the anticipation of getting her home and fucking her brains out, then quickly deflated as the next words left her lips.”But it’s way too early and I’m having too much fun to just go home.”

Too much fun to go home and fuck? This evening had definitely progressed further than I had expected.

Tammy spoke up quickly. “We have a nice suite upstairs with a 50” flatscreen with 500 channels. What’ya say?”

“Great! Let me sign the certificate or whatever and we’ll head right up!”

Did I hear that right? I was in a swirl of alcohol haze and I could hear the alcohol in Chrissy’s voice, but yep, that’s what she said.

All of us were stumbling a little as we headed out of the bar towards the elevator. I had one arm draped across my wife’s shoulders, when Beth half-tripped and smashed her boobs into my side. I quickly put my free arm around her waist to hold her up and she responded by wrapping her arms around me for support.

She seemed unable to let go as we moved into the elevator. Tammy pushed a button high on the panel and the door closed, whisking us up. The two women were still hugging me tight as Tammy looked at us and smiled.

When the doors opened, she moved quickly out of elevator and down the hall to one of the six doors and fumbled her key card in the lock. When she dropped it on the floor, I immediately tried to play the gentleman by stepping forward and bending over to pick it up for her.

As I bent, I felt a hand rest on my ass and a finger dip between the cheeks to press against my covered asshole. It startled me for a second, but was anything but unwanted.

My wife and I have been into anal play since early in our relationship. She taught me the best way to get her ready and loose so that I could fuck her up the back alley. I’ve put my dick, dildoes, vibrators, vegetables, and one Christmas, a candy cane in her ass.

After a couple of years, she said I was being selfish for fucking her in the ass and not reciprocating, so for the last year or so she has been doing the same to me. It started with her fingers, then a vibrating butt plug. Lately she’d taken to shoving one of her smaller dildos up into me while I’m lying on top of her and fucking it in and out of me while I fucked her. It makes for amazing orgasms for both of us.

As I straightened and dropped the card in the slot, I turned to say something to my wife and was staring straight into Tammy’s blue eyes. I didn’t realize how tall she was while sitting at the table or moving to the bar. I’m 6’3” and she had to be almost 6’ tall herself.

She pushed up against me, reaching for the door handle as the lock buzzed. The door behind us opened and together we stumbled into the room.

I’m not sure which of us caught the other. One of her hands was on my shoulder and the other one was wrapped around me holding my butt. My hands were on her waist and arm, and it felt hard. My quick feel told me that this woman worked out.

Chrissy and Tammy followed us in and closed the door, shutting with an audible click.

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