Stephanie's Massage

By floridaguy2001

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A memorable massage for stephanie
Be forewarned this story includes straight and gay sex

Carl had a special surprise for Stephanie. He had told her he had
planned a mutual massage date. Where they would both go in and get
massages. She didn't know that there was a special surprise; she was
the only one getting the massage. So, they both got dressed and head
out the door. They drove to the building where the massage was to take

As they walked in and looked around at all eyes were upon Stephanie she
was wearing a very sexy short skirt and they introduced themselves to
the manager. The manager said that yes, they would be getting separate
massages and each in their own room.

Stephanie was escorted to her room and the manager asked her to please
disrobe and place the towel over her rear. Then they escorted Carl to
the viewing room what Stephanie didn't know was that there was a large
picture window with a one-way mirror. Carl entered the viewing room he
looked around and noticed several comfortable chairs, like in theaters,
right next the picture window, he had a great view of the entire room
that Stephanie was in and there were also several cameras hidden all
over the massage room so Carl could see every angle of the massage she
was going to receive.

The manager walked in with Carl and sat next to him and he told Carl and
that apologize in advance, but we always have to have someone with a
husband in cases of jealousy. We have to protect our masseuse. So
please understand that I have to be in the room with you, just to make
sure everything is okay. I told him no problem. I understand
perfectly, and it's actually exciting to share this with someone else,
especially a stranger. We watched Stephanie walk into the room take off
all her clothes and ass looked beautiful. She laid down on massage
table and I thought to myself that masseuse would be one lucky guy.
She covered herself up and waited for the masseuse to show.

The masseuse walked in introduced himself as Derek and asked her if she
was comfortable. She nodded yes, and he told her that this was all for
her pleasure, and if there was anything that made her feel
uncomfortable to let him know. Otherwise, he would just proceed like
everything is okay and to just relax and enjoy the massage. She took a
quick peek and couldn't help but notice that he was tall dark and
handsome he was probably around six foot two 200 pounds and look like
he was interracial like he was half black, half white with very dark
skin. He was wearing those gym shorts that are way to small, and she
could see that he had a big package in his shorts made her pussy
tingle. She had wish Carl was there able to watch the whole proceeding
but she sighed and realized he was somewhere else enjoying his own

The masseuse started by rubbing her neck and shoulders, very gently and
sensually as he moved down her back. He skipped over her ass that was
covered by the towel and preceded to massage her thighs and worked his
way down to her feet. He massaged her toes and started to work his way
back up her thighs. He slowly spread her legs. He could barely see
her pussy under the towel. Stephanie was getting very aroused his
soft, warm hands were working on her. She kept imagining what his cock
look like, as he massaged her thighs, he moved his hands between them
caressing all the way up to her pussy. Right before he got to her
pussy. He pulled his hands away.

He poured more oil on his hands lifted the towel and started massaging
her ass caressing them in between her crevice massaging each globe. As
I sat there watching this, I noticed the manager sitting next to me had
unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and was stroking it. He
looked over at me and said hey it's okay, nobody can see us in here go
ahead and lower your pants pull it out and stroked it while your wife
gets massaged. As you can see I am already doing it, so join me. I
looked over and he was stroking this huge cock, and even though I'd
never been with a guy before. Looking at it fascinated me and he could
tell I was staring at his cock as he slowly stroked it up and down. So
I stood up and pull my pants down and pulled my cock out and started
stroking it, I pulled my eyes away from his cock because I wanted to
see what was happening to Stephanie.

As I turned back to look, I noticed that the masseuse Derek was now
behind her, he had a special massage table that was split from her
bottom down to her feet so as each leg was on the table he was able to
pull the legs apart, and he moved in between them and there was
Stephanie, her legs wide apart, her pussy juices flowing, wanting,
begging, to be touched.

Derek's hands were moving up closer and closer to a pussy. He moved his
hands on the outside of her hips. He then started massaging his way
down in between her crack and he took his forefinger and slipped inside
her ass. And she moaned with pleasure, she couldn't believe how good
it felt to have his finger in her ass. And she totally was into the
moment. He then pulled his finger out of her ass and we watched Derek
lower his shorts and his picked cock sprang forward. He moved in
between her legs, put a cock right at her entrance of her ass and
slowly pushed his big black cock into her waiting ass.

She moaned with pleasure at that moment I felt the manager's hand on my
cock and he started stroking me. He took my hand and put it on his
cock, and it felt strange. It was thrilling to feel his warm cock in
my hand as I stroked it. He then got on his knees and took my cock in
his mouth and started sucking on it swirling his tongue around my head.
It felt so good, as he was sucking me I looked back into the room and
watched Derek take his cock out of her ass and washed it in the small
sink in the room.

He cleaned it and walked around to the top of her head lifted her head
and slipped his cock in her mouth. She reached up grabbed his ass and
pulled his cock deeper into her mouth. She was sucking it and it felt
so good. She wanted him to come; she want to feel it is exploded in
her mouth. He was getting close, and finally, he grabbed the back of
the head and exploded all over Stephanie's mouth and Stephanie drank it

But the massage wasn't done. He opened the door called in another guy
who walked in. He was also black, and she was thrilled that he had a
bigger cock then the first guy. He told Stephanie to turn around, she
flipped over, and he came up to her, lined up his big cock and slammed
into her pussy. And I felt so amazing; she can feel every inch of his
cock going to her pussy. I was getting so close and exploded in the
guy's mouth and he drank every bit of my come he then stood up and
looked at me and said your turn, I took his cock in my hand and a
slowly brought his cock to my lips I licked around the head and put his
cock in my mouth, it felt strange at first. But all I could think of
was I wanted to suck him fast as possible so he would come and get I
could get back to watching Stephanie getting fucked. He was already so
horny that he didn't last long and he exploded in my mouth and I
swallowed his cum. As soon as he was done. I look back to see
Stephanie getting fucked by this big black stud while sucking on the
other guy's cock. I asked the manager if I could go in, so she could
see me watching her. He said yes, since he could tell I wasn't jealous
at all but was turned on instead.

So as I walked into the room, the two guys smiled when they saw me and I
smiled back as I walked up to Stephanie pushed the guy aside and stuck
my cock in her mouth and said baby. She opened her eyes, and there was
pure ecstasy, and she sucked my cock. I asked her baby, do you like
getting fucked by that big black cock, and she just moaned with
pleasure. I could tell the guy was getting close as he started fucking
her faster and deeper with each stroke and I loved watching his cock
entering Stephanie's pussy as she sucked me. I couldn't hold out
anymore and I started to explode inside her mouth at about the same
moment that the guy was coming in her pussy.

After we were both done, I looked at the two-way mirror and pointed my
finger at the manager and motioned for him to come in.. He came in,
walked up and shoved his cock inside Stephanie and I whisper to her
baby "I love you". She looked back at me and whispered " I love you to
baby" at that point the manager was came inside my lovely wife. Then
they all left the room, I climb on top the bed and sank my cock into
her well-used wet pussy. She wrapped her legs around me and we fucking
fast and furious till we both came. We got dressed and as we left the
place she looked at me and whispered, "can we do that again", and I
nodded and whispered in her ear "anything for you baby."

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